Trans Cinderella Excerpt

‘Maybe it’s the mask.’ 

‘The mask?’ his hand went up to touch it. He’d almost forgotten he was wearing it. Somehow, it made him feel braver. Like he wasn’t really himself.
‘You do look very mysterious.’
‘It’s a masque ball. We’re all wearing masks!’

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real talk

i don’t think delphine will be back for season 4; most likely ebro is out for the foreseeable to work on other projects and will be for the entirety of next season. i keep seeing all these posts about how people are sure she will be back next year but to me the story is only a cliffhanger so that the writers can keep the cophine fans hanging on into season 4, because lets be honest, they make up a HUGE part of the fanbase. i think everyone is due another disappointment once that season starts, and it makes my heart hurt every time i see someone getting excited about the prospect of her returning next year. if she is coming back at all, i don’t think we will see that happen until season 5, but even then i just think the writers have other things in mind than what we were all hoping. i feel like we need a dose of reality, i don’t want folks to be disappointed once again after hoping all through this hiatus :(((


you know what else is great about this ship?? you know how Sanji has little to no sense of self-worth of his own life, how he always oh so eager to throw hiimself under the bus to save someone else’s life? and you know what Gin did? he put Sanji’s life above his own, he saved Sanji instead of himself literally declaring that in his opinion, Sanji’s life worth more than his. IMAGINE HOW MIND SHATTERING MUST IT HAVE BEEN FOR SANJI? “How DARE you value my life so much?” I think he would be pretty damn pissed wth Gin and if the latter wasnt fucking dying at the time, he would get his ass wooped for a stunt like that.


CEO Loki Odinson

Tomorrow’s an important day!

I’m finally moving back into my college!

But more importantly…

New Semester = New Fanfiction!

I’m finally going to publish the beginning of the fanfiction where Regulus comes back as a spirit and is chained to Draco and has to prevent Draco from making the same mistakes that he did (leading to an unlikely friendship until the two are eventually like brothers)!

It’s ridiculous how some people actually believe that Mino doesn’t deserve to win SMTM4 or just even be there. That boy works as hard if not harder than anyone on that show. He’s going to semi-final and hasn’t messed up any of his performances once. He’s talented with outstanding rapping skills that recognized by not only the judges but anyone who has great influences in K-Hiphop (and also by SD). He’s an amazing rapper and you fuck heads know that! So what he’s from YG? He can’t compete because it’s unfair for the other rappers? Idiotic excuse. It’s like saying the rich kids can’t attend to the national math competition because only the poor kids need money and the rich kids have things easier for them, they don’t have to work as hard. For your smooth brains, we all have to work hard to achieve or even be good at something. The rich kids don’t have it easier and so doesn’t Mino.

I support him. I watch this show because of him but at first I didn’t think he would win because “it’s too predictable.” Yes, now I’m ashamed of myself for not have much faith in Mino. He deserves it if he wins. And if he doesn’t, he still deserves to be there. So you assholes, shut the fuck up because “the winner is Song Minho anyways.”