Black Lion Moment: Lance

So, when Team Voltron is talking about who will pilot the black lion Coran brings up how Keith has piloted the black lion before and Lance says: 

And then goes on to say:

But then when Keith retorts and it slips out that Shiro wanted him to pilot the black lion; Lance’s reaction is this: 

He is just utterly crushed because he wanted to lead Voltron and show himself. But he quickly re groups himself and goes with: 

Once they decide to all go into the black lion we see them all try to summon it’s ablties and they are all a bit humeroues, but then we have Lance’s: 

You can tell he really wants this and he is very concentrated (so concentrated that I think time gets away from him: )

When, Lance doesn’t activate the Black Lion; he gets upset: 

Then, when he sees that the lion picked Keith to be its pilot: 

He’s pretty devastated because he wanted it so bad and he feels like he’s missed his chance to show himself to the team (and the universe). But then, Keith says he won’t be the black paladin: 

Lance is shocked: 

While he said all that stuff about not wanting to be lead by Keith he didn’t think that Keith wouldn’t actually accept the leadership role. Even though Lance is hurting right now he knows Keith needs support right now too, so he gives him that: 

This is such a grown up move for Lance to make, and it shows so much how he’s grown up; it gives us even more insight into what an even more beautiful character lance is growing to be. 


She wanted to be what you were, agent. Don’t forget that.

Black Widow Strikes #3 (2012)

To My Fellow White People

You’re excited about Black Panther.  I’m excited about Black Panther.  We should all go and see Black Panther when it comes out and encourage everybody else to see Black Panther too.  Reblog posts about Black Panther.  Watch the trailer a hundred times.  Make playlists and fan art and fic and other such content.  Spread the love.

But please, please remember that you can like a thing without taking over.

Black Panther isn’t for you.  I’m not saying you can’t watch it or like it or make fan content for it.  I’m saying that this is a big budget blockbuster about a Black hero, from a Black director, with an almost entirely Black cast, and it’s set in a fictional African nation completely untouched by white colonialism and imperialism.  This is huge and groundbreaking and not ours, and while you’re enjoying it, please stay in your lanes.

Don’t speak over fans of color about what the movie means or how important it is or which headcanons are valid.  

Don’t reduce T’Challa in fan content to just Bucky’s babysitter or a friendly provider of vibranium for all the Avengers’ needs.  Wakanda is not just some pretty vacation spot for white superheroes.  T’Challa doesn’t even really like the Avengers much in any MCU content we’ve seen so far; he took Bucky in as reciprocity and he was in favor of limiting the Avengers’ power through the Sokovia Accords.  I’m not saying you can’t write fics that change his feelings in that regard.  I’m saying don’t make him solely a plot device or an emotional support for white heroes, the way Sam is so often written as just Steve’s counselor, or Rhodey as just the guy who supplies Tony with backup sometimes.

T’Challa is his own character with his own culture, interests, and motivations.  He doesn’t need to wake Bucky up to have a friend or sidekick or adviser.  He already has those things.  He doesn’t need to have some white love interest in order to learn about lowering his guard or having fun or whatever whatever, and he absolutely does not need fics in which white Americans or whatever show him a culture where same sex relationships are valued/allowed.  Don’t paint T’Challa’s culture as homophobic or backwards.  Don’t use him and his people as the backdrop for your Stucky pining fic.  He is not a prop.  He is not some feral creature that needs to be tamed by a white lover.  Don’t be gross.

Wakanda is technologically advanced and self-sufficient.  The Avengers don’t need to show up with their cool technology.  Wakanda has cool technology all by itself.  It’s not a hideout for each and every Avenger on the run from the law.  Don’t photoshop white heroes onto T’Challa’s throne.  Don’t make this all about white characters with an “exotic” backdrop.

Listen to people of color.  If they tell you to back off or say you’re doing something gross, listen.  Stay in your lane.  Don’t make it all about you.  And before you decide to play Fandom Police and drag someone else for making Black Panther fan content you find problematic, be sure to check and see that you’re not lecturing a person of color on what’s offensive to POC. 

anonymous asked:

I'm fine with Shiro not piloting Black for a while (Clone or not something is wrong with him) but do you worry that there's a chance that the writers are going to set Zarkon up to be Keith's arch-nemesis for control for the Black Lion? With all these homages to the original the fear that fans have with Keith up-staging everyone because he's "The true Black Paladin and Hero of the story" is understandable.

Then why was every significant conflict with Zarkon in seasons 1 and 2 handled by Shiro, and often in a context where Shiro was completely alone, and Keith was utterly out of the picture?

Where was Keith when this happened? He was at the mall, knife-fighting the shamwow guy. (that’s a sentence I didn’t expect to type out on this fine wednesday morning)

And that was a major victory and a major interpersonal moment for the team.

If Keith was destined to go to Black all along, why would Red choose him? Why would there be so much emphasis placed on Keith’s relationship with Red?

Why is it that Keith took to Red with perfect, natural ease, but Keith flying Black is almost painful to witness because they’re so jerky and clunky together, and we’re used to watching Black in Shiro’s hands- where they dance and flow perfectly together?

I’m not raising these questions to be coy or rhetorical here- the truth is, whatever the writers want to end up with, they had that in mind from the start. These are the guys that had Coran make an offhand reference to scaultrite before we even knew it was on the castle much less that it was important or that anyone was going to find a “giant weblum”, much less the exact person Coran was talking to.

If Shiro’s ultimately a phase and Keith’s the real Black Paladin, why didn’t Black take him from the start? Why is it that all of the really significant hard-won victories with Black are Shiro’s, and often only his, done in isolation?

Why make such a powerful thematic implication between the way Zarkon in s2e7 talks about Black as a mere tool and weapon to be forced to heel and controlled in a way that- they can’t possibly have had it be an accident that this is the exact sparknotes version of how Shiro was handled by the empire- every bit as invasive, every bit as dehumanizing, every bit as cruel.

Because- if where we’re ultimately going is not that Shiro and the Black Lion have a meaningful interpersonal bond and are ultimately meant for each other in a big way- all of that looks really pointless. Space Mall really can’t be picked up and leveraged by anybody else because only Shiro and Zarkon were there.

(also, Shiro and Zarkon’s departure from the cast, and return to the cast, were synced up- Shiro came back earlier but only two episodes before s3e7 had Zarkon awaken.)

…And besides like… now that we’ve seen their predecessors, even though they’re very not the same people in many regards, Shiro aligns with past Zarkon way more than Alfor, and the inverse is true of Keith.

Live, For Levi

Okay, first off, I am so so sorry for not posting for such a long time. I’ve been super busy with school and such, but now that school has ended and summer has officially started, I can get back to writing! I’ve also written a little something on Wattpad, I would greatly appreciate it if you were to check it out. Its called Princess Avalon by -thatoneweirdogirl- and yes, it is an Attack on Titan fanfiction. However I’m not quite sure if I want it to be a Levi romance just yet and I’ve only managed to do the prologue. Well, enough of this shameless self promoting.

This was requested by @silexia . Also, you are a squad leader in this one.

It wasn’t meant to happen like this. Things have been going great for you and Levi, you just recently got engaged, falling more in love with each other each day. Until that day.

You had just woken up to see an extremely toned chest in front of you. You let out a little sigh of happiness before trying to get up, but found that a pair of strong arms were wrapped tightly around you, not allowing you to. You struggled a bit, trying to escape the arms that pressed you tightly to your fiancee’s chest, before you gave up, accepting the fact that you would not be able to leave until Levi woke up. Choosing to snuggle into his chest instead. 

You heard a certain someone let out a contented sigh, tightening his arms around you. “I want to wake up like this every morning, with my beautiful (wife/husband) by my side.”

“I’m not your (wife/husband) yet. But you’re right, this sure is peaceful..”

That moment of peace was interrupted, however, when a very, very hyper Hange ran into you and Levi’s shared bedroom.

“Guys!” Hange screamed, “Erwin wants all squad leaders to be in the meeting room.” Before any of you could speak, Hange was already up and running.

The both of you sighed, reluctantly getting out of bed and putting on your uniforms. You walked into the meeting room hand in hand. Before you entered, Levi gave you a quick but tender kiss.

You walked into the room, took your seats and waited to begin. After a couple  minutes, Erwin stood up and clapped. “It seems like we’re all here, so know for the news. The 54 expedition outside of the walls will begin in a week, so train your cadets well, I don’t want any unnecessary deaths.” 

After a few minutes of discussing the expedition, the meeting was adjourned. You made a move to get walk out of the room to get breakfast, as everybody else has, but it seemed that Levi had other plans. He got up and encased you in his arms, before hugging you tightly.

“Levi?” You inquired, confused as to why he was stopping you.

“Be careful on this expedition, please.” Was all he said, making you extremely worried.

“I always am, and you know it. What’s wrong?”

“It’s just, I have a… bad feeling about this one. Please, promise me you’ll be careful, for me.” 

“I will, of course I will. I love you.” You cuddled into his chest, as if telling him that you were going to be alright. Levi put his chin on your head. Your (h/c) hair tickling his chin. He loosened his grip slightly, to put a kiss on your forehead. You laughed and reached up to plant a kiss on his lips.

“I love you too.” He whispered.

It was the day of the expedition, and Levi was more stressed then ever. Not that it showed on his face, of course. He showed his worry in the little things, making sure you ate enough, keeping you in his line of sight.

When the time came for you to head outside the walls, Levi had already pulled you into a hug. He kissed you passionately. This took you by surprise. Levi had always shown that you were his, but he had never directly kissed you with this amount of force. Nevertheless, you kissed back, ignoring the oohs and aahs of the cadets.

Everything was going according to plan. There weren’t that many casualties, and this seemed like the most successful expedition in a long time. But it was too good to be true.

A bunch of titans suddenly turned up, and while they were being killed, more and more just kept coming.

Both you and Levi were fighting bravely. As you finished off the titan that tried to attack you, you took a glance at Levi. To your surprise, he seemed to be distracted, so distracted that he didn’t notice the giant hand that reached down to grab him. But you did.

So you did what any good fiancee would’ve done.

You flew over there, using a lot of gas. You probably didn’t have much left now, but that was okay. When you arrived, you didn’t waste any time and immediately pushed your fiancee out of the way of the oncoming hand. Instead of grabbing him, it grabbed you.

As soon as the gruesome looking titan registered the fact that it had successfully caught a human in his clutches, it squeezed you. 

It hurt. You could hear and feel the cracking of your bones, making you wince in pain. You struggled in the titan’s grasp, before realizing that, with your injuries, it was no use. So you waited. For what, you didn’t know. For somebody to notice and kill the titan? For the sweet freedom of death? Before you had time to think about it, you were in front of the titan’s ugly face. It had opened it’s mouth and was about to drop you in, when you heard a faint screaming. 

“(Y/N)!” You had heard, when suddenly you saw the titan before you drop, dead. It’s blood spraying your face before it evaporated. Then you started falling, before you could hit the ground, a body rammed into you. A pair of familiar arms wrapped around you before landing gently on the ground.

“(Y/N)?” A panicked voice said, you recognized it to be Levi’s. “(Y/N)! Somebody get a medic!” 

Levi stroked your hair, reassuring you that you were going to be fine and asking about your injuries, when you felt his arms pick you up and place you on something hard. A cart, you suppose. You let out a groan of pain, it was obvious that your ribs were shattered, and your legs broken. Blood immediately started pooling under you.

Levi immediately began comforting you. “It’s okay, darling. You’ll be fine. Yo-” He cut himself off with tears streaming down his face, as he glanced down at the pool of blood. “You’re going to be okay. If you even think about dying, I’ll kill you. We still have to get married, remember?” 

You barely managed a small nod before you saw the darkness creeping into your sight, swallowing up the edges of your vision before it would all go black, taking your life and Levi’s happiness with it. 

You shuddered, fear of the unknown paralyzing your every being, but amidst your fear, you could feel a sense of relief. Relief that you would finally be parting from this cruel world, relief that you would no longer be held at the mercy of the titans. Most of all, relief that you would finally be free.

‘What about Levi?’ A voice whispered in your mind. ‘Imagine how depressed he would be. You don’t want that for him… do you?’ 

‘Of course I don’t!’ You wanted to scream, ‘I love Levi with all my heart. Why would I wish him any pain?’

Then live.’ The mysterious voice hissed, but somehow, you didn’t feel intimidated, you felt grateful. That voice is right. I have to live. For Levi. 

However, it seems that while you were having a conversation with your inner voice, you were slowly bleeding out. I know right. What an idiot. It seems as if you were zoning out, causing an extremely worried Heichou to lightly slap your face. When you weren’t responding, Levi retaliated by smacking you very roughly.

“Ouch..” You whispered, trying to brighten the mood a little. 

“(Y/N)!” Levi exclaimed, tears falling from his eyes. “You idiot!

“Thanks darling, really means a lot to me.” You meekly replied, laughing a little, before letting out a cough, blood dribbling out of your mouth.

“Who told you you to protect me?! Now you’re hurt and it’s all my fault!” He screamed. Usually Levi was extremely calm in these types of situations, but seeing you like that… All of his common sense flew out the window.

“I-I’m sorry… It’s not your fault, love. I would do it again if it meant seeing you alive.” You could feel your life force fading away. It didn’t mater if you wanted to live or not. It didn’t matter if you were determined not to leave your beloved fiancee. Because this world is merciless, and it didn’t care about what you wanted, or if it was fair or not.

You made a small noise, Levi immediately reacting. “What? Are you okay? Just hold on, okay? We’re almost to Wall Rose. Just a little longer. Please, I-I c-can’t lose you, not now, not ever.” Levi erupted into small sobs, the thought of you being gone from his life too much to bear.

“L-Levi?” You tried to get his attention, knowing that you only had a limited amount of time left. 

He looked over at you. “I-I’m sorry..” You coughed again, more blood spilling out of your mouth. It seems as if the world was acting crueler than ever, allowing you a slow and painful death rather than a quick and easy one.

“I-I love you..” You had said before shuddering out your ~potentially~ last breath, allowing the darkness to take over your vision, surrendering your fight.

“(Y-Y/N)? Wake up! 

I command you to wake up! 

That’s an order! 


You’re not really gone right? 

I-I love you too..”

Originally posted by athanasia20

Okay, so I know those are a lot of sad Levi pictures, but I couldn’t pick one! I feel like they all represent how Levi feels right now. But lets just say, (Y/N) is a strong person, and (she/he) won’t go down without a fight.

I was actually hoping that you would ask me // SHAWN MENDES

Overview: Y/n asks Shawn to their school dance

Authors note: They’re both in high school for this :)

My heart was hammering in my chest and I felt as though it would leap out of my body at any given second. I can do this, its just Shawn, you’ve talked to him a thousand times before so you can do it again.

I look over to where he stands with some of his friends, laughing with them by his locker. He waves at them as they start to walk off, presumably to their next class, leaving him standing there alone. Here was my chance. 

Holding my books tighter to my chest I made my way over to him.

“Shawn!” I call, catching his attention.

He gaze flicks to me and he smiles immediately. “Y/n, hey! How are you?”

“Pretty good thanks, yourself?” I ask, my nerves still going crazy. He leans against the lockers, raising one hand to brush through his thick brown locks.

“Tired. I didn’t get much sleep last night- too busy studying for the math test today,” his calm demeanor helps to settle my racing heart.  

“I have it tomorrow, good luck for today though,” I say, trying to keep the conversation going.

“Thanks, you too,” Shawn tells me, grinning. Do it, ask him.

“Um so hey, do you think you might go to that dance for school next Saturday?” I ask, praying that my voice didn’t sound as nervous as I felt.

“The spring formal?” Shawn questions, biting his lip gently.

“Yeah that,” I say lamely.

“Yeah I am,” He confirms softly.

“Oh awesome!” I smile, one hurdle down. “Well- if you’re going, do you think, like you don’t have to because I know that you probably would have so many other options but I thought that it might be nice if you wanted to go with me and we could go together?” I ramble out, tugging the end of my shirt nervously.

“Oh Y/n,” Shawn mumbles, giving me a sympathetic glance.

“Its fine if you don’t want to go with me-” I start to say, my stomach dropping.

“No, no its not that,” Shawn cuts me off, noticing my fallen expression quickly.

“I would have loved to go with you but Gen asked me around 20 minutes ago, and well I didn’t really have a valid reason to tell her no so I said I would,” He looks away, rubbing the back of his neck awkwardly.

“Oh,” I mumble out, tears of embarrassment welling in my eyes and I blink them back knowing that if I started crying it would make everything worse. “Its okay, it doesn’t really matter,” I try to laugh but it sounds shaky even to my own ears.

“Y/n I was actually hoping that you would ask me,” Shawn whispers, stepping closer to me. I meet his eyes, almost getting lost in the brown depths. 

“Hah, sure, thanks that makes me feel better,” My tone comes out more sarcastic then I intended too.

“I’m serious.” He says, holding my stare. “If you had been 20 minutes earlier, I would have said yes, I still want to say yes but I can’t go back on my word to Gen,” He searches my face, looking to see if I believe him.

My gaze softens. “I understand,” my voice comes out quietly.

“You need to still come though, I defiantly want you to save me a dance,” He grins, his hand tugging mine to pull me closer. “Or maybe 3,” he lifts my arm to spin me around and I comply, giggling. 

“You sure Gen wouldn’t get offended?” I ask, a smile etched onto my face.

“I’m sure that after a dance or two she would have forgotten all about me,” Shawn whispers, his thumb running over my knuckles. “You know Gen, always attracting the fellas.” We both chuckle.

“I guess I could make it,” I tease. “Would hate to leave you all alone on the dance floor,” his eyes crinkle as he laughs making butterflies swarm in my stomach.

This was us, Shawn and I, our friendship. It was so easy to talk to him and the conversation would always just flow. I didn’t have to pretend to be someone else with him.

“What color dress are you wearing?” he asks, his thumb unconsciously still rubbing my knuckles. 

“Depends. What color tie are you wearing?” I shoot back and he grins.

“I’m going all black baby,” 


“Then guess I’m wearing a black dress,” I answer and he nods. The shrieking sound of the bell reminds me of the next class I have to get to. 

“Remember you’re saving me 8 dances,” Shawn says, letting go of my hand and starting to walk away, still facing me.

“I thought you said 3?” I ask, giggling.

“3? I’m pretty certain I said 12?” Shawn grins, his pace barely taking him far away from where I stood.

“5,” I call as I start to walk away as well.

“20,” he calls, beginning to get farther away as we both parted ways.

“10,” I shout, turning around.

“To be discussed,” I hear him shout as I made it to room 23 where my period 3 class was. I open the door to my English class, a smile on my lips the whole time. He’d end up getting his 20 dances.

buesargent  asked:

yeah hi im in love with your andreil kid au!! would you mind writing one where there's a daddy-daughter dance at piper's school and she takes them both?? my heart would melt thanks

hello, my darling! i’ve loved this prompt since the day you sent it to me, so here you have it. i hope you enjoy <3 also on AO3

kid au 

(no need to be read in a specific order!)


“But you said you would come!”

“No, I said that I would think about it.”

“Oh, come on! The eidetic memory? Really?”

The argument goes on as Neil leans silently against the doorframe of their kitchen, determined to keep the reigns on the laugh he desperately wants to let loose. He really shouldn’t be laughing. This is, after all, a very serious matter. It isn’t every day that a sixth grader attends her first school dance, especially when parents are encouraged to attend.

Neil watches as the standoff continues. Andrew is on one side of the dining room table, leaning forward with his palms braced on the surface. Piper is exactly opposite him, mirroring his stance to a T. She is becoming more and more exasperated each time Andrew shoots her down, but she’s a tenacious little thing, and she won’t be backing down anytime soon.

“Look, your dad is already going. You don’t need both of us there.”

Neil actually feels bad for both of them. Andrew isn’t entirely comfortable being around so many strangers, and Neil doesn’t blame him. They rarely attend Piper’s school functions together, mainly because their combined Exy careers attract too much attention. You can’t exactly tell your daughter’s science teacher to fuck off when they start asking too many questions.

“But…you…UGH!” Piper pushes away from the table and brushes past Neil in a blur on her way out. He turns to watch her as she storms down the hall and slams her door shut. Such a flare for the dramatic. Who could she have possibly learned that from.

Neil turns his attention back to Andrew. He is still in the same position, but now his head is tilted back, his eyes cast to the ceiling.

“Nicely done. Bravo, really. That was excellent,” Neil taunts him, a smile making its way onto his face. It may not look like it to anyone else, but Neil can tell that Andrew is caving. If there is anything in this world that Neil knows with enough certainly to bet his life on, it’s Andrew Minyard.

Andrew rolls his head to the side to make sure Neil receives the full effect of his scowl. “Fuck you.”

Neil does nothing to stop the grin from taking over his face as he begins making his way across the room.

“You know,” he says, extending a hand to Andrew and waiting for him to take it, “I could make it worth your while.”

“Doubt it,” Andrew says. He glares at Neil’s hand as if by doing so, he could make it catch fire. But eventually he gives up and snatches it into his.

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This is Tim, although cute and small, he was arrogant and troublesome. His muscly roommate, Charlie, was his victim - always making fun of him for seeming braindead. It wasn’t specifically a nice thing to do, and the Doctor had no tolerance towards bullies, so one night, muttering incantations, the Doctor implanted dreams of Charlie’s naked body.
Tim awoke with a jolt and covered in sweat. ‘Why the hell would I dream of that?’ he questioned himself. Looking at the clock to see it was 1am, he remembered Charlie was at the all night gym - on his way home now, most likely.

Tim stood in the kitchen, sipping on some water, not knowing the Doctor was just in the other room, watching from the shadows with one of Charlies underwear in his hands. He walked through the lounge room at the perfect time - the Doctor finished a spell on one of Chris’ underwear that he took and jumped at Tim, covering his face with the underwear. Tim put up a struggle but gave in only seconds after being jumped, his mind going foggy before passing out. The Doctor dashed off as he heard the front door open.

Tim woke up to the sound of the kettle, finding himself in the lounge room. He looked up to see Charlie making a cup of tea. Tim remembered having water and then it all going black. As he went to get up, Charlie turned around - making Tim sit back down. Charlie was only in his underwear, fresh out of the shower.
'So you want to tell me what you were doing with my jocks?’ Charlie asked.
'Why the hell would I touch your crap?’ Tim spat back.
'It was in your lap when I found you asleep in the middle of the room.’

Flex, boy, a voice whispered into Charlies ear.
'What did you say?’ Charlie asked Tim.
'I never spoke, idiot,’ Tim answered.
Flex and you’ll enjoy what’s next.
With a strong desire pulsing into Charlie, he lifted his arms and flexed.

'What the hell are…..’ Tim started before his nostrils inhaled a strong smell - his dick going hard.
Tim got up without another word and walked over to Charlie - Charlie keeping silent as he dropped one arm but kept flexing the other.
'I.. I,’ Tim stuttered. The Doctors voice filled his head with chants of sniff him, worship him, obey him. 'I need you,’ he finally said, diving his nose into Charlies armpit - taking a deep whiff.

He eagerly rubbed Charlies muscled body, groaning at how big he was, humping into Charlies leg as he continued to take in the smell. His independence dropped as his mind went hazy, forgetting all of the knowledge he learned in life.
Charlie moaned as he gripped at Tims ass, enjoying this positive change for the once arrogant nerd. Charlie wasn’t surprised as Tim dropped to his knees and dropped Charlies underwear, slowly taking it into his mouth. Charlie gripped the back of Tims head and started to face fuck the small boy.

'Take it, fag,’ he demanded. 'Take it all!’

Picking Tim up after a while, Charlie took him to the bedroom and threw him down, allowing Tim to come back to him and worship his hard muscles.
This is your life now, the Doctors voice filled Tims head.
Tim accepted it as he found his ass up and a thick cock pounding into him as all he could do was continue to worship his new masters ballooning pecs. Charlie shoved his underwear in Tims face, Tim taking it and taking deep sniffs of it, moaning as his virgin ass tingled with mindblowing sensations.

'You’re going to be my personal slut now,’ Charlie whispered in his ear. 'This is your place, bitch.’

'Yes sir,’ Tim groaned as Charlie slapped his smooth ass. 'Always for you sir!’

This was a request, hope you enjoyed xx

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What are your favourite yoongi, namjoon, seokjin and hoseok airport looks ( you've done everyone but these!)


  • The colors go so well together plus i love denim jackets, this one is one of my favorites (x)
  • One thing yoongi knows how to do is put colors together, he did it perfectly here  (x)
  • Comfortable yet well-put together, I love this one (x)
  • Again, he knows hot to play with and put together colors, notice how the main focus is the pastel blue coat and kept everything else black (x)
  • I can’t say this enough, you can never go wrong with an all-black outfit paired with a leather jacket (x)  (x)
  • All-black outfit. PERFECT (x)
  • I love how he does casual outfits (x)
  • I love this one so much, one of my favorites. all-black + oversized cardigans + comfortable + stylish (x)
  • Notice how the main focus of this outfit is the color of the jacket (x)


  • Personally not something i would wear but it’s just so him (x)
  • Clearly I have a thing for all-black outfits and Namjoon does it perfectly (x)
  • I fell in love with this whole look, one of his best (x)
  • all-black (again lol) + comfortable + stylish + well accessorized  (x)
  • I love everything, the denim jacket, the color combination, well accessorized. It’s perfect (x)
  • BTS got me into the padded jacket look (i used to hate it) (x)
  • Iconic, legendary, everyone’s favorite (x)
  • LOVE LOVE (x)


  • Simple, comfortable, nice colors (x)
  • I love jin’s style, it’s simple yet well-put-together. He knows what looks good on him (x)
  • Just like suga, he makes sure the main point of this outfit is the pink coat and keeps everything else in dark colors (x)
  • Wow just wow (x)
  • Too much pink in one single outfit can be intimidating, he did it perfectly here (x)
  • This is just so him and I absolutely love it (x)
  • Something I would wear (x)
  • The main point of this outfit is the ripped sweater and everything else is kept simple. (x)
  • I absolutely love denim jackets (x)
  • This one is great, i love how comfortable it looks (x)
  • I’m in love with this whole look, so simple, not much going on but that’s what i love about it (x)


  • All-black, i just really love this one (x)
  • I love the color combination here, that big plaid scarf completes the look (x)
  • I love how comfortable this looks (x)
  • I love everything about this one, the right shoes, the right jeans, the right cap….he did this all-black look perfectly (x)
  • J-hope is one of the members that’s not afraid of color, he did it perfectly here without it being overwhelming (x)
  • Everyone’s favorite (x)
  • Comfortable yet well-put-together. I love putting together whites and greys (x)
  • Everything is just perfect here (x)
  • Two all-black looks that I would 100% wear (x) (x)
  • Another one i would definitely wear. bomber jacket + boots + all-black (x)
  • classy, clean, yet gives it a more casual touch with the black cap (x)
  • Again, comfortable yet well-put-together (x)

Middle Eastern Al-Ghuls, anyone? I think we’re not getting enough and I mean that very seriously.

They are Middle Eastern a fact of which has been confirmed, and portrayed, in every single comic canon containing them. Their Middle-Eastern ancestry is one of the few things about them that has never changed in comic canon and they’ve have always had features that match that…




Damian Wayne:

Something of which that has been retained in all of their animated appearances:

They all have very, very, Middle Eastern features: dark hair, tan skin, narrow noses, slightly slanted eyelids. And yet in every live-action adaptation the Al-Ghul family has not been portrayed by Middle Eastern/Arabic actors and in most cases they don’t even look the slightest bit Middle Eastern. Let’s examine this further…

Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight Trilogy:

Out of the four Al-Ghuls we get two of them. Ra’s and Talia. Ra’s makes his appearances in Batman Begins and Dark Knight Rises. Talia makes her only appearance in the last film of the trilogy.

Neither look Middle Eastern in the slightest. Why is that? Because neither actor is Middle Eastern or has Middle Eastern ancestry. Neeson is Irish and played Ra’s with a softened Irish accent. Cotillard is French her father is of Breton ancestry and her mother is of Kabyle ancestry. She portrayed Talia with an accent that was all over the place but never once touched Arab or Middle Eastern. But what about the others?


I’m not a big fan of Arrow, and completely stopped watching, because they did a lot of things that I can’t get past. But the show has had three of the four Al-Ghuls: Ra’s, Talia and Nyssa. (Also Nyssa had the most appearances out of them all which makes no sense to me because her comic run was short and she’s pretty unknown.) Anyway, onto the photos…

Ra’s was portrayed by Matt Nable. Nable is from Sydney, Australia. Not much was given on his ancestry.

Nyssa was portrayed by Katrina Law. Law is an actress from South Jersey and not much was given on her ancestry either.

Talia was portrayed by Lexa Doig. Doig is from Toronto, Canada and her mother is Filipina and her father is of Irish and Scottish ancestry.

Even though these actors do look more like their characters do it’s not ok. None of the actors are Arab. The accents they spoke with were vaguely British and Nyssa’s was actually extremely so. (Side characters in Arrow were obviously Middle Eastern and spoke with obvious accents.) And then again this is coming from the show that turned Oliver Queen into Bruce Wayne…


Now I haven’t been watching Gotham anymore neither but I know that has not actually had any of the Al-Ghuls. Officially that is. But I firmly believe that the next episode, These Delicate and Dark Obsessions, will contain their version of Ra’s. In the trailer we see Bruce talking to this man:

And this man, obviously American by his accent, tells Bruce that he’s excited to see him start his training. (Paraphrasing here, of course.) But he also says “I have so much to teach you Bruce.” We all know that Ra’s is one of the many people who trained Bruce. Further analyzing makes me really think that he is indeed their version of Ra’s.

Look at what he’s wearing. Reminds me a lot of Ra’s go-to clothing. Just all black instead of Ra’s go-to jade green. Jade does make an appearance in the trailer when he touches his jade ring to Bruce’s forehead. It also appears that his fortress is in a mountain, or at least underground, perfect place for a Lazarus Pit.

But if this man is indeed Ra’s then that’s another non-Arab version.

Raymond J. Barry is oddly not listed in the episode credits but he was credited in the photo gallery. Not much is in his IMDB bio but he is from Long Island, New York. White-haired, blue-eyed, white man portraying an Arab character is just plain wrong.

How many live-action portrayals is that?


And none of them are Middle Eastern. They’re all wrong to some degree but having non-Arab actors portray Arab characters is taking it to a whole ‘nother level. It’s disgusting and incredibly racist. Especially when there are perfectly good, and extremely talented, Arab actors out there who can play these characters.

I’m just hoping that if the DCEU movies have any of the Al-Ghuls they cast Middle Eastern actors. Disney is doing it with Aladdin and DC better follow suit!

millersawesome  asked:

“Well, it turns out I’m allergic.” With Marichat? You're writing is awesome btw, I also love your characterization!!

Aww, thanks so much! <3

“Well, it turns out I’m allergic,” Marinette sighed.

“To what?” Chat Noir asked, eyes glued to the screen and thumbs pressing down hard on the game controller.


“Cats?!” He dropped the controller in surprise and turned to her. “But you aren’t allergic to me.”

“You aren’t a real cat, doofus. You don’t have fur. That’s the part I’m allergic too.”

“Well, there goes my plan to get you a cuddly little kitten for your birthday.”

“You weren’t going to get me a kitten,” she laughed. 

“I was so! He was going to be all black and his name was going to be Kitty Noir and he would have an itty bitty bell collar and he would be tiny and perfect.”

“Does this cat actually exist?”

“I’m sure he’s out there somewhere,” he frowned, noticing his dead avatar on the screen.

“I don’t think you would’ve handled me having a kitten very well. You can be a little jealous,” Marinette teased.

“I’m not jealous!”

“I would have to give a kitten a whole lot of attention. I might not have any left over for you.”

“Hmmm, when you put it like that…maybe I’m glad you’re allergic.”


“I’ll just have to figure out something even better to get you.”

“Why do I feel like whatever you choose is going to make me regret turning down the kitten?”

“Because you’re a pessimist.”

“Or I just know you too well,” she argued. 

He grinned. “A little of Column A, a little of Column B.”

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Pro Hoe Tip #14: Halloween Costumes

At a loss on what to be for Halloween?

Here’s a list of easy, cheap and cute costumes:

-Sexy Animal (cats, foxes, etc…): All you really need for this is ears, some makeup (which you probably have at home) and then a matching outfit of your choosing. I love this because you can add/remove clothing depending on how cold it will be!

- Nurse/Doctor: Once again, this is easy since all you really need is a white coat and maybe a prop. You can keep the top open if you feel like showing some skin as well!

-A Witch: get some cute fishnet - like tights, or ripped ones. Maybe a hat. You can go the all-black route and this is easy. You can also paint a little spider on your face or something if you’re feeling it.

-A Fairy/Princess: Cute dress. Tiara. Wings if you’re feeling it. I like to add glitter, but it’s not necessary. Easy, and it’s not exactly hard to look hot if you’re wearing a cute dress!!

-Vampire: Teeth, blood, badass eye makeup, and you’re set along with a cute outfit! I find that really low cut dresses that plunge into your cleavage along with a longer necklace with a cross on it really completes this one!!

-A Painting: this takes a bit more time, but if you’re creative and have some paints you can pull it off and it looks soo original/good! Basically, you just pick a famous painting. Starry night, the scream, idc. Then, while basically naked, paint it on your stomach. If you’re feeling it, go on your arms too and on your chest. Once it all dries, put a cute crop top/shorts combo that matches and bam. So cute.

Finally, since we are on the topic, DON’T DO IMPRESSIONS OF OTHER RACES. THAT SHIT AIN’T CUTE.

That means NO:

-“Indian” Headresses


-Don’t be a “terrorist” wtf?

-G*psy is a fucking slur for the Roma people you can’t be one for Halloween just don’t do it

-If you use that big witches’ nose, that’s an antisemitic stereotype. How about no.

anonymous asked:

What are some of your favorite airport outfits from Jimin and Taehyung?

oh man…..I have so many!


  •  i love how casual yet well put together this outfit is and how he focused more on the accessories (x)
  • definitely something i would wear. i love muted colors (x)
  • I’m also a big fan of black/white outfits, he did it perfectly here (x)
  • you can never go wrong with an all-black outfit + a leather jacket (x)
  • simple and muted colors…i just really LOVE this one (x)
  • denim on denim can be hard to pull off but imo he did perfectly in these two occasions (x) (x)
  • clean, right amount of accessories, great colors (x)
  • perfect, that’s all i have to say, just perfect. (x)


  • I love this denim jacket + dress pants combination. he always does it so well (x)
  • what’s not to love about this one….i love everything here (x)
  • this is not an outfit many can pull off…..taehyung definitely can (x)
  • another plaid shirt + dress pant combination i absolutely love (x)
  • when in doubt, go black (x)
  • again, most of taehyung’s outfits not many can pull off,example? this outfit (x)
  • oh boy, that’s all i have to say (i’m in love) (x)
  • My absolute favorite. I don’t if it’s the outfit or how well it looks on HIM (x)

anonymous asked:

Hi! Can I request a thug/gang Jung Taekwoon AU? Thank you 💓

here u go angel!!! hope this is ok!!! i also incorporated @mamamochi‘s req for secret flowers, it is a really small part of this but i hope that’s alright! 🌸💐🌹🌺🌷


  • taekwoon is the right hand man in the gang, but honestly he’s even more scary than the leader hakyeon. because at least hakyeon smiles……….. taekwoon does not smile. ever. at least not in public
  • when the gang started out it was really about money because they needed money but once it picked up taekwoon kinda fell into the role and became a lot stonier whereas hakyeon and jaehwan (the other main man) stayed mostly the same
  • he’s only ever seen wearing black and usually wears a white face mask and has dark circles from not sleeping well everyone (who isn’t vixx) in the gang is petrified of him, it’s been said that once a rival gang member heard the name “jung taekwoon” and that was all it took to get info out of them
  • hyuk is still sort of scared of him. he pretends that he’s over it but one time taekwoon tapped hyuk’s shoulder and he shrieked
  • his role in the gang is a lot of planning w/ hakyeon but he’s also really strong and tall and yknow terrifying so he’s been known to interrogate rivals and also sometimes do some physical damage to them
  • but you don’t know any of this!!! you only know the jung taekwoon who comes into your bakery with his niece and sister once every couple of weeks
  • because taekwoon may be a big scary gang member but he loves his family and he especially loves his little niece minyul, so he and his sister and niece spend a lot of time together and it just so happens that you run a bakery right by his sister’s apartment and minyul loves it
  • and he doesn’t talk to you other than ordering their food but you’ve sort of been entranced by this mysterious man since he first came in
  • because at first….. he looks scary, in his steel toed boots and heavy black wool coat and dark eyes, but when he talks to minyul (you know her and her mom because they’re regulars) his face gets soft and it’s like his whole persona shifts
  • and you can’t help but think that it would be nice to be on the receiving end of that sweet stare, plus it doesn’t help that he’s so handsome and has such a nice voice and carries himself like a prince
  • you feel silly, but whenever he comes in your heart picks up a little….. you tell yourself that it’s not like he knows so who cares
  • but he knows!!! because he has to notice when people are staring at him he can’t miss that sort of thing, it might get him killed
  • at first taekwoon is pretty sure that you’re a rival spy and are undercover to kill him because why else would you be staring like that??? but when he tells hakyeon about it hakyeon is like, “idk why they must be crazy but it sounds like they think you’re cute”
  • taekwoon is like: sounds fake but ok

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