Hey guys! Winter break came around and an amazing thing happened! 

I got 2 jobs! One is a freelance gig with a Youtuber I LOVE!!! 

And the other is an offered position as assistant graphic design in the marketing department of a company close to home ( if downtown is close to home)

So I’m sorry for the dead silence on this blog! I have been doodling in my spare time though and I’m going to post a little something before the end of the week!

(I have to finish 3 client projects first, but the doodles keep me alive)

Thank you so much for all the sweet messages in my inbox - I’ll reply to a few of them soon. 

I’m just so happy to have these opportunities - and I hope your Christmas/Winter breaks are going well !! (Maybe global warming will bless my city with snow?)

This little thing I’m going to post is the idea love child of Ranma ½, In Other Lands, and Pirates of the Carribean - my fantasy loving ass loves pirates and all the outfits in Ranma ½

Don’t Remember (pt. 8)

Part 7


“Bye, boys!” Peevils backs towards the doors as the Egos wave good-bye, and as she turns down the street, she bumps right into Dark. “You!”

He loops his arm with hers and grins. “Let’s go for a little walk, darling. Shall we?”

Peevils tries to pull away. “What do you think you’re doing? I-I’ll scream! The others will hear me!”

“And then I’ll tell them who you really are, Starlight, and I know that you don’t want that.” He smirks down at her and tilts his head to the side. “Now, you’re going to tell me where Damien and Celine are, or I’ll break that pretty little neck of yours.”

Peevils glares up at him and yanks her arm away. “You won’t do that. You never have before.” She smirks and tosses her hair over her shoulder, “Besides, how should I know where the Author put them? I helped him get in, and he gave me the life I’ve always wanted. That was the end of our deal. Nice and pretty as you please.”

Dark sweeps Peevils down the street. “Now, you see, if I were gullible, I might believe that little lie, but I know you.” Dark grabs Peevils again, and they appear on top of a nearby building where Peevils is dangling over the edge, her toes just barely touching the roof. She screams, and Dark sighs. “I don’t have all day, Starlight, so I’ll ask you once more,” he snarls and leans in, “Where. Are. They?”


It takes a while for them to get Anti to sleep, especially without Ollie’s help, but when he finally drifts off, Anti finds himself face to face with a very angry Host. “Well it’s about time my message got through that impossibly thick skull of yours!”

Anti glitches. “It’s good to see you, too, Hosty.”

The Host takes a deep breath, folding his hands on the top of his cane. “Alright, alright, my apologies. Unfortunately your head is not the best place for me to be for an extended period of time. Your static is driving me mad.”

“Welcome to my life,” Anti growls. “If you hate it so much in here, why don’t you g͓͡e̡͖̭ṱ̹̻̟̬̩͔ ̬̭̰̤͖̖͘o̧̖u̙̤̗̯͖̣̰t͍̳̰̤̝̻?”

The Host raises his cane. “Don’t you think if I could get out, then I would?” His scream echoes through the mind space, and the static grows louder. Host takes a step back, trying to calm himself once again. “We need to act quickly, if we’re going to stop the Author. He planned ahead this time and made sure that I was removed from the situation. He separated my body from my mind.”

“Why not just kill ya?” Anti asks, raising an eyebrow. “I mean, no offense, but it’d be a lot easier that way.”

Host shakes his head. “If he were to kill me, the fans would likely restore me before long. He needs prisoners, not corpses, but that’s where you come in. I chose you as my host for a reason, Anti. And I know that we’ve been less than cordial in the past, but we’ve worked together before so we can do it again.”

Anti sighs and rubs the back of his neck. “Host…”

“I know you’re tired,” the Host offers, “Believe me I am, too. But we’re their only hope. So what do you say? For your family?”

Anti nods and grins. “L̙͖̹͔̝̕e͚t̪͖̣'̻s̢̝̦̩̪ ͉̜̠̺͟g̲̩͖͜i͖̣̩͍̫̰̬v͓̖̺̼̮e̙̠͈ͅ ̪̟̺h̩̮̩̥̰͎i̧̩̘̹͇̬̻͎m҉̖ ̪̥̕h͕̗̕e͚͠l͇͈̩͈̥ͅͅl̻̤̳̫͘.̳̮̫̜̹”

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ok,,, but reddie honeymoon

  • its in like,, italy
  • every morning they go to the local little coffee shop near them and get whatever’s on the menu that day 
  • they do the whole old-married-couple-switching-sugar-and-milk-without-even-looking-at-each-other-while-reading-the-morning-paper thing
  • then they walk around window shopping and holding hands
  • richie kisses eddie’s hair as he’s looking for some new gucci loafers
  • “richie what do you think about these”
  • more hair kisses
  • “sure they’re great”
  • “you said that about all the previous pairs too”
  • “yeah thats cause they’d all look great on you can we just go already pleeeeeease” 
  • eddie giggles
  • “where are you in such a rush to;)”
  • richie whines bc you know damn well edward we have been in this shoe store for almost TWO HOURS already
  • anyway
  • we all know what goes down in the hotel room…
  • … yeah thats right they totally watch crappy tv and laugh while eating junk food
  • they go to the beach but richie burns and gets ridiculous lines lmao 
  • eddie makes fun of him until he realizes he cant touch richie because he hurts and now he’s just pissed off
  • they go to the nearest drug store and eddie buys like five bottles of some aloe vera cream and soaks richie in them 
  • its a honeymoon miracle because it works and richie doesnt hurt anymore yay
  • romantic candle-lit dinners
  • “this place is so romantic i wanna propose to you”
  • “richie we’re already married”
  • “idc i could propose again”
  • they go to the beach one night 
  • (so richie doesnt burn again) 
  • just kidding 
  • its to look at the starry sky 
  • they might end up performing a certain drink
  • constant social media from richie’s side
  • “arent you supposed to just ENJOY THE HONEYMOON, richie”
  • “shut up you’re just jealous you didn’t get to hold a parrot today stanley”
  • and so on 
  • ah
  • honeymoon reddie is perf

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While in the process of trying to write my latest fic chapter and looking for inspiration I came across this lovely gif by @wicked-chocolatine and got somewhat inspired. It may be incorportated into the fic somewhere, maybe as a flashback but I figured i’d  a little more Caryl to my dash because we could all use a little more…

so here you guys go.. a little small, unpublished part of my fice fo ya’ll

Aftermath  (Safe)

“Are you okay?”

The question caught him off guard and he turned to look at her in confusion. He hadn’t even considered it until now. Because no one had asked. In the constant chaos, the ongoing battle it hadn’t seemed important to even consider. He had been focused on the task. On the goal. Kill the fuckers, end the shit. The fact was, he hadn’t stopped long enough to consider the question.

Standing across from him Carol seemed to wait out his answer. Her blue eyes penetrating him in ways that no one had ever done before.  And standing there in the burnt out ruins of Alexandria, covered in what felt like years of blood and battle dirt, Daryl realized he didn’t know. Or maybe he was just too damn afraid to look too far inside. There was really nothing good in there.

“Daryl?” he heard her ask again, her voice softer. Quieter. Damn it was getting so damn quiet now.

He felt her hand on his arm now, just below where his sleeve ended and the touch almost undid him right there. He beginning to feel exposed now. And lost. Losing the fine tether that he had used to keep himself focused and in check. Wanting to look away but unable to.

“I’m..not sure..” His voice was shaky, betraying the inner confusion.

She slid her hand down his arm and took his hand. “It’s over now.” She told him, looking up into his eyes. “You don’t have to fight anymore.”

He nodded, looking down at the gun in his other hand, before holstering it. The hand felt empty now and so did he, right before everything started rushing in at him like water breaking from a damn and suddenly he didn’t feel very strong. All that adrenaline and anger had left, replaced by deep hurt. The last month or so.

Abe. Glenn. Carl.

That room they’d put him in.

And her breaking down in front of him. Begging him to tell her everything was okay.

It wasn’t okay. It still wasn’t. It was all too damn much.

He squeezed her hand and stepped closer. “Ask me again.”

She seemed to know what he meant and looked deep into him. “Are you okay?”

“No..” his voice was hoarse, filled with emotion. “I ain’t.”

Carol nodded and stopped forward, putting her arms around his neck, pulling his head to her shoulder. He didn’t resist, just wrapped his own arms around her, burying his face in her shoulder. Just trying to blot out everything, if only for a few minutes.  Letting the quiet settle in and still the chaos in his head.

He squeezed his eyes shut and tightened his arms around her, wondering if he was squeezing her too tight. She didn’t seem to mind though, nuzzling her face against his neck. And Daryl thought at that moment that if he didn’t ever have to let her go again he wouldn’t. Thinking he’s been a dumbass to ever to do it in the first place.

“I want to take you away from here..” She whispered into his neck, her fingers in his hair. “Will you come with me?”

“Yeah..” He answered without hestitation, not even lifting his head. “Don’t wanna be anywhere you ain’t..not no more.”

He could actually feel her smile against his skin. It was the sensation, sending a shiver through him. “Good.” She said into his ear causing another shiver. “Lets do that..”

He nodded, having no desire to move for the moment though. Was good right where he was.

[we’ve been] lost lately (jane/kurt fanfic)

A/N: I’d had this one in mind ever since the reveal that Jane had a daughter but I didn’t quite know how to write it. Then @kate-dammit-run woke up my angst monster and here we go…set a little bit down the road, based on some of my speculation.

[we’ve been] lost lately

She didn’t even realize she had done it until he had stopped and lifted his head, looking down at her with his eyes wide as they both gasped for air.

“What’s wrong?” she asked, catching her own breath as she looked up at him. He shook his head and then glanced towards his hand, which had been reaching for the drawer of his nightstand before she grabbed his wrist.

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YO FAM apparently you can blacklist on tumblr mobile now!

Go to settings (the little gear in the top right corner on your blog), then go to Global Settings, and there’s a section called Filtering!  You can add tags there to blacklist!

haven’t tried it yet so i can’t tell how effective it is but hey look a nice tumblr function!

Hey y’all, I think I’m going to do a little mini shop update today with what I was able to make this week in between packages, so people have the opportunity to grab it in time for Christmas.

So, if you’re interested, keep your eye out, I should have it ready in a couple hours.

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@older vito Wat u gonna get for your lover, hmmm~ vito?

“I’m probably going to end up just getting him a bunch of presents. I tend to go a little overboard sometimes.”

“I can’t help but spoil him though!”


Linen: Hey, uh, do you maybe wanna go for a little walk?

Tea Rose: Yeah, sure. Let’s collect Petal and Hel and show them the town.

Linen: Actually, I meant just us two.

Tea Rose: That’s sounds nice. But who’s gonna look after the kids?

Linen: We’ll drop them off at daycare. It’s all arranged already.

When I’m a lawyer if I ever work my self up and get my own office or open a firm I’m going to have a little transgender pride flag on my desk like holt and his lil flag.


Ok, I’ve seen it!!! It’s just beautiful, obviously. Rian Johnson is a pure genius, obviously.
BUT. I’m dead. I mean it. This movie rocked my world. I LOVE it, I HATE it. I just have no idea what I think about it. I love Kylo even more now, but I don’t like him as I did before. I see reylo so clear in the movie, but I don’t believe in it as much as I did before. It makes me suffer and it makes me happy at the same time. And I feel like I’m going a little bit crazy. I have a lot of theories in my head after watching it but I don’t dare to believe in any of them. I’m happy, I’m terrified. I love it, I hate it. And love it. And hate it. And lov… It is a masterpiece. I’m going to watch it tomorrow again. 

@starwarsconnection​ I need your podcast more than ever before! :] (more than anything in the world :D)

P.S. Am I the only one who feels so weird? :D

2018 Fandom Wish List

As inspired by @frazzledsoul I am making a list of fandom-y things I hope happens next year!

1. Supercorp Rising (Go big or go home, right ladies?)

2. Riverdale not going the Pretty Little Liars route and elevating ship drama over good storytelling. 

3. The Murder House/Coven crossover season. I need the Taissa!

4. Steve Rogers remaining among the living and not a Skrull Steve.

5. Jessica Jones being as good as the first season.

6. Marvel-Netflix being better in general??

7. The Pearson’s just having one happy day with no drama? Please?

8. Elena Alvarez having a girlfriend!

9. Wayhaught still being very gay and very much a couple.

10. A full exploration of Deadpool’s pansexuality. 

11. Sophie Turner being spectacular in her Dark Phoenix movie!

12. Isabelle Lightwood just being treated better as a character???

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How are you going to tell the little nugget zois apart? Do they have distinguishing marks or will you color them? Just curious, thank you and congrats!

Well, I started out breeding African dormice and I could tell every single one apart… so I have an advantage :P Actually, as they were born I wrote down their white markings. For example:
Girl 1: P3 front white toe, back feet white, no snip on nose, white chest
Boy 2: Front feet black, back feet white, medium snip, white on chest not to umbilicus


Sadly my Nan in law passed away this afternoon. She was a lovely woman and I was incredibly close to her. It’s been a rough few watching her deteriorate and me and my husband are going to miss her very much. 

I wanna try to continue posting my personal advent calendar as well as posting the Simon advent calendar but I’m sure you can appreciate I’m going to be a little distracted over the next few days. So if I miss a day or take a while to reblog your fic with a comment please forgive me. 

Thank you @ladylorelitany @flames-bring-a-ton-of-ash and @i-am-negan-trash for your support. <3


[Word Count: 2350]

I’d been trying to cover the Okefenokee story for three months. Go to any website or anything like that and it comes across as this normal wildlife refuge. Mostly a big swamp with some forest islands here and there, some of them pretty big. Home to black bears, gators, and foxes, shit like that. But I knew it was more than just a preserve.

If you go to all the nice little areas they have set aside for tourists and campers, it’s a great place to visit. And it’s not like you’ll hear of anyone dying out there from anything abnormal. Couple of boating accidents and someone lost their foot to a little four foot gator, but that’s normal stuff. Not like some of the rumors that had come out of there recently.

A young couple came hightailing it out of the park, in fear for their lives. They weren’t hurt aside from some nasty scrapes but something in there spooked the hell out of them and they wouldn’t talk about it. Said the rangers would handle it. It wasn’t until a few weeks later that someone spoke up about seeing something in the forests there. No pictures because, of course they don’t have any evidence, that would be too easy. But they saw something in there. They heard something. Something that made the ground tremble as it approached but they were too scared to stay.

Total bullshit, as far as this reporter was concerned. No pictures. No video. Nothing to prove any of it and all the while they swore it was there, a beast. I didn’t believe the monster story, not even a little, but I did remember there being a story from the rangers there investigating the claim from the previous report and insisting nothing was amiss. Then a reminder to stay on the marked trails.

I don’t know about you, but when government employees tell me ‘move along, nothing to see here’ I know they’re a lying sack of shit. I don’t think there are aliens at area 51 but you’d have to be naive to think they weren’t doing something illegal or immoral out there with how ferociously they protect it. I figured that was what they were doing in Okefenokee.

And man, I love being right.

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my dad is like the most stoic monotone and unemotional man i know, but every day i can hear him talking to my cats in another room, with the sweetest voice. like today i heard my cat meowing then i hear my dad say “you can’t go outside little one it’s too cold, i know you don’t know it’s cold, but it is baby.”

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superhusbands, they have kids au

Tony tries really, really hard not to smile at the adorable seen Steve and the kids are making despite the paint splattered all over the kitchen table, walls, and ceiling.

“Things go, uh, a little out of hand,” Steve tells him as he tries to clean up their son by the sink while their daughter - cute little Christine - smiles up at Tony and holds out her arms in a clear indication to be picked up.

“You’re lucky I don’t like this suit very much,” Tony tells her as he sweeps her off her feet and moves to join the rest of their family at the sink while the while using his tie to try and wipe away purple paint smeared across her forehead.

*send me a character/pairing, an au, and ill write you a three-sentence fic