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Happy Hiatus BFSN everyone!!! I’m currently going back and forth on whether I’m going to watch next season. I want to hold out and support the actors but then jroth opens his damn mouth and I don’t want to watch anymore. We shall see what else comes out in the next few months. Thank you everyone for all your kind words and comments last week…you sure do know how to make a girl feel loved. Tags and explanation below.

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He’s not a pet.

Ya’ll need to get on Netflix right now and freaking watch Trollhunters.


Sweet/Vicious → It’s kind of a long story. Basically, I was raped last year by Nate, your boyfriend, and the school did literally nothing, I mean, they were such a-holes. So, I went home for the summer and I trained really hard and I came back as, I don’t know, I guess a vigilante. Ugh, that word is so masculine. I was gonna beat up that Carter Fisher, you know that baseball alum, and then this girl Ophelia - oh, you know Ophelia, she’s the weed dealer from the record store - she turned up when I was knocked out and killed Carter. Such a mess. So, last night we buried Carter’s dead body in the cemetery and it’s been a weird couple of months. Oh, and I recently cut out gluten.

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Hola! Can you write a drarry fic where Draco wants a cat?

… so I’m back

idk what happened with this fic but yk

“Cat.” Said Draco.

“Dog.” Harry retorted.



“What are they on about?” Ron asked his girlfriend as he walked into the eighth year common room.

Hermione sighed. “Draco wants a cat and Harry wants a dog. They’ve been going at it for about half an hour now.” She explained.

Ron watched the two boys go back and forth for a moment before speaking again. “Why don’t they just get both?”

“Well, Draco is afraid of dogs and Harry is allergic to cats.”

Ron chuckled. “Malfoy? Afraid of do- woah wait. Why would Harry be affected if Draco got a cat? It’s not like they live together?”

Hermione gave Ron a sad look and pulled him down to sit next to her. “Well, they’re sort of discussing this for the future. They’re gonna move in together after Hogwarts.” She told him gently. Ron let out a small gasp. “They love each other and they want to live together. Just like us. So, instead of you, Harry, and me. It’ll just be you and me.”

Ron felt none of the sentiment in her words and got up from the couch. “Harry!”

Hermione rolled her eyes and sighed, letting her chin rest in her hand. Harry looked away from his boyfriend when he heard his name being called. “Oh hey, Ron.”

“Don’t ‘hey Ron’ me.” He snapped.

A look of confusion crossed Harry’s face. “Okay, Mrs. Weasley, what did I do?” He teased his friend. He heard Draco give out a short laugh which made Harry smile.

“You’re moving in with, Malfoy? Malfoy? What happened to moving in with me and ‘Mione?”

Harry let out a breath. “Well, me and Draco thought about it and… we both felt that we should do it.”

“Live together, that is.” Draco elaborated.

The Gryffindor rolled his eyes. “Plus, I figured you and ‘Mione would like the privacy.”

“But you guys can barely be in the same room together without bickering. How are you going to live together?”

Harry gave a small smile and looked up at Draco who then proceeded to snake his arm around the shorter boy and pull him closer. Ron was shocked to see such a sincere smile of Malfoy’s face. “I think we’ll be alright.”

“As long as we get a cat.” Draco added. Harry rolled his eyes and pushed him away.

“Dog.” Harry responded.

Hermione groaned in frustration. “No more.” She cried out. “Look, Harry, I’ll get you a potion that’ll stop your allergies.”

“What? How come Draco gets his way?”

“I wasn’t finished.” She said scarily similar to Mrs. Weasley. Harry shut up immediately. “Draco, how about getting a small dog? Would that help?”

He stayed quiet for a second. “I suppose.”

“Great. Finally. Now, Ron, come with me to the library so we can get started on our charms essay.” She ordered. “And you two,” Hermione pointed to Draco and Harry. “No more arguing. Go snog in in your room til Ron comes back or something.” She told Harry.

“Gross!” Ron exclaimed as Hermione dragged him out of the common room.

“Well, you heard the woman.” Harry said and grabbed Draco’s hand.

“I did indeed.”


btvs rewatch ✞ 7x09 Never Leave Me

Ringing Bell: A Wild Ride

There’s an animated short film (it’s like 45 minutes) on Crunchyroll called Ringing Bell that caught my eye because, based on its film poster, it looked like a typical 1970s care-free animal movie:


Upon reading the description I started losing it. Every sentence gets more intense than the last:

“Chirin is an innocent though adventurous young lamb whose carefree life on the farm comes to an abrupt end when a wolf murders his mother. Confused and angry, Chirin pursues the wolf into the mountains, seeking revenge. The laws of nature are brutal, however, and hatred alone won’t be enough to avenge the loss of his mother. Only the strong survive in the wild, and obtaining that strength may change Chirin forever.”


I was already cracked up by the stark contrast between the character design and story, then I learned it was made by Sanrio (Hello Kitty, Aggretsuko, etc), making that juxtaposition even funnier. So I did what I always do, found a bottle of vodka and a friend and dug into this beast


It was hilarious, visually fun, and left me feeling like someone broke into my house and robbed me blind in front of my own eyes. Take it from me: YOU WILL NOT EXPECT THE TWIST. I can’t go into literally any details of the plot or even show screencaps without spoiling it. Please go forth and watch this thing for yourselves and fucking,, send me asks about your reactions! I wish I could sit down with every single person I know one-on-one and watch them react

Unfold Ch.7 | Bucky Barnes 🥀

Summary : Your best friend Bucky asks you to be his fake girlfriend for a week while you both visit his hometown. It’s his friends wedding and he happens to be marrying Bucky’s ex girlfriend, the girl he thought he would marry.

Unfold Masterlist

“Are you sure you want to do this?” You asked, sitting in the passenger seat.

Bucky has pulled up to the house and with just one glance, memories with Nat had flooded his mind. He remembered coming here with her, talking about how perfect it was and how awesome it would be to grow old there.

He had planned to buy it and surprise her for an engagement gift but then she said no. And everything had changed.

So sitting there, made it overwhelming.

“Yeah.” He forced out. Trying to push the pain away. “Come on, it’ll be fun.”

You let out a sigh and climbed out of the car. Sure, you were asking for him but really, you were hoping he’d say no and want to leave.

“Fine. But you owe me big time.” You stated. Bucky made his way over to you and flashed a smile, before reaching for your hand. “I don’t know what I would do without you.” He whispered.

And there it was, that same stupid smile you loved so much that had you melting in his presence, though he was too blind to see it.

Before you knew it, you were at the door, hand in hand.

He rang the bell and not too long after, Nat had opened the door with a grin plastered onto her face.

“Hey! Come on in.” She exclaimed. “We just finished setting up the table.”

“Awesome.” Bucky said.

Steve had appeared from the other room and wrapped his arm around Nat’s waist.

“Hi.” He smirked, glancing at you for just a second.

“Come on, Lets eat. I’m starving!” She chuckled.

Both you and Bucky followed the couple into the dining room. You couldn’t help but glance around the tiny adorable house. And being taken aback from just the thought that this could have been Bucky’s life.

You were so sure he’d end up with her, since she was the only girl he actually loved.

He pulled out your chair and motioned for you to sit, which made you lightly chuckle to yourself. Knowing damn well what he was trying to do.

Nat and Steve sat across from you two with the food steaming in the middle of the table.

“Looks amazing.” You said with a soft smile.

“Thank you. Hopefully it tastes as good as it looks.” She chuckled.

“Yea, you never were that great of a cook.” Bucky giggled.

“Ah come on! Its not my fault the turkey came out like that.”

“If I remember correctly, it was. I told you to put a timer on and—“

“I didn’t know it was suppose to be in the oven for that long.”

Steve cleared his throat, and suddenly the room felt awkward. We all had remembered that things were different now. Bucky and Nat were no longer together, you and Steve, well you had your own little secret.

“So uh—how long have you two been dating?” She asked, scooping some mashed potatoes on to her plate.

“For a year and a half now.” Bucky said, meeting your gaze for a moment.

“Wow that’s awesome.” She muttered, glancing at you both as you scrunched your nose at your best friend. “It’s about time. I mean—everyone thought you two should be together.”

You felt your stomach flutter, as your lips slightly curved at the edges.

“Yea, it just took me a while to realize what I had right in front of me.”

As time went on, the four of you had went back and forth, chatting over whatever you could.

It had some moments when neither of you talked and silence had filled the room. But Bucky was quick to come up with topics and eventually brought the conversation to life again.

Nat had watched the two of you go back and forth and bicker about shows and movies. You two were always in sync and finished each other’s sentences without even realizing.

It had brought back some memories for Nat, which made her feel slightly hurt. Even though she knew she had no right to feel that way anymore.

Once you were all finished with dinner, you helped Nat with the dishes while the guys sat awkwardly in the living room.

“Thanks for dinner, it was amazing.” You said placing the dishes into the sink.

Nat flashed a soft smirk, meeting your gaze. “It was nice to catch up. I feel like it’s been forever.” She said. “I’m glad Bucky finally opened his eyes and asked you out.”

You furrowed your brows, confused of her statement. “Uh—yeah me too.” You lied.

“Everyone knew how perfect you two were for each other but you were both so blind.” She lightly chuckled. “Guess all you two needed was time.”

You stood there for a moment, taking in every word she said. Your stomach fluttered from just the thought that maybe what she said could be true. But then you remembered that everything was fake. You were both putting up an act so what she saw, wasn’t real. Right?

“You should probably check on the guys. I’m sure it’s awkward out there.” She chuckled. “I am going to put the dishes in the dishwasher real quick.”

You nodded and made your way over to the living room.

Steve sat by the couch, alone. And instantly, you felt your heart begin to pound profusely.

Bucky was nowhere in sight, and you really wanted to tip toe back into the kitchen. But it was too late. Your eyes had locked and suddenly your breath hitched to the back of your throat.

Chapter Eight

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Can we just

just for a second

Talk about the fact that like

Ryan is the one that made the situation that led to the creation of Rebecca’s evil twin Pam
and then he Literally Created Pam as a character

Like, it’s been so long since I’ve gone back to the start of the hotdaga but like it Really Was Ryan, like

Shane just had his hot dogs going back and forth and it was Ryan who had Rebecca shoot Dan after a car accident and it’s Ryan who created Pam the Evil Twin Sister (Shane literally says in that episode that he doesn’t have an explanation for why “Rebecca” shot Dan, so Ryan ends up creating Pam) and it’s the both of them Together that create the Crab Joust, like

They Both Created That Situation Together
The Hotdaga Was Their Joint Creation (no matter how much Ryan complained)

Shane took their creation and ran it into the ground but like
Ryan’s far from blameless

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Can you do another Connor (DBH) x human reader pls? Fluffy I guess?

Peace (Connor x Reader)

Warnings: Swearing?
Words: 1,601
Y/N: Your Name
Y/L/N: Your Last Name
A/N: 1 more word than the last Connor imagine lmao! Hope you enjoy! Set after the good ending I guess?


You knew it was a bad idea from the start.

You were a police officer. You had to be ready to be on call at all times. Prepared to jump into action in a matter of seconds, to adapt to dangerous situations. Your duty had to come first.

You just wondered why it had to call at a time like this?

Of course, you were getting a call now. Of course, this was happening in the hour you’d been babysitting for your friend. God dammit, how long did getting milk from a grocery store take? You hardly had time to grumble, what with the source of the noise killing your happiness making its presence known more and more by the second.

“Hey, hey shh…” For what felt like the billionth time these past 10 minutes alone, you hushed the tiny, sobbing baby cradled in your arms with gentle words and whispers. It worked about as well as the last times Penny’s screaming had begun. Too warm, too cold, too dark, too sunny. Babies, as you had learned, were tricky. Tricky to keep happy. You had opted to sit on the windowsill, rocking her back and forth as you watched cars go by. She’d looked so peaceful there, breathing lightly, her eyes shut.

It had been the blaring sound of your ringtone, wreaking havoc on the 4-month-olds ears that spoiled the quiet moment. Arms full, you shifted the screaming child into one arm, lifting your phone to your ear with the other.

“Hello?” With some difficulty, you managed to answer, pressing your phone to your ear with your shoulder. Like magic, the baby’s screams dissipated on cue with the ringtone.

“Deputy Y/L/N?” A heavy sigh left your lips. You’d recognise that strange voice anywhere.

“Connor? What- What do you want?” Had you told him you were on break today? No, and even then you doubted he’d understand the need for it. Even if he was now deviant, the human lifestyle was one he was still learning about.

“We’ve been assigned a case.” Shocker. You doubted he’d call you for any other reason. Rolling your eyes you adjusting your sitting position, listening as he continued on.

“I was told to collect you and Hank, however, you were not home.” Yep. You were aware of that. Blinking a few times you gave another sigh.

“No, no I’m at a friends.” You explained, leaning against the window. You could hardly up and leave for some murder, theft whatever now. Especially-

“With… an infant?” Like he was reading your mind, Connor spoke, sending you into a mode of total alertness.

“How did-” Your head snapped up and you whipped around, eyes locking onto the window. More specifically, the figure outside the window, on the sidewalk, with a phone to his ear. He raised his hand in greeting.

“Connor! How the- How?!” Why was also a good question. In fact, you had many questions. And if Connor wanted to leave with his body intact, he was going to answer them.

“When you did not answer, I called your friend to ask about your whereabouts, and she said to come here.” Okay. So he hadn’t stalked you, technically. Was that even a thing he understood? Christ, you were going to have to have a long talk with him.

“How do you know- You know what? No. I don’t care. Just- come to the door.” How they knew each other was a conversation for another day. The important thing was stopping him from standing outside, looking like a creep for any second longer.

Pushing yourself up, baby still in your arms you walked, sighing as your phone fell from your shoulder to the floor. Connor had already ended the call, so fuck it. You’d pick it up later. Reaching the door you moved the gurgling baby to one arm, undoing the lock before pulling it open, only to find Connor standing still and ready at the door.

“Jesus-” You jolted in surprise, shoulders slouching once your eyes locked with his. Brown, gentle and a little confused.

“Hello.” He spoke simply. Long gone were the days of his lengthy, programmed instructions. Each day you could see him becoming more himself, and less of the product he was made to be. You would have taken the moment to appreciate him, were you not already so occupied.

“Hi, Connor. You should… come in? I guess?” You assumed it would be okay. Your friend had told him to come over after all. Stepping aside, he walked by after a little hesitation, stepping into the hallway.

“It’s in our best interests to get going…” Always quick to finish the job, something sounded faraway in Connor’s voice as he spoke. Locking the door back up you turned and found his eyes locked solely on the baby.

“I’m not leaving her anywhere until her mother comes home. I’m not going to be a bad babysitter.” You said sternly. No way in hell were you bringing her to a crime scene. For once, Connor seemed to not care about your refusal.

“I suppose that would be… unwise, yes.” You tilted your head as you watched him, completely enamoured by this small human.

“Connor, have you ever seen a baby before?” You asked, seemingly breaking the spell as he blinked once, and then twice.

“Of course. Just not this… closely.” A smile pulled onto your lips as his face changed, softening as the baby shifted, staring at Connor with wide, inquisitive eyes. For once, she didn’t scream or cry or make any noise of distress. She just looked at him intently, with no sign of letting up.

“She’s staring.” He stated, keeping eye contact with the baby as he spoke. You gave a soft laugh.

“Babies like symmetrical faces. It’s, like, aesthetically pleasing to them. Especially to Penny. Yours is about as symmetrical as it gets.” You informed him, watching as he nodded, but never looked away. You took a step forward.

“Do you want to say hello?” A smile quirked at your lips as he didn’t answer, only offering another small nod. Carefully you raised Penny, supporting her head as he took a closer look, a hand moving forward to gently touch her cheek. A gurgling peal of laughter left her, bringing a small smile to Connors’ face.

Watching him treat the girl so gently made your heart stutter for a moment. The hesitance in his movements, the distant look in his eyes. You’d never seen him act quite like this. It was really… really nice. You wanted to point it out or make a verbal note of it but you’d barely opened your mouth before a familiar ringing caught your attention, snapping all three of you out of your trance.

“Shit, take her.” You spoke quickly as the screaming began, you had no time to waste. Of course, you’d left your phone in the living room. Of course, it had rung. So fucking typical.

With Penny safely -if awkwardly- cradled in Connors’ arms you darted away to answer your phone, scrambling to pick it up off the ground. Just as you answered, you noted the silence that had fallen since Connor had taken Penny. And then missed everything after that.

You missed Connor, as he stood, stiffly and awkwardly. Adjusting his hold on the infant every few seconds. Moving and changing his stance. Anyone could tell he hadn’t been trained for this, or how to cope with the small human shifting in his arms as she reached for him gleefully, with grasping fists.

You missed the smile on his face as he stared down at a possible future.

The phone call was short. Your friend, calling to apologise for her lateness, informed you she was on her way home. You’d sighed and told her about Connor, and your need to get going soon and had left the conversation being told that you would be relieved of your duty in a good 10 minutes time. Placing your phone back in your pocket you sighed, and turned around to find Connor sitting on the couch, the baby still in his arms.

“She shouldn’t be more than 10 or so minutes.” You told him, wasting no time in taking the opportunity to sit next to him. He nodded, relaxing into the couch with a familiarity you quite liked. Something about seeing him with this baby made your cheeks feel warm.

“I think I’m getting the hang of this.” He told you, almost smug in his words. You rolled your eyes and leaned over, head resting on his shoulder as you wiggled your fingers at Penny. You hadn’t even realized how tired you were before

“Do you want to keep holding her?” It was hardly a question worth asking, and it wasn’t one he graced with an answer as he kept her close with a protective air you’d only seen him have on the field.

You would have gotten up to stretch, or make a cup of tea or even call Hank just to try to give him some warning of your arrival. But instead you stayed still, head resting on Connors surprisingly comfortable shoulder, emotionally exhausted without even beginning your actual work yet. If Connor had any complaints, he certainly didn’t air them as he stayed still, letting your body press against him. You indulged yourself with the idea that maybe, just maybe, he was enjoying this.

For that moment at least, the two of you felt peace in your normally hectic, stressful lives. A peace that hopefully, when your chance came, you’d be able to replicate one day.


You were talking about your first experience with the guys at a convention and how you felt so nervous about the karaoke night.

“I had a hard time because I had never sang in front of anyone—“

“Except in front of us on set.” Jared cut you off. “She belts out songs after each take. She’s like a juke box.”

“It’s all fun and games until she starts singing Taylor Swift or—“

“Hey! Some of her songs are catchy.” You snapped at Jensen.

The audience were laughing as they watched the three of you go back and forth. Basically watching the guys making fun of you.
Something you were used too.

A little girl waited until she was able to ask her question. She stood there with a big smile on her face when you looked at her.

“Sorry, Love.” You chuckled. “What’s your question?”

She was nervous but excited at the same time. “I—I was wondering if Lydia and Dean will ever be together? They seem so perfect for each other and yea—I just really hope they fall in love.”

You glanced at your co-star and shrugged. Pretending to be disinterested in him and the idea of it.

“Eh, I don’t think Dean can handle her.” You teased.

Jensen dramatically rolled his eyes and huffed. “Bull shit.” He exclaimed.

“I know, I’m kidding.” You chuckled. “No—I mean we haven’t heard anything about our characters becoming more than just friends yet, but I am totally with you on that. I think Lydia and Dean—“

Before you could finish your statement, the crowd grew loud and suddenly Chris Evans appeared from behind you.

Your eyes grew wide as you shot up from your seat and threw your arms around your boyfriends neck, pulling him in to you.

“Oh my god!” You kept repeating over and over again.

The moment jensen saw Chris, his lips dropped into a frown. His stomach churned with a part of him feeling nauseous.

He knew you two were close. But he hated seeing you with him.

He hated it more than anything.

It took him a while to realize why but when he did, he knew he was screwed.

Jensen was in love with you. So much that he couldn’t get you out of his head. No matter how hard he tried, no matter how many times he tried to convince himself otherwise, he loved you.

But he was married to Danneel. A woman you had met on multiple occasions.

“Holy shit you guys, it’s Chris freakin Evans!” You cackled, still holding him close but looking out into the crowd.

Chris waved at everyone, his smile so big his cheeks were beginning to ache.

“What’re you doing here?” You asked.

He shrugged his shoulders, and chuckled. “I came to see you! What kind of question is that?” He muttered. “I missed my girlfriend.”

You cupped his cheeks, gazing into his deep blue eyes, falling more in love with him.

“Oh and there’s one more thing.” He said.

Though you were too busy with Chris, Jensen was at the side of the stage looking at you two. An ache forming across his chest.

Jared noticed the way his demeanor changed. He could see the hurt in his best friends eyes.

All Jensen could do was glance down at the floor. Fighting himself over the fact that he had no right to feel this way.

Chris went down on one knee and the crowd went crazy! Screaming and clapping echoed throughout the room.

But you were too shocked to even notice, you were lost in the moment. Seeing the man you loved on his knee, with a ring in his hands.

“Y/N Y/L/N, you are the best thing to ever happen to me and I don’t ever want to lose you. You’re my best friend, my person and I want to spend the rest of my life with you.” He said, his eyes welling with tears. “Will you marry me?”

Jensen felt his stomach churn more. His heart beat racing as he glanced at you hoping; praying you would say no.

“Yes!! Oh my gosh—yes! A thousand times; yes!!” You exclaimed. The tears streaming down your cheeks.

Chris slid the ring on your finger, and immediately propped to his feet and lifted you off the ground. Spinning you around in circles as his lips pressed soft, passionate kisses to your lips.

“I love you.” He repeated.

Everything felt surreal. Felt like it was all falling into place. Until your feet touched the ground and your eyes slowly averted to Jensen.

The way he looked at you with such sorrow and pain, you suddenly felt something was off.

He swallowed hard, fighting his tears and forced a smirk.
“Congrats.” He mouthed.

Your lips twitched into a soft smile.
“Thank you.”

Harry Blurb!

A/n: Hey people! Here we go again! Another Harry blurb! Let me know what you think! Much love -L!

I was running late for rehearsal. I had told Harry that I’d be there before they went on stage to practice, but my boss had kept me late to discuss a possible promotion that could be coming my way. Literally fumbling over my feet as I ran to the elevator of the stadium where the guys would be performing the next two nights. “Come on, come on. Hurry up.” I was bouncing back and forth as I watched the number go down to the stage level. As soon as the doors opened, I ran, twisting around everyone who was in my way.

“Hey, Y/n,” someone waved as I blew past them. I couldn’t even tell who it was.

I yelled over my shoulder. “Can’t talk…super late…Harry’s gonna be mad.”

Finally, I made it to Harry’s dressing room. He usually leaves the door unlocked, so when I walked in, I was expecting to see him. The room was empty. On the mirror that was staring back at me, Harry had written two words… You’re late.

Fuck. I spun on my heels, tossed my bag on the couch against the wall and then slammed the door shut after me. I had been on this location before so I knew exactly where I needed to be. My heels were starting to bug me, so I tosses them off and just ran with my barefoot only covered by my hosiery. Scooping up my shoes, I continued on my search for my boyfriend.

Finally, I found the crew by the stage. They all waved and smiled as I huffed my way to the edge of the stage, where I saw Harry twisting up his hair in his infamous bun. “Hey, babe.” I smiled sheepishly and bent down to put my shoes on.

He looked down at me for a split second, pausing before going back to his hair. “Hi,” he stated, then turned back to give the audio guys in the booth in the back of the stadium a thumbs up.

I sighed, “Harry, don’t be like this. I’m sorry I’m late. It’s just-ugh. Sara wanted to talk about me possibly getting a promotion soon. I couldn’t just leave. My job is on the line here, Harry.”

I wasn’t entirely sure that he heard me, but he walked away from the stage, towards the part I couldn’t see. Niall walked up to me, glancing down from the stage. He slung his guitar behind his back, then gestured to the part of the stage where Harry disappeared. “What was that about?”

“He’s mad that I was late for rehearsal.” I shrugged, “but I explained my side of it and he just walked away.”

“Don’t tell him I’m telling you this.” Niall looked around before bending down closer to my level. “He was whispering to Liam about having a serious discussion with you before rehearsal started. I don’t know what it was about, but obviously he’s pretty upset about it.”

Just then, Niall stood up straight and walked away. I turned around, seeing Harry standing behind me. “Can we talk?”

A/n: What does Harry want to talk to you about? Find out in the next blurb to come!


This post should contain all (or at least a good number of) LGBTQ+ anime characters as of July 2018! This should make finding new queer anime easier for us all, so hope you enjoy.

Two brief rules:

1. Canon queer characters only: This doesn’t mean the character needs to have explicitly looked at the camera and said “I am queer”, but there does need to be evidence for their queerness.

2. No non-consensual stuff. Obviously.

I’ll be going through LGBTQ+ alphabetically for our convenience, and I’ve indicated anime in which queerness is an important part of the story with a *. Also, no one has seen all anime ever made, so feel free to expand on this list, but hopefully you should find new anime here too.

Let’s go!

Lesbian-Bisexual: Women loving women (and possibly also other genders)

  • Attack on Titan: Ymir, Christa
  • Aoi Hana*: Fumi
  • Azumanga Daioh: Kaori
  • Baka to Test: Miharu
  • Bakemonogatari: Kanbaru
  • Cardcaptor Sakura: Tomoyo
  • Code Geass: Nina
  • Cross Ange*: Ange, Hilda, Chris, Rosalie
  • Gundam Iron Blooded Orphans: Atra, Kudelia
  • Kill la Kill: Ryuko, Mako
  • Kuzu no Honkai: Ecchan
  • Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha*: Nanoha, Fate
  • Non Non Biyori: Hotaru
  • Psycho Pass: Yayoi, Shion
  • Revolutionary Girl Utena*: Anthy, Jury, Utena
  • Sailor Moon: Michiru, Haruka
  • Sakura Trick*: Haruka, Yuu
  • Shinsekai Yori: Saki, Maria
  • Whispered Words*: Ushio, Sumika
  • Yurikuma Arashi: almost everyone

Bisexual-Gay: Men loving men (and possibly also other genders)

  • Akame Ga Kill: Bulat
  • Baka to Test: Toshimitsu
  • Cardcaptor Sakura: Touya, Yukito
  • Doukyuusei*: Kusakabe, Sajou
  • Gundam Iron Blooded Orphans: Yagami
  • Gurren Lagann: Leeron 
  • Hetalia: France (and possibly others)
  • Hunter x Hunter*: Killua, possibly Gon
  • Legend of the Galactic Heroes*: Reinhard, Kircheis
  • Mirai Nikki: Akise
  • Neon Genesis Evangelion: Shinji, Kaoru
  • No.6*: Shion, Nezumi
  • Ouran High School Host Club: Ranka
  • Shinsekai Yori: Satoru, Shun
  • Tiger & Bunny*: Nathan, Kotetsu, Barnaby
  • Yuri on Ice*: Viktor, Yuuri
  • Yu Yu Hakusho: Sensui, Itsuki

Trans (including non-binary & genderqueer characters):

  • Attack on Titan: Zoe
  • Gintama: Kyuubei
  • Hourou Musuko*: Takatsuki, Nitori
  • Hunter x Hunter: Alluka
  • My Hero Academia: Yawara
  • Ouran High School Host Club: Haruhi, Ranka
  • Paradise Kiss: Isabella
  • Soul Eater: Crona
  • Steins Gate: Rurako
  • Tiger & Bunny: Nathan
  • Tokyo Godfathers: Hana

Intersex: sadly I don’t know of any canon intersex characters in anime, so let me know if you do!


  • Durarara: Izaya

Hope you found this list useful! Now go forth and watch all the queer anime from this list and beyond. 

Oops? (Jughead x Reader)

Prompt: Request where the squad is pretty sure Jug and reader are in love together/fucking but have no solid proof, then jug gets mad or something like that and they all back off the idea. Then one day the gang goes back to Archie’s for some reason when everyone is supposed to be out (juggies homeless ass is staying there) and they hear them fucking

A/N: Fun fact - I listened to One Direction’s first album while I wrote this? (I’m actually a loser. I’m sorry.) It’s now 4:30am and I’m going to try and sleep. (God I’m so tired. Sorry if there’s any mistakes or if it sucks.)


Warnings: Talk of sex? Swearing? Idek?

Oops? (Jughead x Reader)

You pull away from his soft chapped lips.

“Jug, We have to go.” You gasp as his lips attach themselves to your burning skin.

The bell rings above your heads, pulling you two apart.

“See you after school?” He says breathless.

You nod and fix your sweater as he fixes his hair.

He gives you another peck and leaves the janitor’s closet.

God, You were fucked.

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Realistic thoughts on Sansa and Arya dealing with Daenerys and Jon/who actually has a right to the throne

If you actually think after watching Sansa and Arya go back and forth in season 7, that they’re going to welcome a southern Queen who says bend the knee or die with open arms, you’ve been reading too much fluffy fanfiction. Jon didn’t just they agree to work together to defeat the night King, he straight up bent the knee to House Targaryen and agreed to help her take back the iron throne. No one in the north wants anything to do with a Targaryen or the iron throne.

Remember Daenerys doesn’t acknowledge Robb Stark as the last king in the North, something Jon Snow never corrected her on. Which FYI if you’re going to correct her that you’re a king and not stick up for your half-brother and former King, you lose points in my book. Arya and Sansa loved Robb more than anything, and that kind of disrespect won’t fly with Brienne of Tarth either who has sworn to house Stark since season 2. Sansa will more than likely not trust her or even like her because she is the embodiment of the north remembers. She wanted to take away the karstark and Umbers Castle for their betrayal of Robb and their hand in killing her younger brother while aiding Ramsay.

Lyanna Mormont will hate her. Please stop all this she’s a strong woman so Lyanna will love her. Lyanna had a chip on her shoulder when she met Jon Snow and Sansa Stark, you think she’s going to love the descendant of the man who made the north kneel with the threat of death? The daughter of the man who killed Rickard Stark and Brandon Stark then asked for Ned Stark’s head? The woman who says we know no King but the king in the north whose name is Stark and Daenerys doesn’t even acknowledge Robb Stark was King? Yeah she’s going to hate her. Lyanna Stark hates Southern rulers. She didn’t even serve under Stannis who wanted to free the north from the Bolton’s.

Arya will definitely hate her, mostly because she’s everything Arya is against. She doesn’t fight her own battles but has dragons and others fight. She uses her traumatic experiences as reason as to why she deserves something, even though Arya and even worse her sister has gone through much worse. And the biggest thing is Arya hates anyone who disrespects Robb’s memory. It’s true Arya is close to Jon, but she really loved her other older brother as well.

Finally the Northern Lords will never bow to a Targaryen or a southern ruler. They chose Robb Stark as king just because they were fed up of the South. When Jon Snow walks in the room and says since I am King we all have to serve a Targaryen who I am boning. All of them will metaphorically and literally take out their swords and stab them into the ground and start screaming Queen in the North at Sansa Stark, who they already prefer over Jon.

This was all foreshadowed though. Every time a king rides South they lose their Kingdom. Jon Snow left the North as king, but will return to Sansa as Queen.

I also think after itd revealed Jon is a Targaryen, this will be the end of Daenerys and Jon’s relationship, if there is one. Between the North refusing to bend the knee to her, Sansa now Queen in the North, and Jon Snow having a better claim to the iron throne than her, even though no Targaryen has a claim to the Iron Throne thanks Robert Baratheon, I strongly believe that would drive them apart.

And if you’re still reading this God bless you, but the only person who has a claim to the Iron Throne if you want to be technical is Sansa or Gendry. Gendry is the last known blood of Robert Baratheon, the last king, so that would make him the rightful heir. I say Sansa because Robert made Ned Stark King region until his own son would be of age or ready to take the throne, but Robert had illegitimate kids and didn’t know about Gendry, so that would make Ned Stark default King, which means Sansa would be next in line as his eldest child.

So in all honesty the only people who have a claim to the Iron Throne is Sansa or Gendry.

In summary about all the north loving Daenerys: FUCK that noise

Being T’Challa’s wife would include:
  • Being pampered by T’Challa no matter what the occasion
  • No seriously, you could wake up and see the room filled with beautiful flowers.
  • “What is the occasion?” You ask
  • He rattles his brain for an excuse, “You wore that purple dress I like yesterday.”
  • You rule with a fair hand and are very involved with your people
  • Being Shuri’s confidant and big sister
  • Having to listen to her explain memes to you that you really don’t care to understand
  • T’Challa whining that you spend more time with Shuri than you do with him
  • Being Ramonda’s favorite
  • The sex
  • No seriously T’Challa had the best damn D and could literally make you melt with one touch
  • He was very passionate and aware of your body
  • You swear you had came at least twice in 5 minutes one time
  • He made sure you never lifted a finger
  • Date nights in different countries
  • Watching him and Shuri go back and forth
  • Being super close with Okoye
  • Worrying about him while he’s away on a mission
  • Never letting him go when he comes back
Head canon about MC working with Jumin after they’re married
  • One day, Jumin brings work home with him and is stressing over some paperwork
  • MC comes over to say hello and kisses him, then notices the paperwork
  • She reads over a few pieces and determines a solution
  • Jumin is so impressed and MC explains she has a business management and accounting degree
  • He brings her to the office
  • She ends up fitting right in, helps a lot with work and the work load, and seriously, everybody loves Jumin Han’s beautiful bride
  • After working with him for a while, they’re in a meeting, MC is searching through some paperwork while the female presenter gives her speech/ tries to seduce Jumin
  • MC is paying so little attention she doesn’t even seem to notice
  • Eventually, without even batting an eyelash, MC notices something in the speech that contradicts the data
  • MC brings it up, the woman claims that she must’ve misspoken, but they end up going back and forth for a few minutes
  • As they’re arguing, Jumin is watching with satisfaction as MC handles herself really well, and enjoys the look on the woman’s face as she sees the ring on MC’s finger
  • He ends up putting his arm around MC as she’s talking, and the woman ends up turning red in the face and storming out of the room
  • MC turns to Jumin, “we are not starting a contract with them.”
  • “Of course not.”
  • Later, over dinner, they’re talking about what happened and MC reveals that she knew the woman was hitting on him
  • Jumin’s surprised and asks why MC didn’t get jealous or say anything
  • MC states plainly, “Because I know you. I know you would never leave me just because some woman came out of nowhere and hit on you. You’re not the type.”
  • I just like the idea of MC starting out as just Jumin’s wife and a figure head, and then proving she can be a savvy and efficient business woman (and it turns Jumin on so much)
  • Because they work all day together and are married and very in love, Jaehee had to make a rule of “no sex in the office” because she might have walked in on them once and almost screamed

just to be clear, before Venom even came out, I was already shipping those two like the horrible person I am