The Voltron Episode I need the Most:
  • Cute alien girl hits on Keith
  • Lance is in a very bad mood, presumably because Keith got the cute alien and not him
  • Keith rejects her near the end of the ep like “Sorry I like someone”
  • She has a knowing smile and goes “You know I think he likes you too.”
  • Cue Keith gets really flustered because oops even the alien princess noticed
  • Hunk sees shes not flirting with Keith anymore and is like oh Lance she’s not w Keith now isn’t that good
  • And Lance is like what
  • Hunk says well now you can hit on her
  • And Lance is like Hunk I have to tell you something
    • They don’t show it but it’s implied/hinted he’s telling Hunk he likes Keith

this always gives me solace when i’m feeling alone. the one is out there, just keep looking :)


STIGMA (full/extended version)

ENTER PASSCODE: _ _ _ _ _ _

decided to reupload this bc i wanted to fix some things that were bothering me 



thank you!

  • Willow:Hello, my children. Blanche. Candela. It's good to finally meet you in person.
  • Candela:Sorry about, well, everything I've ever done in my life. Really, you can't have been a fan.
  • Willow:Oh, yeah, I've been quietly rooting against you both for some time now.


“BTS fake text when they are drunk and they say how much they love you and stuff like that? lol Thanks”

im laughing because some of these are legit typos i made lol but i hope you like it anon!!