Imagine one day, Kanan and Mari decide they wanna take Dia out for lunch. They realize that she has put up with so many of their gay shenanigans, and she’s been a fantastic friend for many years, so they wanna do something for her. But Mari decides to put a little extra surprise on top of it. She has connections, so she knows exactly what she wants to do.

So the day kanamari take Dia out, they go to this nice little bistro in the city. Dia has this big cute smile on her face because she’s pumped about being invited to one of kanamari’s excursions. Mari’s surprise begins in full swing when the waiter brings them to their table and sitting at it are the three third years from Muse.

As they sit down, Dia is stone silent, but after a few moments, a single tear falls down her cheek. Another bout of silence hits as everyone is staring at her, and then Dia bursts out into full blown sobs. Kanan immediately apologizes like “I’m sorry she’s not usually this way,” and Mari’s like “um yes she is. have you seen her when she’s watching those Muse DVDs,” to which Kanan responds by kicking Mari under the table.

After Dia calms down, kanamari decides that she should take the floor. NozoNicoEli introduce themselves and then Dia talks for like three hours straight about how much she looks up to them and respects them for what they did while in Muse. They also talk about the best ways to go about training and learning choreography. It’s a loud lunch between the six, and Dia remembers that day as one of the best days of her life