goût agréable

Patryk: I was, But my knight in shining armor fixed me back up.

Tord: That’s Classified. Do not ask again. 


a speedpaint of these lover bois to my favorite song !! ♡ link to muh channel hereerereer

Me, after the 47 second long trailer of Sherlock series 4 aired:

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I´m not prepared for series 4, aka 270 minutes full of (more or less angsty) sherlock content distributed over three whole weeks. I´m not gonna survive this.

please donate to a jobless mentally ill trans kid

Try as I might, I haven’t been able to get a job. I’ve considered cam modeling but i’m kind of uncomfortable with it (i still do it, however; I need the money.). I will be moving 2,000 miles from where i currently live in August, and starting about a week ago, I am mostly financially independent. I need to pay for food, clothes, and any sort of gender reassignment procedures. I have just over $250 right now, and I need help. Please, please donate anything you can.
- my paypal is kuraibeibi@gmail.com
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please, i sincerely need your help. and if you can’t donate please boost this post.

H A P P Y  N E W  Y E A R ~ !

finished the bonus illustrations for my kurotsuki book 💕

hi i’d like to confess that i was almost late for work today bc i was reading the new chapter of “until my feet bleed and my heart aches” when i was supposed to be getting ready

why is transitioning so damn expensive??

do you know how costly it is to: buy binders/breastforms, packers, & basically a whole new wardrobe, get a legal name change, get top/bottom surgery, and get started on hormones? 

it’s ridiculous. it’s tiring. it takes so much time and energy and money even if you’re in a socially safe place to do it. everyone that does it risks a lot. some people risk everything. 

reminder for all cis people- support your trans friends, they probably need it.

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first off, my therapist and i have a serious relationship but we also joke around a little too or else it just doesn't work for me. earlier in the session i had told her that my friends/roommates made me a "douchebag jar" to put money in when i said something douchey (like in new girl). then later we were talking about manipulation or whatever and i said "but my favorite hobby is making boys fall in love with me and then crushing them." T: "would this go in the douchbag jar?" me: "oh 100% yes"