go yosuke go


transparent legs-senpai, captain legs and the 9000 iq killjoy legs to the rescue
this is the tallest naoto will ever be.

(i hear bayonetta was announced for ssb today)


so I was rambling about thanatos/ryoji possessing yu on twitter the other day and…

(using some screenshots instead for the commentary)

edit: I might be continuing more doodles of these on twitter but probably won’t be uploading them here until I have enough to make a more full photoset on tumblr 

edit: some more here and here

I was innocently taking screenshots in P4DAN when this happened

Get a room you guys (literally)

And It doesn’t help that in the next pic Yu was like

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


the souyo route ending is actually so cute oh my god thank you so much p4newdays and whoever did those drawings you guys are just awesome <3

now if you excuse me I’m drowning in my own feels please no one save me

A very upset Yosuke, where is his bro to hug him?

I’m way tired to draw anything super proper tonight