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Descendants 2

Harry Hook might be high key in love with Uma, but I’m pretty sure he was just flirting with literally everyone he pointed his hook at.

wake up ml fandom they’re lying to you

Astro bits concerning the Beyoncé + Jay Z Tea

Bc like…… we all been wondering lmao. (These are excerpts from a convo between @wizkhalibra, @blackpanthersdick, @gemini-loverxxx and @venusish

  • Beyonce has Venus in 12th, which is why she ain’t going anywhere (lmao listen to Love Drought on Lemonade - it’s shinin)
  • Our girl got Mercury conjunct her Saturn in the 12th, keeping her mouth shut
  • She got Venus conj Pluto, her obsessive, feverish, ride-or-die approach to their love (Hold up af)
  • Venus in Libra, Mars in Leo - honey will live with the betrayal but damn she will make a performance peace out if it
  • Jay has his sun in sagittarius in the 3rd house conjunct mercury which is why he’s like THAT
  • the crusty little rat also has mars in aqua in the 5th the wee shlut, square neptune so theres the secret affair lmao
  • Jays sun and venus are in her 2nd house so he’s pretty crucial to her self worth and comfort, also why she gets so jealous over him
  • his saturn is in her 7th house no doubt
  • his saturn is opposite her venus
  • his 2nd house jupiter falls in her 1st house - she feels like she is everything he gives her
  • his venus is conjunct her moon
  • His 1st house planets fall in her 12th house - what’s obvious to others is hidden to her
  • Her 12th house planets (apart from venus i think) fall in his 1st house - what’s hidden to her is laid bare for him to see 
mixtape (m)

pairing: min yoongi x reader 

genre: smut, fluff, comedy / college, podcast personality au

word count: 15,610

description: Two mystery students from your college run the podcast dubbed ‘mixtape.’ It’s become a sort of phenomenon around campus, listened to by almost everyone. In their most recent episode they discussed various study methods… One of them being oh so tempting.

“This week’s topic is—” Sugar started, of course only to be swiftly interrupted by the second half of the two-man show podcast that had sort of gone viral around your college campus.

But regardless of being cut short, the metallic nature of his voice still managed to worm its way directly into your chest, where it festered into something so captivating that you couldn’t help but sigh. It was cool to the touch as the syllables of his chosen words sent an intrusion of goosebumps along your arms and thighs. It had a certain gravel, a deepness that you could sometimes feel in the pit of your belly if you listened to him long enough with your eyes closed. However, more times than not, the grit would be severed with a vibrant laugh that rang so sweetly that you could feel it clamoring around your heart with giddiness on its heels.

“—Studying! So sexy, right?” Jay interjected mid-sentence, something that anyone who listened to their weekly episodes would quickly learn is a norm.

However, there were times of course where Sugar was allowed the courtesy of going off on long tangents without his friend’s interruption, and in those moments his voice was hypnotic, if you had to put it simply. It tugged you beneath the current of concentration until you were pressing the volume button on your phone to raise his vocals higher. The small hitch of his breath, or exhale against the mic when he would sigh due to the topic at hand, they made you lean in closer to the invisible man on the other side of the pre-recorded audio that filtered through your headphones.

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And July - Dean + Heize

(The color scheme for this MV is Art)