go with it okay

So i played a little bit of overwatch comp (cuz im a glutton for punishment and an idiot who doesn’t take her own advice on what relaxation is) and I met the SWEETEST 15-year-old kid. I join chat and the first thing he says is “Hi guys, unless you’re not all guys I apologize, we’re gonna do great and have fun!” He kept complimenting people when whenever he saw a multi kill in the kill feed. I was playing mercy and he kept saying “This mercy is amazing!” Which of course makes me smile like an idiot. And anytime I couldn’t get to him and he’d die (he was genji of course), I’d apologize like I normally do. But this is the first time playing in comp anyone replied, “It’s not your fault mercy. I know you’re healing the tanks (I was solo healing)” We ultimately lost, but we put up a fight at KotH Lijiang tower with a score: 2 to 3. He before he left he said, “I had a fun time. I hope you guys win all ur next games” in the type chat. His username was Goobisoft, such a sweet boy. 

other side

eyelids flutter open
when windows slam shut
bells ring their hourly song
when darkness casts a silence.

late nights are lazy afternoons
panicked yells are reassured whispers
rambles are rants
and 4pm is 12am.

missed yet forgotten
alone yet loved
replaced yet important
hurting and hurting.

light and darkness
and shades of grey
rising suns and shining moons
stars smattering each sky.

a thread pierces hearts
tying them together
a stretch of sea
separates them further.

the same wishes and promises
for the two birds of a feather
on seemingly different worlds
both hoping, wondering.

one side waits
the other side plans
one half fears
the second is unaware.

if i could dig through the earth
i would
but until then
i’ll continue our routine.

  • [Little Goku and Tenpou walking hand in hand]
  • Goku: What's the opposite of "good"?
  • Tenpou: "Bad."
  • Tenpou: That's funny that you don't know that word...but you know the word "opposite."

I meant to upload these sooner, but I kept forgetting sorry!
Yeah though, took these while on a little forest trip with the family, we walked up the river to the waterfall and such, and it was super pretty!!

hcllland  asked:

Yes I also don't agree with underage minors writing smut as well, it's just I've been clogged with people who are adults trying to justify them writing smut ABOUT A MINOR and there's just way too much of it??

I personally agree and don’t think anyone should be writing smut about Tom Holland’s Peter Parker. He’s canonically fifteen. If people want to write smut, there’s a whole roster of grown men in the MCU.

there’s always gonna be that one rp blog you THINK has it all, but don’t let that stop you from enjoying rp. you’re irreplaceable. 

really though, there’s no heterosexual explanation for ford building a host that looks and acts and sounds exactly like arnold

Today I wrote an essay in Japanese for one of my final exams. The topic was quite simple; What means happiness to me, and I might just pulled a Choi Minho and wrote a whole essay about why SHINee are my happiness.

My teacher probably won’t even be surprised by my choice anymore at this point…my love for them will remain as my legacy here…badumtssssss… ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

okay but like

how do people not know that rafael is hispanic

his name is Rafael

that name is so damn hispanic????????

Like it just screams “hey im latino/hispanic as hell look at me”

he is not white. and idc if he’s “white passing” he is still hispanic. so like. stop?

idk it just bothers me. thats a sensitive subject for me, i might just be being offended for no reason  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Ready To Leave

I am so ready for Colorado. There has been a slow gathering of negativity swirling around and it’s making me physically ill.

I made a huge pot of gluten free chicken noodle soup today. I’ve been slurping soup, taking vitamin C, and drinking lots of tea. I soaked in a steaming eucalyptus bath while Two Door Cinema Club played in the background. After a few deep breathing exercises I feel relaxed and content. 

I leave in 4 days for Rocky Mountain National Park. I can’t wait to be up in the cool mountain air, surrounded by absolutely stunning views, soaking up sunshine, and climbing up rocks. 

Hiking, kayaking, biking, yoga, record stores, museums, voodoo donuts, outdoor concerts, picnicking, star gazing, beautiful people, herb

4 days and an 8 hour road trip. 

Fill my body with positivity and love. 


people who would fight the sun: bakugou

(based off of this tweet)

bonus pic:

You. you I like. @therealjacksepticeye in his merch and the booty shorts again bc they were so well received the first time Ahahah