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jane sloan is the ultimate bff cause you can tell her you like girls and she’ll still get undressed/change in front of you without a second thought and won’t make any off hand comments that make you feel weird about your sexuality or like you’re being predatory and making her uncomfortable anyway guys watch the bold type

Nicholas Wilde and Judy Hopps



♫ ♫ In the sea of lovers without ships
And lovers without sight
You’re the only way out of this 
Sea of lovers losing time
And lovers losing hope
Will you let me follow you?

Wherever you go
Bring me h o m e.   ♫ ♫

A special birthday present to my oreo aka i-swear-on-captain-swan, I love you!

Went to get drinks with my classmates and one of them reminds me so much of 4!Dante it’s great… 😂

  • First of all he’s tall, buff, and handsome.
  • Second, he’s mostly friends with girls because he says guys usually hate him?? Which would usually raise red flags but he’s really nice and doesn’t give off a creeper vibe either. And he loves to talk about his wife which is cuteeeee~
  • Third, he’s super animated when he talks (he talks with his hands) and has a lot of energy. Lmao my friend was like “If he accidentally hits me, I’m gonna hit him back.” and he laughed and was like “Yeah girl!” and they fist bumped then told us we‘re allowed to smack him if he gets too wild. 😂
  • And finally he gives really great hugs??? I was saying bye to them and when it was his turn to hug me I was like “Aaaah yes~ Love your hugs~ They’re the best~” and he gave me a big ol’ bear hug (which is probably the warmest hug I’ve ever had) and a kiss on the cheek. And I didn’t find it weird??? It was like getting a hug from your big brother???

Usually, when I meet guys that act the way he does I don’t like them. But he seriously gives off such a genuinely nice vibe its hard to hate him????

hhhMMMMMMMMMMM if you start drama and make everything about you on someone’s FUCKING BIRTHDAY or AT or DURING their birthday just know that you’re a literal piece of dumb fucking shit. like. there’s zero reason for you to be receiving a shit ton of attention on someone else’s birthday unless you’re literally dying or someone else is dead/dying. Don’t be a fucking bitch. My sister made birthday plans and her shitty so-called friends are being stupid and over dramatic about a completely different issue and she had to fucking cancel her plans. She’s so fucking upset the last time I saw her she was crying. Don’t be that BITCH on SOMEONE ELSE’S DAY. DON’T BE THAT BITCH.

Professor Evans (8/?)

Summary: Chris and Y/N finally go on their first date and it’s the cutest thing ever. 

Pairings: Professor!Chris x Student!Reader 

Word Count: 2,600 

Warnings: None Too much fluff? Probably

A/N: Thank you guys for being so patient with me, I love you all! A shoutout out to @jennylovelyheart for helping me out with some ideas, you da best. If you guys have any drabble requests for these two just send them in and I’ll get to them. 

*Y/F/N= Your Friends Name

Professor Evans Masterlist 

Feedback is welcome and is much appreciated ♡

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The two stuck to their plan of letting Y/N take charge of making plans and it was she who planned their first date. She made sure it wasn’t anything that was extreme but something simple and something special; so she decided on a restaurant that was popular but wasn’t too expensive. After she texted him with all the details of the date and agreeing with him coming to pick her her up, she started to panic as she stood in her closet that seemed to have nothing for her to wear. Each time she would go for a dress it would be either too simple or too fancy making her want to throw all her clothes and buy all new clothes. She sighed staring down at the mess she made, wishing she could call her friend for help but knew she would have to tell her who the date was. Or maybe she didn’t.

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The real him.


Part1 / Part2 / Part3 /

A/N: I haven’t been writing any scenarios lately and that has being making me angry at myself. This is something I wanted to do, but didn’t have enough time. Don’t worry a part2 of the Hoseok’s AU is coming soon.I hope you like it and sorry for any mistakes made. Requests are open.

Word count: 2,800

Warnings:  Bad language 

  It was a very sunny day. You were standing, wearing your P.E. clothes and waiting for your name to be yelled out by the teacher. The shorts were too tight and weren’t very comfortable, but what could you do.As you were looking around, your eyes fell onto a boy, Park Jimin, your classmate. You have had such a big crush on him for 2 years now, but you couldn’t do anything about it.

  The way his musculus looked in the P.E. clothes was mesmerizing, the way he moved was amazing as well. Your eyes were glued on him and couldn’t move at all.

“Y/N!” your name was yelled out from a person standing next to you.

“Ah, yes.”you turned to look at your friend 

“Don’t yes me, I was asking you a question.” she said,her hands onto her hips

“Could you repeat that?”you asked her

“Gina you should already know how Y/N becomes when Jimin is around.”laughed out a boy

“Haha, very funny Leon.”you said sarcastically to him “What were we talking about?”you turned towards them and continued talking, like nothing happened 

“We were talking about the ceremony of bonding.”said Gina running her hand through her long red hair. 

“It’s not that bad you guys.”said the Leon

“That is because you went trough it already and have a good deity.”said Lisa

“You all are better than me.”you said

“Y/N! It’s your turn.”yelled out the teacher and you sighed, walking over to him. You had to run 3 laps around the track, like he always made you

  While you warm up, let’s look at your friends and you a bit.The school you attended was totally normal, but your friends weren’t. The bonding ceremony is something very special. In the world there are clans which have the ability to turn into creatures, magical ones. During that ceremony a clan member is entrusted to a deity, with which they have to stay for ever. Your friends and you were from these kinds of clans. 

  Most of the times the way you looked on the outside was a reflection of your animal form. Gina had very long red hair, with orange and yellow strands, her eyes were a light blue color like the sky. She was elegant and graceful when she moved, almost like she was actually flying and not walking. Gina was known as a phoenix. Her hair was the same color as her feathers and she was going to be entrusted to the sun god.

 Leon was … well, a lion. He had short but very fluffy hair, colored in a lemon and honey yellow. His eyes were green, like the the nature he loved so much. His body was strong and well built. He was the only one of you who was already entrusted to a deity. He lived with the goddess of the blue sky. Everyone thought that Leon was really lucky, because the goddess was very sweet and kind.

  Lisa was know as a sea dragon, very beautiful when she transformed. Her hair was the color of the sea and her eyes the color of a pearl. That is why she had to wear contact lenses. Different color hair like blue and green was normal nowadays, but having light pink eye color was strange to many. She was to be entrusted to a water god.

 Last but not least we have you. You were of a very powerful tiger clan. When it came to hair color or eye color, you weren’t like the others. Almost nothing on the outside looked like the animal you were. To many it was strange, but that was the main reason you were born.On the day of your birth your parents found out who the deity for you was. Since that moment you were trained to be strong. You were destined to be entrusted to a god of darkness, you were supposed to be the good that will balance him for eternity. Not like you wanted to, but no one asked you in the first place.

  You finished your 3 laps fast and was walking over to your friends, when suddenly you tripped on something and were about to hit the ground, when you felt a strong hand grab you. 

“Thanks Leon.”you said thinking it was him

“You are welcome, but that is not my name.” 

  Looking up you saw the hero that ran to you in the nick of time. Parting your lips you gasped, his name coming out in a shocked manner.

“Park Jimin!” your hand covered your mouth, heart beating fast

“Just Jimin is fine.”he smiled at you and helped you stand up

“Thank you so much.”you said fast, panicking

“No problem.By the way, you are an awesome runner, Y/N.”he smiled again

“T-thank you. You are amazing yourself.”you were surpriced that he knew your name

“Y/N are you ok?”your friends ran over, worried about your well-being

“I am fine, thanks to Jimin.”you said

“Thanks for saving her. She is very clumsy.” Gina sighed, now knowing that you were ok

“You must stop doing stupid stuff!”Leon yelled at you, you grew up with him, he was like your big brother and yelled at you every time you did something stupid 

“I just tipped!”you yelled back 

  While you were arguing with Leon, Lisa was looking at Jimin and the way his eyes were locked onto you. She poked Gina and she noticed what Lisa was looking at as well. Something was bothering them, but they didn’t know what.

“Your boyfriend looks very worried.”said Jimin laughing uneasily 

“What?!”you looked at him shocked “Him?My boyfriend?Hell no! I would prefer to die.”you crossed your arms in front of your chest and turned your back towards Leon

“I already have someone anyways.”he followed

“You do?”Lisa asked shocked “Don’t tell me…Is it her?!”

  Leon didn’t say anything back, which was enough for all of you to find out who he liked. 

“Oh, I see.” said Jimin 

  Gina noticed the way his lip moved up, did he like you?Well she wanted to find out and decided to pat Jimin’s shoulder, but her hand pulled back immediately. Her eyes were locked onto his body.

“I should be going now.Nice meeting you Y/N.”he smiled, waved and ran back to the teacher just to get scolded for running off with out telling him.

“Bye.”you waved at him

  Once Jimin was gone, Gina grabbed your hand and pulled you towards the changing rooms. It was Friday so no school the next two days.You didn’t think much of her behavior, but Lisa understood immediately. After school ended all of you were about to leave together.

  While walking Lisa looked at you guys and then giggled to herself. 

“What is wrong?”you asked her

“Oh nothing.”she said and giggled again

“Ok, there is definitely something going on.”said Gina smiling

“ Well, I just wanted you guys to know that I won’t be able to go out with you on Saturday.”she was smiling so wide 

“Why?We always go out.”Leon added

“Well, I will be with my deity that day.” she said and waited for a reaction

“Oh, ok.” after a second “What!” everyone stopped walking and looked at Lisa

“I am getting to meet my deity tonight.”she was jumping and screaming happily around the street 

“Congratulations!”you all said together, before Lisa pulled out her phone 

“You guys I have to go now. Wish me luck!”she waved at you and started running like crazy towards her house

 “I remember when I was like her.”said Gina

“What do you mean by that?”you asked 

“Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you. I am entrusted too.” she smiled at you

“Wait…am I the only one without a deity?!”

  Leon and Gina looked at each other and then back at you ,nodding their heads. “Your situation is not like ours Y/N.”he placed his hand onto your shoulder 

“Yeah.We have normal deitys and you must be used as a balance for the bad energy of that god.” Gina unconsciously hugged you “Look if you ever need someone to talk to ,we are always here for you.”

“Gina is right, we can offer you our help anytime.”Leon patted your back and looked up for a second “I have to leave you now. She is waiting for me.”

  You looked around to make sure no one was there and waved at Leon as he changed into his lion form. A strong light covered his body and slowly from it emerged a big animal.His body had armor on it and was stronger than ever. So this is how much you change when you finally go through the ceremony. you thought to yourself. Your friends had powers given to them from their bond with their deity, but what were going to become with all of the darkness you were supposed to suppress?

  Leon left towards the sky and Gina escorted you home. After you finally were able to take a deep breath and relax onto your bed, there was a knock.You sat back up on the bed “Yes.” Soon the door opened and you saw your uncle standing there, looking at you.

“Do we have to?”you asked, knowing exactly what he wanted to tell you

“You must.”he was about to close the door again ”Hurry up and get ready.”

  You were once more alone in your room. Lately your family were making you train too much. Sighing ,you got up and changed into something comfortable and went downstairs.

“I am ready.” your family looked at you with sad looking eyes “Is something wrong?”you asked

“No, nothing sweetie.” your mom and dad got up and walked into the kitchen 

“Let’s go.”your uncle was acting very strange tonight, but you brushed it off, even though you knew something was wrong

  After you finally reached the forest, you started warming up. “Are you ready?”your uncle asked and you nodded “Ok, I want you to show me your transformation.”he stepped back and gave you enough space to do your thing

  Slowly you leaned forward and jumped, while still in the air your body changed and you landed onto your paws. Your uncle came closer and lifted your paws to look at them, he checked your claws as well, then your fangs and hearing.

“Growl as loud as you can.”he demanded 

“I can’t in the middle of the night. Someone might hear me.”you were worried

“There is no one here, don’t worry.” 

  You weren’t too sure about this, but if he asked you then you had to do it. Your uncle has been training you since you were very little. Taking a deep breath you roared out loud, your voice shaking up the forest and the ground under your feet. The animal that were sleeping, woke up and started running as far away as they could.

“How was it?”you asked, but he wasn’t listening to you, in fact he wasn’t looking at you at all

“Wait here.”he said and walked off

  After a couple of minutes you turned back into your human form and decided to go look for him. You knew he told you to stay here, but something was calling for you. You had never disobeyed your uncle until today. You were walking slowly through the forest ,when you heard people talking. Peaking your head through the trees you saw three boys and one of them you knew perfectly.

“Jimin!”you gasped 

  You knew you had to go back before they heard you, but while trying to sneak away you stepped onto something that made a cracking sound.

“Damn it!”you cursed out

“Did you hear that?”asked one of Jimin’s friends “Let’s go and check it out.”he suggested and the boys split up

  You started running not giving a damn if they heard you or not, yet at the same time you were looking for your uncle.After awhile you stopped running to take a breath, as you placed your hand onto the tree and leaned to rest.You heard foot steps.

“Uncle!”you turned your head thinking it was him, yet you were met with something much more serious that him

“Y/N…is that you?” the person standing wasn’t able to see very well in your direction, but had a good guess 

  You were about to say something when your hands grabbed your mouth, keeping it shut. You turned your back towards him and started running again, but the boy followed.Don’t follow me, don’t follow me. you were constantly saying in your head.

“Y/N is that you!”he yelled out again, showing you that he was close behind

  You jumped turning into a tiger. It was very risky, but this way you were faster than him. Reaching the place you left, you saw your uncle and ran behind him.He placed his hand onto your head and soon realized what had happened, when the boy appeared in front of him.

“Excuse me.”he was looking at the ground, trying to take his breath as he asked “Did you see a girl run by?”

“No.”said your uncle

“That can’t be!”he looked up and took a step back, seeing you “Is that!”

“Yes, a tiger.” 

  What were supposed to do?Roar and scare him away.This is Jimin we are talking about here.You wouldn’t want to do that.

“Aren’t you afraid boy?”

“Actually…” Jimin came closer “I don’t know why, but I want to touch it.”he looked up at your uncle “Can I?”

 Uncle what are we going to do now? you looked at him asking through telepathy 

 For now just go over there. I want to confirm something.

  If your uncle said it was ok, than it was. You slowly moved towards Jimin, you were surprised he wasn’t scared at all. He reached out his hand and you placed your head in it. Jimin pulled you closer and started patting your head. This was the best day in your life. The boy you liked being this close to you and patting your head, well you were in animal form, but that wan’t a problem.

  His smile warm and filled with happiness. Soon you started melting into a puddle while he was patting you and purred loudly.

“She is very cute.”said Jimin

“I never told you it was a she.”said your uncle and your eyes opened up immediately 

“Really?”Jimin looked down at you “I had this strange feeling telling me it was female.” he was so gentle while running his hand through your fur “You know, you remind me of a person I know. What is her name?”he asked

  Your uncle tried his best to avoid the question.He decided that it was time for you to go, as the boy was starting to get dangerous for your secret. 

  Y/N, you must leave him. just by one look you knew that there was something wrong 

  Looking up at Jimin with sad eyes,you moved away and walked over to your uncle. Jimin stood up and patted his clothes clean from the dirt. “It’s time for you to go hu?”he asked “It was nice meeting you, when I touched your fur, I felt like something heavy was lifted off my chest.”he waved for goodbye

“Don’t tell anyone we met boy, or you will be sorry.” before Jimin could say something back, you were gone

  The whole walk home your uncle didn’t say a word to you. Once you stepped foot in the house and sat on the couch, he looked at you.

“You like him don’t you.” the question stabbed you right in the heart

  You were told since little that falling in love with a human is something you mustn’t do. But now when you already have, there was no return. 

“Answer me child!” he yelled out and your mother ran in the room

“What is going on here?”she asked

“Y/N is in love with a human boy!” he looked at her and your mother gasped 

“Tell me that what your uncle is saying isn’t true.”she walked over and looked at you 

“I, I…” you couldn’t say anything. If you told them the truth ,than things were going to get ugly and if you didn’t tell them, they were going to find out sooner or later anyways. 

“It’s not, right?” you weren’t saying anything ,which made them believe in it even more

“Y/N, you promised us.”said you mother “You promised you wouldn’t.”

“Mom, I couldn’t control it.”you looked down

“So…so it is true?”

“Yes, I am sorry.”

“We were going to wait, but I think she mustn’t be give more time.”your uncle pulled a phone out of his pocket and turned his back towards you “This happened when you give her too much freedom.”

“You don’t mean…?” your mother stuttered 

“That is exactly what I mean.”

  They left you in the living room, not knowing what was coming your way.Yet deep down you knew that tomorrow morning wasn’t going to be a nice one.

Teenager’s can be shy and bombastic from time to time, but hybrids of predator and prey…well let’s just say that could make things very interesting and unpredictable. Especially when you and your sister and brother are 3 of the 5 Boxes known to exist. Currently at least.

Issac: Ok, ok I’ll do my best but I’m not sure.

Gulia: Isaac just be yourself, that’s all Aelita and any other girl wants.

Issac: I know it’s just…

Gulia: it’s just what…dad.

Isaac: Hey I’m not like dad when he first asked mom out. You heard the story.

Anna: yeah you have, but only from Dad. (Laughs)

Gulia: Yeah, Aunt Ariel told us everything 🤣

Isaac: Like what? (He asks, a lump in his chest)

Gulia: Like how dad wouldn’t stop sweating or making stupid jokes.

Anna: And let’s not forget about the puddle!

Stuart walks into the room

Stuart: Is this the story about mom and dad’s first date? (He says with a grin)

Anna and Gulia: Yup

Stuart: oh yeah the puddle that was classic. (Chuckling)

Issac: What, what did dad do? Lay his jacket on a curbside puddle like in an old movie?

Anna: Sorta. (Snorts)

Gulia starting to laugh uncontrollably

Gulia: He took his jacket and like you said placed it over the puddle. (Laughs and catchers her breathe momentarily)

Isaac: What next? Did dad fall?

Anna: Nope.

Isaac: Well what’s so damn funny?

Gulia: Mom tried to walk across it but the puddle might as well been a lake 🤣

Stuart: Oh yeah, Aunt Ariel said that mom was almost swallowed up by this crazy deep pot hole. Like up to her waist.

Anna: Dad tried to help but, mom grabbed his paws and pulled him in.

Gulia: The water was so cold dad squeaked like a baby when Mom pulled him in!!!

Anna: He was so embarrassed, he sat on a bench and didn’t talk to Mom for like 15 minutes. He was so embarrassed mom had to do the only thing she knew that would snap him out of it.

Issac: And that was?

Gulia: She kissed him.

Anna: He nearly fainted.

Isaac: What does dad being a goof and mom being bold have to do with me and Aelita?

Stuart: What thier saying is that no matter what happens, if she likes you dare I say love’s you. You can’t do anything to change her mind. Am I right?

Anna: On Target little brother.

Gulia: Couldn’t have said it better myself.

Issac: So I really have no reason to be nervous then.

Gulia: Not one bit, although casanova you might want to get a move on or else you will have to explain to queen OCD why you are late.

Issac looking at the clock on the wall, gasps and runs for the door.

Issac: Oh crap, I gotta run, thanks guys, love you. Wish me luck!!!

Gulia: Go get her brother.

Anna: Good luck.

Stuart: How much you want to bet that he is just like dad on the first date.

Anna and Gulia: I’m not taking that bet.

Stuart: common, scared you two will lose?

Anna: scared no, stupid no, knowing when to place a bet skill and confidence.

Gulia: I kinda want to follow him.

To be continued…in the story.

I can see why he’s nervous. Although for the actual chapter I will definitely have to get some more updated art work and more detail, but for a quick preview of what’s going on in my head I believe you get the picture. Speaking of, special thanks to @katyushkawolf for these wonderful works depicting these two sweethearts.

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i saw a cute punk girl with green hair downtown this morning and ughhh I hope she's at the bus station again tomorrow and I can talk to her pls wish me luck guys

Good luck! Go get her! Bring her a cookie! You got this!!

~ mod Petar

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Okay. So. @ipaintjily has really inspired me with their digital painting. Like I look at them everyday, hours at a time, trying to figure out how I can do what they do. It’s a bit obsessive. Kinda creepy. But I don’t even care. Their work is stunning and I have to learn how to paint because of it. It’s an itch I can’t scratch. So. The last few weeks I’ve been watching and taking in all the digital painting videos and advice I could get my grubby hands on. 

Every. Single. Video. Said the same thing. DO NOT FOCUS ON DETAIL.

Like. For whatever reason I could not grasp the “no detail” concept and my perfectionist, virgo ass was like “Oh yeah. I can skip that advice that every single video I’ve watched has given me.” 

Exhibit A. 

    I spent nearly two hours on this monstrosity. Like. It looks nothing like the ref. Which I provided above. And stole from Ipaintjily’s pinterest which is full of amazing refs you can find here. I don’t know what I was thinking. That’s a lie. I was thinking that if I add more detail the better it would look! Logic.

Then I finally accepted that detail was NOT working. So I was like. Well, damn. Maybe no detail will work. Imagine that. I was super skeptic. But I zoomed out till it was a thumbnail size then just blocked in colors and shapes. Then suddenly there was a face? And values? And it was kind of working??????

Exhibit B.

30 minutes guys. Like. What? It’s still awful. But compared to the other??These were done the same day. One right after the other. 

So. Moral of the story: Detail = Bad

also. how does anyone draw without lines?! 

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happy birthday you ray of sunshine!


To kick off the birthday calendar, I take enormous pleasure in wishing @i-am-the-fire57​ aka Rochelle an incredibly happy and beautiful birthday! 

I hope you have an absolutely gorgeous day and eat a lot of cake (or whatever the hell you want to because it’s your day!)

So go on and wish her guys!! She deserves all of it and more♡♡

Check out her fics and her blog (her birthday wish on her blog is so gorgeous and wholesome so please read it :’))

So Happy Birthday and I hope you have an incredible day you absolutely incredible ray of sunshine♡♡

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So, You all probably noticed the Nixon x Bianca Spam this evening… well It’s because it’s one of my closest friends Birthday!! Yesterday was our one year friendaversary and I saved all my sappiness for today! 

Cj has been an amazing friend form Day 1. Our friendship started a year ago when she reached out to try to help me with a cc making issue. We ended up chatting and then one day I went to chat her and her blog was gone! I was a little sad because it had been fun chatting on and off. Well, lucky for me - she made a new blog and hunted me down! From there we chatted as we had before and then she sent Bianca to Nixon’s Bachelor challenge and Bianca worked her way into Nixon’s heart and Cj into mine. Over the past year we have roleplayed together and chatted almost daily (Only minus the days one of us needed away from the interwebs!) 

She is a loyal and honest friend. Something so rare and something that I treasure so much and thus I treasure her. She deserves all the happiness and all the good things in life! I hope we are friends for many years to come! <3 


P.S. If you guys could pretty please go wish her a happy birthday, I’d really love that! <3

This post goes out to my sweet pal Dalton ( aka @deantulip ). My knuffel who I’d share my last pringle with.

You have the most beautiful and outstanding soul. You are strong, kind, funny, horny for dean 24/7 and most importantly you are an amazing friend.

Our spam sessions that turn into deep conversations make my days, weeks, and months (basically my life in general) better. You’re a ray of sunshine and I love you so so so much even though we’ve only been friends for a few months. I wish I could give you a big birthday hug right now but I guess this’ll have to do. I’m so lucky to have an awesome, encouraging and uplifting friend like you! 

I hope you are having an amazing day and I wish you aaallll the best! 

Happy Birthday Pringle!

-Your little Turk❤️

Happy birthday to my number one angel cakieeee 💕

So today is a super special day SKDJFNKJSDFNJS !!!! It’s September 5th!!!
@twiicetheheart‘s birthday!! omfg you guys, please go wish her a happy birthday!!
She deserves alllllll the best things!! ;-; Like I can’t even tell you what an amazing
person Michi is. She is one of my best friends, and she’s such an inspiration!!!
Legit I would not even have this blog if it weren’t for this bae, okay!? Cause like I
was really anxious to make it at first for SUPER obvious reasons!! Like for reals,
I would not be a part of this amazing community if not for my Michi!! and met all
of you amazing people!! JUST SKDJFNKJSDNFKJSDNFKJDSNF!!! 💕💕

Michi! GUUUUUUUUUURL, I love you so much!! Okay!? Like I know we’ve only
been close for a little over a year now, but you’re such a huge part of my life!!
Like I feel like I’ve known you for so much longer!! I love you so much, and I love
your muse so much!!! You’re so talented at literally everything you do whether it
be art or writing or just being an amazing person and just?! I love you sm!! ;-;
I hope you have an amazing birthday, my love!!! From the bottom of my soul!!!
Happy birthday, angel cakie!!! I love you to the end of the Earth!! 💕 😘 💕 😘