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900 posts! Go Jamie!!!🎉🎉🎉

(Also the first pic is Jamie’s first post of this wife in like June 24th 2013. Now his most recent one today, in September 13th 2017 with the character Monkey from the play Journey to the West! It’s an amazing play and was yet another collaboration between Damon and Jamie! So go listen to the soundtrack album called Monkey Bee and check out to videos about the play! I know this sounds like I’m a sponsor something but I’m honestly not. I’m just trying to get the play out there. Since there’s a lot of new fans and they haven’t heard it! Sorry about the rambling tho!!!;^;;;)

Saiyuki: The Road to the West - Cover

Actually, it’s the back cover of the “Road to the West” Saiyuki Kagekiden booklet for the theatrical version of the series. If you have the book, you can see this picture matches exactly the front cover, with the difference being instead it features the actors for the theatrical presentations. I really love how they look here and it almost makes me think this is a poster for a boy band *laughs*. SOUND THE ALARM! Sanzo & Gojyo for once are NOT SMOKING! And Sanzo having a Sanzo smile– I’ll take it!

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