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Every Me And Every You - Seven

As you entered Spencer’s apartment your chest was filled with nerves again.
Spencer took your overnight bag into his bedroom before asking if you wanted anything to drink.

“I presume alcohol is out of the question?” you remembered his comments from the first time.

“You can have a small glass of wine. I just didn’t want anything clouding your judgement the first time. You need to be in control with this.” He pulled a bottle of white wine out and poured two glasses, handing one to you.

“Which is a strange thing to say considering you’re the one doing the controlling here,” you said, taking a small sip of the cool liquid.

“This is the thing you need to understand. I may be giving the commands but you’re the one that’s actually in control of the situation. If you call a safe word, we stop. If you tell me you’re uncomfortable with doing something, we don’t do it. If you tell me you specifically want to try something, then we can try it. Knowing that you want these things, however much you ‘act’ like you don’t, is what gives me pleasure. Seeing your reactions to what I do or say is what I enjoy. But as soon as you say it’s too much, then we stop. You’re in complete control here.”

“But I’m a complete novice at this. Does it not annoy you having to explain things to me, or that I might not be willing to go as far as your previous partners have? How can it turn you on being with someone who doesn’t know what they’re doing?” You took another sip of your drink, seeing his eyebrows furrow and his lips purse in thought.

“Y/N, you might think you don’t know what you’re doing but a lot of this is intuition. Your sarcastic comments in the restaurant about me cutting up your food and me ordering for you? I’m sure you’ve read enough about Dom/sub relationships now to know that things like that are likely to happen. I’d say you were baiting me. Wanting a reaction.”

Thinking back, you realised he was right. If you were playing the good little sub you’d have shut up and not commented. But you’d wanted to see what he’d say or do.

“As for your limitations….. With this, often you don’t know your limits until you test them, hence the need for safe words. And finally, wondering how this can turn me on. Watching you react, seeing you get visibly flustered, the way your lips part softly and that sharp intake of breath you give when you’re shocked by something I’ve said. That gets me ridiculously hard. You weren’t the only one hiding something in that restaurant.”


“Okay, so I’m in control. What if I wanted to actually be the one giving the orders?” You hadn’t thought about this before, but whilst you were on the topic of control you figured you might as well ask.

“I’ve mentioned previously that I prefer acting as the ‘Top’, I assume you’re now familiar with that term?“ He checked.

You were, Tops and bottoms.

“I’ve Topped from the bottom a few times, meaning I….”

“I know what that means,” you interrupted him. It meant he’d give instructions to a sub on how to ‘punish’ him. He’d receive the pain but still technically be the Dominant one as he’d be instructing them on what to do.

“Don’t interrupt me again Y/N, or I’ll add another strike,” he said cooly, taking a drink.


“I’m sorry,” you mumbled.

“No you’re not. But anyway, in the relationships I’ve had I’ve generally been the Dominant one, I’ve tried it the other way and whilst it didn’t turn me completely off, it wasn’t as big a thrill. That could just be the partners I was with though. If it’s something you genuinely want to try with me at some point then I’ll give it another go.”

“That’s good to know.”

“Anymore questions?”

“Not for the moment.”

“Good. Now come and sit on my couch with me Y/N. There’s a film on I’d like to watch.”

“Oh! I thought we were….. ”

“All in good time.”

He walked over to his couch and sat in the middle, meaning wherever you sat, you’d be directly next to him. You followed him and sat down. Spencer switched his TV on using the remote, turning it to one of the movie channels where you could see that Mulholland Drive had not long started. You’d seen it before, a few times and you knew Reid had too, you’d had a conversation about it a few months ago.

“Comfortable? Good. Now I don’t want to hear a peep out of you for this whole film okay?”

You nodded, knowing this was a command.

You waited.

Twenty minutes in you felt a hand on your thigh, Spencer’s soft fingertips stroking the exposed skin. You dragged your bottom lip between your teeth and glanced at him. His gaze was fixed intently on the screen.

His hand crept higher and higher, pushing the fabric of your dress up as he went until he was caressing the very tops of your thighs.

Your eyes had closed and you were concentrating on keeping your breathing quiet, but it was incredibly hard. What he was doing felt so good, sending shivers through you.

“Part your legs Y/N,” Spencer instructed, a hoarseness to his voice.

You did as you were told, your legs falling open.

Spencer shifted his hand so that it was lightly gripping the top of your inside thigh, his hand in such a way that his pinkie finger was pressed against your folds.

You breathed in deeply.

“Try to keep the noise down Y/N. You’re a very heavy breather sometimes and I’m trying to watch this. And open your eyes. You’ll miss the movie.”

You did as he wished, opening your eyes and staring at the screen, not actually taking in anything that was happening.

His hand remained still for the next fifteen minutes and you tried to regain control of your breathing again.

A finger twitched and you flinched, almost letting out a gasp but stopping yourself. He’d brushed against your clit.


You started counting in your head, needing something to focus on.

Seven minutes and twenty seven seconds later, he did it again. Your hands clenched up and you pressed your mouth tightly shut.

Fourteen minutes passed before he moved again and this time it was his whole hand that moved, adjusting himself so he was now cupping you. The temptation to grind against his hand was almost killing you.

“Do you have any idea idea how wet you are Y/N?” Spencer turned to look at you.

You were acutely aware that you were very probably coating his hand right now. You nodded, needing to respond but remembering you weren’t meant to speak.

“Good girl.” He smiled approvingly. Had that been a test to see whether you’d speak?

Six minutes and thirty nine seconds went by until he started circling your clit with his forefinger, your eyes falling shut again and your lips parting.


Fucking fuck.

The tiniest gasp escaped your chest as he pressed on your sensitive bundle of nerves moving it from left to right repeatedly.

He didn’t say anything about the noise you’d made, continuing his movements.

The next gasp was louder, you couldn’t stop it.

“Do I have to gag you, Y/N? Anymore noise and I’ll add another strike.”

Jesus. You shook your head in case he was watching for an answer.

Think about something else, anything other than what he was doing.

You couldn’t. His fingers were rubbing faster and harder. You opened your eyes and glanced down at him, noticing a bulge had formed, the fabric of his pants now tighter against one leg. Good. At least this was affecting him too.

You were doing well, your breathing was heavier but you’d managed to stop the gasps, your mouth opening wide and you grimacing instead as your orgasm started to build. You could do this, it was just like when you’d needed to get off in college and your room mate had been asleep in a bed two feet away from you.

Until he ran his finger down your slit and entered you.


Oh crap.

“Stand up Y/N.” Spencer’s hand retreated entirely, him wiping it on his trousers.

Your cheeks burned red as you stood.

“Walk around to arm of the couch and bend over it.”

You did as he instructed, your legs feeling shaky as you walked. You bent over, resting your arms against the cushions.

Spencer still hadn’t moved. You started your count again wondering how long he’d make you wait.

Only five minutes this time.

He stood up and adjusted his pants before walking around behind you.

“Raise your dress.”

Oh crap. Oh God.

You lifted the hem of your dress, exposing yourself to him.

Spencer ran his hands up your legs, pushing them slightly further apart.

When he reached the top, he dragged his fingers slowly from front to back trailing them all the way between your cheeks until he reached to base of your spine. You could feel the moisture he’d dragged with him, drying cooly on your skin.

Palming a cheek softly, he spoke.

“Four times. Three for the restaurant and one for the noise.”

You nodded, your hands digging into the cushions in anticipation.

His hand left your cheek and two seconds later you felt a rush of air before it reconnected. Hard.

Your knees buckled slightly but you forced yourself to stay still, heat rushing to your bottom and your skin stinging.

“That’s one.”

Twenty seconds later and he slapped you again. This one harder, the noise echoing in your ears. He’d struck the same cheek and the sting now intensified.

“FUCK!” you gasped out, your eyes widening at the pain.

The pain you could stop any second. But you knew you weren’t going to.

“That’s two.”

Then next one came quicker, on your other buttock. Your thighs being thrown against the armrest with the force. You grunted.

Your breathing was now heavier than ever and as you steadied your legs, you could feel that the dampness between them had increased.

“That’s three.” Spencer’s own breathing had grown shallow and he rested his hand momentarily against your burning skin.

Feeling it retreat once more, you braced yourself.

You cried out at the last slap, it seeming harder than the rest and you slumped, your chest and face resting on the couch cushions, your ass still raised.

Your weren’t sure if you were allowed to move, but you weren’t sure if you even could. Your legs felt like jelly.

You heard rustling behind you and moments later you felt bare skin and something hard pressed against your stinging behind as Spencer’s hand reached around to your front and pulled you away from the arm rest slightly.

Now able to access you, he started rubbing your clit again, grinding his erection against your sore buttocks.

You were gasping in pleasure in no time at all, the sensation of him working your clit overcoming the burning you felt.

His other hand pushed your legs apart and he slowly entered you.

“Fuck, your so tight Y/N,” he groaned as he filled you.

He began to thrust gently at first, and then harder and faster, one hand gripping tightly onto your hip bone as he deftly massaged your throbbing nut with the other.

His skin hitting against your butt as he drove in at out of you was adding to the sting but the pleasure you were feeling from his fingers and cock were enough to make you not care.

You were close, so very close. He pulled out of your nearly all of the way and pushed back inside quickly, hitting your sweet spot inside.

And that was it. Your walls tightened, gripping him as you came, Spencer’s fingers not stopping until you were whimpering and trembling underneath him. A few thrusts later and you felt him empty himself inside of you, moans catching in his throat as his fingers dug into your hip.

He fell forward, his weight on your back as he caught his breath.

“Fucking hell Y/N,” he groaned softly.

You didn’t respond, you were lost for words, feeling light headed and dazed.

He pulled out of you and you heard him drag his trousers back up before walking away.

He returned a few moments later and you felt a washcloth between your legs, cleaning up his mess that had started to trickle out of you and down your legs.

He flicked off his TV and rested his hands on your hips.

“Can you stand up for me?” his voice now warm and soft.

You inched backwards and into an upright position, your legs still feeling like they might give way.

“Put your arms around my neck.”

You did as instructed, feeling him bend and catch you under the backs of your knees with him arm, scooping you up and carrying you effortlessly into his bed room.

He set you down next to his bed and tugged at the bottom of your dress, you raising your arms so he could remove it.

“I assume you sleep with your bra off normally?“ Spencer asked and you nodded. He unclasped it and slid it off your arms.

“Pj’s in your bag?”

You nodded again and watched him open your night bag, seeing a huge purple t-shirt that you placed at the top so it was easily accessible. He passed it to you and you pulled it on as he rolled the covers on his bed back.

“Lie on your front okay.”

You climbed on and adjusted his pillows so you could lie down comfortably.

Spencer left the room and when he returned his had a bowl of water and some pieces of cloth is his hand.

Sitting on the edge of the bed next to you, he soaked the cloth before ringing it out and then placing it on your butt.

The coolness of the damp fabric felt like heaven against your hot skin.

Your hair had fallen forward over your face and Spencer reached over, tenderly stroking it back.

“Y/N, you’ve not said anything since we stopped. I’m starting to worry.”

“Sorry… I just… I’m a little overwhelmed by all the feelings I’ve just felt.”

“Understandable.” He kept stroking your hair, concern clouding his face.

“Spence, I’m fine. I’m surprised, but I’m fine.”

“Surprised by what, if you don’t mind me asking.”

You took a breath.

“By how much I enjoyed it.”


"It hurt. But I would have taken more.”

“I wouldn’t have given you more. Not tonight. I smacked you harder than I was originally intending to. I was in two minds whether to actually fuck you or not afterwards, you looked so red. But you were still so wet and beautiful, I had to.”

“I’m glad you did. That was….. Quite frankly the best sex I’ve had.”

You saw him grin, typical guy. You weren’t lying though, it had been. The sensations he’d made you feel from the moment you’d sat down on his couch, both physically and mentally, you’d never felt before. It didn’t matter that you’d not actually been screwing for that long. It was the build up, the foreplay. The anticipation.

“For now.”


Spencer smirked. “The best sex you’ve had for now. There’s plenty more we can do. Not tonight though. But have a think about what you’d like to try next time okay.”


“Do you mind terribly if I shower? I’d offer you one but it might be a sore on your bottom right now.”

“I’m fine, I’ll shower tomorrow. Go ahead, I can feel myself falling asleep anyway.”

“Okay. I’ll be back in a bit.”

He left the room and you heard the shower start up.

You must have passed out as you didn’t hear him come back into the bedroom fifteen minutes later.

Your Life || Joe Sugg

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Word Count: 1k+

A/N: This is in the format of a letter, and it’s not the happiest thing in the world. Enjoy!!xo

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I honestly wasn’t super hyped about this movie coming out this week which makes no sense in my homoerotic little brain because i LOVE LOVE UnsolicitedProject with all of my heart.. but they certainly delivered and now I’m hella hyped and wanna watch it a hundred times?!???!!??! For those of you who do not watch the GayWomenChannel on youtube please do me a favor and go check them out.. it’s a channel made by and for lesbians about all sorts of stuff! The movie is written and directed by the two girls who do “Pillow Talk”, Adriana and Sarah, and this was their first time making a legit movie! Basically Almost Adults is about two best friends who are struggling with relationships and sexuality and the direction their lives are going in, and it begins to rip their friendship apart. And while they never really tie up all the loose ends in their separate lives, they learn for sure that the most important thing is to be there for each other. It’s such a cute movie and very Girltrash-y minus the random bursting out into song.. in the sense that the two main characters were the main love interests in Carmilla and it’s just very directed towards hitting a certain fanbase. Loved this!!! 6/10

IHE’s “I Hate Sing” review

Todday I’m going to be doing something a bit different; I’ll be reviewing another reviewers video review. Now, this may seem odd, but I have very good reason for criticizing this.

I’m a big fan of I Hate Everything’s YouTube channel. In general, I think he makes some pretty good content, though I don’t always agree with his opinions. I especially like most of his movie reviews, with Search for the Worst being one of my favorite things to watch on YouTube, with the Suicide Squad video being the only exception to SFTW videos I like. But one of his latest videos, “I Hate Sing,” is perhaps the absolute nadir of anything he has ever done on his entire channel. It’s not even that I disagree with his opinion that I hate the video; I disagreed with him about Suicide Squad but that video is still okay, just not one I particularly like. No, the problem is that his entire argument for why the movie sucks is based on absolutely faulty logic and his own rabid hateboner for Minons.

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All of You (SMUT) (xmen)

Request: quicksilver smut

Note: smut for sure, based upon xmen: dofp peter/pietro and yeah J, I most likely spelled maximoff (his last name) wrong but deal with it, this includes a lot of body positivity for both genders in this (male and female) which is rad,  its very refreshing to get an xmen imagine too instead of Lex Luthor! ALSO I saw xmen apocalypse today so send in a few! Also I might write another set in apocalypse later too maybe. real fucking long too (the smut not the movie)

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So yeah, this has been a weird week – and I’ve had more than my fair share of weird weeks.  But none have involved straight up aliens!  We’re talking total world-domination-invasion kind of aliens.  And for those keeping score at home, they’re called the “Dominators” and NO, I did not get to name them. SMH.

Things were looking pretty grim, but part of me was, admittedly, a little excited for a “reunion” of old friends (shout-out to my Star City peeps!).  You might say I’ve been feeling a bit like an “alien” in my own life lately – there are just so many secrets! I mean, we got Caitlin trying to hide her frosty inclinations. How do you keep that quiet? (Hint: you can’t). And then there’s Barry.  I’m still bugging out about how all this time he’s known Dante’s death is on him. Even though I’ve tried to accept the realties of Flashpoint, Barry’s apologies are starting to sound like a broken record.  And it doesn’t make me feel any less alone in all of this. Safe to say, I was in dire need of some extraterrestrial distraction. We all put all our woes on the back-burner and teamed up to stop the Dominators. Best part? I got to powwow with my girl Felicity! She is the Gail to my Oprah, the Sam to my Frodo.

Now, with zero experience dealing with said aliens, I realized I needed to do some, shall we say, research. Bring on the Netflix! While the others were busy training, I snuck off and threw myself a little extraterrestrial movie marathon. I polished off all the essentials: Men In Black, ID4, Star Trek (Abrams style), E.T.  (holla at my boy Spielberg ), and a few classic Marvin The Martian shorts – because, who doesn’t love that little guy?  And of course, no movie marathon would be complete without a giant sack of Big Belly Burgers.  It was an awesome, epic night.  Well, sorta.

TBH, it was a bit lonely. I would have totally dug it if Kara (Barry’s alien friend–-but not the freaky destroy-your-world-and-eat-your-brains type) could have joined me.  And no, it’s not because I want to see if she has any friends she could set me up with on Earth-38 (well, maybe a little…)! It’s just that I’ve never watched alien movies with an actual alien.  Like, would she root for the alien invaders or their human counterparts? These are the things that keep me up at night.  Regardless, I got some good pointers from the flicks (totally going to start working on one of those flash-memory-erasing-pens from MIB — I would love to mess around with HR) and I’m pretty sure channeling my inner-Ripley helped in our quest to save the world.

If I learned anything from my binge-athon, though, it’s that the only way to overcome darkness is to stick together. Times may be frakkin’ crazy right now and nothing may sound better than building a fort and watching Marvin the Martian cartoons until the darkness passes, but the truth is that now is when we need friends the most. Nobody is perfect. Not even superheroes. Not even best friends. I don’t need to vibe anything to see that.

So, the world is saved. No biggie. But now it’s time to celebrate. I was thinking of hosting another movie night, except this time all my BFFs are coming (and I’m making Barry bring the popcorn). It’s gonna be out of this world!

Imagine cuddling with Jensen when you get the flu.

Pairing: Jensen x Reader

A/N: So, I heard @thing-you-do-with-that-thing​ isn’t feeling so good today and was asking for some Jensen/Dean love. Here you go sweetheart, I hope you like it and feel better soon!

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I Will Make You Queen of Everything//Vic Fuentes Smut

Could you maybe do a Vic smut where y/n comes home from work and she’s super bummed and shitty feeling about her boss or something, and he helps her relax and is really sweet and gentle and tells her how much he loves her and what he loves about her and then major fluffiness at the end? :3 pretty please?
A/N: fuck this god damn update it took me 75 years to figure this shit outalso v sorry i haven’t posted, i’ve been really upset lately and i did something dumb but i promise i’ll try to get back into a regular writing schedule.
-SGTC Marilyn
Song: House of Gold by Twenty One Pilots

I walked into the door to my house, kicking off my uncomfortable heels. I sighed as I unbuttoned the buttons to my blouse and finally was able to take a deep breath.

“Babe?” I heard a voice say. My boyfriend Vic came from the dining area, probably writing new songs as he normally did.

“What’s wrong?” He asked looking at my downcast look.

“I just had a bad day.” I muttered, my voice cracking as I tried not to cry.

“Aw, baby.” He whispered, pulling me into a hug as my lip quivered. I wrapped my arms around him, a tear managing to leak down my cheek.

“Why don’t you go put something more comfy on? I’ll wait down here.” He whispered, stroking my hair. I nodded, walking upstair and changing into some comfy shorts and a big tshirt.

I walked back down the stair where Vic was carrying his drink to the couch.(gif)

“Oh yeah, now were talking!” He grinned, making me blush a little bit as I walked over to the couch with him, sitting down. Vic pulled a blanket over top of us as he turned on the channel to a movie channel.

I watched the movie on the screen as I felt Vic’s hand slowly creeping up my leg, rubbing it back and forth. Each time, he moved closer to the loose waistband.

I looked at him as he casually dipped his hand into my shorts, keeping his eyes on the tv but was grinning all the way. He held his hand there for a second before pushing his hand underneath my undies, rubbing my clit.

I pressed my lips together tightly as pleasure lapped my body, Vic shifting his weight to he was leaning closer to me.

His middle finger dipped into my already wet cunt making my moan lightly.

“Something up?” He asked sarcastically. I bit my lips, locking my knees together.

Vic added another finger making me moan again. Vic grinned at me, pushing my back to lay down on the couch as he pulled off my shorts and underwear in one swift movement. I pulled off my shirt as well, just for the hell of it.

He pulled my legs apart, lowering his face to my slit, licking and sucking at my clit generously. I moaned, arching my back as he dipped two fingers into me, making writhe on the couch.

My moans got louder and louder as Vic pumped his fingers in and out of me, curling every so often to hit my g-spot. I felt the familiar knot in my stomach tighten as my breathing started to get shallow.

“I’m.. I’m gonna…” I started before Vic cut me off.

“Do it as many time as you need to, babe.” He said before moving back to my clit.

His tongue did circles on my clit, making me writhe. With one more curl of his fingers, I came undone underneath him. Vic pulled away and smirked, licking his fingers.

“You’re so perfect.” He said as he started to pull off his shirt. He pulled off his shorts and his underwear, lining his cock up with my entrance, rubbing the tip making my breathing go short. He pushed in, making me gasp.

He started to thrust in at a quick pace, making me grab onto his shoulders. I rocked my hips in rhythm with his, making Vic clench his jaw.

“Oh my god, go faster, Vic!” I moaned as he grinned, beads of sweat starting to appear on his forehead.

Vic thrusted deeply into me, making me moan as he started to his my g-spot making me scream loudly.

“Fuck, Y/N. I’m going to fucking cum.” He grunted, holding my hips and moving me as close as possible to him.

“Me too..” I huffed. I felt that knot tighten again as Vic started to rub my clit, making me clench around his length. Vic groaned out throwing his head back. I finally hit my climax, releasing around his cock as I screamed out in sweet pleasure.

Vic gave a few sloppy thrusts into me before holding me hips close to his as he came inside me. I was breathing heavily, as was Vic.

“Feel better babe?” He asked.

“Much better.” I replied.

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LIPSTICK OR CHAPSTICK: Chapstick is surgically attached to my body these days.

LAST SONG I LISTENED TO: I didn’t technically listen to it but I’ve had the theme song for Bill Nye the Science Guy stuck in my head for a couple hours now.

LAST MOVIE I WATCHED: Gold? No, The Rock but only the last twenty minutes because I was channel surfing in desperation.

TOP 3 FICTIONAL CHARACTERS: Peggy Carter, Olivia Pope, Murphy Brown

TOP 3 SHIPS: Steve Rogers/Peggy Carter, Tony Stark/Pepper Potts, and Arya Stark/seeking revenge.  What, that last isn’t an official ship yet? 

BOOKS I’M CURRENTLY READING: “Toward the Sea of Freedom” by Sarah Lark.  It’s okay so far but I thought it was going to make a sharp left turn for a minute.  Thankfully that didn’t happen.  It gave me a delightful AU that I of course turned into a Steggy thing but then that is my real superpower.

I tag: @darlingpeg, @dorrinverrakai1, @fvcksamara, @brienne-of-the-sapphire-isle, @arealcharmingprincess, @take-me-to-ny

tyfairy  asked:

Post ten facts about yourself and then pass it on to ten faves 💜 ( let's see how much I know mwhahahaha)

> I play out scenarios in my head all the time. Especially when I read a good book or watch a drama/movie I’d pretend to be the main character and lead the story in my way.

> I talk to myself. Especially when I’m stressed or nervous.

> I have been thinking for a while now about making a YouTube channel when I’ll go on my exchange semester to Korea but I’m too much of an awkward person to put myself in front of cameraㅠㅠ

> I don’t like surprises and I am super uncomfortable with changes in my life. I don’t really go out of my way if I’m not forced to.

> I’m more afraid to disappoint my sister than my mom.

> I’d love to try myself in editing. Those fanmade videos? Beautiful. I want go create something too!

> Whenever I do something with one hand (drawing, writing,…) the other one will automatically copy the movements. Had this since I was born but my mom didn’t bother doing something to fix it as I already so many other health issues haha

> If I could choose to play an instrument it would be the violin.

> My name was actually supposed to be ‘Nastassja’

> I enjoy doing my makeup and watching tutorials but I suck at it ^.^

Thanks for tagging me moonie~ ♡ You do know most of the stuff already ^_^

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I'm back with another daily question! I can't remember if I've asked this before but what's you're favorite 2D Disney movie? (Like Frozen you're cool and all but it's not the same as Hercules or Tarzan) Also what's your favorite movie genre and the last movie you watched in that drama?? Have a nice morning? ( again time zones are a thing and if it's morning I hope you go to bed eventually☺️)

my favorite 2D disney animation is both mulan and the lion king. as much as I wanna give credit to the little murmaid for the disney renessance, it was the lion king that brought it further. and im not entierly sure if it was mulan or tarzan that ended the disney renessance, but either way. those two movies are MY FAVES. (all time fave is still tangled though listen I’m even watching the disney channel show now because I love rapunzel and eugene’s relationship so much) (aND DONT GET ME STARTED ON ZOOTOPIA SHIT MY FAVE) - my favorite movie genre are mostly disney? I know disney give a bit of everything, but I owe everything to them I absolutely love disney. I usually watch everything besides horror flicks though to be real. I watched Tangled a week ago jgwijgnrejgn lmao.


Sleepover (Matt)


I check the clock by my bed, 6:15pm. “Cameron!” I yell. “Your friends are here!” God, he just came home yesterday, and already has friends over. They better not even think that they’re getting the big tv in the basement.
“(Y/N) I’m in the shower!” Cam yells back. “Tell them to come upstairs!” Groaning, I put my book down and go to the door. Opening the door, Nash and Matt huff in mock annoyance.
“Gosh (Y/N)!” Nash says. “What took you so long?” I roll my eyes and playfully hit his arm.
“Reading your fairy tales again Baby Dallas? Matt says. I hit him a little harder than I did to Nash. "Hey! What was that for???” He asks.
“I only read that cause I was bored!” I say and they crack up. “And I told you to stop calling me Baby Dallas!” I say.
“It suits you,” he says. “You are acting like a baby”. He says and Nash laughs along side him.
“Whatever Espinosa”, I say rolling my eyes. “Cameron’s upstairs so you can go up there to wait”.
“Thanks (Y/N)”. Nash says and goes up the stairs.
“Yeah thanks. Baby Dallas”, Matt chuckles and follows Nash up the stairs. This is going to be a long night. Lord help me please.


Finally! The new episode of the Fosters! I’ve been so busy this week, I just got time now to see it. Snuggling around my popcorn bowl, I press play and let the episode unfold. Not even ten minutes into my show, I hear bounding down the stairs. Oh no. They are NOT changing my show. And here they are standing in front of me with their bottom lips out. “And what do you want me to do for you guys now?"I ask, pausing my show on an close up on Brandon’s face.
"Matt brought Scream 4 and this is the best tv to watch it on”. Cameron pleads.
“Fine”, I say and give in. “Only because Cam’s finally home. But I get to stay and watch too”. Nash and Cam high five and put the movie in. Grabbing sleeping bags, they lay on their stomachs on the floor. Matt decides he wants to sit on the couch, and out of all the space, he plops down next to me. “Uh can I help you?” I ask.
“Noooooo,” he says. “I’m here to help YOU”. He smiles.
“And how can you help me?” I ask him. “It’s just a movie”.
“Well Baby Dallas,” he says and I roll my eyes. “It’s a scary movie and you’re a girl and I’m a guy. I’m here to protect you from the scaweey parts.” He says in a baby voice.
“Whatever”, I say. “Just watch the movie ok?” And turn to watch the movie.
The movie was going fine until Scream sneaks in the girls room to kill her. With every slash, I bury my head deeper into Matt’s chest. “It’s over”. He says, chuckling. I pull away and sit up again.
“How do you watch that?” I ask, causing him to laugh a little harder.
“Probably cause I’m not a baby.” He says. “And to be able to protect you”. I blush, thankful that the lights are off so he can’t see me.
“So I guess I should say thank you?” I ask in a joking way. He laughs a little, causing me to a bit.
“Just move closer so I can protect you more”. He says. I obey and lay my head on his shoulder, smiling at how brotherly he’s trying to be. “Better?” He asks and I nod. “Now that the princess of the castle is safe, we can watch the movie.” Princess? For some reason, that name sounds good coming from him.


Turning off the DVD player, I notice the boys have fallen asleep. Time for me to go upstairs. I walk up the stairs and go to my room. Getting comfy, I change into my favorite Kermit the Frog tank top and some loose sweat pants. I turn on my tv and flip through channels and land on SNL. I pull out my phone from its charger and go through tumblr. Reading some Magcon imagines, a knock taps on my door. Grabbing my hair brush, I walk to the door. I swing it open to reveal a very amused Matt. “Someone knocks at your door and you have a brush as your weapon of choice?” He laughs. “Nice jammies by the way”.
“What are you doing here?” I ask, moving the subject away from my clothing choices.
“I woke up and wanna watch tv”. He says simply.
“Then go down stairs and watch tv.” I say.
“But I wanna watch tv with you.” He pouts. It’s 12:30am and I’m way too tired for this.
“Fine”, I say and he plops down on my bed. “Just don’t take up all the covers”. I say and climb in next to him.
Almost asleep, Matt wakes me up. “(Y/N)?” He asks. I turn on my side to face him.
“Yes Matt?” I ask, yawning.
“Do you have a boyfriend?” I blush like wildfire.
“No why?” I ask cautiously. “Do you have a girlfriend?” I ask back.
“No,” he says. A silence sat between us for what seems like hours. “Do you have a crush on anyone?” Yes. It’s you.
“Yes.” I ask, unsure where this is going. His expression drops a little, making him look upset.
“I hope you know that if he breaks your heart, I’ll kick his teeth in”. He said sounding angry.
“You wouldn’t be able to”. I say on accident.
“Why not?” He asks. I have to tell him. No going back now.
“You can’t kick your own teeth in”. I say and hide under the covers. Seconds later, he goes under them too, his nose touching mine.
“You have a crush on me?” He asks, his eyes shining with hope.
“Yeah,” I say, looking down at my shirt.
“That’s good cause I had no idea how to tell you that I liked you”. He says. Even in the dim light of the blanket, I could see his blush. He probably saw mine too.
“Really?” I ask incredulously.
“Yeah,” he says. “(Y/N)?” He asks.
“Yes Matt?” I say.
“Can I kiss you?” I smile and nod. His lips were like two plump pillows molding with mine. They tasted faintly of the popcorn we shared earlier, making me smile at the memory. We pull away, smiles on our faces. “How was that?” He asks.
“That?” I ask. “Was perfect.”

Just got bored and decided to write

(Requests are open!)

Title: Misunderstandings

Overview: Luke went to the movies with Ashton, leaving me alone with Calum for a while. I would never cheat on Luke, but, does he know that?

“No, Luke. You know I hate horror movies.”

My boyfriend was currently attempting to persuade me to see the new horror movie that had recently came out.

“C'mon Y/N, it would be great bonding time!” he went on.

“No. I am not going, you know they give me panic attacks. I just can’t do it.”

“Fine. But I really don’t want to go alone, any takers….?” he hopefully looked around at Ashton, and Michael.

“Nah, I’m going to get food” Michael simply stated before leaving the tour bus.

“I will go!” Ashton raised his hand as if he were sitting in a classroom at school.

“We have a taker!”

Calum slid open the mirror door that led to the area we were in, finally making an appearance, still wearing his pajamas.

“Good afternoon, Calum. Or I guess in your case, good morning. Ashton and I are going to see Sinister 2 at the movies, you in?”

“I’m too tired” Calum yawned as he walked over to the couch I was sitting on, and proceeded to plop down a foot away from me.

“Your loss, not ours” Luke grinned. “I will be back in two hours” he said to me with a smile.

“Have fun!” I yelled after them as they closed the mirrored door.


I looked over at the sleepy Calum next to me. “You drink coffee, right? You look like you might need some” I laughed.

“Yes, please” he sleepily smiled.

I got off the couch and opened the door, which led to the rest of the tour bus, making my way to the kitchen. I poured myself a cup of coffee, along with one for Calum, and then made my way back to the couch on the other side of the bus.

“Thank you” Calum softly said as I handed him his cup.

I looked around and took a sip of my coffee, “well, it looks like it’s just us for a few hours.”

“Looks like it, do you wanna watch some TV?” Calum asked, gesturing to the tv in from of us.

“Sure, why not” I replied back.

Calum took hold of the remote and, after turning it on, started flipping through the channels.

I saw the title “The Breakfast Club”, as he was flipping and just about screamed.

“Go back! Go back go back oh my god!” I yelled while I excitedly slapped Calum’s arm.

“I don’t know if I should. I mean, there’s nothing in it for me” he playfully said, grinning at me.

“Calum, literally everyone loves this movie. Ya know what’s in it for you? Getting to see the movie, now go back to it!” I pleaded.

“Would you cuddle while watching it?” he asked. “I’m sleepy and I am craving cuddles” he said as he opened up his arms in front of him.

Calum is Luke’s best friend, I’m sure Luke wouldn’t mind. He knows I would never hurt him, at least not intentionally. Now, I’m not saying I would be disloyal to him, because I never would, I’m just stating that misunderstandings go about happening quite often.

“Yeah, okay” i smiled at him.

I inched closer to him and leaned my head on his shoulder.

“Now change it back” I slapped his arm gently once more.

“Alright, alright” he laughed as he flipped back to the movie, and leaned his head against mine.


I don’t know when we fell asleep, but I awoke to an angry Luke.

“Y/N, Y/N, wake up!”

I slowly opened my eyes and rubbed my face.

“What’s going on?” I asked groggily, looking at Luke and Ashton who were standing in front of me

“You tell me” Luke spat.

I tilted my head out of confusion and looked beside me at Calum, who looked just as confused.

“Luke, what’s up?” Calum asked.

“How could you do this?” Luke asked me, ignoring Calum in the process.

“Do what?” I got up from the couch and stood in front of the angry, blonde haired, giant in front of me.

“Cheat on me!” he screamed.

Ashton then decided it was a good time to leave, he opened the mirrored doors and quickly left, probably happy to escape.

“When did I do that?” I laughed. “Is this a joke?”

“How could you possibly lie to my face? This isn’t a joke!”

“Luke, I-” I was cut off.

“How could you deny it when I literally saw you with Calum?!”

“Calum…? You mean the sleepy cuddly thing? Him and I just fell asleep, it’s nothing” I stated, looking down at Calum, who was still awkwardly sitting on the couch, not knowing what to do.

“Glad to know I mean nothing to you” he scoffed.

“What? I never said that! It’s not like we made out or anything. We. Just. Fell. Asleep. And it was totally by accident! He’s your best friend, and I’m your girlfriend, you should trust us! How could you possibly think that I would ever cheat on you?” I yelled, attempting to hold in the tears that were building up.

I know crying in this situation may seem silly, but I just can’t believe he would think I would do such a thing. Plus, he knows I hate when someone raises their voice at me, he knows how I cry so easily when it happens. And Luke means everything to me, why would I hurt him?

Without warning, Luke violently kicked the tour bus wall out of frustration, startling me.

That was it. That was my breaking point. The tears started flowing freely down my face. I tried so hard not to make any noise, since I hated people seeing me cry. I’m usually so good at silently crying, but right now it was all too much, I just couldn’t do it.

A “squeak” noise softly made its way from my mouth.

Luke immediately turned around.

He walked over to me and placed his hand worriedly on my arm.

“Y/N? Are you alright? Are you okay?”

“I didn’t do anything wrong, I swear I would never hurt you. I swear, Luke. I didn’t do anything, we just fell asleep” I sobbed.

He pulled me into a tight embrace, rubbing circles gently on my back.

“I’m sorry, I’m so sorry. Shhhh, it’s okay, everything is fine. I believe you, shhh, it’s alright” he desperately said.

I nuzzled my head into his chest and slowly calmed myself down.

He pulled me away from him.

“I’m so sorry, I don’t know why I doubted you. I won’t do it again, alright?” he said as he pushed a strand of hair away from my face.

I nodded and half-smiled, my tear-stained cheeks glistening in the light from the windows.

He put his head on top of mine as I leaned into him, once again squishing my face into his chest.

Luke lifted his eyes from the floor and drifted to Calum.

“I’m sorry” he mouthed.

Calum lifted up both hands and formed two thumbs up signs, and mouthed back two simple words. Words that concluded that the events of tonight could be placed behind us, and be forgiven, “it’s alright”.

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I’m sick and tired of hearing you’re too old or too young to like things you want to like.

Guess what?

I love Disney, and that includes Disney Channel and its movies!! (Descendants now being my favorite)

I love Mako Mermaids

I love Power Rangers!!

I love Supernatural!

And I’m going to be twenty in two months!

And I don’t care!

Love whatever you want to love. Just because people think different doesn’t mean that you have to go with the crowd!

Watch what you want to watch! And enjoy it! Be yourself!!!

News flooding in at High Speed!

Finally, pretty much the whole High Speed! cast has now been revealed! Naturally, the official site also updated with profiles, twitter icons, wallpapers as well as character sheets for all boys (go check them out!). Of course, the relationship chart has been greatly modified too so I decided to translate it:

When news about High Speed! were starting to trickle in, I noticed a few changes the staff at Kyoto Animation made for the adaptation compared to the source material (a light novel published under KyoAni’s owned literature brand KA Esuma Bunko) as well as a few other details so I thought it’s time to note them down.

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Twenty-Four ~ Part 2 ~ Dinner and a Dress

Originally posted by nadinpu

Warnings: Bad Break ups, working, mentions of death.

Pairings: Chris Evans X Reader; Sebastian Stan X Reader

Word Count: 



Chapter 2 - Dinner and a Dress

“That’s all for today people, see you all in two days! Enjoy your break.” The director calls out and I let out a sigh of relief as I crack my neck. “Thank you Ms. (L/N).” He says as he turns toward me. I give him a quick nod followed by a polite smile. “Mr. Stan; we’ll see you in two days, enjoy your premier.”

“Thanks,” Sebastian says smiling brightly. He waits for the director to leave before he turns to me and says, “Alright so today sucked.”

“Please do not remind me. I can’t believe I had to kiss you over and over again.” I say a smirk crossing my lips.

“You liked it and you know it.” He says nudging me with his elbow.

“Whatever you say,” I reply as we walk from the studio to our trailers.

“So you’re going with me tomorrow right?” He says raising an eyebrow at me playfully.

“Do I have too?” I say as I furrow my brow. I had a million reasons why I didn’t want to go but I couldn’t tell him about it.

“It’s just one premier, that’s all I’m asking. If you want I’ll buy your dress and take you out to dinner afterwards.”

“You’re offering me food?” I say chuckling as I stare over at him.

“If that’s what it takes,”

“Alright then fine, but I get to pick the place, no arguments about the price. Understood?”

“Yes ma'am,” He says using his best southern accent making my body quiver.

“God don’t do that!” I reply biting my lip.

“Oh you mean,” He clears his throat before continuing once again in his southern accent, “Yes Ma'am,”

“God you are such an ass!” I yell out smacking his arm making him laugh out loud.

“I know, it’s one of my best qualities.” He replies sarcastically making me chuckle.

“So I guess since you are being so generous with buying me a dress that I assume you want to come along with me to pick it out?”

“You know me so well,”

“Okay but I expect TJ Hammond, not Carter Baizen; alright?”

“Oh I see how it is.” He replies and I smile brightly. “But I guess, I can do that.”

“Good, don’t need you trying to join me in the changing room.”

“You’d like it and you know it,”

“Not the point,” I say as I start walking again.

“OH! You admit that you’d enjoy it?”

“I didn’t say that,”

“Yeah, but you didn’t deny it.”

“Seb, I will kill you.”

“Alright! I’ll drop it.” He says a smirk filling his face. “So shall we go shopping?” He continues holding his arm up to me.

“We shall, and thank you so much for offering to buy my dress.” I say as I loop my arm through his.

“No problem and thanks for going with me.” He replies patting my hand.


After leaving the studio Sebastian and I head to the nearest dress store and after a few dresses I find the perfect one. Even though Sebastian offered to pay I told him that since I was the one wearing it I would pay. We argued about it for a moment before he caved; like he usually does. After that we went back to my apartment for dinner, which he ended up making.

I narrow my eyes as I sit at the bar watching him cook. He was up to something but I didn’t know what it was. He had never wanted me to go to a premier so bad with him before so I wanted to know what was up.

“Sebastian,” I say tapping my fingers one by one on the countertop.

“Oh shit what did I do?” He says as he turns toward me a smirk covering his lips.

“I don’t know; what are you planning?” I say as I stop thrumming my fingers on the bar and lean forward with a raised eyebrow.

“What are you talking about?” He says mimicking my look.

“You, offering to buy me a dress, offering to not only buy dinner but cook as well,” I pause as I look over at the omelets cooking in the skillet making my stomach growl and my mouth water. Shaking my head I quickly turn back to him and continue, “What do you get out of it?”

“I am appalled that you would even think-”


“Alright,” He says flipping the omelet to keep it from burning. “You haven’t been out, really, since you broke up with what’s his name,”


“Yeah him,” Sebastian says shaking his head at me before he continues, “I figured you could use a night out with friends and a good movie.”

“How do you know the movie is gonna be good?”

“Uh because I’m in it?” He says making me chuckle.

“Oh please; let me remind you of a couple movies you were in that sucked,”

“Please don’t,” He says shaking his head. “Or I’ll start naming yours.”

“Touché Mr. Stan,” I say nodding at him.

“You ready?” He asks as he moves the skillet over to a nearby plate to slide the omelet into it.

“Uh yeah? What kind of question is that? I love your omelets.” I say bouncing up and down in my seat.

“What are you gonna do when I get married?” He asks a smirk covering his lips.

“Um I’m gonna move in with you and your wife so I can have omelets whenever I want.” I say as I stand up and walking over to the fridge, pull out two beers.

“What if you don’t like who I marry?” He asks placing the plates on the bar.

“Oh that’s a tough one,” I say as I walk back over to the bar and set the bottles down continue, “Then I guess I’ll just have to endure; because there is no way I’m letting these go.” I point down at the omelets and he laughs.

“You’d live with someone you hate for my omelets?” He asks chuckling.

“Oh yeah,” I say nodding. “Because these are like a gift from god.” He shakes his head at me before he reaches into the silverware drawer and grabbing two forks hands me one. Laughing and talking about randomness we eat our omelets then after washing the dishes we walk into the living room and as he plops down on the couch I say, “What movie do you wanna watch?”

“Anything, although I might fall asleep watching it.” He says letting out a loud yawn.

“If you’re that tired why don’t you go home and pass out?”

“Don’t wanna,” He says nestling down into the comfort of your couch.

“I swear you live here more than you live in your own apartment.” I say as I grab the remote and plop down beside him.

“I told you I like the view better than mine,” He says as he moves to lay his head in my lap.

“Uh huh, whatever Stan,” I say as I start flipping through channels.

As I search I suddenly become aware that he has fallen asleep and I shake my head at him. I gently move some stray strands of hair from his face and turn my attention back to the TV. Flipping though channels once more I unconsciously stop on one and my heart clenches. There on the TV was a guy I thought I had loved but I couldn’t be with. He probably still hated me and it was all over a miscommunication. Gulping down a breath of air I go to change the channel but find that my heart won’t let me. I just wanted to look at him for a little longer.

It had been eight years since I had last talked to him and even now it still brought back fond memories of what we had. Tossing the remote down on the couch beside me I prop my head up on my fist as I watch the movie. It had been one of my favorites and even though he was one of the main characters it wasn’t about to stop me from watching it. As I sat there unconsciously running my fingers through Sebastian’s hair my mind drifts back to a similar experience with a person I thought I had loved.

“Come on,” Chris says as he looks up at me his head resting in my lap.

“What?” I ask a smile covering my lips.

“You can’t tell me you actually like this movie?”

“Um yeah, I do what of it?” I say narrowing my eyes at him.

“The last thing I pictured you as was an oldies girl.” He says smiling up at me.

“Uh excuse you; To Wong Foo is a classic, not oldies.” I say as I look away from him back to the TV right as the style or substance scene comes on.

“Okay but seriously,” He says drawing my attention from the screen.

“Yes?” I say raising an eyebrow at him.

“It’s a good movie I’m not gonna lie, but it surprises me that you like it.”

“Really?” I ask raising an eyebrow. “Why does it surprise you?”

“Well,” He says clearing his throat, “From what you told me about your past, I figured you weren’t able to watch stuff like this.”

“Oh believe me I wasn’t.” I say quickly as a chuckle escapes my lips. “Let’s just say my father was very strict about stuff like that. No drag queens, pretty much anything LGBT related were banned from our house.”

“That must’ve sucked.”

“Oh yeah, especially when your favorite movie was this.” I say as a chuckle escaped my lips as I look from him to the TV in front of us.

“So do you ever think about going back?” He asks and my heart tightens in my chest.

“No,” I say flatly as I narrow my eyes.

“Can’t say I blame you,” He says pulling my hand from his hair and bringing it to his lips. “From what you’ve told me about them I’m surprised you stayed as long as you did.”

“I didn’t have much of a choice,” I say my eyes turning sad.

“Well you’re free now,” He says and I start laughing. “What?”

“When you said that, all I could think of was the little old guy from The Hunchback of Notre Dame.”

“Oh the I’m free at last guy?” He asks a smile covering his lips.

“Yes!” I say my laughing growing louder.

“I loved that guy, he totally made the movie.”

“That he did.”

“Okay, so name something you miss about Oklahoma.” He asks as he intertwines his fingers with yours.

“Oh wow, okay, um the food, definitely the food.” I reply making him laugh.

“Just the food?” He asks and I smile.

“Not just the food, but it is a big factor. I also miss the weather and the countryside.”

“Not a city girl, huh?”

“Oh I love the city don’t get me wrong, I just miss the country occasionally. That’s all.”

“We’ll have to take a trip there sometime.” He says quickly and I smile.

“You’d hate it,” I say as I look from hi back to the TV.

“Don’t know until I try.” He replies making a bright smile cover my lips.

“Then I guess we’ll really have to take that trip huh?”

“Yup,” He says and I smile as I lean down and gently place my lips against his.

Suddenly I am brought back to the present as Sebastian rolls over on the couch wrapping his arms around my waist. I look over to see that the timer on the TV had made it turn off and I let out a heavy sigh. I feel something wet fall down my cheek and I instantly reach up and realize that I had been crying. Sniffling as I wipe the tears away I very carefully pull out of Sebastian’s grasp. 

As I stand up I walk into my room and return with a blanket. I very carefully drape it over his sleeping form before I walk back into my room and climb into bed. I hadn’t thought of Chris in a while, why were the memories just now coming back into my mind? Perhaps it was because of the premier where I would undoubtedly have to see him again. I just hoped he wasn’t still angry.

Will Continue in - Truths and Premiers 

Jealous Little Thing

Keep in mind, I wrote these about two or three months ago, so they suck compared to how I write now. I’ll most likely add a little bit of my current writing to it if i feel like the old part is far too bad. But please, enjoy.

Request : You and Castiel are together and he gets jealous of you and some one angel or hunter please??

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Castiel x Reader

I laughed loudly and took a couple gulps of my beer, my feet up on the table. Sam, Dean, Castiel, and Gabriel were all with me today. Of course, Sam and Dean weren’t too fond of Gabriel being here, but I forced them to be nice. He is Castiel’s brother and one of my best friends. “So, tell me.” Gabriel locked eyes with me, “How’s your sex life?” He wiggled his eyebrows and Castiel seemed a little confused. Dean choked on his beer and Sam was laughing so hard he almost fell out of his chair. I laughed nervously and played with the cap that I pulled off of my beer a few minutes ago, “Uh, what sex life is my final answer.” Gabriel blinked a couple of times before smirking and leaning toward me. “I can change that.” He joked and we all laughed, except Castiel. He was staring at Gabriel with his eyes squinted in anger. I cleared my throat, “Why don’t we do something fun? I mean, it is our night off, thank god.” I smacked Sam’s chest lightly and he nodded, gulping down the beer he had in his mouth.

“Let’s do the girls slumber party thing and play truth or dare.”

“Dean, I’m the only girl.” Dean smirked at me, pointing his beer toward me. “That’s the point, princess.” I rolled my eyes and Castiel cleared his throat, “Let’s watch a, uh.. movie.” He murmured and we all stared at him. “Cas, the only thing you’ve ever watched on TV is porn.”

“I still can’t fathom why the pizzaman smacked her rear.” I groaned softly and stood up, “I told you, angel. She was being a bad girl.” Gabriel snickered and leaned toward Castiel, “Y/N is always being a bad girl.” I shoved Gabriel and walked to the fridge, chugging down my beer and throwing the bottle into the trashcan. I opened the fridge door and went to grab another beer, but a large hand slammed into my bum extremely hard and I yelped, jumping from the contact. I turned around to see Castiel standing behind me and the other three having the greatest laugh of their lives, I sighed.

Of course, play with the clueless angel.

I closed the fridge door and placed my hands on Castiel’s shoulders, just for him to slam me against the fridge and fit his mouth with mine. God, did I ever mention how soft his lips felt? I wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled him close to me, my body pressed up against his. He pulled away and I let out a breath, “Let me guess—” He interrupted me. “If the pizzaman truly loves the babysitter, he shows her. And he did.” I smiled and ran my fingers through his short hair. “Stop being mushy! I’m bored, pay attention to me!” Sam whined out and Castiel moved away from me, “Samuel Winchester, you stop that right now!”

“You sound like Lucifer.” Gabriel grumbled and I started laughing, “Are we going to do anthing?” Dean asked and my laughing died down. “Let’s watch a movie. I don’t want my baby angel to have only seen porn on TV.”

“Fifty Shades of Grey!” Gabriel shouted and I shook my head, a smile plastered on my face as we all gathered into the living room. Castiel, myself, and Gabriel took the couch. Sam and Dean sat on the floor, Sam was in front of me, which meant my legs were draped over his shoulders. “Let’s watch something cartoonish. Castiel is still learning how to walk.”

“Why not throw him into the deep end?” Sam looked up at me and I stared down at him before sighing, “As long as it’s not porn or horror.”

“But that means Castiel gets to protect you.”

“I’m always protecting her.” He finally spoke and I looked at him, “We could watch sparkling vampires.” I murmured and Castiel locked eyes with mine. “A chick flick? Really?” Dean grumbled and Gabriel laughed a bit, “It could give Castiel pointers on how to be romantic.” He explained to them and Sam grumbled to himself. “I don’t want to watch Twilight.” Dean snapped at Gabriel and I groaned loudly, “Just shut up and put it on! You can watch whatever movie you want after it!” I shouted at Dean and he huffed, but was obedient and put Twilight on.

After a while, Castiel slid his hand under mine and entwined his figners with mine. I glanced at him and heard Gabriel murmur a ‘Castiel and Y/N sitting in a tree’, which made me smack his leg and he grabbed my thigh. It started a little war between us and eventually, he grabbed my ass and pissed Castiel off. Dean and Sam had to keep Gabriel from tempting Castiel more and I had to keep Castiel calm enough to listen to me.

“Baby,” I murmured and grabbed his face, his blue eyes locked with my Y/E/C. “I’m all yours, okay? I’m no one elses. You’re my guardian angel, remember? And I’m your pet.”

“You’re my girlfriend.” My breath hitched. He’s never said that before, not even to Sam or Dean. “You’re mine, Y/N. And no one gets to touch you in any way, but me.”

“Not even a hug?” I joked and he frowned, “I’m sorry, I’m sorry.” I laughed a bit and wrapped my arms around his neck. Of course, he hadn’t moved. Mostly, because he didn’t know what to do. I felt his arms wrap around my waist, though. That’s when I realized Dean had put his arms there, which made me giggle a bit. Castiel sighed, “It’s just a little drunken fun. You’re my only angel, you’re the only angel I need.”

“I wonder,” I raised an eyebrow at him. “Angels can have children.” I stared at him, trying to figure out why in the hell would he even think or care about angels having children. I’m not saying I wouldn’t mind having children, but wouldn’t it be impossible? Angels aren’t alive, are they? Not technically. Even if it’s possible, is it legal for angels to even have kids in heaven? I mean, yeah, Castiel has done some crazy shit for the Winchesters, but would he really want to be banished completely from heaven for wanting a kid?

Y/N?” I blinked a couple of times, “Huh—What? Sorry. I was thinking.”

“I asked if you would mind that. If we could have children.” He murmured softly and I heard the other three shouting and laughing in the background. I realized they changed the movie to some comedy and started ignoring us. “I wouldn’t mind at all. It’s just—Doesn’t that seem a little impossible?” I asked and he shrugged lightly, “It’s very possible. We’ll just have to try a few times.”

“Castiel, do you even know how babies are made?” I asked, laughing lightly. He tilted his head slightly before a nervous laugh escaped his lips and a smile formed. “Slightly.”

“Define 'slightly’.”

“I only know so much.” He admitted and I cleared my throat, pulling away from him and turning around to look at the others. I whislted loudly and they all looked at me, “Get out. I’ve got to teach Cas how babies are made, which means alone time.” I murmured, but quickly caught myself. “Not to have sex! We’re going to watch porn together. Now, leave.” I walked to the front door and opened it, “Go look for a case or get another room or something.” They were all laughing when they left, except Gabriel. He disappeared while literally dying from laughing.

I sat down on the couch next to Castiel, but he pulled me into his lap and I wrapped my arms around his neck. He wrapped his arms around my waist as I flipped through the movie channels to find Baby Mama, “This is one of my favourite movies. Honestly, I think every pregnancy movie in my favourite.” I laughed a bit and he nodded. We sat there through the entire movie and Castiel paid very close attention, which only meant that he was completely serious about this baby business. He looked more confused at the end of the movie than he did at the beginning, though, and a little scared. “Please, tell me I don’t have to put a tube up your—” I quickly interrupted him by praying.

“Dear Gabriel, get your ass down here and teach your lovely brother where babies come from because you know it best, pornstar.” I looked around the room just to see nothing, but Castiel. I groaned softly, “Thanks for the help.”

“He would come, but I think he knows I’m still enraged.”

“My cute, little, jealous angel.” I smiled at him before standing up and putting my hand out to him. A smirk formed on my lips.

“Come on. I can show you better than I can tell you.”

the one with the fight and the nightmare

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“You can sleep out here tonight,” you said and set down a blanket and a couple pillows on to the couch.

“Aw, babe, c'mon. Don’t be like this, you know what the couch does to my back,” I whined. “I said I was sorry.”

“I don’t care, Michael. You should’ve thought about your damn back before you were being an asshole,” you snapped. “Good night.”

You turned on your heel and stormed down the hall to our bedroom and slammed the door behind you. I let out a groan and sat down on the couch. I ran my hands through my hair and pulled on it slightly.

This was just great. Never mind the fact that you were still mad at me even after I apologised but now I have to sleep on the sofa. I picked up the remote and scanned through the channels before settling on a random action movie. I wiggled out of my jeans and tried to get comfortable on the couch.

I switched between watching TV and messing around on my phone until about 3am when I heard you calling from our bedroom. I brushed it off because talking in your sleep is something you always do. Gradually your mumbles got louder and clearer.

“Please, no! Let go of me! Michael! Help!” You yelled.

You were having a nightmare. I glanced down the door and bit my lip. Should I go to you or not? You were calling out for me but you were asleep, you didn’t know we were still arguing.

“Fuck it,” I mumbled, throwing the blanket off my bare legs and going to the bedroom. I couldn’t bear to here you crying out like that.

You were a tangle of sheets in the middle of the bed. Your hair was stuck to your forehead  with sweat and tears were squeezing their way out of your eyes that were screwed shut. I sat beside you and pushed your hair off your forehead.

“(Y/N), wake up,” I said and shook your shoulders gently. Nothing. You kept shouting. I shook you a little harder. “C'mon, baby, it’s me. You’re having a nightmare. Wake up.”

Your eyes shot opened and started looking frantically around the room for any signs of danger. Your eyes landed on mine and you let out a sob. You wrapped your arms around my neck and clung on to me like a koala bear. I held you close and rubbed your back.

“It’s okay, you’re okay. It was only a dream, it wasn’t real. I’ve got you, I’ve got you,” I mumbled while you let out your sobs.

After you had calmed down, I held you at arms length and wiped away any stray tears that were left on your cheeks.

“Do you want to tell me what your nightmare was about?” I asked.

“I-I was walking down the street to meet y-you for lunch and I was literally just across the street from the restaurant and-and I could see you, waiting outside for me. Then someone grabbed me from behind and started dragging me away and I was screaming for you and you wouldn’t, you wouldn’t turn around. I kept screaming for you but you would just keep fucking ignoring me. That’s it, you woke me up before anything else happened,” you explained.

“That’s never ever going to happen, okay? I’ll always protect you,” I reassured you and kissed your forehead. “Try and get some more sleep, call me if you need anything.”

“Where are you going?” You said, looking at me with furrowed eyebrows.

“Back to the couch?” I said.

“Well, I was kinda hoping you’d wanna stay in here with me but you can go back out there if you want,” you shrugged.

“No, baby, of course I want to stay here with you. I just thought you were still mad at me,” I said and pulled you to lay down.

“Yeah, about that. I’m sorry for being such a bitch and getting angry at you for something so stupid,” you said and kissed my cheek.

“True, you were being a bit of a bitch but I was being an asshole so I guess we’re even,” I chuckled and wrapped my arms around your waist.

“Yeah, I guess,” you laughed and snuggled closer to me.

“Go to sleep, I’ll be right here to protect you.”

idek what this is its super short and yeah whatever hope y'all like it

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your art is really nice but i find it sad that you waste your talent on a fanfic. please find a better outlet

Hey anon,

Let me tell you a story.

Once upon a time, there was a very sad girl who spent half of high school battling anorexia. What should have been the best years of her life were instead spent in treatment centers and the hospital, because she was so crippled with anxiety and torment from her eating disorder that life was too much to bear. The illness robbed her of all happiness, to the point where not even writing or drawing interested her anymore. She became a hollow shell of bones and misery, so plagued with resignation that it was uncertain as to whether or not she would make it to graduation.

But then, the girl found comfort in the arms of her family.

She rediscovered food with the help of her friends.

Certain TV shows and characters taught her how to laugh and love again.

The girl got better.

She graduated high school with a smile - an actual smile on her face, one that stayed on her lips to this very day! Now she lives at home with her awesome mom, taking a gap year or two before she decides she’s ready to go to college. She plays ukulele, hangs out with her siblings, appreciates life because now she can see the beauty in it. Part of that beauty resides in the world of story, which she delves into when flipping through the channels or watching her favorite movies. One day while riding on her favorite bike trail, she thought to herself, “Hmm. Teen Wolf isn’t very well-written, but golly, there’s so much potential in my two favorite characters! I wonder…”

Thus (with ample free time on her hands), she set to work creating the fanfiction many people know and love as “Home.”

And writing it has been exhilarating for her, because when her fingers touch the keyboard she’s able to pour her heart out into a tale mirroring her own— how the journey to finding happiness takes time, but it’s absolutely possible. When her pen sketches out the next scene in photoshop she feels alive again, just like she used to before she got sick. It’s challenging, it’s fun, it’s everything she needs to deadbolt the lock on her recovery— all while she can spread the positive message to her readers.

Home is a story of healing.

Stiles’s healing with the help of a certain broody werewolf, and Derek’s healing with the help of a certain sarcastic human— just as Home heals me when I write and draw for it, and how I hope it can heal others who know just how painful it is to deal with grief, loss, or depression.

So that’s why, anon. That’s why I think this fanfiction is actually a very worthy “outlet” of my time and effort.

Rebel pt2

I wake up, my throat sore, pins and needles all over my face, and my pillow stained from my makeup, I look at the time and it read 01:12, great freaking 1 in the morning.
I decided to take shower to get rid of, well everything.
After my shower, I put my hair into a messy bun and head downstairs, going towards the kitchen I see the light is on, the guy with dark hair is sitting on one of the stools and eating cereal, I look down at my shorts and my Calvin Klein sports bra, I shrug it off and walk in, catching him off guard, I chuckle a bit and grab myself a bowl and pour some milk and cereal in it, sitting down across him, he shifts around for a bit before speaking, “I’m Derek” he says his voice low and raspy, I look up from my bowl and smile “I’m Rosalie, but friends call me Ro, for short” he nods and smiles, we finish our cereal in silence, putting our bowls in the sink he says “I’m sorry for what happened today, and Nate is really beating himself up for shouting at you but mostly for not being there for you” I smile before responding “I get it but Nate thinks he knows me, but he doesn’t. The little innocent girl he left here when he went on tour, she’s gone” I finish and go upstairs before Derek could continue, if Nate wants to apologise, he should do it himself.


I wake up around noon, jumping out of bed and getting ready, I got downstairs to see Sam is already there, I put on my shoes and grab my penny board ready to go, Sam says bye to everyone but I remain silent, walking out the door I see Nate running after me and Sam, Sam just nods and walks away a bit further, Nate catches up with me and is out of breath “Look Ro, I’m sorry about yesterday but I want you to do good, to have a future you know” he says and I can see he means it, “Thanks, but you’re not going to achieve that by shouting at me, you think I’m still that little girl you left here when you went on tour, well you’re wrong” I say and start walking away, but he shouts after me “Will you forgive me, for acting like a dick? I really want to get to know the new you” I turn around with a smile, come on he’s my big brother and I can’t stay mad at him forever, I just nod with a smile, he hugs me and happily goes back inside.
I catch up with Sam, with skate for a while,

 stopping at our secret place we climb up the biggest tree just looking over the meadow, “So you just forgave him that easy?” he says and looks at me, I sigh and climb down, he soon follows “Ro, what’s up? And don’t lie to me, cos I will know” I just hug him, we stay like that for a while before he places a soft kiss on my lips, me and Sam have a thing but no one really knows, so I’m scared to tell Nate and I need him and me on good terms.
“We should get back” I whisper not being in the mood anymore, he pulls me by my hand back into his chest, we share another kiss, well we basically make out

 and then my phone buzzes, a message from Nate “Where are you?” I sigh and respond “On my way”, Sam and I skate back home holding hands, but as soon as we reach we apart our hands, we leave our boards at the garage and walk up to the house, where we see Nate, Swazz and Derek watching TV, Derek sees me and says “hey Ro” I smile and return a happy “hey”, but right after I feel Sam’s hand tighten around my waist, Nate looks at us with a weird look “What are you kids up to?” he chuckles knowing that it annoys me, I laugh a bit but shake my head “nothing, we are going to my room and watch a movie or something” I say and lead Sam upstairs, we lay on the bed and cuddle while watching ‘Fault in our stars’, Sam shifts a bit and I chuckle, he looks at me weird “What?” he asks and I shake my head ‘nothing’, he then sighs knowing what I mean, since Josh did what he did, I wanted Sam and I to do it, but Sam doesn’t want to, he’s scared he’ll hurt me.

I straddle him and slowly kiss him, and he responds right away, but pushes me off slightly, our foreheads touching “I can’t Ro” he says and I lift his head for him to look at me “Why not Sam? I want this, I want you” he kisses me quickly before standing up and leaving me on the bed, he looks back at me and runs his hand through his hair “What if I hurt you? More than he did? What if-“ before he could finish I cut him off, by re-connecting our lips, he slightly moans into the kiss, we apart and just look at each other “But I trust you, and I’m sure about this, it’s my choice Sam” he looks at me in disbelief “I have a choice too Rose, and I choose not to hurt you” he says and runs his hand through his hair once more, “I’m going now, I’ll text you when I’m home” he says kissing me on my forehead and leaves.
I put on one of his hoodies and go downstairs where the boys were, I sit down between Swazz and Derek, which is the only available spot, after a while I lean on Swazz’s shoulder and he whispers “What’s up ma?” I shake my head and sighs knowing he’s not getting an answer, we watch the game and when it’s over Nate switches the channel to some scary ass horror movie, damn.
I cuddle into Swazz and close my eyes not wanting to see  anything that’s on TV cos won’t be able to sleep, I heard them talk, recognising and guessing by their voices, Nate: I need to know what happened but I’m scared to ask her, it might trigger some memories and shit
Swazz: Yeah man I agree but look at her, she’s a big girl she can take care of herself, but I think she will tell you when she feel comfortable enough
Derek: I just think it’s fucked up how someone could do that- they finish and I feel someone carry me to my bad, slowly opening my eyes I see Derek, I smile and whisper a small ‘thank you’, he kisses my forehead and leaves, I lay in bed wide awake, when my phone vibrates, Sam.

“I thought about it, we’ll talk tomorrow, goodnight beautiful” I just smile and soon fall asleep with a smile on my face.


I wake up sweating and see someone beside me and almost scream, but they cover my mouth “Shhh it’s just me” Sam.

“What the hell are you doing here?” I ask still breathing heavy and sweating like crazy, he shakes his head “I knew your nightmares would come back as soon as I sent that text” he says and pulls me down so I’m on his chest, I cuddle in and fall back asleep, I love him.

*Here you go guys part 2 is here, part 3 might be up tomorrow*