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Shiratorizawa Week: Childhood

The days of youth are precious ones that the team looks back on with nostalgia. Though, things eventually have to change, there are a few moments that make them remember these days with happiness.

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Volleyball was pretty much everyone’s way of life from the beginning. While they all started at different ages, some of their earliest and fondest memories are those of when they would play at a short net and struggle to even receive a ball.

- Ushijima, Reon and Soekawa were friends since childhood. While Ushijima and Reon were fine playing by themselves, Soekawa invited them to play with his other friends. Since then, their friendship has literally been built up of supporting Ushijima who was too timid to talk to other people.

- Tendou’s childhood, as from canon, wasn’t the happiest. However, like most kids who get cast aside, they have really strong friendships with kids just like them. Tendou’s best friend would always want to go over to his house to watch anime with him. Despite what happened with other kids, he was almost overjoyed and totally accepting with them; making sure that he talked to them at every opportunity that he could.

- Semi and his friends used to have their own secret language. The best thing about it is that they still remember parts of it so whenever they meet up they start talking in it to confuse everyone. They actually have no memory of how it was created but… it’s there.

- Shirabu used to live in Tokyo. Though, he only moved to Sendai when he was eight, since his mother thought that the city was going to be too much of a bad influence on her son. It was difficult for Shirabu to make friends, coming into school at such an awkward time, but he used this time to focus on studying so he would never fall behind.

- Kawanishi was pretty much the exact opposite of what he is now; the little guy was so lively and full of energy. He was daring and would climb EVERYTHING. That all kind of stopped when he ended up just staying inside for so long when his parents told him that he would end up injuring himself. He just lost interest after that.

- Goshiki was praised all the time as a kid, more so than his cousins around him. He was never alone since he was a popular kid with both the family and also the kids at school. Goshiki prefered hanging out with his family though, since he was raised with the idea that family would always be there for you.

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Dan and Phil?? I'm shook It's like I don't know you anymore Mackenzie

i know i started watching anime too idk what’s going on but i’m not gonna talk about that stuff on this blog i’m still emo


i want them to skate pairs, please

  • Viktor: Hey Yuuri! Want to go watch a movie and cuddle with Makkachin?
  • Yuuri: Sorry Viktor I can't. Me and Yurio are practicing together today.
  • Viktor: Well, What am I supposed to do all day while you're gone?
  • Yuuri: I don't know. What do you normally do when I'm gone?
  • Viktor: *sniffles* Wait for you to get back.
10 Reasons To Watch Gintama

1. Character designs—go google Sakata Gintoki. Or Hijikata Toshirou. Or Okita Sougo. Or Kamui. Or Katsura Kotarou. Or Takasugi Shinsuke. Or Kagura. Or Tsukuyo. Or Kyuubei. Or any Gintama character for that matter. 

2. It makes you laugh. And by laugh I mean desperately muffling your face in a pillow with tears streaming from your eyes at 2:00 a.m. because you’re watching Gintama’s Owee or Vacation Arc while everyone else is asleep. 

3. It makes you cry. And by cry I mean desperately muffling your face in a pillow with tears streaming from your eyes at 2:00 a.m. because you’re watching Gintama’s Shinsengumi Crisis Arc or Beam Sword Style Arc while everyone else is asleep. 

4. Characters and character relationships—tired of the same old Mary/Gary Stu? Watch this anime. Even a side character who only appears once or twice will be ingrained into your mind. All characters have multiple layers; there is no flat, boring character without depth. The relationships are solid, and the characters do not need to say “I love you” every 21 seconds to get the point across. Love is seen in their familiarity and actions. 

5. It is a perfect blend of genres—want some sci-fi? Watch Gintama. Want some tragedy? Watch Gintama. Want some peak comradeship/shounen fighting? Watch Gintama. Want comedy? Watch Gintama. Want some historical Japan? Watch Gintama. Want samurai? Watch Gintama. Want action? Watch Gintama. Want slice of life? Watch Gintama. Basically just WATCH GINTAMA.  

6. Soundtrack—so good. Go listen to any Gintama opening. The song will surely be stuck in your head. 

7. It is unique and original. Tired of the same old shounen, with the underdog tween hero and the big dream, training montages, and unrealistically relentless determination? Gintama presents to you a fresh protagonist, Sakata Gintoki. If you can name another anime that has an arc based on a popularity poll then darn, you got me. If not, then GO WATCH GINTAMA. 

8. There’s Elizabeth. That’s it. Just Elizabeth. 

9. The stories are so beautifully told. In 3 episodes, it can convey the same messages and stories that another anime may take 20 episodes to tell. Are you busy? Can’t go on an anime binge? No worries. Just watch one of arc Gintama to pass your time. Maybe 2-8 episodes. Plus the backstories hurt. 

10. Gintama blows everything out of the park. (You can trust me, as I’ve seen tons of anime but once I found Gintama it was like I found something I never knew I was looking for, as if this whole time I’ve just been watching anime in search of Gintama.) I can’t watch anything else anymore. It all seems mediocre compared to Gintama.  

reasons to watch yuri on ice:

  • so many of the characters are actual cinnamon roles
  • dogs
  • really amazingly animated ice skating performances choreographed by real olympian choreographers
  • praised by professional skaters for its accuracy
  • explains the point system in an easy understandable way 
  • even minor characters in the competition are given their own motivation
  • it’s really enjoyable to watch, you are excited in the competitions and every normal person will also root for the characters’ relationship 
  • there is a HILARIOUS/TRAGIC? backstory that you get in ep 10 that explains A LOT. if you every wonder in episode 1: why is he here? that will answer you question.
  • nice bit of LGB(T)Q+ representation, less focus on gender-binary 
  • range of cool and beautiful songs / choreographies
  • doesn’t fall into the anime-hair-colour trope 
  • has some over-the-top anime elements but they are fine if you don’t take them so serious (good for people who aren’t usually into anime)
  • easy to watch: only 12 episode (~ 20 min each) 
  • really modern, doesn’t struggle to add modern technology (you know how some shows are really awkward with that? they arent. pretty accurate zeitgeist here, instagram etc. in a non-cringy way)
  • is pretty good in treating other cultures and languages right and including them in the show (as far as i can tell)
  • has grey characters / doesn’t have 100% evil antagonists but still challenging characters that are important
  • protagonist is pretty real and relatable
  • written by a woman
  • praised by critics across the board
  • the gay relationship is so good that even the straights ™ say “I don’t even care that it’s gay, it’s actually just the best”
  • replaces your bitterness and emptiness w/ joy and bliss and excitement like literally will give you new life