go watch their scenes on youtube

  • 1. Go out to a public, but not overly crowded place and take a notebook with you. Remain there for 10 minutes writing down random overheard snippets of conversation. Afterwards, choose an interesting piece of dialogue and use it as your first line/stanza.
  • 2. Visit a thrift store or market and find 5 items that interest you. For each item imagine the kind of person that would own it and create a character based on it. Write about that character.
  • 3. Take a bunch of small pieces of paper, and on each one write a word that you like. Then, draw 3 words at random and try to incorporate them into a short piece. This can be anything as long as all 3 words are included. You could also try using a random word generator.
  • 4. Visit a library, and pick out 5 book titles that interest you. These can be fiction, non-fiction or both. Write a scene inspired by one of these titles.
  • 5. Pick up a book you haven't read. Look at the title and front cover. Write the story based on these alone. (Literally reading a book by it's cover)
  • 6. Pick out a random book from your personal book shelf. Open it onto a random page and pick out a sentence from this page. This is your opening line / stanza.
  • 7. Find a random page in any book, or any piece of paper with writing on it. Highlight every single noun on the page. Pick out a few of these nouns. Write 3 sentences personifying each noun. The first sentence should start with "I am the _____ ...."
  • 8. On a bus or in the back seat of a car, look out of the window at road signs. Write down words or entire phrases from road signs, and use one of them as the title for a short piece.
  • 9. Go to a clothing store and pick out a t-shirt. If the t-shirt has a slogan on it, use it as your first line/stanza. If the t-shirt has images on it then base your piece on the image.
  • 10. Turn on the television or watch a long YouTube video. Write down pieces of dialogue that are memorable to you. Choose one and write a scene around it.
So what I got from the newest episode of "Watching Sanvers Scenes on Youtube".
  • Alex: Valentines Day?
  • Maggie: No.
  • Alex: Valentines DAY?
  • Maggie: Seriously nope!
  • Alex: Communication?
  • Maggie: Heternormativity really traumatised me and I might never be over it.
  • Maggie: I am revealing a tragic and very realistic backstory to you that a lot of our fans can probably identify with.
  • Maggie: It would need a lot of screentime to resolve this issue properly.
  • Maggie: But we don't get that much screentime because white cis fuckboy needs to fuck the former protagonist of this TV show.
  • Maggie: After all, this is a family TV show and we can't tell happy straight ally (TM) families that they are traumatising young queer children.
  • Maggie: So gotta go bye!
  • Some time later.
  • Kara: Yo, Maggie, it's nice that you adressed some issues so the gays can identify with you.
  • Kara: But now it's really time to quickly resolve this because after all this is a family's TV show. And if we really adressed properly that heteronormativity is hurting and traumatising young queer people, we could not really make white cis fuckboy fuck me in another scene of this tv show.
  • Kara: So pls just get your shit together! We need the gays to be happy and distracted from the bullshit we are going to pull.
  • Some time later.
  • Alex: What is going on, Maggie?
  • Alex: I forgot my personality at home when I put on that dress.
  • Alex: Let's slow dance it out.

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What to do for fun on Ramadan? I would like to stay away from sins, like haram music and TV shows. But most good TV shows have haram themes and scenes. I like to go outside alot during the summer but I get worried I will get dehydrated and evidently grouchier. What do you suggest?


- Attend halaqahs with a group of friends

- Make taraweeh goals with friends, meeting them at the masjid for salah

- Watch YouTube series of lectures with friends

- Create a Quran reading/recitation group with your friends & family to enjoy reading Quran together

- Bake or cook with loved ones for iftar

- Have people over for iftar & attend iftar gatherings

- Practice new hijab styles using YouTube or instagram tutorials

- Play games with little siblings/cousins (maybe try to relate them back to Islam)

- Volunteer with friends at an animal shelter, or the masjid, meal drive, etc.

- Do a craft that you enjoy & make dhikr or listen to Quran while doing so

- Paint or draw something you can hang in your room as a reminder of Allah (or gift it for Eid/put it in the masjid)

- Plant flowers or a garden

- Go on a walk an hour or two before iftar (so if you’re thirsty you won’t have to wait long to drink)

- Go to a museum or zoo with friends or family

- Spend time with elders & listen to their stories

- Volunteer at retirement homes or assisted living facilities, possibly reading to the residents or playing board games/cards with them

- Spend time with little kids (if you enjoy kiddos)

- Go to the park or lake and read Quran there

- Decorate your home with Ramadan decor

- Make a Ramadan calendar to count down until Eid and chart your progress

- Push yourself in ibaadah & make it fun ☺️

Bless the person who made the supercut of all Clexa scenes in an almost 4 hour youtube video <3

It’s been well over a year since Lexa died but there are still days where I just have to go back and re-watch Clexa. It’s one of the greatest soulmates story I’ve ever seen and years from now I’ll still be rewatching their scenes.

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Hello! I've seen you guys write some things about the dangers of filming with chained weapons, but I was wondering how dangerous it would be to the wielder? While I was designing a hook and chain mechanism for my MC to move around quickly with in a fantasy world (ability to direct the chain minimally) I found the 'kyoketsu shoge' which combines both the hook and a knife in one. If the chain is occasionally spiked, how dangerous do you think it would be for my MC to swing around?

It really depends on how skilled they are at managing the chain. The kyoketsu shoge is similar to the Chinese Whip Chain/Chain Whip and the Rope Dart. They function similarly to whips, and are a more dangerous (to the wielder) cousin of the nunchaku and three section staff. These weapons all work off similar principles about maintaining momentum and using your own body to provide control. This includes your arms, your neck, your shoulders, your legs, and, on occasion, your whole torso.


The Rope Dart.

The Nine Section Whip.

Whip weapons are one of the most advanced weapons in a martial disciplines for a reason. If you don’t know how to control it, it will hit you. I mean that, it will and it will hurt. Like the boomerang, the whip or chain always comes back. You are at the mercy of the chain, like any fast moving object, it doesn’t stop on a dime and you’ve got to mitigate the momentum until it finally stops.

The advantage of the whip is that it can strike on multiple angles that are nearly impossible to block. It’s not just on diagonals, a chain or a whip will curve. It can be used to disarm an opponent. When you’re working with a whip made entirely of metal like the nine section whip any part of you it strikes is going to hurt like hell.

If you can master a whip, it’s a very useful weapon, though it shouldn’t be the only weapon your character carries. It does require a great deal more skill than the average and, with a whip chain, you should be prepared for pain. It’s also not a weapon your character could pick up and just wield without any formal training. If we’re talking about a formal Chinese martial discipline, this would be a weapon you’d learn after you mastered the others like the staff and the sword.

Chinese Cinema has many excellent examples of the Chinese varieties of these weapons in use and may provide you with some ideas.

The kyoketsu shoge is a little different because it comes with two ends, a bladed end on one that could be used to hook opponents much like one would when fishing and a metal ring on the other. Similar principles to the others in this category apply when it comes generating momentum and to safety, but worth keeping track of when you’re trying to figure out exactly what you want.

When you’re writing, it’s important to remember that the more complex a weapon is in its movements then the more difficult it will be when it comes to actually applying those actions on the page. The whip is a fantastic weapon for cinema because it’s dazzling. It’s in constant motion, it makes wide sweeping arcs, it’s often too fast for the eye to completely follow, and it’s just fun to watch. You don’t get that luxury when you’re writing. You don’t benefit from visually interesting weapons unless you figure out how to tease the imagination when the audience tries to visualize.

The best way to write weapons, especially complex ones, is grasping the underlying principles of how the weapon is supposed to work. You are at advantage over the practitioner because you only need the principle, as a writer you can simulate the experience. However, you’re at a disadvantage because you’ve never tried to work with one and don’t have the ground level experience of trying to get the weapon to work.

When you want to use a chain weapon like the whip chain in an action sequence, its important to remember that your character needs to keep it in constant motion. The weapon is only deadly when it’s in motion. You throw it out, spin it, wheel it about using your throat, catch on the shoulder, throw it back for another strike. They’re going to need space to use it, which means it’s at a disadvantage in cramped quarters.

What’s going to sell your whip in a written action scene is remembering all the tiny little physical motions that go into maintaining control. Whether it’s snapping the wrist to crack the whip, remembering that the guiding hand controls the whip and the other holds, to wrapping it around the body at the fight’s end to catch and negate the final momentum, what sells the weapon is your ability to accurately represent how it moves in the real world.

A lot of writers try for technical terms as a way to communicate what they’re talking about, my advice is learn them as necessary but don’t assume they’ll do the work for you. Assume your audience is ignorant and focus more on what the weapon does/is supposed to do/the purpose it served in battle rather than terminology. The more complex the weapon is in movement, control, and execution, the more difficult it is to write.

If you do get frustrated during your research, just remember: you jumped straight to the end. The whip chain is a complicated weapon, it’s supposed to be difficult.

If you’ve never used a whip before, this is going to mean watching a lot of tutorials on Youtube and reviewing many an action sequence where the whip is used as primary or secondary weapon.

Good luck!


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Finally got a chance to sit down & write up my stories from #HousCon :)

I’ll start with my Jensen op. I decided only a couple weeks ago that I was going to take advantage of the location & go full stupid-tourist and go for cowboy hats. I’d always wanted a real one, but since the only time I showed western, I was in 4-H and a helmet is required at all times even in Showmanship. I would never actually get on a horse without a helmet and you shouldn’t either!! But, I digress. Mainly, this happened because there are far too few pictures of Jensen in a cowboy hat for my liking & I’d thought I’d make the most of the opportunity. Hats acquired (which is a story for another time & place) I stepped up to him for my turn and he gave me a rather concerned look. I quickly told him that he could do whatever he wanted with the hat, put it on or not, as I handed it to him. I think he said ok, (it was definitely something affirmative) and stepped into me & put his arm around me. I don’t remember putting my arm around him, but I clearly did. All I remember is thinking ‘grab your brim! look at the camera!!’ Then it was over & he *very* gently patted me on the back (I live for that pat) and we both said ‘thank you.’ I didn’t make eye contact, but I did look towards his face when I said it, so *thumbs up*? I almost dropped the hat when he handed it back to me. Super smooth. I still didn’t smell him. There was a definite strong yummy-man-scent when we stepped around the divider, but I don’t know if it was Jensen, Schmelke or one of the bodyguards. I think it was Chris, since I didn’t notice it when I had my m&g later.

Don’t tell creation that I said this next part, but I finally got to ask him a question in my m&g!! It took all my nerve, but I did it!! I could tell we were running out of time, so I was like it’s now or never get your damn hand up! And he pointed towards me, then changed his mind and picked someone on the other side. I thought that was my chance gone. Then he said last question and picked me. I asked if he ever watches the videos we make on youtube. He said ‘All the time. All the time.’ and explained how when he wants to watch a scene over, he doesn’t want to bother getting out the dvd & just pulls it up quick. He told us about the most recent vid he watched which helped him get through a tough day. He explained how it came up in his recommendations in his ridiculously adorable technology terms. It was the one that was going around with all the actors & directors talking about how great Jensen is. He said it really meant a lot to him to see that, since that’s not really the sort of thing that people tell you to your face all the time, then ‘So, keep making ‘em!’ It was pretty intense having his mostly undivided attention for longer than the couple of seconds you get to interact in the auto line. I just kept saying ‘cool!’ like an asshole for the 2 minutes or so he was talking at me. And smiling. With eye-crinkles. And I don’t know how many of you have experienced how oddly intimate it is to hear his voice not through a microphone. But… damn. 

It really meant a lot to me that he may have seen the vids I make for him. That’s really why I make most of my art: to show people how much I care about them. I just hope he’s not reading the descriptions……

The Witcher 3 Is Amazing

God I love “The Witcher 3” so much. After my last reblog I decided to go back and watch some clips on YouTube and ended up finding loads of stuff I never saw before. There are countless dialogues and scenes that a vast majority of people would never see but CD Projekt Red still put them in on the slight chance that someone would find them.

For example: If you still have the mark from Gaunter O’Dimm when you travel to Touissant, there is a scene where Regis comments on it and asks about it. Even though most people would have been done with Hearts of Stone and had the mark removed they still put that in the game. Also, if you don’t go meet O’Dimm at the Crossroads after he saves you and instead go straight to Olgeird, Gaunter will be sitting up in a tree waiting for you and asking why you didn’t do as he asked. Or if you a small village on the island of Faroe in Skellige before the quest “Following the Thread” (The Lambert one) you can save the villagers that Hammond has kidnapped and is trying to sell as slaves. Most people would have started Lambert’s quest long before then but on the off chance that they hadn’t then you able to get a different outcome. Hell, you can even ask Fringilla Vigo about Cantarella if you stil have that quest active once you rescue her.

CD Projekt Red knows that most people are going to do as they are told but on the slight chance that people don’t they have options for them as well just so that those people remain immersed. It is things like those that are the reason that I have completed the game four times and will likely do another playthrough in the future. Even as succesfull as “The Witcher 3″ was I still feel that it doesn’t get enough credit for things like this. CD Projekt Red is definitely the best and my favorite game developer out there. The fact that I only bought the game for $25 dollars on a PlayStation Store sale makes me so sad as it has become my favorite game of all time and my favorite franchise of anything, not just games. They honestly deserve so much more for this amazing game. If “Cyberpunk 2077″ is even half as good as “The Witcher 3″ then if will be phenomenal. I’m super excited to see what CD Projekt Red does in the future and I hope that they become even more widely acclaimed as the best game developers out there. :) 

PS: I hope that made sense. I tend to ramble when I get talking about The Witcher. It’s just so damn amazing!

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what do u think of the new Rodrick for the new Diary of a Wimpy Kid movie

dude i havent consciously thought about diary of a wimpy kid in like a year

im looking him up rn

why did you send me this ask i thought he would be outrageously hot

he kinda looks like this guy i dated in middle school

i get why theyre having a whole new cast but this is such a downgrade what the fuck

ok for everyones convenience:

old rodrick, from like??? 2011??? or something

i think he wears eyeliner in one scene 7/10 would smash

new rodrick. why/10

Seth and Shells

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Request where Seth imprints on you and so he starts to go by the little hangout spot you always go to pick shells just to watch you? The wolf pack finally see you in person and tease him relentlessly where you actually overhear them and they turn to see your reaction ?! Fluff mostly !!Love your writing by the way !!!

So I genuinely had to youtube Seth Clearwater scenes on Youtube because all I could remember from the books was that he was the most genuine guy but other than that I couldn’t remember any speech patterns or anything.


Bella may have been one of your closest friends but god she could be stupid. Since she’d moved to Forks you’d been close to the brunette and stuck by her during her turbulent relationship with Edward and his family.

Her warped version of rewarding you involved telling you all about the Cullen’s and her friend Jacob and all his friends. You thought that she was bat shit crazy. The Cullen’s were weird but they weren’t people eaters, well you were fairly sure that they weren’t until while hanging out with them at the Cullen’s house when Emmett and you were play fighting and he pushed you a little too hard causing you to fall and cut your knee open.

You’d never been so unhappy to be wrong.

Carlisle patched you while Edward tried to explain that Bella had been telling the truth about them but it was hard to hear him over your panic attack. It took you a while to calm down but when you did Emmett popped his head into the doorway and apologised while keeping his distance. Behind him you heard the door slam.
“Y/N we called a friend of ours Seth to take you home. I was going to ring Jake but he … he won’t come up to this house.” Bella told you softly.
“We thought you might be more comfortable than with any of us at the moment.” Edward added.
“Seth as in Jakes friend, the wolves?!” You panicked and you could see the Cullen’s faces as they gave Bella an accusing look – could she keep no secret to herself?

“Y/N Seth will get you there safely, he’s a lovely young man. I can come with you both if it would make you more comfortable?” Carlisle offered and you agreed with a shy nod there was something about the blonde vampire that let you know that you could trust him.

“Bella? I’m here, where’s your friend?” A playful voice called before Emmett moved from the doorway and was replaced by one of the Quileute boys, he gave Edward and Bella an honest grin before focusing his attention on you.

That’s when you realised that someone, somewhere must hate you because here’s a ridiculously attractive boy positively staring at you and you must have looked a mess. Your knee and jeans were covered in blood and bandages, your hair must be sticking out from the fall. Your eyes burned from the tears brought on by your panic attack and you just wished that he would stop staring at you. To your embarrassment he didn’t.
“What don’t wolves have any manners?” The words rolled off of your tongue and dropped heavily into the atmosphere that had appeared with Seth.
“S-sorry!” Seth stumbled and looked away, his cheeks burning until his head snapped back to face you, “H-how’d you know about that?”
You, Carlisle and Edward all glanced over at Bella, “That’s a long story.”


Saturday morning was the perfect day for shell searching, it was still quiet out before most of the teenagers in the area finally got out of bed and made their way down to the beach. You usually came down to collect shells with your older sister but she was heavily pregnant so recently you’d been left completely alone to bring the lovely treasures back to cheer her up. Swollen feet and morning sickness had really taken their toll on her.

Since you’d met Seth a few weeks ago he’d come to help you a few times. As he approached down the beach you folded your arms and gave him a mock angry face.
He raised his hand in defence, “Sorry I’m late.”
“Wolf things?” You asked, you’d not touched upon the sensitive issue of him not being fully human. All he told you was that there’d been massive backlash against Bella for her telling someone outside of the pack about the packs secret. He promised he’d managed to calm them down and that they weren’t mad at you but he had refused to tell you how and instead started to distract you with bad jokes.
“Hey wolves have a lot of business to get done too.” Seth grinned at you. You pouted and refused to look at him.
“Oh I see, someone need cheering up.” Seth grinned again and started to walk towards you. You recognised the evil glint in his eyes and ran away laughing as he chased you trying to tickle you. He always outran you, the perks of being a wolf. But Wolf or not, there were mad levels of attraction there.
It was safe to say you never found very many shells when Seth came to ‘help’ you.

But when you were on your own, focused and humming in our own world as you made your way across the beach, that’s when you found the most and to Seth when you looked the most peaceful. Of course he’d never tell you that he came to watch you like this but without him there you were just so relaxed. He know that you tried hard to be at ease around him and he appreciated how hard you tried but he knew that it would take a while for you to be alright about the wolf thing.
Sam said he was lucky to imprint on someone who was taking it so well, Kim had freaked on Jared.

Even if he wasn’t willing to tell you about his little voyeur habit he couldn’t keep it a secret from his idiot friends who lived in his head and that’s why instead of being peaceful watching you, he was surrounded by his pack mates.
“She’s hot.” Paul offered helpfully as they watched you wondering up the sand.
“Paul that he’s imprint dude, she is though Seth well done.” Embry grinned and nudged his shoulder.
“And she already knows about us thanks to that airhead Bella.” Leah added and gave her little brother an approving look.

“Why don’t you introduce us?” Quil asked and started to wave in your direction as Seth tried to hold his arms down.
“Hey Y/N!” Paul hollered and behind him Jared, Quil and Jake all cheered and waved. Your head snapped up when your heard your name being shouted to see a gang of guys shouting and waving at you with Seth looking embarrassed and trying to hide behind who you assumed was his sister.

Well they certainly lived up to their names by acting like a pack of wolves.
You couldn’t help but smile as they shouted louder and got more animated the closer that you got to them until you stopped in front of them.
“I’m Quil, amazing to meet you.” He caught your hand and kissed it before introducing all of the boys.
“Sethy here has told us so much about you.” Jake grinned at you.
“In fact it’s all he ever talks about.” Embry added.
“Oh really because he never talks about you guys.” You countered with a small smile of your own as Seth came to stand by you.

“Only because he’s worried you prefer us babe.” Paul smirked.
“Or maybe you’re just not that interesting babe.” You answered and the boys laughed loudly.
“Oh I like her.” Leah grinned.
“So is this a private party or can we help you?” Embry asked and you nodded and the boys pushed past you quickly to race each other to find the most shells.

“So that went well.” Seth smiled at you and you nodded in agreement before leaning up to kiss his cheek. You could felt the heat from his blush as you moved away from him and he slipped and arm around your shoulders as you both sauntered down to join the guys and try to get Quil out of Jared’s headlock.


The guys managed half an hour of being well behaving until Paul had a great idea. As you were all running around throwing a Frisbee to each other when he phrased mid run and leapt to catch the Frisbee in his fangs.

It like the first time you’d met Seth when time seemed to stop. Seth was in front of you in an instant, the rest of the pack where all watching you both. Well apart from Leah, she looked like she might rip Paul apart without needing to phase.
It wasn’t as scary as you thought. Sure your heart was going a mile a minute but still, this massive wolf who looked almost smug as he threw the Frisbee up and caught it again was like a brother to Seth.
It took a while and some strength on your part as you took Seth’s hand in yours and squeezed it reassuringly before pointing at Paul accusingly, “Surely that’s cheating!”

I just have to say this to put it into the universe. I understand that paying for diamond choices adds up quickly and it’s expensive. I understand the frustration of not being able to get the diamond scenes. I understand how scenes that cost 20, 25, 30 diamonds seems ridiculous. I do.

Please understand these are people working at a game developer. They need money to put into the app. They need money to get paid and take care of themselves/families. The people behind the app and the app itself need money to survive just like the rest of us.

Diamonds scenes are always going to be available to view, whether it’s on Tumblr, YouTube, or some other platform. Personally speaking, I’ve spent hours on YouTube over time watching scenes I couldn’t afford.

Please remember that the developers likely check out the tags once in a while to get some indirect feedback. Suggestions like “we can watch an ad and get a diamond” may be useful for the staff but “WHYY PB SLSHSL” isn’t getting anyone anything, and I’m sure it knocks a little wind out of the sails of the people who are making us this wonderful app.

I personally will be happy to buy diamonds whenever I’m able to in order to continue to support this staff.

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Catching up on world history at hyper-speed also means going through pop culture phases at hyper-speed. Steve has caught up to the 90s and is going through a boy band phase. He's partial to BSB.

Bucky never managed to teach him to dance, though not for a lack of trying.  And he never had the chance to stumble over Peggy’s feet, either.  

But he had time now, and he had YouTube.  And the Backstreet Boys. (He discovered them watching a movie called This Is The End and the moves in the dance they did seemed simple enough.)

So he had JARVIS queue up the scene and play it on loop.  After a few times through the scene, Steve felt like he was getting the dance down pretty well.  At this rate, maybe he’d join in the next time there was an opportunity to dance rather than spend the time propping up the bar.

“…Whaaaaat are you doing?”  Sam sounded like he was smiling entirely too wide.   

Steve spun on his heel to see Sam standing in the doorway smiling so wide his cheeks probably ached.  “Um.”

Sam seemed to smile wider, somehow.  “You know, I never thought I’d say this, but I love the Backstreet Boys.”

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Were you ever really a fan of O/l/icity? I didnt really care for it at first then it jus got really annoying

Ok anon, buckle up because it’s long answer time.

I should start off first by saying I came to Arrow late—and fandom even later—so my perspective probably isn’t typical. I first started watching Flash when it premiered, and was pleasantly surprised to see who I identified as Green Arrow in the first episode. I’d heard there was a show about him, but didn’t know much about it, and truthfully didn’t know much about GA himself beyond the DCAU (i.e. Justice League Unlimited).

Fast-forward to episode four and there’s all these promos advertising Felicity guest-starring. I think she’s his assistant, nothing much more than that. Then she mentions in the episode she has a crush on Oliver which I assume is unrequited. Whatever, it happens. So in the crossover episode, when Oliver drops the bomb on Barry that he likes Felicity…I am confused. Why is Felicity pining for a guy who apparently likes her as well? Why is Oliver under the impression he can’t be with Felicity? Why are the two of them going through Barry as this weird intermediary instead of talking to each other?

The DC fan in me is also hella confused cause they keep talking about how some girl named Sara is dead—but calling her “Canary”. I am like “Where in the heck is Dinah Lance and when does GA get to meet her?”

I decide to catch up on Arrow since it seems the shows are going to be fairly connected if they’re bothering The Flash with Arrow’s relationship problems. The little I’m starting to hear from fandom is that Oliver and Felicity are “endgame”, they are meant to end up together and the audience is supposed to be rooting for them the entire time. I see somebody has put up some clip compilations on YouTube, and Felicity’s foot-in-mouth problem seems like a cute running gag, but nothing’s quite there for me to indicate a serious relationship. I figure they might be cute for a short-term until Black Canary shows up.

Except then I’m watching s1 and the s3 showrunner’s attempts at retconning can’t erase the words “Dinah Laurel Lance, always trying to save the world” from the pilot. DC fan in me is astounded. Black Canary has been on this show the whole time? What are these showrunners doing??

Felicity is introduced, and sure she seems funny and sweet enough. Oddly, I find myself liking her scenes with Walter the most. The Oliver/Felicity dynamic is not…sparking for me. In fact, I’m getting a sort of older-brother vibe off Oliver, and I’m not sure how that’s going to change.

And…it doesn’t really. Felicity keeps making her comments and Oliver keeps grimacing or ignoring them outright. Her silence “would be [his] preference”. He compliments her at times, but also questions or doubts her capabilities. He yells at her, causing her visible stress during the “Savior” episode. He’s astounded, even finds it ridiculous, when Isabel tells him about the rumors at Queen Consolidated of Felicity sleeping her way into the promotion. He cares about her, but there’s no romance there. She’s a teammate, a subordinate really, who he’s friends with and considers important to have around. Even then, he’s easily much closer to Diggle, to Tommy, to Laurel, to his family. What is it that everyone is seeing about them that makes them “endgame”? Am I just watching the show wrong?

I find myself growing discouraged. I slow down on my catching-up right around when I get to the first Barry episodes which is when, so I’m told, Oliver is supposed to start showing his feelings for Felicity. All I really see is him being a hardass about people knowing his identity. Barry’s assumption that Felicity and Oliver are a thing is based off Felicity’s comment that she spends a lot of time after hours with her boss—not out of observing some genuine emotional connection. Felicity doesn’t want to dance with Oliver. Oliver re-sets her up on a date with Barry. People say it’s all about his jealousy but I just don’t get “relationship goals” from it. Part of the reason I even tolerated the Oliver-Laurel-Tommy love triangle from s1 was how maturely Oliver handled it for the most part, that it didn’t turn him into some entitled caveman. And in these episodes Felicity seems more jealous over Shado getting to die on a hellish island in Oliver’s company than Oliver is jealous that Felicity asked Barry out.

At around this point, the Flash crossover with Felicity and Ray happens and I’m even more bewildered than before. Felicity has a boyfriend she seems genuinely happy with. They know each other’s secrets, they’re close, they just seem to get each other and it’s healthy. No jealousy, no weird going through intermediaries to express their feelings. The promos are already going around for 3x20 the week after, however, and prominently feature the dreaded Ol*city soft porno sex scene.

I feel…kind of defeated. It makes me uneasy. With people in the fandom, I discuss other ships and their benefits and improvements from Ol*city, and in a way I simply try to forget they’re canon. In my catching up, I start skipping over their scenes, then move to watching non-Ol*city clips on YouTube. I don’t like it. I regret that the show went for it. I wish they’d stop put it in all the advertising for s4.

And then s4 happens and to keep up with Flash I have to watch the entirety of both crossover episodes—meaning the Felicity-stalks-Oliver-demands-his-personal-information-then-dumps-him-for-requesting-space is one of the first Ol*city storylines I have bothered to watch in entirety. My personal dislike of the ship turns to disgust with the show for the glorified abuse. I hope it was just a fluke, a way to raise the stakes and show how different timelines can be from one another.

I go looking back through the episodes and find out about her drugging him in 3x20 (I’d skipped that whole segment previously). I see scenes like “Fantasy Island” and “anyone with boobs can get a frat boy to do anything” “I was a frat boy” “I rest my case” in a whole new, terrible light. It’s not a fluke. It’s a pattern. Felicity’s reaction to William in 4x15 is almost note-for-note the same and I can’t stand the ship or her anymore. I want it to be over. I have a sinking feeling it’s not.

The writers choose to confirm my suspicions with Laurel’s—Black Canary’s—dying words. The show still wants us hoping for that Ol*city endgame.

I stop watching.

TL;DR it caused me confusion and vague anxiety before completely ruining the show for me, anon



To seeing a pretty/ sexy girl walking on the street  


To you taking them to meet your family in a foreign country ❤  

When they are trying to sleep but their GF lay beside them singing romantic songs while stroke his hair ❤

When the other members know that the two of you like each other and teases you constantly

When they gf listening to metal

When they found out through another member that the company forced their gf to break up with him & he regrets all the shitty stuff he said to her during the fight

When they see you, who they have a crush on, kissing another member  

When they see their girlfriend with a dress for the first time

To you saving them from a hater that tried to hurt them 

Where you thought you were pregnant, but you’re not and your both happy about it because you’re not ready for kids/don’t want them just yet 

To being really good at surfing  ❤

When you got in a minor car accident with your guy friend

Where you go to an fan signing and they realize they like you   

To their girlfriend being an Olympic swimmer

When her ex come to her home and suddenly want to hug and kiss her BUT her boyfriend (the member) is home too~ and saw him

When they gf suddenly bite his lips

When her ex come to her home and suddenly want to hug and kiss her BUT her boyfriend (the member) is home too~ and saw him - part 2

When she steals them 50$

When he sees her checking his phone

When he sees her checking his phone - part 2

When he sees her checking his phone - part 3

Seeing you with makeup and in a dress for the first time and the dress is scandalous

The girl they like or they are dating being 6ft and being taller than them

When their gf has broken her leg through an accident

When he and his gf argue, he makes a sudden hand gesture and then she holding her hands out of reflex protectively in front of her face

When his gf is always lively and cheerful, but one day suddenly totally quiet  

When you’re someone always calm but you become suddenly violent towards someone who insulted one of your  friends, nearly punching him, and they get impressed at you because you stood up for your friend

To you being a photographer

To you being only 4'11’‘

To them seeing you dancing one of their songs using only one of their t-shirts

To finding out that you (new friend or gf) are a very popular youtuber that does a lot of dance covers/videos and is also a good singer  ❤

To after dance practice you act as a stripper bc of a dare

Where their fiancee is going through depression and thinks about doing the unthinkable but doesn’t want to tell them

To their fiancee losing a lot of weight because she felt insecure 

Watching a super hot sex scene in a movie with their girlfriend

What kind of kissers and cuddlers they are

To member’s girlfriend carelessly stepping onto the road and almost getting hit by a car when he tells her not to

Eating late night tacos from a taco truck with you


First Date - Kai

So my brain is doing a scene mashup. It’s mind palace Molly urgently asking Sherlock when he’s been shot, “what’s going to kill you?” and then it cuts to Sherlock breaking down and losing his mind at Sherringford and destroying the coffin and ending up in a pile of feelings on the floor. Idk it just feels so fitting. Because in a sense it did look like that moment almost killed him.

And with that I’ll just take my imaginary fan video and put myself to bed. Because apparently I’ve stayed up too late and watched too much (beautiful) sherlolly on YouTube. XD

-Updated Masterlist-


Get a Room: Chanyeol x ReaderPart 1+Part 2
*On Hiatus* Down This Road (Collab with @laineylovegirl): Prologue+Chapter 1+Chapter 2


Not the Wrong Number: Suho x Reader (from this request)

A Work of Heart: Artist!Jongin x Reader (from this request)

Holy Yeollie (M): Chanyeol x Reader (smut; not requested)

My Girl: Protective Vampire!Chanyeol x Reader (from this request)

Birthday Girl (M): Xiumin x Reader (smut; not requested)

Lights, Camera, Action!: Kris x Reader (by @laineylovegirl) (from this request)

Oh My Sehun: Sehun x EXO Noona Member!Reader (from this request)

To Be Written (Requests):

All The Stars In The Sky (Title Not Confirmed): Chanyeol x Reader Soulmate AU (request)

The Monster of Korea: Chanyeol x Reader x Baekhyun (request)

(Title to be Determined) Angsty Suho x Reader (request)

(Title to be Determined) Sub!Chanyeol x Reader (request?)

Behind the Bathroom D.O.or (D.O. x Reader smut) for @spiritemofashion

(Title to be Determined) Kai x Reader Soulmate AU (request)

(Title to be Determined) Chanyeol x Reader x Kai (request)

Not the Wrong Number pt. 2 (request)

To Be Written (Collabs/Own Work):

Grandma Meets EXO (with @laineylovegirl- (OC Characters x EXO OT9)  April and Janie have three tickets to an EXO concert, but their friend bails at the last minute. Grandma Maris catches the girls watching Artificial Love on YouTube and is appalled by the dancing. She then insists on going with them to the concert. What happens when they all end up back at Grandma’s house? How did they end up there in the first place? *Note: Comedy

Blood For Blood (with @laineylovegirl) - (Reader x OC Characters x EXO OT12, Vampire/Werewolf AU) *Note: This series will contain fluff, angst, violence, smut, swearing, potential kinks, and MAY contain abuse (physical) and death-related scenes/topics. Chapters will be rated accordingly. PREVIEW

Let Me Love You - Chanyeol x Reader *ANGST, series, will probably be a summer project, partially inspired by DJ Snake and Justin Bieber’s Let Me Love You

Mama stream

Next one up in the Soviet Movie Club™ is the musical called Mama made in 1976, one and a half hour long, starring Boyarsky again as Wolf, and many other famous pals and gals that you won’t recognise. This was already called a furry musical and oh well, it is indeed people dressed as animals, what can I do. 

The premise of this one is simple, the story about a Goat and a Wolf reimagined, so to say. What was not simple is the production behind it, and this movie is the craziest thing of them all.

It was a triple production - Russian, Romanian and French. All the actors had to memorise scripts in three languages, and shoot ALL THE SCENES separately for the Russian, Romanian and English/French versions respectively. Obviously the actors were dubbed in other versions, but well, they still talked in whatever the required language during the shooting. So there is indeed a Romanian and an English version of the movie and you might rejoice, but wait a sec. All three versions are different - scenes are in a different order, some have more, some have less lines, even the songs are kinda different sometimes. We are going to watch the Russian version, which doesn’t have English subs because take a guess, there’s an actual English version available already. Why am I stubborn bitch to stick to the Russian one? Because I’m biased since I grew up with the Russian one, the English version on youtube is in shitty quality, it sounds weird to me, and the lead actors (Boyarsky and co.) are Russian, so the Russian version is the only version where they talk and sing with their own voices. Trust me, other versions are pretty weird on this one, although I won’t say they’re bad. 

So how are we going to watch it then? Fear not, for the online translation exists - I will be translating the movie right in the chat on rabbit as it goes. Since it’s 95% songs it’s pretty easy, I have the text ready and all. So tldr: I’m more willing to do an online translation than watch a different version of the movie because I’m so weirded out by those.

So if you’re up for some rock’n’roll, ballet, ice skating, dope decorations and online translation - I’ll be waiting for you at 9pm GMT+1 this Saturday, 13th of May, on rabbit. Feel the power of the triple production yo. 

A Gt Date With Markiplier 1

Hi! This is part 1 of a set of 4 small stories based on this youtube video! (Videos? Interactive story? Idk) While it’s not necessary that you watch the part(s) leading up to my little stories, it does help set the scene :>

Videos, in order: Just this one lol

Disclaimer/warnings: None! Just some wholesome first encounter fluff and stuff!

Length: 823 words

Commissioned by: @thisnekoisalynx

Enjoy! Look for the other four parts coming soon :> Each part will be tagged with “a gt date with markiplier” just in case :>

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Day 1 (10th april): the moment you started shipping karamel

I discovered Karamel because I needed to take a break from another ship. I started to re-watch some of Chris Wood’s scenes from TVD (because why not) on youtube when I noticed one video (I don’t remember which one) about Karamel in the recommended section. I decided to give it a go and I watched it. From there on I decided to watch their scenes and I immediately fell in love with this scene. I love their back and forth and the whole dynamic between them. One alien from Krypton and another one from Daxam butting heads because of their prejudices. I just found it really interesting and what really drove me to this ship was the fact that they’re not perfect, by any means. At this point, Mon-El was a cocky and selfish bastard and Kara was too stubborn about her own prejudice against Draxamites. By the end of the episode, they reach an understanding, because deep down they feel alone in this new (for Mon-El) planet and although their planets were very different, they were also similar in some ways.