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How do people meet people

  • Cole: I am hungry I want some lasaga
  • Zane: you're eating us out of house and home, CLOAL
  • Cole: enough with the chit chat, let's get some grub going
  • *Grub Time*
  • Zane: where are the 3-cheese pizzas?
  • Cole: I ate those food
  • Zane: where are the taco shells?
  • Cole: I ate those food
  • Zane: where did all the hamburger helper go?
  • Cole: *BRUP*
  • Zane: you're such a bad brother that's it I've had it with you that does it I'm done that's the last straw Coal-

after the internet goes out should i not sleep & instead play dr all day y/n


Dear @orphanblack

2017 is the year of the hustle

Its time to get that education, make more money, budget and SAVE THAT MONEY, and most importantly look good while doing it


Call out post for Travis Willingham: so supportive???

Imagine an entire Star Trek show about a group of people who aren’t members of the bridge crew or one of the higher ups, and each week it’s them trying to do their job while crazy shit happens that they don’t really understand, like:

  • They get an announcement from their superior officers that goes “You may notice a child walking around the ship in a captain’s uniform. That is in fact the captain and is to be treated the same as always. We’re quickly working on a solution.”
  • A transporter mishaps causes the chief engineer to turn into a vulcan. They try not to stare at the ears, and move on.
  • Shots of them reacting to superior officers running through the background in the midsts of a red alert that they don’t know what it’s in response to.
  • “Did you hear the away team landed on planet that had five years pass before they got them back?” “Man, I’m glad I got skipped over for that assignment.”
  • Trying to figure out if the rumor that their commander got kidnapped by an alien race that considers them their god is true or just something made up by a bridge crewman to mess with them.
  • Popping in and out of existence and taking bets on which All Powerful race it is that’s doing it and why.
  • anytime Weird Shit happens on the ship it’s never explained. why are there chickens in the Jeffrey Tubes? why does the captain have a double? why did the chief medical examiner briefly turn homicidal? they don’t know and neither do you.
  • Each episode ends with them pouring one out for the crewmembers who died that week.