go watch it and weep

In case you wanted another feels angle for the ILY SCENE...

I just realized that there’s something else in Sherlocks expression when he utters the second and heart melting ILY. There isn’t just realization…there’s peace. Which sounds crazy, considering the circumstances. Think about that.

The rest of that phone call, before and after his declaration, he is bordering on panic. But in that moment of the second ILY, something visibly shifts. And you can see in his suddenly softer gaze that it’s almost like he’s been transported away from the fear for just the briefest moment. It’s like his words and that accompanying realization physically calms him, even in that horrifying scenario. And if this doesn’t fit with everything else we’ve ever been given of Molly and Sherlock, I don’t know what does.

That love is a force to be reckoned with and nobody can convince me otherwise.


Every time I watch this video I weep a lil bit
This is my favourite video

Me: I’m fine.
What I actually mean: Yotam Perel, the voice actor for Harrison has a youtube channel called LazyPillow (Yotam Perel) and he animates?? Like, he is the cutest person alive his work is so adorable and funny aND RELATABLE WHY ISN’T HE MORE RECOGNISED?! Not only that but over the course of several years you can clearly see his art improve and it makes me weep so much please go watch him and support him.

Ok, here is my new speculation based on the promo (still can’t believe that we got a promo!!!!)

- Jane and Kurt have either moved to Denver or are visiting Denver to be with Kurt’s daughter (the place they’re in when they’re attacked is new and there are trees right outside so likely not in the middle of NYC and I feel like if they were going to move anywhere, it would be so they could be closer to the baby)

- there is a bag on the table with a stuffed toy/bear of some kind during the fight which makes me think she’s with them when they’re attacked

- Kurt is sleeping in a chair by the window when Jane takes off her ring and leaves - I am thinking that afterwards, they are watching over her and Kurt falls asleep in the chair beside the baby’s bed/crib (trying to think of why else Kurt would be sleeping in a chair)

- Jane watches her husband and stepdaughter sleeping peacefully and can’t bear to have something happen to either of them so she leaves to protect them, taking off her ring and leaving it on the dresser

- also, Jane’s hair has grown a lot between when she leaves and when Kurt finds her so I feel like it’s been a long time since they’ve seen each other 💔💔💔

Now pardon me while I go watch the promo again and weep forever 😭😭😭😭😭

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What's your favourite version of pride and prejudice?

((OOC: Oooooohhhhhhhhhhooooo boy. I hope you have a cup of tea.

So, I’m going to make this about the 1995 TV series and the 2005 film, because watching 5 minutes of the the 1980 TV version made me die inside, and I still haven’t watched the film from the 40′s. 


First off - the 1995 BBC mini-series. 

Because it’s a TV series it covers the development of the characters and the nuances of the plot much more comprehensively, because, well, you’ve got 5 hours and 27 minutes of period drama goodness. 

The Lake Scene. Need I say more?

Jennifer Ehle is Lizzie. She is perfect and I love her.
The same goes for Susannah Harker as Jane. Rosamund Pike is beautiful and it’s a close thing, but…

Actually I think I prefer most of the casting for the TV series to the film, because they just match the characters much better in my mind.
But I still really like the casting for the film.
The inner struggle is real here folks.

Okay, so you’ll notice that I haven’t specifically mentioned darling Colin yet.
Let me be clear. I love Colin Firth with a burning passion in all my soul. 
*whispers* I actually prefer Matthew Macfadyen as Darcy.

Now look, before you turn on me…

To me Macfadyen’s portrayal is much more natural and believable. We see him through the same blinkers as Lizzie after the initial terrible impression, which obviously get worse once she ‘learns’ about Wickham and Bingley.
But then once those blinkers come off you really see how mistaken she’s been. That revelation doesn’t have such impact with Firth’s Darcy.
I feel like the pride and the prejudice is more balanced in the film version. Firth’s Darcy is a bit of a haughty dick a lot of the way through, so Lizzie not liking him feels justified - rather than it being about the balance between her pride being hurt and influencing what she believes later and Darcy overcoming his prejudices.

I don’t know. It could just be the rain scene puppy-dog eyes that have turned me over to the dark side………….but I’m cool with it.

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*incomprehensible screaming*

So, the film.

It’s a gorgeous film. The colours, light, costuming, locations, frigging soundtrack guhhhhhhhhh. Do me a favour and please just go listen to this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tv-Z8YCo5W4 *weeps*

I get a really happy glow from the film, which I put largely down to the colours and music. 

To get that P&P fix it’s ideal because, while the TV series is 5 hours and 27 minutes long, it’s also 5 hours and 27 minutes long. 

So….the answer is…both? For different reasons?

What it comes down to is that they both cover the four absolutely vital points:

Mr Collins Being Ridiculous™
The Sass™
The Poet Shirt™
Wet Darcy™

I think I’m done. For now.))

I’m honestly not sure Ahsoka heard anything after this moment.

I mean she probably heard Barriss admit she did it but anything that came after just… She looks numb and it’s obvious that she trying, she’s really trying because Anakin just looks so happy but she’s just spent days being hunted by people she thought so could trust for a crime she didn’t commit, the order which she’s grown up in and relied upon all her life gave her up seemingly without a second thought and now Barriss…

And Barriss’ speech… I think I’m hurting just as much for Barriss as I am for Ahsoka because she just sounded so disillusioned by it all…


Watch the show from the very beginning!

Obviously i had to make a powerpoint dedicated to this glorious show. Please let me know if i’ve made any errors. I love this show so much and i want everyone to know why they should watch it. Go watch it, weep, rewatch it, weep some more, and then come talk with me about it!

sastiel is such a pure and lovely ship and i just

can we just look at this????

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sam just wants that hug man, and cas is all confused about it but oH GOD sam squeezes him closer and honeslty if you go watch that scene you’ll hear faint crying and tbh that’s just me weeping under the table about how cute it is

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sastiel hugs = happy sam and happy cas.

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sastiel hugs = also happy shipper me.

and then i also remember

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fucking mishalecki coming in to destroy my life ;-;

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i hate them

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i also forgot the hand holding thing, and this scene just bursts from the motherfucking rainbows like what even is this. have you ever seen anything so colorful in your life????

im talking about the scene not the gif fyi i know its b&w.

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idk what this post is and what im doing but sastiel just makes me really happy just in case that wasn’t clear yet their friendship is everything 2 me ok.

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You spread your legs and cock your head, leaning back on the mountain of perfectly fluffed pillow behind you to purr for Yoongi, slipping a hand between you thighs while he pants, cuffed to the edge of the bed. 

“You’re a big boy,” you watch him carefully, seeing sweat roll down his forehead, “use your words and tell me what you want.” 

“I want you,” he sighs, Adam’s apple bobbing as he swallows thickly. 

You moan, rubbing circles into your clit, “is that so?” 

“Yes,” he groans, jerking forward uncontrollably, trying to reach you when he knows the tight restraints won’t allow him to do so. He’s on the verge of desperation, riding his pride as far as it will let him go, watching with wide, puupy-like eyes as your pussy drips from your weeping slit to stain the sheets beneath you. 

“I could make you feel so good,” he tries to bargain, following every circle of your finger and twitch of your hips.

“I bet you could,” is all you respond with, ignoring his silent plea. 

“Baby…” he whines, the smallest whimpers leaving his throat. 

“Mmmm,” you slip a finger into your arousal, arching your back and pushing yourself closer to Yoongi’s anxious hands, face brightening with hope until you pull back. 

A second finger is added in close succession, spreading them out against the ridged muscle of your walls as your nipples peak, hard under the intensity and erotica of Yoongi’s stare. 

Please, please, please, let me help you,” his voice is small with defeat, casting his eyes down for a split second before they snap back up to yours. 

Swiping the keys from beside you with your free hand, all too eager, you throw them before his bound wrists and know full well he’d have to get very creative in how he got them without his hands. 

“You can come get your prize, when you figure out how to escape.” 

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FIC: VD is a Dumb Time to Hold a Wedding

Title: Valentine’s Day is a Dumb Time to Hold a Wedding

Pair: Kadam

Summary: Kurt and Adam discuss whether Kurt should return to Lima during February. Some side lol Bland and lol Schue.

“You know,” Kurt said as he lined up his socks by color, “Valentine’s Day is a dumb time to hold a wedding.”

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“I watch all going dark in the rooms of my house.
I weep.
I melt.”

 — Sophokles, from Elektra, An Oresteia: Agamemnon by Aiskhylos; Elektra by Sophokles; Orestes by Euripides (tr. Anne Carson)

Long Awaited Journey: Imagine being an immortal human and having to join both the Company and the Fellowship on their quests. Only to have finally died in the Mines of Moria trying to protect Frodo from the troll


Based off this imagine -> (X)

I hope I did this well, cause I’ve been meaning to do a few of these imagines lately but so much has been happening lately. Anyway, I hope y’all enjoy this little drabble~!

You had lived a long life.

A very, very, very long life.

You remembered living much longer than your siblings, but thought it was normal, considering you were the youngest.

When you watched your first husband pass, watching him grow old and grey, you knew. You knew you weren’t normal.

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17, Prucan

17- meeting a party whilst drunk au

“You’re not going to do it.”

Gilbert slams down his glass, looks Francis in the face, and scoffs. “I’m totally going to do it.”

Antonio looks at him. “You’re not going to do it.”

“Fuck you guys!” says Gilbert loudly, too loudly, just to be heard over the blaring rap music being pumped throughout the room. “Why don’t you two ever give me any credit?”

“Probably because you’re not going to do it,” says Antonio with a shrug. “You’ve been stalling for the past twenty minutes, Gil.”

After another long drink of beer, Gilbert smacks his hands to his chest indignantly. “I don’t want to be rude! He’s talking to someone right now!”

Francis turns around in his chair, craning his neck towards the kitchen to look at the object of their conversation. Just a short moment later, he turns back to Gilbert to raises a perfectly plucked eyebrow. “I hardly think the man passed out next to him is hardly capable of holding conversation.”

“What?” Gilbert tries to look himself. “He’s not passed out.”

And of course, Antonio just has to chime in. “I think he’s out, Gil. Out cold.”

“I swear he was talking to someone…” Gilbert trails off in the middle of his muttering when he realizes not one, both of his friends are staring at him with that God awful vacant look of pure disappointment. Gilbert finally just throws his hands up. “Fine! Jesus, if you too are going to twist my arm!”

“Finally,” says Francis.

“I still don’t think he’s going to do it,” says Antonio.

“Will you PLEASE shut up?” Gilbert hesitates, picks up his forgotten glass of beer, and chugs the whole thing down. With barely a moment’s consideration, he does the same to Antonio’s beer as well as Francis’s wine. “I’m going! Watch me! Watch me and weep when i UNDOUBTABLY succeed!”

Heart hammers in his chest and head swimming with alcohol, Gilbert lifts himself shakily from his seat and strides over to the next room. He stands perfectly still for a moment, scanning the kitchen, part of him praying this guy had, within the last twenty seven seconds, gotten up and left. No such luck. Planted at the same chair he had been all evening, cute blond curls bouncing by his ears, and big round glasses catching the overhead lights, is the object of this dare. Gilbert’s palms are sweating. But he gulps down his nerves, as he isn’t about to look like the pussy his best friends probably see him as by now.

Gilbert waltzes over to the table the guy is sitting at and slams his hand down on the surface. “Hey,” he says, hoping he sounds as awesome as he knows he is, “my name is Gilbert.” A pause, and then, “I came over here to tell you I think you’re really hot.”

There’s a moment of heavy, awkward silence coupled with even worse eye contact that seems to last about seven years. Oh, God. His eyes are practically violet. Who the hell has purple fucking eyes?

But eventually, he just covers his mouth with his hand and giggles in a way that suggests he’s had a but to drink himself. “My name is Matthew,” he says, “And you’re not bad yourself.”

“….oh.” Well, Gilbert can’t say he really expected that reaction… No, actually, of course he did. This is exactly how he thought it would go. Of course it is. He grins from ear to ear. “Well, at least I know you’re not blind! I guess that’s what those cute glasses are for! Haha!” Goddammit.

“Maybe,” Matthew smiles. His voice is sweet, soft, unassuming. “Tell me, Gilbert, did your friends send you over here?”

Goddammit times two. “Uh…” Gilbert considers lying, but can’t think of anything fast enough. “Yeah,” he says. “How did you know?”

Matthew laughs again. It’s bubbly, free. “You three have been over there whispering and pointing for the past half hour.”

Goddammit times three. Had they really been that obvious? Gilbert blames Antonio. Always blame Antonio. “Oh,” he says again. There’s another moment of silence and Matthew is smiling at him and oh god, what should he do… “I still think you’re cute.” …he should have done anything other than that, actually.

Matthew is still laughing even as he takes a sip of his drink, something pink and fruity that Gilbert is too embarrassed to ask for at these things. By the hazy look in Matthew’s eyes, he guesses they’re stronger than beer. “Look, do you want to go out some time?”

At that, Gilbert just stares, almost one hundred percent sure he hadn’t heard that correctly. “Huh?” he says, sounding far too much like scooby doo.

“Just…” Matthew hiccups, laughs again. Then he scribbles something down on a napkin and shoves it into Gilbert’s idle hand. “Just call me later, okay? And tell your friends to be more subtle.”

Gilbert carefully tucks the number into his pocket, makes a mental note to definitely use it later, and flashes Matthew another charismatic smile before stumbling through a drunken goodbye… or, rather, a see you later.

Then, he gives his friends the middle finger.



now excuse me why i go cry