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A Kacchako Fic

Just a Few Things From the Store

Summary: Katsuki Bakugou is given a list and a mission- go to the store and get his mom’s stuff or die in the process. Little does the moronic teenager know he is in for a big surprise when he meets a lovely little red-head.

A/N: An amazing fic idea from @princhrulez whom inspired me to write this. I am telling you, reading this idea I had a religious experience. I have not been so passionate about a ship since I started shipping Captain Canary and to fill the void in my heart, this now consumes me.

Chapter One

Going to the Store, Do You Need Anything?

Katsuki Bakugou spit on the ground as Deku, his useless neighbor, stood in front of his door once again. His mother and Deku’s mother had been friends for a long time and the boys had grown up only three houses away from each other. Not surprising of that fact, the women had become close. Because Ms. Midoryia was raising her son alone, she had often times needed to leave town for work and had to leave her son in the care of the Bakugou family.

Katuski’s mother adored the well-behaved little Izuku and often asked her own son why he couldn’t be more like the little cutie.

Once again, the summer after their freshman year at U. A. High School, Katsuki and Izuku were thrown together as Ms. Midoryia was told that she needed to leave the country on a trip for a few months and needed someone to watch her son. She was terrified to leave her precious baby alone but Ms. Bakugou was more than happy to have the boy over, even though Katsuki was glaring like he was ready to jump Deku and kick his ass at any moment.

“Of course, we’re so excited to have Izuku,” the blonde mother said, always having adored the sweet little boy. “And I know that the boys are going to get along really well!”

“Fat chance, bitch,” Katuski muttered under his breath, getting a smack upside his head from his mother.

“I am so grateful,” Ms. Midoryia said, Izuku coming inside with his backpack and suitcase. The boys were going to be stuck across the hall from each other all summer, his mother setting up the guestroom for Izuku and he gave a long and tearful goodbye to his mother, Katsuki sighing at how weak and useless he was.

“Fucking Deku, stuck with your punk bitch ass all summer,” he grumbled and returned to his room to play video games.


A few hours later, around lunchtime, Katsuki was in the middle of a nap when he was grabbed by his shirt and ripped from his bed.

His mother’s typical wake up call, he landed hard on the floor and looked up at her, “Fuck!”

“Hey, dipshit,” she said, towering over him as he sits up, “I need you to go to the store.”

“Why?” he demands, annoyed.

“Because I told you to,” she says, grabbing him by the shirt and forcing him to his feet, “Here’s the list and don’t get lost.”

His mother often sent him out of the house for hours at a time, giving him stupid jobs to do, a way to get him out of her way. But the pantry had been very empty for a few days and they were now entertaining the fucking loser, Deku, so it made sense that she actually wanted to have a meal or two in the house. He was about to protest when he thought better of it because his mom would making Deku go with him as punishment and he would rather set himself on fire than put up with that fucking nerd for the half hour it would take to buy the list.

So after swearing quite a lot, he grabbed his shoes and headed out into the summer sunshine. He looked at the list, written in his mother’s crappy handwriting and walked the two blocks to get to the grocery store. He was surprised, however, to find the place closed.

It was a local store, owned by the neighborhood Mr. Terrance, who had been living on the block since it was made in the 1920s, meaning he was old as balls and the guy sometimes didn’t open the store on a whim or would just close it to take a fucking nap. Basically he was useless and Katsuki was fucked. He had to take a train ride now to get where he was going. He went two stops down and texted his mother that he “fucking hated this bullshit errand and she sucks and needs to get another fucking grocer because Mr. Terrance is a fucking useless old shitbag.”

The boy got off at the right stop and ended up at the local market, much larger than he was used to. He had been by this place a few times but never really inside. He gripped the list and went into the front sliding doors and looked around. It was the middle of the day, so there were only old people and college students wandering around and getting their food.

He was starting to think that this whole bullshit errand was fucking Deku’s fault and he was getting angrier by the minute. Fuck him and fuck this. He turned to start heading out when he was stopped by a voice.

“Are you finding everything alright, sir?” a worker asks and now he’s trapped. He might hate people but he had fucking manners and goddammit, she was being fucking nice to him, though he hated it.

“Yeah, fine,” he barks and turns around, heading back into the store. The aisles are rather big and he looks at the list, realizing that he doesn’t know where to find any of these things.

“Fuck!” he mutters, looking around, now lost in the cookie aisle. He turns another corner and finds he is now in drinks and is confused as fuck. “Where the fuck is-”

“Excuse me,” a soft, sweet voice says and he turns around, ready to scream at the person, and stops short, staring down at a shorter young teenage girl, smiling up at him. He was in her way to getting a bottle of soda and he just stared at her. She was more than pretty, she was cute and gorgeous, her short red bob bouncing around as she stood there, carrying a very weighed down basket. She was dressed in a super cute bright yellow sundress and looked like she was out shopping for the day.

“Sorry, I just need,” she said, grabbing her drink and Katsuki has now finally realized he hasn’t said anything. He is just standing there like a fucking idiot, staring at this girl and unsure of what to do.

“Um, are you okay?” she asks, her smile starting to fade and genuine concern for his well being taking over. He really has no idea what is going on or why he is seized up but he can’t talk. Like. At all! Dammit, he thinks to himself, say something you bastard! Say something! He can’t he is just frozen, staring at her.

She looks at the list in his hand and wonders if maybe he’s lost.

“Oh!” she said, smiling brightly, “Are you trying to find something?” she asks and instead of saying anything he just reaches out, shoving the list into her face and she laughs a little, taking the crumpled paper from him. She looks through the list, and nods.

“I can help you!”


Katsuki has no idea why he has lost his ability to speak human words, but he hasn’t managed to lose his ability to walk and he follows the teenager around the store as she keeps picking things up and setting them into the basket she secures for him, talking a mile a minute about absolutely nothing. And yet he is completely engaged.

“And so I was telling my friend that I should probably think about going completely vegetarian, now that I am moving away from meat products, but she said that you still have to get protein somewhere, so I was like, trying to figure out what I should do,” she says, Katsuki not even sure she knows if he is listening or not, “And then I was over by the grocery store off of Monfort and wondered if they would have the bagels I liked but then I didn’t want to go that far just to get some bagels, but turns out that they carry them really close to where I live! That’s a great stroke of luck!”

Katsuki follows her through the entire store, listening to her and not saying a damn thing all of the way to check out.

She goes first, handing him back his list with everything in his basket accounted for and she buys her things, not stopping her half-hour long chat with him the entire time, now moved on to the importance of the nice weather that they had been having and that she was planning on going swimming later and the thought of her in a bathing suit was really appealing to Katskuki.

He paid for his items, not even speaking to the check-out clerk and grabbed his bags, following the girl out of the store.

“Oh, I didn’t even realize,” she said, turning to him and smiling, “My name is Ochako Uraraka, but everyone calls me Uravity, so you can too! I mean, if you could talk. But that’s okay!”

He doesn’t even have the ability to speak his own name before she laughs and waves.

“Bye, I’ll see you later!” she says with the world’s biggest smile on her face and he stares after her, watching her yellow dress disappear around a corner.


Katsuki gets home twenty minutes later, not speaking a word to anyone as he enters the house, finding his mother in the kitchen. He silently sets down the groceries, thinking about Uraraka, and his weird encounter with her.

“Ah, finally, you little idiot, I thought you were never going to make it back,” his mother teases and he just reaches into his pocket, gives her the change from her hundred and the list she’d given him without another word. She stares at him, expecting to be given an earful about how annoying it had been or how long it had taken, but he didn’t even look her in the eye, he just turned slowly, making his way upstairs and into his bedroom without a single syllable uttered.

“Okay… what the fuck…”


A/N: I am not going to be able to stop this, it is too amazing. I love the idea of Katsuki just being a little shit to his mother and her dishing it back out at him. Did they say what her name was?

libertadfemenina  asked:

Hi! I've been wanting to become a vegetarian for quite some time now, but I've ran into a slight problem. I don't really like any vegetables other than lettuce and I'm not a huge fruit person. Is there anything you would recommend me that would change that?

I’m posting this publically because I think it would be beneficial to others!

No worries, I’m the same way! I don’t like any veggies really and the only fruits I like are bananas, avocados, and tomatoes. There are plenty of other things you can eat as a vegetarian. You can have burritos and tacos, just don’t add meat. there are tons of fake meats for vegetarians at many supermarkets like whole foods, trader joes, vons, sprouts,  etc… You can have vegetarian hot dogs, hamburgers, even sloppy joes! You can make tons of different pastas, you can make rice bowls. And you can sneak in some chopped up veggies and you wont even notice! I like to add chopped up bell pepper, spinach, and green onion into my pastas because you wont even taste them but you still get the health benefits. if you go to the app or website “yummly” you can find tonsss of vegetarian meals. You don’t have to like all fruits and veggies to go vegetarian, now a days the options are endless. Hope that helps, and hope you make the change to go vegetarian, it’s the best decision I made. xoxo

anonymous asked:

You said your sister was always an animal lover if so why did she only go vegan/vegetarian now. She must've always known that beef is cow yet she still ate it. "but I didn't know that cows were treated so inhumanely" but no animal should die when they don't want to-right? this goes for you too

Give her a break lol she’s so little, I used to be a meat eater up until I was 17, she’s just 11 calm down eat a banana and be happy that at least some change is happening