go vegan animal rights

Vegans are very aware that not everyone can avoid all animal products, but we’re also aware that many people don’t even try. Even if you can’t eat vegan, could you be wearing plant based or synthetic fabrics instead of animal skins or wool? Could you reasonably avoid animal tested products? Could you eat vegan more often than you do now? We know that not everyone is in a position to eat 100% plant based and no good vegan will shame you for that. Please, just honestly ask yourself, could you be doing more?

All animals are somebody—someone with a life of their own. Behind those eyes is a story, the story of their life in their world as they experience it. In our culture, we have been encouraged to think of animals as things, as commodities. The great challenge lies in having a change of perception. The realization that they have a life of their own, independent of their utility to me or to anyone else: this is what I am trying to get at when I speak of them as being “subjects of a life.” In this sense, they are exactly like us, equal to us. — Tom Regan

Today’s lunch!! Rice noodles with avocado, roasted vegetables (carrot, pumpkin, broccoli, mushrooms, red and yellow capsicum, eggplant and red onion) and baked tofu marinated in tomato sauce, soy sauce and misc. spices So delicious 😩😩 Food can be incredibly delicious, fulfilling, nutritious and satiating without animal products, one of the best parts about going vegan is the newfound appreciation you develop for foods and dishes you wouldn’t have considered or given the chance as a non-vegan :) 

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