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Some Worldbuilding Thoughts

Recently, I had a fun conversation with @sansjoshiki, who sent us a question on anon but then followed up with my request for more information. (Thanks for doing that!) It’s exciting to be able to answer questions to the best of our ability because we have all the information! 

Anyway, a lot of the stuff I said was not specific to their world, and I think that some of you may enjoy and benefit from it, so here’s some general advice on putting worlds together and incorporating details into your stories!

So, having a single concept (or a few unrelated concepts) and building a world and story from it is completely doable, and can be a lot of fun! But it can also be totally overwhelming and difficult to decide just how much to build, what to focus on, and how to incorporate all of it. 

This process is easier if you have a plot or a character in mind, because you can use that as a lens to decide what parts of the world are important to focus on. For instance, if your character is royalty, do they care how the peasants get water? Will that factoid ever show up? Probably not. With that in mind, it’s fine to have no detail or vaguery in regards to things that aren’t relevant, so don’t strain yourself trying to explain every little thing.

Using guides to help you come up with your world can be extremely helpful to cover all the relevant bases, but no guide will ever match exactly what you need for your story in particular. I think that possibly the best thing for you to do is to start thinking about your character and/or plot. If you don’t have a plot, think about elements in the world that are especially interesting to you and contemplate ways to get those involved in your plot. If you do have a plot, then start thinking about particular aspects of your world that will definitely be involved. If your plot/character(s) are involved with the government, you’ll need to have a pretty solid idea of how that government functions, but if not, that’s a detail you can probably gloss over with only basic details.

If your plot is detailed, start thinking of particular scenes that you want to write in it. For instance, if you want a scene to take place in a store or market, you’ll need to think about how that’s laid out. Is there just one store that sells almost everything? Do most shops specify? Is there an open-forum market with lots of small vendors, or large department stores? How does the currency work? (Actually, “how does the currency work” is a question you should probably answer regardless of whether economics will be a focus, unless the average person on your world doesn’t use currency).

With this in mind, build the parts of the world that pertain to a scene until you can get a sense of what it would be like to be there. Think about real-world situations that are similar; what does it feel like to be in a government building? In a bank? In a convenience store? In a high-priced and specialized boutique? On a farm? How would these things change based on the ways your world works? For instance, if your world no longer employs people to run cash registers and instead uses something like Walmart’s self-checkout, how does that change the experience of going to the store?

Once you have a basic sense for the scene, start writing! You don’t need to know every detail by this step; in fact, don’t try to know every detail. Just place yourself with your character in the scene, and think about what you’d notice and what’s important.

However, be careful about glossing over “unimportant” things, or at least keep in mind that you did. If a detail is irrelevant in an early scene, but then becomes important later, you don’t want to contradict what you’ve said before. I’m guilty of this; I write along willy-nilly, and sometimes when I’m rereading, I realized that a detail I develop well in chapter 5 is contradicted by something I handwaved in chapter 2. This is fixable, of course, but you might save yourself a little headache by thinking about it beforehand. Having to rewrite what used to be the perfect scene because one detail changes everything is annoying.

Also, don’t be tempted to start from the very beginning with this method of worldbuilding a single scene; think of scenes that are critical to your story and what they’ll entail, and work backwards to the ones that are less critical.

Ultimately, don’t forget that worldbuilding shouldn’t get wholly in the way of your writing. It can be lots of fun and create a great story, but if you find yourself never starting because you don’t have all the details in place, relax.

Sometimes, “Just start writing” can be the best thing when you’re stuck with worldbuilding. If a detail is needed to make the story work, or to make the world believable, you’ll realize that as you go, and then you can pause, figure it out, and then carry on.

As for putting an adequate amount of world detail in, we’ve done a few posts about that in past. I’ll say a few words about that:

Putting detail in can be tricky, because you know all these things about your world and many of them might be working together to create a scene. However, you don’t want to annoy or bore your reader, so you have to limit yourself. Having a beta reader can be great for that, because they can let you know when you have too much or too little detail. Personally, I think that erring on the side of too little and then having your beta reader tell you so is best. If you’re confusing your readers, you’ll need to put more detail in, but people are less likely to tell you when you have too much detail. Try to keep in mind what’s essential for the world, and also what’s abnormal. Your character isn’t likely to be thinking about how the space-age toilet works (unless they work in the sci-fi equivalent of plumbing), and even though knowing what happens to the waste can be important to the author, it is unlikely to come up in a story. Put yourself in that situation, remind yourself that everything you’ve built is the norm for that world, and then think about what you’d actually notice.

If you have abnormal things going on, those are easier to explain and make it make sense that you are explaining them. This can also be used to show what the norm is: “Instead of just going into the vaporizer like it always did, [character]’s urine was sitting in the receptacle, making the bathroom smell bad.” Bam, now we know that toilets have vaporizers and that this one is malfunctioning.

Thanks for reading, and happy building! -Werew

Day Thirteen

-A woman came through wearing a shirt that said, “Camp Wheretheheckrwe”. Finally, a brand of comedy that I can relate to.

-A manager made me a Starbucks Pink Drink. I can see why this drink’s popularity caused a shortage in coconut milk. It tasted like liquid flowers, but with less chlorophyll. 

-A girl dressed in all pink, tutu, shoes, bow, and all, attempted to make an escape. She unbuckled herself and stood up in the toddler seat, and attempted to jump the bar and get out, before her handler placed her back in confinement, much to her chagrin and dismay.

-While in the bathroom, a man’s phone began to ring. With no warning, Lorde’s “Royals” was suddenly blaring throughout the room. He then started angrily yelling at his phone, “ANSWER! ANSWER!” Shockingly, this did not work, and the song was still playing as I left.

-A boy decided to act out, but wisely wanted to avoid any actual repercussions. While unloading the cart, he would wind up as he removed each item, as if he were going to throw it angrily onto the conveyor belt, then at the last moment gently place it down. I feel a deep sense of comradery and understanding for this boy.

-I have made the realization that after the age of seventy, people only carry around either hundred dollar bills, or pockets full of unreasonable amounts of loose change. I do not know yet the significance of this discovery, but I will crack the Elder Code one day.

-As a little girl was waiting in line, I heard her cheerfully exclaim that she has no gum, while pointing at the chewing gum rack. She was not asking for gum. She was not complaining about not having gum. She just decided to gleefully announce to everyone in the vicinity that, at the time, she did not have any gum in her possession. 

-I then caused an existential crisis in this same girl. I handed her a sticker. Her face was filled with a sense of terror at the responsibility I had just given her. She could not decide where to place it. She was thoroughly shaken by this. I eventually handed her a second sticker so that she would not have to make such a weighty decision on such short notice. This solved the dilemma immediately.

-I have discovered the ultimate form of pure confusion, and that is children not understanding how stickers work and attempting to stick wax paper to their foreheads. It is truly a marvel to behold.

-A woman ominously wandered the front of the store, repeating to herself, “I should have known better. I should have known better. I should have known better.” My shift ended before I was able to ascertain whether or not she had reason to have known better. I remain confident that she did her best.

-An old man with a gun strapped to his hip was wearing a shirt that read, “Ditch The Paper, Go For Vapor.” It is reassuring to know that, in this life, some things may come and go, but the vape life is forever.

Rain falls from the sky and joins heaven and earth. In this way, heaven bestows our rivers, streams, lakes, forests, crops, and our wells. Heaven and earth truly give us everything, and much of that is by means of water.

Water can go from ice to liquid to steam. It can go from vapor to clouds. Everything with water is about circles.

A drop is a circle. A puddle is a circle. Eddies in a stream turn in circles. Ripples are circles. Waves are circles. We know rain is part of the water cycle and thus its destiny is a circle to be renewed endlessly.

When you go out in the rain, heaven blesses you, cleanses you, purifies you, nurtures you. When the rain touches you, heaven touches you—and all the while, you stand on the earth that supports you and feeds you and is the setting for every moment of your life.

Rain. Welcome it. After all, it gives you your home.

—  Deng Ming-Dao
Tools and Things

Pairing: Bruce Banner x Reader

Request: Anon. asked: Ooh can you do a Bruce Banner fic with prompt 38? Thank you

Prompt #38: You are such a nerd.

Warnings: Nothing, just pure fluff, and adorableness. (I felt like Brucie needs some happiness)

Word count: 1102

Summary: Reader comes home from a three-month mission as a field medic, healing the Avengers in action, when needed. It’s nearly Christmas, so the pair wants to spend as much time together as possible before the reader has to leave again. 

A/N: I actually had a lot of fun writing this one. It’s kind of unusual, but I love it.
The setting is in winter, mostly because that’s my favorite season and I’m really hating the heat right now. (Lollllll I’m dying)

/////Let me know if you want to be tagged in my work!

“You’ll never catch me!” I shout breathlessly, running through the halls of the base in fuzzy socks and pajamas. Bruce trails behind, struggling to maintain a fast pace with his new pair of socks. I slide just in time to round a corner, fumbling slightly. A thud and a groan catch my attention. Slowing to a stop and looking back, I find Bruce on his side, pushing himself back up. 

I’m hunched over, hair in my face and hands on my knees when a wave of giggles erupt. He looks up eyes wide and smirking. I immediately put a hand to my mouth to cover the snickering.
“Are you laughing at me?” He chuckles as he gets to his feet once again, his eyes meeting mine from across the hall. 

I shake my head, desperately trying to control myself.

“Come here, you,” he starts running towards me. It takes a minute to process what’s happening, and then I take off in the other direction, running into the lounge area. 

Laughter and squeals echo throughout, drawing some attention from a certain captain and his bird friend. 

“Are they always like this?” Sam asks, taking a sip of his coffee as he watches the pair of us chasing each other and jumping over the couches, only to trip over something and scramble back to our feet again. 

“Only around the holidays,” Cap sighs, as he too, take a sip of his coffee. 

Suddenly, the science geek’s feet slide out from under him as he attempts to round the side of the couch to grab me. I take that as an opportunity to hurry up the stairs, taking a quick glance out the windows at the gentle falling snow, before sprinting up the last set, Bruce quickly catching up. 

Through laughter and panting, I run through the level, Bruce nearly close enough to tackle me. I act fast, putting my hand on the nearest door frame and pulling myself in when Bruce goes sliding past. I hurry into the room, just realizing where we had ended up; the lab. 

Tony stands in front of a projected computer screen almost as tall as the room itself. He turns his upper half to catch me gliding towards the work station in the middle of the room. I close my eyes, breathing heavily, placing my hands down on its surface. My hair falling over my face as I chuckle slightly. Tony, still bewildered, opens his mouth to say something when Bruce comes rushing in, stopping in his tracks when he meets his friend’s eyes. 

“Come on, (y/n), I’m going to get you eventu-….heyyy Tony,” He scratches his neck awkwardly. 

“What- what’s up?” He stutters, shifting his eyes from the billionaire’s to mine and back again. 

“I could ask you the same thing, Banner,” Tony crosses his arms, smirking at the two of us while I’m patting my hair down and straightening my t-shirt out.

“We were just uh,” He looks away, not knowing what to say. 

“It’s all good Green Giant, I have security cameras, remember?” Tony points out, grinning. Bruce just looks away, his face turning a slight shade of red. I tuck my hair behind my ear, playing with the strings on my plaid shorts.

“And well, as for what I’m doing, I’m working on the project we were supposed to be working on today,” Tony turns around, waving his hands in front of the holographic screen, causing some formulas and equations to appear.

The Avenger steps forward, analyzing the data intently before turning to Tony, confused.

“But I thought you said we would start tomorrow, not today.”

Tony smiles, reaching out to pat Bruce’s shoulder, before leaning in slightly to look him in the eye, “I did,” he shrugs, “because it’s not every day she gets to come home,” Tony gestures towards my oblivious self, messing with some tools lying out. “So I figured you should enjoy your time with her before she has to go on her mission after the holidays.” 

Bruce glances over at me, smiling in adoration as I meddle with some of the contraptions. He looks back at Tony, “Thank you,” Bruce mutters.

“Hey, Tony?” I interrupt. Tony gives Bruce one last pat before making his way across the room to me. 

“What’s this?” I inquire when he reaches me, holding up a moderately sized metal object.

“Oh, don’t mess with that. It’s unstable…” Bruce rushes over to take the object from my hands, gently setting it down out of my reach. Tony snickers, putting his hand on his forehead. 

“Why, what is it?” I ask, suddenly intrigued.

“It’s a bomb that you should not be messing with,”  Bruce shoots me a glare, which causes Tony to burst out laughing. 

“Bruce, Bruce, that bomb is deactivated it’s not going to do anything,” Tony tries to reassure his friend, but it doesn’t work. 

“Tony, it’s a prototype bomb. We don’t want it going off and vaporizing everything within a sixty-mile radius.”

“The palladium charge was cut when we started tinkering with it. It can’t go off unless somebody decides it’s a good idea to shoot it.”

Here I sit, in a lab with a bomb, and a pair of science geeks arguing. I’m home after being on a long mission, it’s nearly Christmas, and it’s snowing. Life cannot get any better than this. 

“Well I’m going to have to stop you two there, may I remind you that I am a medical officer. I don’t understand all of these scientific terms,” I cross my arms and lean my hip against the surface, letting a grin makes its way across my lips. 

“And I obviously don’t know what half of these tools and things are,” I gesture to the work area, parts and components scattered along its surface. 

Tools and things? This,” Bruce holds up a computer chip, laced with hexagons. “is a backup drive for F.R.I.D.A.Y. And this is a more efficient palladium reactor that can power one of Tony’s suits,” He points out, getting lost in his little world of technology. He only stops when I wrap my arms around his neck, looking into his brown eyes.

“You are such a nerd,” I say simply before placing a chaste kiss on his cheek. 

“Aw, this one’s going in the family album.” Tony stands behind us, tucking his phone in his pocket. 

I laugh before turning back to Bruce, “I’m going to make some hot chocolate, do you want some?” 

He nods and follows me out the door before turning to Tony and mouthing another “Thank you.”

“Margaret.. is it me or.. was this guy watching us the moment he stepped in?”

I’m never doing lineless work again. @___@ Took me all my night and noon to finish it.

Richard and Margaret belongs to @inverted-mind-inc / @ask-the-nightshift (including herself!)

Community Appreciation Week 2017 – Day 5

↳ Favorite Quote: The Psychology of Letting Go, S2E3

I’m not vaporized. I’m gone, Pierce…gone forever, and that’s how I like it. Life is only worth a damn because it’s short. It’s designed to be consumed, used, spent, lived, felt. We’re supposed to fill it with every mistake and miracle we can manage, and then we’re supposed to let go. I can’t force you to do that for yourself, Pierce, but you can’t force me to stay…and if you unscrew the top of that stupid thing, you’ll see it was made in China. I love you, son. Goodbye.

first time for everything - bestfriend!michael one shot

pairing: michael + y/n

word count: 1773

summary: you and michael are best friends and decide to get high in his tree house where you two used to hang out when you were kids. 

a/n: sorry if you don’t like stoner!5sos but i seem to love that concept. (it’s an obvious trend in my writing lmao) but i hope you guys enjoy! also, i’ve been posting shorter one shots lately since i started a full length calum fic which you can find here


The autumn air engulfed you completely, chilling you to your bones until you were shivering despite the amount of layers that adorned your body. The wind blew your hair back from your face and kissed at your skin, leaving it tingling from the cold, raw and frozen. You could hear the leaves crunching beneath your feet as you trudged through his backyard. You were making your way through the trees out of blind memorization in the darkness. Having traveled this route many times before, you knew your way around just as well as you used to - although that was when you were a ten year old girl with scraped knees and a complete infatuation with your next door neighbor Michael.

And back then, you had spent almost too much time cooped up in his tree house together, exchanging scary stories while sharing a bag of Goldfish. It was your go-to hiding place, your presence permitted despite Mikey’s “no girls allowed” rule. You were always an exception in his mind, and it was still that way even after all these years.

But now, you were stood by the tree’s roots that cut through the ground beneath your boots, staring upward into its daunting branches with a bag of blunts tucked into one pocket and a lighter in the other. Time had gone by and things had changed (clearly) but you and Michael always stayed the same, it seemed. He was a constant in your life, despite the hectic high school years where the two of you had occasionally lost touch. The loss of contact was never truly permanent, hence the reason why he requested you to meet him in the old hiding place.

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I’m starting to think that maybe I should go back to one of my old urban fantasy ideas…

The one where magic and magical beings are still pretty underground, but those who know about it or practice magic can manipulate common urban things to their advantage

Like there’s an app store where you can download spells or look up magical news

There are websites that can only be accessed by magic users through magic, these websites are a part of World Wide Wyrd Web

And there’s a certain phone service number you can call to contact the spirits of the deceased, just dial 1-800-S-O-U-L 

And if you’re on the train or jogging and you’re listening to the radio on your headphones, there’s a special charm that pauses the music and updates you with news about local potion experiments gone awry and if the vapors are going to be any trouble and let you know of sudden route changes due to a dryad who means well but just has had enough with all that asphalt and has caused some traffic congestion.

anonymous asked:

kandreil : Neil a little anxious for not being enough, needed by Kevin & Andrew. And the guys showing him he's wrong (as always ;) )

•its not that Neil doesn’t think he’s enough, Neil doesn’t know how to be enough. He doesn’t know how to be too little or too much. Neil doesn’t know how to be

•Neil Josten is a ghost of a person, he is a smoke screen, try touching him, and your hand might just go through him like vapor

•and he’s got these two men and they’re all a little fucked up in their own ways

•some days, Kevin can make Neil feel like he’s hung the sun

•and other days Andrew looks at him with just the right amount of indifference to make Neil feel lightheaded

•but there are days when Neil’s heart feels so full and it terrifies him

•what did he ever do? how did he get here? How does he possibly deserve this? Maybe it’s all in his head? and all of these thoughts inevitably come to Maybe it would be best if he left.

•But Andrew can always see the flight instincts in his eyes

•and Kevin feels it in Neil’s thin, jumpy fingers

•and Kevin will pull him into his lap and run his hands through Neil’s flaming hair

•Andrew will light a cigarette and his eyes will smolder at Neil brighter than the burning tobacco he’s inhaling

•He’ll come right in front of Neil, look him in the eyes

•”You are so good.” and “You are not going anywhere.”

•and with that, he leaves the rest to Kevin because Andrew can’t stand to be touched when there is so much need

•but Kevin will nuzzle Neil’s head into his neck

•Kevin Day has been beaten so often but his hands never forgot how to be soft

•He turns Neil into a melting puddle of golden sunshine

•and Neil has never felt so warm and content and full and grounded

•and Kevin has Neil seeing stars

•and all Neil can hear over and over as he struggles to breath because every bone of his is on fire in the best possible way is

•”You are good. You are wanted. You are here.”