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Valentina is anti-black as hell. First we have the issue of her stigmatizing Shea as the ABC (angry black chick.) Through years of systematic racism and stereotyping, any black person calling you on your shit, is automatically seen (by ignorant people) as the aggressor, whether they’re calm or not. Even though we could easily see that Valentina was actually the one upset but through her prejudice, she could only see Shea’s truth as aggression and anger-fueled speech. You get it? Simple. So that’s that on that but THEN we discovered the fact that Valentina lied to Nina about “protecting” her from her fans and later went to Shea basically boasting about how nice that was of her. That was unnecessary. Unless you’re a wolf in sheep’s clothing trying to seem like an ally. Shea didn’t need to know what conversation you specifically had with Nina, who just so happens to be one of the only other black queens. You didn’t need to tell Nina you would “protect” her. Just do it. Being a decent person is not deserving of some type of reward.

I’ll say it once again, Valentina is intelligent af, she knows there’s a drag race outside the show and you have to form a fanbase to last out there; she’s avoiding drama, she’s staying calm, minding her business, doing her thing the best she can… even if you don’t like her, you gotta admire her, many queens would’ve cracked by now, she knows what she’s doing. Bitch came P-R-E-P-A-R-E D - that’s a kid that’s going far. 

Y’all are whining about how this isn’t RuPaul’s Best Lipsync race and how she unfairly disregarded the entire run of the show/challenge wins for a “crappy” lipsync but literally the whole show has had queens skidding through the competition on the bottom and making it far because of their killer lipsync skills (Jujubee, Dida Ritz, Coco Montrese, Trinity K. Bonnet, Kandy Ho, Jaydinn Diore)  and queens with excellent track records getting eliminated on their first stumble for poor lipsyncs (Ongina, Jessica Wild, Milk, MAX, Thorgy, Valentina) but NOW you’re whining about the lipsync system being unfair and rigged? Girl bye

Conspiracy Theory: RPDR

Okay, so Willam Belli “supposedly​” tells people when he’s drunk about how RuPaul’s Drag Race really works. Every single person who has claimed this has also told the same story, so this may be the T. The show is hella rigged. Ru picks out favorites from the beginning and he usually sees them until the end. Sometimes things don’t go as planned, but shit happens. It’s all about what people like.

Let’s take this back to Season 4, the shadiest season ever, hands down. Willam has said multiple times that he was only supposed to be on for one or two episodes, so he started breaking rules. I believe that because when you look at Willam’s schedule, it matches what he says. Drag Race contestants aren’t allowed to really have contact with the outside world, so he wouldn’t be able to do shows. Here’s the thing, Willam quickly became a crowd pleaser. Everyone loves Willam (except Ru, but I’ll go into that in a minute). Because of that, he stays on way longer than he’s supposed to, already screwing up Ru’s vision. Ru already had a vision for the top three. Phi Phi O'Hara (who would never win, because no one likes her, but she balanced the scales), Chad Michael’s (who already had a successful career and would look great as the face of RPDR), and Sharon Needles (dark, different, quick witted, crowd pleaser, and would do as she was told, which she did). Suddenly Ru’s world was being turned upside down. Willam had a chance at winning. Willam would never listen to Ru and would totally be too rebellious for the RPDR brand. So, conveniently, when two of Ru’s three were in the bottom, Willam was disqualified finally, saving Phi Phi from elimination (because Sharon did way better at the lip sync).

Now, let’s go into double elimination territory. When there is a double elimination (which is only twice), that would mean one less episode for the show. That’s not happening though. Ru gets paid per episode. So, someone always comes back. That someone will always be a Ru favorite, not a fan favorite. Not only does this mean Ru has another shot at having a favorite win, but it means she still gets paid. Also, every double elimination has involved girls she didn’t like, so…

Another thing is the Alyssa vs Tatianna​ lip sync “for your legacy” in All Stars. Ru gets to see the lip sticks each girl chooses before the filming of the show starts. This makes it so that she knows who to pick in order to eliminate. Both Alyssa and Tatianna had picked Phi Phi O'Hara. If one of them had chosen Roxy Andrews, they wouldn’t have won. However, they both chose Phi Phi, which also made it so that another episode could be filmed, which means more money for Ru.

Now, let’s go to Season 9. Valentina was just eliminated after a series of screw ups on the episode. Ru was not happy, and even went as far as to tell her she THOUGHT Valentina could win. Valentina was both a Ru favorite and a crowd pleaser. Valentina was new to drag and definitely would do what she was told. Valentina was supposed to win Season 9, and Ru’s face shows it all. However, she fucked up too badly and everyone would’ve known that Ru was playing favorites if she stayed, so that’s the end of it. Now Ru has to pick a new winner, and I’m eager to see that.

Basically, Drag Race is rigged to a degree.

Dear Rude Drag Race Stans

I wish that the voting methods for All Stars 2 and Season 9 were reversed. I really do.

Because I do not trust some of y’all so-called “fans” of the show.

Some of you Val stans are just truly sickening. Not in a good way, either. Wishing death to those who think that Peppermint should be Miss Congeniality? That’s low. 

And it should be called out.

The asks that were sent to some Drag Race fan blogs were just disgusting and sad (i.e., calling people transphobic slurs, telling people to “drink bleach,” etc). And this is simply over them thinking that Valentina should not be Miss Congeniality, which is an opinion that they are entitled to.

We, as a fan community, need to be respectful of each other. Not hateful. Isn’t RuPaul’s Drag Race supposed to be about love and community and respect?

Well, some of y’all are showing your true colours. And in the words of Latrice Royale:

So, please stop. 

Reevaluate yourself. 

P.S. To the person who keeps telling folks to “drink bleach” and kill themselves (and calling people transphobic slurs), you know who you are. Valentina doesn’t even pay your bills, so stop being nasty and extra. You are not cute.


I’m actually crying, I started chatting with @shrug-viper less than a week ago and they made this for me just to be nice, like I can’t even function right now, I’m just deeply, deeply touched by this gift. I love how light and pure it feels, I don’t even have words to describe how happy this makes me. 

Thank you so much and thank you for using my really dumb URL pun as inspiration. You’re a legend and I love you. 

I think what valentina did was really unprofessional, but also really disrespectful towards Nina. Did she really think of herself so highly that she thought she could win without knowing the words? I’m honestly more dissapointed than sad. I thought higher of her, and even though her scripted cute personality started to annoy me in the last couple of episodes, I really do belive she is talented enough to have won that lsfyl if she would have prepared properly. What a shame.

my favorite moments of rpdr9 this far

-Jaymes Mansfield’s fucking flip on the cheer challenge

-Aja going off on Valentina

-Any acting Trinity has done (minus the roast)

-Shea trying to look out for Nina

-Shea and Sasha’s pure chemistry

-Farrah Moan’s ugly cry when Eureka goes home

-Princess Banana Girl