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Pensai di andarmene. Di non dire niente a nessuno, andare alla stazione e prendere il primo treno. Scappare senza lasciare traccia, abbandonare tutto e tutti. Non avrei detto a nessuno dove sarei andata, nemmeno a mia madre. Non mi avrebbero mai più ritrovata.
Una Fantasia - my webcomic

I was wondering if anyone could direct me to a good web comic theme? Because I’m gonna need it when I make “Una Fantasia”!! I’ve had this idea in my head for a long while now and decided it’ll be really fun!

For those who don’t know, Una Fantasia is a story I’ve created about a caring and reckless Mexican ballerina girl who stumbles upon another dimension made up of mankind’s imagination AKA their imaginary friends (lets just shorten them to I.F’s)

The catch being that I.F’s will not stay the same and will gain independence once their creator stops thinking about them/stops writing their story. They’re just like real people & change over time, except they’re often weirder & know for a fact that they can be broken down as just someone else’s thoughts, but they’ve mostly accepted this by now. Although, some I.F’s who have had a terrible life might hate creators for they think it’s their fault bad things have happened to them. Often, they are at the mercy of what their creator’s think would be interesting in a character. (Lets be real we love giving our ocs angst & if they were real they’d probably hate us). Creators don’t know they might be actually be hurting someone with their actions though.

Creators & I.F will usually never meet. The only way an I.F and creator would both recognize eachother was if the I.F stayed at least somewhat in their original phase, the creator imagined interacting with them so the I.F knows they’ve met before, and the creator too didn’t change their appearance much. But the chances of that are almost zero since, first of all, it’s transcending dimensions.

The main character is Valentina(left.) Also, Trace(middle) and Anahi(right), two magical electric ex-princesses who got kicked out from their sky kingdom after their creator accidentally killed off their parents and left them to be independent right after.

Trace and Anahi were created by Valentina(some drama coming from this).

Trace and Anahi are a prime example of I.F’s who changed dramatically from their original phase. Starting with how they aren’t sisters anymore, they are siblings now. It’s a very important distinction since Trace changed their gender identity from female to agender, only use they/them pronouns and chose the name “Trace’ for themselves. They are both ruthless warriors with less than perfect morals and make money by guarding the portal from Earth to their dimension and making sure humans get sent back. They don’t actually do their job. It’s pointless since humans rarely pass through and fighting nightmares (monsters humans imagined) is a lot more fun. Most of the things they own, including their outfits, are stolen back from their ex-kingdom anyway, which Anahi is very good at.

Together, they ensure their home is safe from nightmares with the support of their loving creator, Valentina, who more of her I.Fs will get introduced later!

Here’s a messy-ish doodle of them with some spark bunnies! That’s all for now! I’m way too excited to start this aaAAAAH

parkingsons  asked:

❛ better get your dad jokes ready. ❜

Brent was quick to place a finger over his lips when Valentina entered the room after a soft knock, gesturing toward the bed with his head. Barbara was finally sleeping for the first time since she had been fully dilated and the nurse would be coming in with Beau to nurse in a couple of hours. He wanted her to get as much rest as she could in the meantime. He stood from the chair and helped his sister place the various gifts that she was carrying onto the counter. Leave it to Valentina to come bearing teddy bears, balloons, flowers and a large box of chocolates. It was a wonder that she had been able to carry it all up to the Labor and Delivery Unit. 

Beckoning his sister to follow him back into the hallway of the maternity ward, he spoke once he had carefully shut the door. “The baby’s in the intensive care nursery.” Before Valentina could fret too much, he assured, “He’s fine, but there was a bit of abnormality with his heart rate so they wanted to keep an eye on his vitals for the first 24 hours.” The new parents had been assured that it was nothing to be too concerned about and that after that period, he could stay in the room with them in a warmer until Barbara and the baby were released to go home. 

He had only made a handful of calls once the baby was born. One to Valentina, another to Ruben, and then the rest to his cousins that he knew would want to hear the announcement from him. “We can go see him, if you want, since it’s still visiting hours.”

Valentina quirked up a brow, shining grin in place. “Is that even a question? What are we wasting time for?”  

Nodding as an acquiesce, Brent started down the path to the nursery. He was tired and ought to try and sleep himself, but there was a swell in his chest cavity that expanded throughout him, an adrenaline that was keeping him awake and aware of the enormity of it all. 

Waving his wrist over the sensor in front of the nursery’s door, his identification band was recognized and the lock clicked. Once they were inside, Brent headed straight to the sink to began washing his arms all the way up to his elbows. He waited for Valentina to do the same before he guided her over to a corner of the room. There were units lined up all along the room, newborns that were being fed or having routine tests run on. The one in front of them was sleeping, a light shining on him to keep him warm, swaddled up tight in a blue blanket. “Valentina,” His gaze kept focused on the baby as he spoke quietly to his sister, finding it difficult to tear his attention away. “I’d like you to meet Beau.”

“Beau?” Valentina repeated as she peered into the warmer, awe coloring her tone. 

“Mm. Barbara wanted to stick to the B scheme. Beau Griffiths.” It was a nice sounding name, pleasant in his mouth when he spoke it. There was none of the harshness that existed in Brent’s own name. It was fitting for the softer upbringing that Brent wished to provide for his son. Severing him from the Nott name was a good decision. It didn’t make Beau any less his son any more than Brent bearing Richard’s name in both his middle and last name had made Richard his father. It went beyond biology, Brent was beginning to learn. From this day forward, Brent had already made the decision that he wold only call Richard Nott by his name, not by Father as he had all his life. Richard was not deserving of the title and Brent couldn’t know if he was yet either, but if the first gift he could present his son with was freedom from expectation then he could only hope he was off to a decent start. 

Brent reached into the pod, gingerly lifting up the baby and positioning him so that his head was in the being supported by the crook of his arm. He then turned to Valentina in indication that he could pass Beau off to her. 

“He’s so small,” Valentina commented before opening up her arms, Brent settling the baby against her. As his sister began to cradle the baby and coo at him, Brent’s shoulders sagged with an ease that he hadn’t expected to wash over him. There was still a trace of apprehension, of uncertainty, but he wasn’t alone. 

He had a family. Small as it may be, its significance outweighed any other aspect of his life, far beyond his incoming N.E.W.T. scores that would determine his future career pursuits. 

“You and I are going to be best buds,” Valentina assured her nephew, little eyelids fluttering open and a tiny arm stretching outward, mouth opening up in a yawn. There was a fluttering, then, that bubbled out of Brent’s own mouth in a fond chuckle. “And I’m going to spoil you so hard and I’ll read you all the best books…” 

As his sister prattled on to the newborn who couldn’t even begin to comprehend what she was saying, Brent’s visage softened and he swallowed thickly. The future seemed to stretch in front of him in that instance, bright and hopeful. 

Valentina turned her eyes to her brother with a devious smile. “Better get your dad jokes ready.”

He was far from known for his humor and they both knew it. “I think I’ll leave those to you. You will be his favorite aunt, after all. It only seems fitting that you make him laugh.” 


DATE AND TIME: January 24th at 01:29am
LOCATION: Streets in the heart of Montague Territory
CLOSED: @valentina-rising

Marcelo had noticed Valentina early in the night, and they had gone so far as to begin stepping towards her before thinking twice about it. There was always an opportunity for training, so why not follow? Why not track until she noticed them? They had never interacted with her when she wasn’t aware that she was under scrutiny, and it would give insight into just how well the girl was guarding her own life. 

They followed her from the library to the streets, subtly moving closer with each block they transversed. Finally, they caught up to her, and as she turned a corner, they reached out and pressed her against the wall. 

“You really ought to be more aware when you’re walking alone at night, tesoro. You never know who might be behind you.”


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