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You’re Writing Romance Wrong? How To Tell, And How To Fix It.

Why Your Romance Isn’t Reaching Your readers.

There are a few ins and outs to writing romance, and usually, there’s a problem fan fiction and novel writers run into- and that’s that none of their readers connect with the romance the same way they do- or they simply don’t know why the romance is working. Here are all the common pitfalls to watch out for the next time you approach a keyboard or notebook with romance on the mind.

We Need To Know the characters As Individuals

You can’t have a romance between two characters that have no personality. If we don’t understand them as individuals, both you and the reader how are we ever going to be convinced that the romance is interesting at all? The one determining factor of a romance novel, shipping fanfiction, or a romantic subplot is that your reader becomes invested or hooked. If they don’t care about the character then they won’t care about the romance. Would you care about Veronica’s love for J.D in Heathers if he was a blank slate deadpan? Would fangirls claw over Mr.Darcy like they do if he wasn’t as witty or funny, and was nothing but a nice piece of ass? THe more we care about the two characters no their own, the more excited we become when they get together. You cannot Start the romance in chapter one- because then our brain immediately is interested. If I just met this character, and he’s already asking for a stranger’s piece of ass? I’m still not in a position yet to trust his opinion. I don’t know why (s)he’s doing that! People first, sex toys and makeout sessions later.

Make Them Like Each Other!

This one is clear, but I see all the time happening. If you have a bad boy character- or a bitchy woman- or an insane off the hook kinda guy ( which can be some of the best written characters if you do it right) They can’t abuse their partner. Unless it’s intentional- your characters have to care about one another. Playful teasing goes a long way, but you know what goes even further? Little acts of kindness. Simply with this following sentence, that you can insert ANYWHERE:

“Hey, did you empty the dishwasher?” “Yeah, I heard it finish up and saved you the trouble.”

You can see that they care about each other’s well being, but more importantly it shows that they’ve made a habit out of that kind of affection. Whether or not they are together when they say that line, you know what’s happening. You can have love without sex, you can have sex without love. BUT if you want a relationship to be portrayed as healthy you can’t have the broody character lashing out at their partner every chapter. If all they ever do is fight, no matter how compelling, it’s a relationship the audience will root against, rather than for if you make a habit of it.

They Need To Share The Same Amount Of Vices And Virtues

So, you have an ugly werewolf and a pleading popular girl falling for each other. The werewolf boy is ugly and foul- but he has a kind heart under that thick skin. He’s rude and cruel and turns into a werewolf, he assaults people and talks down to the girl who loves him- trying to despise her. THe girl is self-sufficient, popular, smart, and never needs any help ever.

why does this not work?

Because one character is perfect and has all the strengths and all the good things in life, but the other has nothing but problems.

Take a brief moment right now and list off the strengths and Weaknesses of your characters (This is important in the next point too) and count them up. If a character has more than a ⅔ to the other in virtues OR vices, You might need to adjust that. Most people on the planet have the same amount of good qualities as bad. That’s being human.

They Should Compliment One Another

Still, have that list from 30 seconds ago? Good. Most people write romances like this, They are identical and share all of their interests and passion, or their total opposites. Now, there’s an important distinction to make here. Identical characters ARE PISS FUCKING BORING and aren’t remotely realistic. They should be similar. Similar. Not identical. And Opposites are incompatible. However. Opposites are unhealthy and will not work, complimentary characters do. Again, this is an important distinction to make.

Complementary characters are ideal. They cover one another’s weaknesses. Look at the chart you just made, even if you didn’t write your characters to be different, even if they are similar, look at the list.

Do you see different strengths and weaknesses there?

THat’s all you need. If your characters have different good and bad traits, and the overflow of positive traits for one character can cover the bases of another, that’s a good dynamic. Having an impulsive character helping a hardass planner loosen up a bit, or having a happy go lucky character held to responsibility by the other. People who work together.

They Have Boundaries

This is something I see missing from a lot of fanfiction. People who don’t have editors, or in fandoms that are so engrossed in other content about a couple that you lose your own work in a reader’s expectations. Writing a couple that people have already probably seen porn of is weird- but getting to a milestone is way more satisfying if you tease it for a bit- and bonus points, it’s way more realistic. And realistic writing is engrossing writing. It makes it seem, well, more real. Less in your head.

They Need To Work Together

Couples shouldn’t be fighting all the time. They need to have actual teamwork. The real word gives us piles of shit all the time. We consult friends, we rant, we ask for help all the time. It’s a human thing to do- but ideally, this lover should be the first person your character goes to with their issues. They need to be able to support and collaborate. But everybody does it in different ways, maybe your quiet character lets a lot of his support left unsaid and shows more by doing. Maybe one can’t offer the best advice but tries their best for support. Guidance, advice, and support are all different ways of helping- and maybe your characters can’t do one or two of those. It can be problematic, but that happens in the real world.

How They Meet?

This is so, so important. What history do these two have together, if any? If they don’t have history together, what romances have they had in the past- have and how did those end?

Only under VERY rare circumstance do characters not date until they meet ‘the one’ Marina and the Diamonds once said: “every boyfriend is the one until otherwise proven.”

How does their romantic history affect them? Do they talk about it? Does the other character understand those boundaries?


I’m not talking about Characters not working. I strongly believe that the right writer can make any two characters have the ideal dynamic. This is all about the writer. If the characters hold hands in chapter one? Slow down, I need to get invested. If they say “I love you” on the first date? Slow down, that’s pushing it way too far and being creepy. Your characters should never do anything that you would be uncomfortable with a stranger. You have to understand, your MC shouldn’t know their love interest like the writer knows them. You might feel it’s natural- but realistically your reader is viewing the world through your MC’s eyes, not yours. Also, if you rush, rush, rush things what do we have to root for? “THIS TIME THEY DO BDSM ON THE FLOOr! A-again…” isn’t a very good selling point. If something feels unnatural, try going back and reading through it again with the eyes of a new reader. Forget what you know about your own characters, because your readers don’t know what you know, take a deep breath- and accept that it won’t be perfect.

Can’t Change To Be Compatible

Sometimes characters just. Aren’t. Compatible. Before you start smashing your keyboards there are EASY WAYS TO FIX THIS. THat broody emo anime teen from your fan fiction earlier? (trust me, they can be compelling too) He can’t and shouldn’t pull a total 180 on their personality just to suit their partner unless you’re trying to write a dysfunctional relationship. Look at it this way, your two characters shouldn’t change each other. They should compliment each other. A character falls in love with another character for who they are already. They should never fall in love with a different version of a person. They fell in love with them, not an idealized version of them. There can be gray areas, where a character suffering from something can be trying to fight it, and a character, after they fall in love with that person, tries to help- but that’s just the key difference. It’s something the person in question is fighting for- and it’s apparently something that can be healed. Love can’t make depression disappear overnight.

If you’re Writing Smut Or Erotica, Here’s What You Need To Accept:

There will always be a better written or drawn character that has a better butt than yours.

As a smut writer, you cannot rely on sex to be the selling point. The reason your readers will flock to your story and stay there is because they enjoy the idea of these characters doing it. Not these cardboard cutouts of penises. If one of your characters has lackluster personality, whether it’s the MC or that hunky man love interest Don’t write your story. The only people who will come to read your story will read it once, read just the sex part, then move on. They don’t care about the story- and even if you don’t care too much about plot either, and just want to roll the sexy times forward the whole book? You still need to have character. Character is different than plot- and subtle character writing comes from imaging this character with a full understanding of them as a person. Would they be hesitant to lose their virginity- would they be kinky for that- or not so much? Do they need after care? Even the little details of How would they word that Sentence or phrase? Is all important for writing sex scenes that will really stick with a person and keep them coming back for more.

simlaughlove’s BunBun Hair w/Bangs - Recolored!

I just love @simlaughlove​‘s hairs. UwU This is the first batch, be prepared. ;D ❤ I am in the process of recoloring the no bangs ones, they may be out tonight, we’ll see. ❤

Useful Tidbits

- 55 swatches of @wildlyminiaturesandwich Unnaturals and Naturals (all in one pack) PLUS a white, totaling 56 swatches, yay! :D
- Added as additional swatches to the original hair

- **Mesh is needed, get it here (choose the bangs option, of course ;) )***

.:: Download @ SFS ::.

BunBun 0x
BunBun 1x
BunBun 2x


Mesh - simlaughlove | Palette and Actions - wildlyminaturesandwich

Thanks so much for making such wonderful cc. :D  ❤ ❤ ❤

At last, I present to you a batch of custom cat furs! I have prepared 51 different colors, all in @pooklet‘s naturals and unnaturals. I was originally only going to make unnaturals, but I made naturals as well for my own curiosity and the colors turned out so lovely that I couldn’t bring myself to delete them. Each color is fur accessory friendly and has all three fur textures: flowing, furry, and smooth. They have been tested by me and @galaxy-maiden, and pass down successfully to create colorful kittens. They are safe to remove from your game should you ever tire of them, just be sure to change your pets’ appearance afterwards.

Before downloading these furs, if you haven’t already then be sure to download my kitten eye fix. For some odd reason, Maxis didn’t make the game’s eyes available for kittens. Any custom cat eyes should work absolutely fine regardless of if you have the fix, however.

Now, without further ado, I hope you all enjoy!


@halsteadss asked: buffy summers or allison argent

“Well, I’m not exactly quaking in my stylish yet affordable boots, but there’s definitely something unnatural going on here and that doesn’t usually lead to hugs and puppies.”

  • cis people: why are transgender suicide rates so high
  • cis people: *constantly tell trans people they're disgusting/unnatural/going to hell*
  • cis people: *kick out/abuse their children after they come out as trans*
  • cis people: *make laws that exclude trans people*
  • cis people: *allow trans people to be fired just because they're trans*
  • cis people: *use trans slurs*
  • cis people: *force trans people to go to gender therapy before beginning transition to "make sure" trans people really are trans*
  • cis people: *make the cost of transitioning over $100,000*
  • cis people: *harass trans people even after they transition*
  • cis people: *kill 1 in 12 trans people and are responsible for countless other trans suicides*
  • trans people: seriously?

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I'm srry for spamming you for headcannons but I just want to make the most of it before your blog becomes popular (which I'm sure it will) and the ask box closes, so can I have an ideal s/o for Deidara and Neji

*screams* THANK YOU FOR REQUESTING NEJI! Neji has been my favorite character since day one and seeing this request made me happy. Stay tuned anon because someone requested sfw/nsfw for him!

Neji and Deidara’s Ideal S/o:


Originally posted by misstheatricality

  • Personality:
    • Confidence - I genuinely think that Neji is attracted to confidence. He realizes that he’s the cold, stand-offish type, so not many people actually want to approach him. If there is someone out there who’s not afraid to approach him and can act like their normal selves in front of him and sort of “challenge” his attitude, he’s totally game for that person. (Don’t get this confused with cockiness, Neji hates that. That part about challenging him is more in a witty/playful manner)
    • Caring - Neji wants someone who is very caring, okay? Care for this boy with all of your heart. He has been through a lot and his family isn’t exactly the Brady Bunch. I’m sure the Hyuga clan cares about Neji, but that’s on a level of “I care about him because he’s important to the clan.” And even if there are genuine carers within the clan, they don’t exactly show it. So he wants an s/o who’s going to care for him and really show it. I’m not saying spoil him with gifts or shower him with kisses (please don’t do that, especially not in public), but I mean with trivial things. Ask him how his day was, cook him a meal or two, when watching him train compliment him, KISS HIS FOREHEAD. When his s/o kisses his forehead, on the curse mark, this is the ultimate act of caring and intimacy (it’s right up there with sex). It’s because this means that his s/o accepts ALL of him and he just can’t comprehend that. He’ll get HELLA flustered when they do that. 
    • Determined - One of the many traits that stick out to him the most is determination. Neji has goals and he has ideas on how to reach these goals, his partner should have something like this as well. But he wants a partner who is set on reaching their goals and can get back up when knocked down. He would totally want to help them in any way possible. He’d also greatly appreciate it if his s/o could help him reach his goal as well. He first saw determination when fighting with Naruto, and the determination Naruto had ultimately lead him to get rid of his fatalistic outlook on life. So he’s had a pretty good experience with determined people and because of that experience, he wants to surround himself with people of similar nature. He thinks that lots of good will come if he does this.
  • Hobbies:
    • Meditation/Yoga - One of Neji’s favorite hobbies is to meditate. He also has a small thing for yoga. He would love it if his s/o had similar interests, that way the two of them could bond and relax together. He would definitely ask them what their favorite yoga position is, what scents and sounds they like to meditate/ do yoga to, stuff like that.
    • Poetry - I would put Neji into the same boat as Kakashi and he low-key likes poetry. I imagine him stumbling across an Edgar Allen Poe book in the Hyuga library and just falling in love with poetry. He enjoys the dark poems that pull at the heart-strings and make people really look back at their life, and he likes (but will never admit) sappy love poems (think Christopher Pointdexter), he also has a knack for good allusions. I’m not saying his s/o has to write poetry, those would just be bonus points. But his s/o should be able to tell him their favorite poem, their favorite line, and should totally be ready to go to poetry jams at coffee houses. 
    • Dancing - I really think Neji would be into someone who could dance. He wouldn’t exactly participate unless it were like waltzing, possibly a tango (because those dances are super intimate), but he would enjoy watching. He likes the way their body moves (as long as the dance is tasteful!) and likes the history behind the dance - if their is one. The reason he also likes dance is because it’s something he can’t do (it would take a lot of work to teach him how to dance), so he really appreciates anyone who has a talent he does not have.   
  •  Looks:
    • Soft Eyes - he doesn’t have a color preference, the shape should just be soft.
    • He definitely likes a muscular body type.
    • Long hair, he doesn’t care about the style, but I believe he would want anything BUT straight hair. Also I think he would want someone who has a lighter hair color, just or some contrast between the two.
    • Either same height or shorter than him . 


Originally posted by midorkiya

  • Personality:
    • Knowing (bare with me here) - I think Deidara would want a s/o who knows exactly what they are getting into when they are dating him. He can’t have an s/o who thinks that she’s just dating him, they need to know that once they are dating him they’re in league with the Akatsuki. His s/o is going to have to understand that they become a target when they date him. They need to know everything. It wouldn’t work any other way, he hates innocent and naive people. 
    • Balanced - Deidara is a very chill and a very laid back type of guy. He doesn’t really have the patience to deal with someone who is hyper like Toby or stoic like Sasori. He would rather have a person who is a nice balance of the two. He DOES admire Tobi’s attitude but because Deidara is exposed to it in high doses, he finds it annoying. So he would want an s/o who can produce a mild form of Toby’s energetic personality and help him have a good time every so often. But he would also want his s/o to be serious like Sasori. He likes Sasori’s serious attitude, but again, he is ALWAYS serious so it’s never really fun. Deidara’s future s/o should be serious during battle and should be serious from time to time with him when it’s absolutely necessary. Other than that, his s/o should be able to relax with him. It’s all about being neutral with this Akatsuki member.
    • Open Minded - This is where Deidara’s love of art comes in. Art is supposed to be interpreted differently by anyone who views it, and while Deidara does have a specific idea on how most art should be viewed, he respects anyones interpretation, even if they’re different from his own. With that being said, his s/o should be like him when it comes to looking at the beauty of things - specifically art. I also feel that Deidara probably has a lot of strange views on life itself and he would want to discuss them with his s/o without having the fear of being judged. I also have a feeling that he will show his s/o different forms of his explosives and wants their honest opinion about each and every one - free of any judgement. 
  • Hobbies:
    • Art - Forgive me cliche gods. Okay, but how did people not see this coming? Deidara wants someone who has some artistic bone within them. They don’t even have to be an artist like he, they could just simply admire art with him. However, I think he would PREFER someone who has an art hobby. And lets keep in mind that art isn’t just painting and explosives. It’s acting, writing, poetry, puppet making, photography, calligraphy, pottery making, dancing, gardening (in some cases). If his s/o even has one of these forms of art as a hobby, he would be satisfied. (If his s/o was an actor/actress, I could totally see Deidara sitting front row at every performance).
    • Hiking - Deidara is definitely the outdoorsy type and would like an s/o who could accompany him on long walks OR on long flights with his clay bird. He likes going on hikes/flights at night because A) He enjoys looking at the stars and B) He likes setting off fireworks and creating a fireworks show for him and his s/o. 
    • Baking - Deidara has a very big sweet tooth and would enjoy it if his s/o could bake. He also likes the process of baking: watching things mix, the procedure of whipping things, he likes watching cakes rise, and all that jazz. His favorite part about baking though (besides the end result) is the art that goes into decorating said sweet. He likes watching his s/o build things out of fondant and draw things with frosting. This also suits his art style because he likes art to be in the moment and short lived, so his s/o will bake something, make it pretty, then he’ll eat it and the art they created is gone. 
  • Looks:
    • Short hair, definitely hair that’s shorter than his. I think he’d like shoulder length and shorter. As for color, he’d probably go for unnatural colors, something dyed - pinks, electric blues, a nice shade of green. 
    • Would want someone with dark eyes - brown, hazel, grey, a dark blue, a dark green, black.
    • He’d want someone with sharp facial features.
    • As for body type, he’d want someone who’s the same height as him and someone with the average weight (as in not too muscular).

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Hey, could you do a drawing with inverted colors on, and then when you're finished unvert (???) the colors and see the result?? It's kinda like a challenge

Does anyone know a good website that will invert colors for gifs (and not mess up the resolution)? I don’t think piskel can invert colors… 

Either way, heres a quick test doodle (I tried my best~). I feel like the colors for the eyes and skin are going to be unnatural/weird. But it was fun thinking about (mostly guessing) the colors. (I’ll probably do another one later to see if I can get better shading)

Do the Deed

Summary: With a large assignment due in a few days, the reader is busy toiling away in the library, her roommate offering unwavering support by staying by her side. Who knew an amusing mistake and light-hearted banter could change so much?
Pairing: SamxReader
Words: 2765
Warning: Talking about sex? Lots of euphemisms… 
AN: This is my entry for @deansdirtylittlesecretsblog‘s Trope Challenge! My trope was a College AU, and I couldn’t help but make fun of my own stupid typos… so yeah, the essay in question is one I actually wrote, as is the mistake.
I honestly didn’t think I’d get this finished, but I’m glad I did! It was a lot of fun to write, but I may go over and re-edit it tomorrow… I’m not 100% sure I’m a fan of the ending. Enjoy!!!
Constructive Criticism Welcome!!!


You were pretty sure you’d never worked this hard in your life.

Sam would say that was a complete exaggeration, but considering he had no large assignment due in, you deigned his opinion obsolete as you flicked some of your pencil shavings at him across the library table, just for emphasis.

The lanky law-student rolled his eyes at the childish response, an amused smirk on his face as he quickly typed a response on his laptop.

-it’s not that bad. This time tomorrow, you could be free of it, and we can finally go watch that movie you’ve been ranting about.

You huffed and narrowed your eyes at him over the top of your laptop. How easy it was for him to say it wasn’t so bad…

In response, you chucked a pencil at him. Because you were nothing but mature when it came to venting your frustrations.

If you weren’t in the silent section of the library, you’d have laughed at the brief moment of shock as the pencil hit his cheek and bounced off, clattering onto the desk in front of him; his expression quickly replaced with one of his legendary bitchfaces. You had to make do with a stifled giggle and an innocent, wide-eyed look as he tried to stare you down.

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Panic Rising

Author’s Note: Okay so this is maybe a bit too long… but I started writing and I just couldn’t stop! It’s aprx. 2000 words

Warnings: A small panic attack, nothing more

*Beep beep beep*

Betty slammed her hand down to silence the alarm and groaned. She sat up and rubbed her temples, unsuccessful in massaging away the dull ache that had persisted through the night. Swinging her legs off the side of her bed, she pushed herself up to a standing position.

“C’mon Betty, it’s just like any other day, you can do this,” the blonde haired girl mumbled to herself. She crossed over to her vanity, began to brush her hair into a tight ponytail, and braced herself for the day ahead.

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My Muse is Trapped in a Dark world filled with Monsters and unnatural horrors. Go on Anon and Send "Inventory Supply" Along with an Item and see what My Muse says about the Item and how they think it will help them..

Day 2 of @klangst-week, mistake/faith.

late bc we had a power cut for ages yesterday rip


summary: Lance sees Keith one night, around a month after their break-up, caused by a mistake Lance made. Keith’s smiling up at someone new, someone Lance doesn’t know.

based on ‘happier’ by Ed Sheeran.

Rating: Teen

word count: 3,125

i’m back at it again with the fanfics, read below or on AO3

Lance’s hand closed around the cold glass the bartender had just given him. It was some kind of beer. He didn’t know or care, he couldn’t really taste much of anything anymore. It was all the same to him. He tapped his fingers along the glass’s surface then tightened them and chugged the drink back. He heard a ‘slow down buddy’ but he made no motion to reply. When he replaced the glass on the bar he saw it was nearly empty. Around him people were shouting and laughing and generally having fun,he wanted no part in it. He was just here to drink, nothing else.

He glanced over to the left, for no earthly reason and saw the exact person he didn’t want to see. He blinked twice, making sure he was seeing right, he was a bit tipsy after all.  But no, it was him. There was no mistaking his dark hair and shining eyes. Keith Kogane, his ex boyfriend.

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Ego Incorporated (pt. 1)

//Amy has been dying to meet the Egos for herself, but she may find a little more than she bargained for…// Part One-Amy’s Adventure

“Amy, I don’t really feel comfortable with you going there.” They’d had this conversation before, and each time, Amy had let Mark talk her out of going to see the Egos. It had been a few months since Dark had somehow managed to purchase an entire building in L.A. and had sent Mark and Amy a personal invitation to visit for a tour. Mark was not interested.

Amy on the other hand… “I still don’t see what all the fuss is about.”

Mark drove a frustrated hand through his hair, causing the floof to go wild. “They’re… unnatural, and not to mention that at least one of them is openly evil!”

“I won’t even see Dark. Google says he spends most of his time on the top floor, so it won’t be a problem.” She was throwing necessary things into her favorite travel backpack.

“You’ve been talking to Google?” Mark was trying not to raise his voice. He hated getting upset with Amy, and the others were downstairs…

Amy shrugged like it was no big deal. “Yeah, we’ve been emailing back and forth since the upgrade. Oliver is so sweet,” she smiled up at Mark as she swished past him in her black skirt and pink suspenders. Her “Peebstache” outfit as she calls it.

Mark followed behind, stumbling over Chica who was confused that her favorite person looked so upset. “Sorry, bub!” Then to Amy, “Are you sure about this? There’s no telling what they’ve got going on in there.” He caught the cuff of her sleeve and curled his fingers into it, and Amy stopped with a sigh.

She turned and smiled at him again, and it was the kind of smile Mark couldn’t say no to. “I really want to do this. They’re all so strange and interesting, and I want to find out more about them—learn where they come from and what they’re doing here.” Amy placed a gentle kiss on Mark’s cheek in apology for worrying him. “Don’t you want to know about them?”

Mark gnawed on the inside of his cheek and felt his eyebrows knit together. “Yes… but I don’t want you getting hurt in the process either.” He knew how dangerous the Egos could be, and it wasn’t only Dark. He let them make videos on the channel because it kept them satiated, but he had no idea what they’d do to her.

Amy made a fist and gently cuffed Mark’s jaw. “Come on, Fischbach. I can take care of myself. I’m a big, strong girl, you know.” She flexed, and that got him to smile. Mark nodded without looking her in the eyes, rubbing his hands up and down her shoulders.

“I know, I know. But call me if anything goes wrong, and I’ll be there in a heartbeat.”

And that’s how Amy ended up going to Ego Inc. (and consequently how all the trouble started…).

MAGI 351 Full Spoiler Translation.

Disclaimer: i only to this for fun, to share it with you guys, and to practice my japanese :) which is very basic so keep in mind that i could be completely mistaken in some parts.  This is just a fan translation of incomplete spoilers so: Don’t forget to support the official releases of Magi!

Source: From Tieba Baidu’s Japanese scans and from Jump.Netabare’s texts ^^ Some pics also belong to the Korean scans from maru.maru.

@maumauxmau @sayakakat2012

UPDATE:  I added the jump-Netabare info that was missing. I checked it while looking at the korean scans so i would be able order it as if the texts were the in word balloons ( you can read it that way if you want to, while you look at the pics on the korean scans) ^^

Page 1


Challenge god with the strongest lineup!!

“Katargo, province of the Reim Empire”


People live quietly at peace; an abnormal event starts from the “Great rift”

*Jump Netabare text: People are living at peace, but in that moment, a girl points at the sky

Little girl: What is that?

Little girl: ?


Night 351 “The magic to return the world to the rukh”

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