go to your room and think about what you did

Weight in Gold .i

x Taehyung

x M [mentions of foreplay/sex; drug use]

x  5923

x ive had this in my laptop since oct and finally got around to finishing this first part and starting the second part. if yall even want a second part pls let me know so i know im not wasting my time! i dont have much of it anymore, so feedback would be great! sorry this note is so short – need to go finish all the other fics sitting in my drive //sob

Weight In Gold - Gallant

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Late night jazz and chatter blared through the walls of the next room– a lounge of sorts for people to do whatever it was they did. It was a kind of culture you didn’t understand merely because it didn’t interest you but, these days, what did?

You tried to drown out the noise with your thoughts but all you could think about was how the man underneath you had changed so drastically since the two of you had first met – and you wondered if you had changed too. You watched as he pulled a small bag from his pocket, opened it to reveal a folded up foil before spilling its contents onto the glass vanity before the two of you. A soft white powder seemed to flood the surface of the table, but it hardly took up a fraction of the surface before you.

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“Sorry I’m late, traffic was …” you trail off when you see your team staring at you silently with expecting eyes, “ … killer.” You clear your throat nervously. “What’s up?”

Hotch crosses his arms. “How long did you think you were going to keep this from us?”

You frown. “Keep what?”

JJ closes her eyes and says: “We know about (d/n), (y/n).”

“What we want to know,” Prentiss cuts in, “is why you didn’t tell us.”

Sighing, you sink into your usual chair around the table. After a moment of silence, you look at Reid. “Did you figure it out?”

He opens his mouth to reply when Morgan says: “We all did.”

You nod. “Okay.” Another bout of silence passes through the room as they all look at you expectantly. “I had (d/n) a year and a half ago, before i joined the team. Her father … wasn’t the best man, and I kept her a secret from you guys, I guess because it was easier. 

“I never knew that I would grow to think of you guys as my family,” you continue. Garcia smiles at that and takes your hand. “I just didn’t know how to tell you.”

After a couple seconds of silence, Rossi claps his hands together, startling you. “Well, I don’t know about the rest of you, but I want to meet the little (l/n).” The rest of your team chimes in their agreements and you laugh.

“Alright, alright. After this case is over, dinner at my house. Rossi can give us all another cooking lesson.” The older man starts to protest to the others’ cheers and laughs. “Good?” you ask.

“Good.” Garcia smiles and stands up, and Hotch pats your shoulder on the way to his chair.

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Omg... Poor Makoto..! I'd offer him a hug but I'm guessing he wants to be alone right now... Kirigiri, what do you plan to do?

*enters the room*….

*looks up* How are you feeling?

Bad….You didn’t ask the guard to monitor me.

You are not stupid, I knew you wouldn’t do something reckless like going by yourself.

I thought about it though…*sighs* Did you come up with something?

Not really. I think we should ask Fukawa to go there since she is nearer than us but then your sister will want to go too.


It’s your call, but remember that she was able to survive Towa City at it’s worst, she isn’t defenseless.

I know…I guess you are right. We should ask them.

Okay, I will contact them. For now I want you to keep trying to contact Togami. The connection didn’t work before but maybe it was because of the area he was in. After all, we were barely able to understand anything during his call.

Okay. I will also send him emails and texts. Maybe he will be able to receive them.

That’s the spirit. *pats his shoulder before walking away to call Fukawa*


‘  Y/N: I don’t know how long I can take this Logan!



   You screamed and stormed out of the room leaving Logan to cool down and think about what he did. You settled on a bench in the garden and put your head in your hands. After couple of minutes Logan walked over to you and sit down. 

   Logan: Y/N… I am sorry. I let my anger get the best of me. But I want you to know that I really do love you…

   He gently removed your hands from your face.

   Logan: Look if you want to go… Go. It pains me to say this but it pains a lot more when I see you upset.

   You looked at him. You really looked at him. He was completely vulnerable for the first time.

  Y/N: I’m not going anywhere. This is my home. Our home.          ‘

Brawling Love Part 9

Summary: Bucky and the reader get handcuffed together to “work out their differences” according to Natasha and Clint.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: probs swearing, blood


Bucky wasted a day, thinking up ideas to prevent you from going on that date with Ben. For Tony’s benefit and his. Today was the day and he still had no plan to get you to not go.

so he winged it.

“Y/N!” he exclaimed when he entered your room and saw you applying makeup. “What are you getting all dolled up for?”

“My date with Ben, did you forget?” you reply. How could he forget? How could anyone forget? The date was all you’ve been talking about.

“Must’ve slipped my mind.” Bucky chuckled as he laid sprawled out on your bed.

“I can’t wait.” you smiled into the mirror as you wing your eyeliner.

Bucky stood quiet for a bit before figuring out what to say. “So, do you maybe want to have a movie marathon? I’ll let you pick the movies.” he sang and you roll your eyes.

“I just told you I have a date, James.” you sighed and Bucky huffed. What should he do?

“Alright then, I’ll let you get ready for your date.” Bucky says as he stood up from your bed. “What time is he gonna be here to pick you up?”

“In like, twenty minutes.” you respond before looking at him with a smile. “The nap I took earlier turned into a much longer sleep so I’m rushing right now.”

Bucky nods and puts one foot out of the door. “If you need any help, just call me.”

You respond with okay and he exits the room, dashing frantically to the elevator. He pressed the floor in which Tony’s lab was and impatiently waited until he heard the ding that signaled he made it to his desired floor. Bucky practically pulled open the doors himself before barging into Tony’s lab.

Tony was checking his suit to make sure there was no malfunctions or anything when he heard Bucky stumble in.

“Ah, to what do I owe this pleasure?” he says as he stands up straight.

“Desperate times call for desperate measures.” he says, running his fingers through his hair.

“And what’s this desperate time?” Tony questioned.

“I haven’t figured out how to stop Y/N from going on the date with Ben. She’s getting ready right now and he’ll be here in twenty.” Bucky explained and Tony set down his tool.

“He’s gonna be here in twenty minutes!? Bucky what the hell!” Tony shouts.

“I know, I know! This is where the desperate measures come in.” he says.

“And what’s that?”

“I need you to use your Iron Man hand and shoot me with it.” Bucky tells him and Tony gives him a look.


“Because, after you shoot me with it I’m gonna go run after Y/N and tell her I need her help and she’ll have to cancel the date because she’ll be taking care of me.” Bucky says and Tony nods his head as if he was understanding everything.

“So what you’re saying is I get to shoot you and you won’t attack me afterwards?” Tony questioned as he took a step towards his suit.

“Yes.” Bucky nods. “But only graze my right arm, just enough to get me bleeding.”

“This is so fucked up.” Tony shook his head. He put the hand on and flexed his fingers before quickly turning around and blasting at Bucky. “Boom!”

“Shit Tony, what the fuck!” Bucky yelled as he held his arm close to his chest. “A warning would’ve been nice.”

“I didn’t want you to change your mind.” Tony shrugged, placing the hand back.

“You are so fucking dead.” he growled.

“ah, ah, ah,” Tony shook his index finger. “You said you wouldn’t attack me afterwards. I stay true to my word, you stay true to yours.”

Bucky opened his mouth to say something but quickly closed it. “Whatever.”

Bucky ran down the hallway and exited the tower, spotting you making your way to Ben who was leaning against his car, waiting for you. Before you could get closer to Ben, Bucky ran over to you, shouting your name. You turn around, annoyed at seeing Bucky but then concern took over your features when you saw the blood all over his arm, running down his clothes.

“Bucky what the hell happened!?” you exclaim, completely forgetting about Benjamin. You rushed over to Bucky, meeting him halfway. He grunted at the pain he was feeling and you take a hold of his hand. “Let me extend your arm out to see the wound.”

He slowly allowed you to stretch his arm out and hissed when the cold air hit the open cut. “Please help me Y/N. It fucking hurts.”

“James, my date I - can’t you find Wanda or Steve to help you? Ben’s waiting.” you look back at Ben who had his hands in his pockets as he waited patiently.

Stupid Ben.

“I couldn’t find anyone in there and even if I did they’d just tell me to put a band-aid on and get over it.” Bucky says and it was true.

“James.” she sighed, looking back at Ben again then Bucky.

“Ow!” Bucky grunts. “I think I’m losing too much blood, I’m dizzy.”

Bucky wasn’t actually dizzy, he’s lost way more blood than this so this is nothing to him. He just wanted Y/N to chose him over Ben.

To make it believable Bucky stumbled a bit and you wrap your arms around him. “Okay, okay come on.” you balance him before looking back at Ben. “I’m so sorry, rain check?”

Ben smiles at you. “Sure.”

You turn your attention back to Bucky who draped his metal arm over your shoulders while you helped him stay up by holding him from his torso. While you focused on getting him to the door, Bucky looked over his shoulder and locked his eyes on Ben who was already looking at him.

Bucky mouthed a ‘fuck you’ then stuck his tongue out to Ben before holding you close to him as if taunting Ben. You both make it inside and get in the elevator where Y/N pressed her floor number.

You watch as Bucky held his arm to his chest again and you look up at him. “What happened?”

“I was messing around with Tony’s suit in the lab and I accidentally pressed something and next thing I knew there was blood dripping down my arm.” he lied and you nod, examining his arm once more.

“Fuck, James.” you murmur. You couldn’t even see where the blood was coming from, that’s how bad it was.

The little bell dings and you both go into your room where you pull him into the bathroom. “Here, wash off the blood while I go get changed.”

You turn on the faucet for him before exiting the bathroom. You changed quickly and dug around in your night stand as you looked for your first aid kit. By the time you found it Bucky was already done with washing the blood off him.

“Sit.” you say, pointing to your bed. He does as you say and you get on your knees in front of him, gently taking his arm so that you could see the wound. “Fucking hell, I’m gonna have to give you stitches.”

It was a big gash on his forearm, deep. It started to bleed again so you take out a disinfecting wipe and wipe the cut.

As you cleaned it, Bucky’s thoughts trail back to earlier. Did you call him Bucky? A smile spread on his lips. You called him Bucky. You actually called him Bucky.

“What are you smiling about?” you questioned him as you prepped to give him stitches.

“You called me Bucky earlier.” he says and you stare at the box in your hands.

“No I didn’t.”

“Yes you did.” he smiled. “You said ‘Bucky what the hell happened’.”

You bite your lip. “I was right, the old man hearing is getting to you.” you weren’t about to admit that you called him Bucky.

Bucky laughs as you grab all the things you need. “So I’m guessing the movie marathon is back on?” you try to suppress your smile but fail miserably. Instead of replying, you startle him by starting on the stitches. “Ouch!”




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Family/home related starters!
  • “Mom/Dad! I can’t find my textbook anywhere!”
  • “You aren’t my child by blood, but….even though you’re adopted I love you all the same.”
  • “Ah, in nine months we’re going to meet the new addition to our family!”
  • “Can you believe it? The kids are already grown up.”
  • “Could you help me clean out the storage? I think we’re really overdue.”
  • “Is it thanksgiving/Christmas/that holiday already? Man I hate eating with the whole family…”
  • “You are so grounded! Do you have any idea about what you did?”
  • “Hey, sis/bro…I can’t sleep. Can I stay in your room?”
  • “Big sis/bro,  really need to talk to someone right now.”
  • “Mom/Dad, I have something to confess.”
  • “I have stolen the last cookie from the cookie jar. Whatchu gonna do about it, punk?”
  • “Pass me the controller you’re terrible at this game!”
  • “We’re playing Rainbow Road. Prepare to die.”
  • “Ten years married – it feels like it’s been forever and I still love you, darling.”
  • “No more spending money on freemium games, please, our wallet can’t take it.”
  • “It’s 3 am. Please don’t tell me you were out drinking again!”
  • “All right, now tell me why my son/daughter is sneaking into the house at 3 in the morning on a school night?”
  • “Pass me the Oreos, I want some, too!”
  • “Don’t pick on my little brother/sister!”
  • “Grandma/grandpa, what was it like the day when you met grandpa/grandma?”
  • “Kids! Come to grandma/grandpa. Oh, I missed you so much. Look at how big you are!”
  • “You’re going to stay at you aunt’s/uncle’s while your mom/dad and I are going out tonight.”
  • “Son/Daughter, I expect you to look after your little brother/sister tonight.”
  • “Hey, sis/bro, let’s go play! I wanna play with you!”

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Bad Concept: Imagine being so sexual frustrated that it's put you in a bad mood because you just can't focus on studying for your last final before break. You take it upon yourself to release some of that tension built up inside you by playing with yourself for awhile. Little did you know Harry would get home so early from working in the studio. You moaned, two fingers deep inside your heat and you head his voice.. your eyes shoot open and your hand stops moving feeling scared what he might do😈

But! He’s smirking. “Go on baby. Please.”

And you are hesitant, but he only steps into the room. “Please,” he repeats. “Wanna watch you. And know what you think about when m'gone.”

Switch (Hamilcast x Reader) Platonic

Word Count: 864

A/N: Look at me being productive at 4 in the morning :D

You were getting ready for the night’s show, just waiting for your costume to make it’s way into your shared dressing room with some other ensemble members. A techie came in with the rack of dresses and started handing them out, but instead of your normal dress you were handed Angelica’s costume for the opening number.

“I don’t think this is right,” you questioned. The techie shrugged.

“That’s just what I was told. Tommy mentioned something about you switching in tonight, go talk to him,” he said. You nodded slowly, leaving the dressing room and walking towards the stage, where you knew the director would be.

“Hi (y/n), what’s up?” he asked kindly.

“When did I get switched to play Angelica? I thought I was just in the ensemble tonight,” you said nervously.

“Oh yeah, I meant to pass that along. Renee had an emergency at home and can’t come in, so you have to play Angelica tonight. Don’t worry, you’ll be great,” he said, patting you on the shoulder before walking off with Jason, the stage manager.

You went back to your dressing room quietly and started getting dressed, running over the songs you’d have to perform tonight. You knew the show backwards and forwards, one of the perks of being an ensemble member was the fact that you were onstage for most of the show. It wouldn’t be remembering lyrics that would be the hardest part of the show. No, the hardest part of the show would be remembering that you were the center of attention during ‘Satisfied’, instead of dancing backwards with the rest of the cast. The hardest part would be remembering to sing Renee’s part during ‘Non-Stop’ instead of the ensemble’s “Wait for it”.

You felt your cheeks get hot and tears threaten to spill from your eyes as your brain turned over on itself with all of the overwhelming things you’d have to remember and had little time to practice. You pulled your skirt up into your hands and dashed out of your dressing room, heading to a secluded corner of the theater and sliding down onto the tiled floor. You heard the ‘fifteen minutes to places’ call, but you ignored it, just closing your eyes and trying to get your emotions and your breathing under control.

“What are you doing down here?” You opened your eyes and saw Lin towering over you, his shiny black shoes a centimeter away from your toes.

“I just needed a minute,” you choked out.

“A minute for what?” He looked up and down your costume, realization hitting him.

“Oh right, you’re Angelica tonight. First time playing her?” he asked. You nodded.

“Does anyone know where (y/n) is? We want to run some Schuyler Sisters vocal warm ups,” you heard Jas say from the top of the staircase.

“She just left here and headed down the stairs I think,” you heard one of the girls say. You heard Pippa and Jas’ feet patter down the stairs as quickly as their plenitude of skirts would allow.

“(y/n)? Oh hi Lin,” Pippa said as she and Jasmine crammed into the corner as well. There was barely enough space for one or two people, but when you had three girls in large skirts all in the small corner it was a surprise Lin didn’t get lost under all the fabric.

“(y/n)’s a little nervous about playing Angelica tonight. Any advice ladies?” Lin prompted them.

“Have fun,” Pippa smiled.

“Yeah, it makes it a million times better when you’re enjoying yourself,” Jasmine added.

“I enjoy myself every night,” you reminded them quietly.

“Really get into character. Every movement you make should be Angelica moving, every note you sing should be Angelica singing,” Jasmine suggested. Lin nodded approvingly.

“That helps with remembering the choreography too. It would make sense based on the story where Angelica should go. Just use your brain and don’t worry about making mistakes,” Pippa said.

“And if you forget the words to Satisfied, Lin will sing it,” Jasmine joked. Lin looked at you desperately.

“Don’t forget the words please,” he pleaded, causing you to laugh. Pippa and Jas each held out a hand, helping you to your feet. They brought you up the stairs and into a dressing room, where they started doing the Schuyler sister’s vocal warm up, something you had heard a million times before.

As you sang with them in the quiet of the room, you started to feel more comfortable.

“Do you want to run the beginning of ‘Schuyler Sisters’?” Pippa asked. You nodded.

“Dibs on Leslie!!!” Jasmine yelled. The three of you heard Anthony yell “Hey!!” from out in the hallway as he passed the door, causing you to collapse in a fit of giggles. Jazzy did her best impression of Leslie until you made your entrance. You felt strong and confident with your response.

“Places, Places” someone called over the intercom. This time, you made your way towards the stage with your Schuyler sisters at your side. Right before you stepped onstage, they each grabbed your hand and squeezed it tightly, reassuring the last of your nerves before the show started.

“It’s okay I couldn’t sleep anyway” “I’ll wait” (Jay Park x Reader)

Requested by anon


You were scared shitless, there was no way in hell you would sleep. Last night your neighbor got robbed, the house that was right next to yours! That’s a scary thought, you didn’t really think about it during the day, but as soon as you layed down your mind just started going off.

You got up and got your phone. You and Jay, maybe he was awake or working on his studio. You waitede for him to answer as you walked around your room


“Hey, is this a bad time? did I wake you up? are you working?”

You were early in the relationship, so you were still getting used to calling him and stuff.

“It’s okay, I couldn’t sleep anyway. What’s up?”

He asked you. You hesitated, I mean it won’t be a great look if you told him ‘I’m scared, can I sleep with you?’ but it was better if he teased you, than staying in the house

“My neighbor got robbed. Can I come over?”

You heard him giggle. He thought it was cute, but he also liked that when you got scared you went to him, it was like he made you feel safe.


“Okay, if you want to you can go to sleep and just leave the keys under the mat

“No that’s not the way you treat your girl. I’ll wait”

You smiled at what he said ‘his girl’ it made you blush. He knew you were blushing, unlike him you didn’t have much experience in dating, it was very easy to get under your skin

“Okay, see ya”

“Drive safe”


You knocked on his door. You were wearing a jacket and your trainers, with your pj’s still on. He opened the door, looking at your choice of clothes, he giggled as he wrapped his arms around you

“Get in here scaredy cat”

“Shut up”

You hugged him back, closing the door with your foot. You took off your shoes and jacket, ready to get to bed. You drank a glass of water and layed with him

“This is the first time we are sharing a bed”

He claimed. He was right, you blushed at the thought, you were in your baggy pj’s, no make up and a bun. He smiled at you, bringing you closer

“I’m a cuddler”

“Do you want to cuddle? or cup a feel?”

“Both, goodnight scaredy cat”

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Imagine Negan interrogating you but things get heated and you end up doing it (smut)

(Alright guys…the time has come for me to write smut…this is my first…so I hope I hope I got this request alright…and its not weird or anything…Yay for sexy time with Negan!?! You guys don’t know how weird I felt writing this and this is coming from someone who enjoys reading smut XD Now that I think about it…what did I just write *blushes* gif not mine/found it on google/credit to the original owner )

You woke up to find yourself in a dimly lit room with your hands tied behind your back. You were siting on chair and you saw a figure seated just in front of you.

The figure then got closer to the light and said “Finally awake?…I’m Negan and you…”
“I’m…Y/N, what do yo want from me! Let me go!” You said while struggling with the restraints.

Negan laughed at the sight and got up he started to walk around you to get a better look at you. He didn’t deny you looked good and being all sweaty and tied up just made you hotter. He licked his lips and stopped behind you he put his hands on your shoulders “Y/N…What I want from you is to know how did your people find out about the Hilltop colony…”

“I don’t know…” You answered exasperatedly.

“You don’t know…Then how do you explain that your people killed so many of mine in a short span of time…You did it for the Hilltop colony didn’t you?”

“I…I was only following orders…” You lied in hopes he’ll let you go realizing you weren’t worth more questioning.

“Following orders…You did it without questioning your friends? I find that hard to believe…” He said and got closer to your ear.

His behavior made you even more nervous and you stuttered your lie again. “I-I swear! I was just following orders!”

He chuckled and said “You like that? Following orders…”

He walked back in front of you and held your chin. His action made you anxious but then it scared you as his hand started to trail down to your neck. He wrapped his hand around it and lightly squeezed it. A light moan escaped your lips and it surprised the both of you.

He then chuckled and said “Oh…you do…”

“Let go of me…”

“No…” He said and squeezed you neck a little tighter.

Negan wasn’t the kind to force himself this way on a woman but seeing you a little vulnerable pushed him to think how far could this go.

He then kissed you and slightly forced his tongue in your mouth to see if you liked it.

It felt good but knowing who he was made you feel guilty about it. It lasted quite some time until you decided to bite his lip in hope he’ll let go.

You bit hard enough to draw blood and he stopped to wipe it. He smiled and said “I see you like it rough?”

You shook your head and yelled “I never asked for this! Just let me out!”

He grabbed you to get you up on your feet. He shook his head and looked you in the eyes. Seeing you all flushed he smiled and said “Oh you definitely like it…especially rough…”

He kissed you again but this time he was relentless to claim your mouth. He firmly had one hand on your neck while the other held your hip. You tried getting out of his grip but it felt so good you just kissed him back.

Realizing this Negan broke away from the kiss and smiled at you. You were out of breath and he just enjoyed the moment. He pushed you against the wall and started to kiss and suck your neck to leave marks.

You moaned a little and said “Negan” and it made him bite you. Although you didn’t like the idea of sleeping with the enemy you just couldn’t help but want to hold him. In between breath you asked him “Please…Negan…please untie me…I…i want to hold you…”

He shook his head and said “But you like it rough remember…“ He started to grind against you and you felt his hardness

"Please..” You begged him

“No…it’s an order…follow it…” He replied with smirk.

His hand made its way in your pants and he started to touch you and tease you. He chuckled and said “Already wet…I only bit you…I thought you’d like it rougher…”

He slipped a finger in and slowly pumped in and out to torture you. He definitely enjoyed seeing you whimper in pleasure so he decided to add another. Your moans got louder and louder but he got to silence you a little with a rough kiss.

He got his fingers out of you and it displeased you but he got your pants off and threw it away. He then turned you around and decided to untie you. You knew where it was going and despite your conscience you still wanted him in that moment.

He unbuckled his belt and turned you to face him. He grab your leg to wrap around his waist. He lifted you up and naturally you wrapped your other leg around him. You clung to his neck and he got closer to you. By then he slowly entered you and said “Damn! Y/N you’re so tight!”

You moaned at the feeling of him filling you up and he asked “Does it hurt…”

You shook your head and he said “Good…”

He started to slowly pump as he didn’t want to hurt you and it made you moan.

He looked at you in the eyes and you immediately hungrily kissed him. His lust for then you got the better of him and his thrusts became faster. Soon enough the room was filled with the sound of the two you moaning and breathing heavily.

His grip on your waist and leg got tighter but the pain was mixed in with the pleasure he gave you.

You moaned his name over and over and it made him groan in satisfaction.

He breathed heavily and said “Y/N! You really do like it rough!”
You felt your womanhood throbbing and an orgasm creeping up. He moaned your name in your ear and his pounding got more and more rough.

You tighten around him and suddenly he hit your g-spot and it made you beg him “Negan! Please deeper! Harder!”

You clung to his neck and he chuckled and did as you commanded. “Yeah! You like it rough huh!”

Your body was in ecstasy and suddenly your juices ran on him as you reached your climax.

Soon enough he felt it too and gave a few sloppy thrust to then relentlessly pounding you.

“Damn it! Y/N! Ah!”

You felt him pushing himself deeper in you and came. You were as exhausted as he was. You felt him going limp and that’s when he let you down on your feet. You felt his juices dripping on your thighs.and you sank to the floor. He smiled. He buckled his pants and got closer to you.

After a while, He started to check you for bruises. He soothed your skin and said “Sorry Y/N…I was suppose to interrogate you… but I never thought it would end up like this…”

He suddenly seemed exasperated and said “I’ll just let you go back…you don’t have to tell me anything…”

You looked back at him and saw his eyes. He seemed genuinely sad to know your leaving and immediately hugged him. It startled him but he hugged back.

You then whispered in his ear “Don’t worry…I have a reason to stay a little while…”

He smiled and held you tighter.

Fair Part 2 (Alec x Reader x Team) Imagine

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   You walked into Isabelle’s room to meet the others, after all you guys never really had a chance to talk last night. The others smiled at you as you entered.

“Is he safe?” you asked.

“Yeah he fine, I left him a few hours ago” Izzy told you. “How did it go with Alec” You rolled your eyes remembering what happened between the two of you before you answered.

“If he said anything none of you guys have anything to do with it”.

“Wait he caught you” Clary half-shouted.

“Yeah but don’t worry about it he thinks it’s was only me so it’s not big deal, just go with. I mean it”

“But Y/N we can-“ Izzy started to speak but you cut her off.

“No Izzy, I will take the blame if it gets out. Okay?” Izzy rolled her eyes she didn’t want to agree but she knew you and you weren’t going to stop until you heard the answer you wanted.

“Okay” She agreed but if someone found out she would also take the blame even if you didn’t know.

“Now let’s go training” You said grabbing Izzy’s arm taking her with you.


  You guys enter the main room laughing and when you step in everyone turn to face you all. You all stop laughing then looked at each other then back at all of the eyes that were staring at you.

“Do you need something?” Izzy asked politely to no one in particular,

“How can you guys be laughing in a time like this?” One of the shadowhunters that you think name was Ryan in front of you asked.

“Time like what?” Clary asked but you were pretty sure you knew what they were talking about.

“You guys didn’t hear? Someone here is a traitor someone attacked Alec and his crew last night and took Merliorn with them.” Another shadowhunters spoke.

“You can’t be serious” Jace said crossing his arms, while the rest of you just stood there pulling a fake shocked look.

“Why would we joke about this?” The same shadowhunter said. He was right we wouldn’t but they needed to think that you guys knew nothing about this whole thing.

“Where’s Alec too?” Jace asked them.

“Maryse office with The Clave”

“Come on guys” Jace said as he started to leave, soon you three followed behind him. Jace led you guys into an empty hallway and spoke.

“At least no one knows it was us”

“Well yeah but at least one person knows it was me.” You said “Soon he will connected the dots and then all you guys have to do is denied.”

“Can we just stop talking about getting caught” Clary half yelled while rolling her eyes. Man she was starting to pick up your guys habits. “Right now were fine so all we have to do is act like we know nothing. Would that be to hard?”

“No” You all replied back to her. All you guys had to do was go about your day like it was normal not like you guys went back on The Clave and committed a crime.

“Now lets spit up and start asking people what’s going on so we look more believable” Clary demanded as she turned to leave. The three of you guys looked at each other and shrugged then started to follow her back into the main space.

 After hours of asking about what was going on and hearing nothing from Maryse and The Clave, you headed back to your room calling it a night. But before you got a chance to get to your room you were pulled into an another room by someone. You were about to scream but the person put their hand over your mouth. You trying to get out of their arms as they shut the door but it was no use they were a lot stronger then you. When the door was shut you were slammed into the wall facing the person. Your eyes shut for a few seconds trying to get over the pain that was now in your back but when you did, you came face to face with Alec. You tried to speak but you couldn’t due to his hand so you did the only thing you could think of. You bit his hand.

“YOU BITCH” He yelled as he took his hand away from your mouth. Before you even got a chance to leave he put his other arm up blocking your way.

“What are you doing?” You asked facing him.

“What were you doing there last night” He demanded. He was angry you could tell by his eyes the normally bright blue ones were now a dark almost black colour. You should of known that this is what he wanted,

“Wouldn’t you like to know that” You spoke with a smirk. Which made him even more angry, he punched the wall next to your head making you sink down in fear. You didn’t know if you have ever saw him like this before.

“I’ll asked you once more, what were you doing there last night?”

“My job”

“Betraying The Clave isn’t your job Y/N” He said as he moved his face closer to yours. “Protecting others is, you have no idea what you did to me. What spot you put me in. What’s going to happen to me”

“Would you just stop talking about yourself because there’s a lot more people involves in this. There’s no I in team Alec” You said.

“But there is one traitor, which you are” He replied back. You just stare at him. You knew he was right but what could you do it was too late.

“I was helping a friend like I told you last night, friends help each other no matter what”

“You know I excepted this from Izzy and Jace even Clary but you! I never thought you would do something like this for them.”

“I didn’t do this for them”

“Don’t lie to me anymore Y/N I know you guys did it, The Clave might not but I do. Who else could get the vampires and werewolves involved. Clary’s has connects to both of them.” What could you do now? He knew everything.

“Have you heard yourself speak? You sound crazy” You said while laughing. Alec looked at you and took his arm away. You were about to go when he spoke once again.

“Crazy but it’s true and you know that. If you walk out of this room The Clave will know in a matter of seconds that you guys pulled this off.” This time you didn’t leave him like last night, you turned back around to look at Alec

“You wouldn’t dare”

“Watch me” Alec said as he took out his phone and started to dial a number. You knew it had to be Maryse, Lydia or The Clave. No matter which one it was it still meant trouble.

“How could you betrayed your friends?” you yelled, while trying to get the phone from Alec’s hand. He held it up higher so it was above his head even with jumping you still couldn’t reach it.

“How could you betrayed The Clave?” You stop jumping and stood right in front of him. You him dead in the eye and said “It wasn’t hard since family comes first no matter. Izzy who is my best friend and also your sister was about to lose someone that she cared about just because they thought he was guilty even thou he wasn’t. They just assumed which is beyond ridiculous, they were going to kill a innocent person. For what nothing!.”

“He wasn’t innocent Y/N and he’s a downworlder” Alec said. You just shook your head.

“Your just saying that because that’s what The Clave told you. There’s nothing wrong with being a downworlder. For once in your life get your head out of your ass Alec and realized that they are wrong.” You said as you turn to finally leave.

“If you want to turn us in go ahead and do it. At least we know that we did it to save an innocent life. We also know who haves our backs” With that you left to finally go to your room. You were hoping that maybe it could change Alec’s mind but you were having doubts if anyone ever could.


  Here you guys were again in the main room. Every shadowhunter in the building was called here for The Claves announcement about the incident that happened. You filled the others in on what happen between Alec and you last night on your way here. So now you guys were waiting to see it he really said it was you guys who pulled it off. Alec was holding your guys faith in his hands and there was nothing that you guys could do but stand here and wait.

“Everyone” Maryse spoke as she took her spot in the front of the room along with Alec, Lydia and other Clave members. Everyone went silent not wanting to miss what they had to say.

“We all know what happen the others night but not all of us know who did it. Frankly we don’t either. After looking for the last few days and speaking to the people that were there, we have come to a conclusion that it was Valentine and his men. No one needs to worry that we have any traitors in this institute. So please everyone get back to work” Maryse said. With that everyone signed in relief then headed back to their work. You all stood there with shocked looks on your faces. None of you thought that Alec would change his mind. As soon as everyone clear away Alec walked down over the steps to you guys.

“Thank you” Izzy said as she hugged her older brother.

“What changed your mind?” Jace asked. Alec looked at him and smile.

“I realized that the Clave isn’t always right. What they were going to do was wrong. I know you guys would have my back so I have yours” After Izzy was done hugging Alec, the others also said thank you to him then left to do their own work.

“Am I still your best friend?” you asked. Alec looked down at you and rolled his eyes.

“Obviously but you are going to have to earn some or my trust back”

“That would be no problem” You said as you grabbed a hold of his arm. “Now let’s go teach you how to fight better” you told him as you guys made your way towards the training room. You knew everything was going to be fine as long as no one else found out your guys secret.

Somebody Else (Alex Summers x Reader) (Part One)

Title: Somebody Else

Pairing: Alex Summers x Reader

Parts: 1/?

Warnings: Suggestions to sex.

Author’s Note: I’ve been obsessed with this song, and I’ve had this idea in my head for a while now. So here you go!

I can’t give you my soul

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I only see him once or twice a week. And it is often only a glimpse of him entering a room, or leaving the room. I memorised the days he has classes next to mine so I dress myself prettier than the other days. But I’m probably just a student to him. Last time i saw him during break and he was having a conversation with another student. Obviously, I’m not the only student he talks to. Why did I even thought that? He can think that my braids are adorable, but only that. My braids, and that’s it. I sometimes say to myself: “go and talk to him, about anything, about what you like in your maths classes this year”. But I just can’t. It’s so hard.

If Dopheld Mitaka ever gets captured by the Resistance I hope the ONLY THING HE EVER TALKS ABOUT IS HOW BAD KYLO REN IS:

“Is it true that you’re Kylo Ren’s mother?  What is his damage?  Did you know that he used the Force to yank me across a room and choke me for delivering bad news?  He *literally* strangled the messenger.  Oh, and before he did that?  He used that shitty lightsaber of his to destroy a console.  Do you know how embarrassing it is that we have an actual budget set aside for your son’s temper tantrums?  Do you know how many keyboards and displays we go through?  Do you think I graduated at the top of my class in Academy so I could deal with your son’s bullshit on a daily basis?  As far as I’m concerned, your son is a bad influence on the First Order.”

Leia:  Is that all, Lt. Mi-

“And another thing!  Kylo Ren-

Leia:  Someone take him back to his cell.

Mark Drabble

You and Mark had just gotten into a fight and despite popular belief when Mark gets angry, it’s actually really scary. Insults were thrown around like compliments and you didn’t know how to separate the anger from the truth. You had finally made it into your apartment when you slammed the door shut, right in front of him. You contemplated locking it but you advised against, you stood in the middle of the living room, ready for the rage that was going to be thrown at you. Mark slowly opened the door and chuckled slightly, “ What the fuck was that for?” Mark yelled. You jumped but stood your ground. 

“ What do you think it was Mark!”

“ You’re being childish Y/n" 

Childish? You think I’m being childish?“ You stepped up to him. 

” You’re the one who is being childish! Ignoring me in front of friends because of a joke. An adult would have talked about the problem but what did you do? You ignored me!“ You yelled while taking steps closer to him, pointing a finger at his chest. 

You had no problem expressing your anger then so whats wrong with me expressing mine now? You know how much I hate being ignored, how much it drives me crazy and makes me sad, yet you did it in front of your friends! Do you have any idea how humiliating that was?! How hurtful?! Do you even care?!“ You yell, breaking down at the end. The tears wouldn’t stop now and the only thing you could do was bite your lip to try to stop them from pouring down your face. 

The room was silent while Mark tried to contemplate what exactly to say and how to say it.
Jagi… I..“ He says reaching out to hug you.
Don’t fucking touch me.“ Moving out of his arm length you shake your head and run past him, out of the apartment.

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