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flashfic: and that pale green light (1/?)

look. i was fucked up on pain meds and sick and tired, and that was apparently the best time to start a fic jam on for the discord group. obviously.

yfip: lucy
-how dare you
-literally how
unchainedArpeggio (arcturus):
rest assured i have no idea))

In which Dirk is wandering the world in search of anything else but himself, and finds a strange boy during his stayover in Dublin. In which Dirk is human but Jake probably isn’t. (Explicit, blanket warning for the sort of shenanigans that go down when you fuck with fae boys. Also, probable-sex addict Dirk.)

Dirk Strider has what the authorities would call a modus operandus. Or, the sort of people that Dirk reads about in detective fiction would call it that. Brilliant, shining people with minds like surgical knives, not like the real thing.

But Dirk was born tired of reality.

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