go to sleep dakt

Incoherent half asleep thought but what if Riku sometimes builds up like a residual charge of dream eateryness in the waking world which causes his subconscious to slip into the realm of sleep when he goes to sleep, but in a way more intense and literal way than when normal people dream because he’s a creature OF the realm and not just a visitor. So he ends up not getting any rest because he’s fighting random nightmares the whole time, which is especially bad since when regular people get hurt or die in a dream they just wake up, but he could actually wake up with physically manifested injuries or simply die in his sleep.

But then Sora figures out that since Riku is primarily HIS dream eater, he can pull him out by linking with him to quickly burn off the weird dream eater aura that’s keeping him stuck inside the realm of sleep where dream eaters are supposed to stay.

And it doesn’t happen super often, but better safe than sorry and Sora is a pretty deep sleeper so it’s probably just best if they share a bed and cuddle so Sora can feel it when Riku starts twitching like a dog dreaming about chasing stuff. Yup.

I’m suddenly hyper aware of the fact that I made chlorinated swimming pools a stand-in for darkness in this AU. Riku has a bad experience associated with them (+ ‘Ansem’), tries to avoid them, then learns to deal with his personal issues and dives back in. He even finds the smell of both pungent.

Dakt what are you doing with your life.

Look, I don’t know much about reptiles or the growing of pot. But my understanding is that both involve heat lamps, at least in places where the latter is illegal so you have to grow it in a closet or something.

You just KNOW when Axel first talked Reno into getting Stitch, the shelter worker told them they should go buy a heat lamp and Reno was like “Yeah that’s… yeah I got that covered. *cough*”

If Repliku hadn’t been offed, could he eventually have gained the ability to summon a Keyblade because he’s a clone of a wielder? Or was Xion’s ability to wield due to her stealing powers from Roxas, and not because she was a Sora clone? Did I just answer my own question? Why am I still awake at 1:25 am having feelings about Repliku?


Do you ever try to fall asleep by then suddenly get hit with asinine realizations about your own continuity errors?

The Strife twins don’t have a bunk bed, Dakt. They have twin beds. The bunk bed post was purely hypothetical. Unless maybe they did at first but unbunked them at some point??

Also, Axel could not select another Mario Kart track. Pretty sure if none of the players get higher than 5th place, they make you redo the track.

Get your life together, Craig.