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It’s the middle of the night where I am but I was compelled to draw Jesse all fluffy. I like to think that he can grow the hell out of a beard. His perpetual 5 o’clock shadow is neither related to his sleep schedule nor an intentional aesthetic; his beard is just super persistent. Some of his bros are secretly super envious of his ability to floof up like a chia pet so quickly. 

alyyks  asked:

I want to know everything about your Rex-adopts-Tup subplot, and in light of the Gai Bal Manda I want to know even more of all the things. :D

WELL OKAY TWIST MY ARM THEN. …this rant looked shorter in Word… >n>

Basically my “ech” about OCs collided with a truckload of Umbara arc feels and a weird obsession with the siblings-as-parents-Nani-&-Lilo-style trope. It’s a way to nudge the Fett parents out of the picture without having to actually kill them off. They’re not actually that great at being parents, from an emotional perspective. They just know that because they ARE the parents, they must be right about everything. All the boys came out okay, but it was more thanks to each other than their parents. By the time Tup is in elementary school, he’s the only kid around the house. It’s suddenly so obvious how oblivious their parents are to the fact that they need to do more than set rules and check things off the “character building activity” list. They don’t like being questioned because they consider it “talking back” and being disrespectful, but Tup doesn’t have anyone else in the house on a day to day basis to ask. So he just stays quiet and becomes fearful of doing anything he’s not directly told to do, in case he guesses incorrectly and does the wrong thing. He becomes so aware of the fact that the word “miracle” in regards to his late birth is just a thinly-veiled euphemism for “unbelievable accident,” and that he’s a major crimp in his parent’s retirement plans.

MEANWHILE Rex is over there slowly realizing that he didn’t really have much of a break between being in-house babysitter to his first slew of brothers to being on-call babysitter to Tup, but that he ain’t even mad. He LIKES taking care of a kid, even the bad aspects, and takes pride in helping guide them. But he’s still hung up on the Duty thing. It’s just his DUTY to take care of his brothers, in service to his parents. They’re still the authority. Tup’s still THEIR kid, and Rex doesn’t have a claim to him. That would be weird and selfish, right…? If he wants kids, he should just settle with a partner already and have his own, right…?

But things start kinda spiraling out of control in a way, to the point that pretty much everyone gets that Tup is Rex’s kid and that they’re both a lot happier and more at ease while living together. Cody even confides that Obi-Wan claims he can often tell where Tup is living based on his behavior. He’s always a pretty quiet kid, but some weeks he’s much more likely to ask questions and voluntarily join class discussions.

At some point it all comes to a head, and the most convenient thing I can think of is the parents wanting to move a significant distance away and just assuming Tup will come with them. It’s not about what anyone wants, really, just about what’s “proper.” They are the Parents and he is their Child. They have to take him and he has to come. But all the other bros are like “no?? Noo??? NO? No. Rex, do something!” So he ends up waging that inner war of the Lawful Good. Listen to Authority, who I always assumed was the most wise and good, or do what feels personally wise and good? He has to come to terms with the fact that his own experience and authority doesn’t automatically get trumped just because the people he’s up against sired him. 

The 10,000 testimonials about how he’s a much better dad than their own dad was help, but the only convincing he really needed was Tup trying to lighten the mood with a joke along the lines of “You don’t have to worry about a squatter interrupting your life anymore.” It suddenly slaps him in the face that Tup thinks he’s unwanted, and is a burden to Rex in the way their parents act like he is to them. And then feels are had an offers are made and Tup is boggled that it would even be suggested that he has a choice, and it’s midnight-thirty and I’m running out of ability to sentence. But it turns into a kerfuffle just shy of an actual custody battle, mostly because the parents waited until the last second to get Rex to sign away whatever partial-custody he had already gradually accumulated by bits, because they assumed he would just do so unquestioningly. But he’s like “oh yeah well what if I exercise my right to read this brick of legalese thoroughly before signing?” They already have obligations set up in their new homestead, and don’t have time to actually take him to court. It might all get really nasty actually; they (or one of them) shows up at the police station hoping to get Rex to sign off quickly while half-distracted, which pisses him off and leads to a deceptively quiet and extremely heated argument in Mando'a. Most co-workers can only get the gist by watching Cody’s and Fives’ reactions. But the silver lining is that once the tug of war is over and the parent’s leave, they are very far away so it’s easier for everyone to get perspective and cool off.

In closing, here are two things I doodled last week but was too embarrassed to post. But now it’s super late o’clock and dude you asked, so.

(And then Rex immediately ends the call and Tup’s like “Did you just hang up on one of our parents?? O_O” and Rex is like “Holy shit I think I just did O_O”)

Incoherent half asleep thought but what if Riku sometimes builds up like a residual charge of dream eateryness in the waking world which causes his subconscious to slip into the realm of sleep when he goes to sleep, but in a way more intense and literal way than when normal people dream because he’s a creature OF the realm and not just a visitor. So he ends up not getting any rest because he’s fighting random nightmares the whole time, which is especially bad since when regular people get hurt or die in a dream they just wake up, but he could actually wake up with physically manifested injuries or simply die in his sleep.

But then Sora figures out that since Riku is primarily HIS dream eater, he can pull him out by linking with him to quickly burn off the weird dream eater aura that’s keeping him stuck inside the realm of sleep where dream eaters are supposed to stay.

And it doesn’t happen super often, but better safe than sorry and Sora is a pretty deep sleeper so it’s probably just best if they share a bed and cuddle so Sora can feel it when Riku starts twitching like a dog dreaming about chasing stuff. Yup.