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An illustration of what’s wrong with capitalism in America:

Worrying yourself to shreds over whether you’ll be able to pay the rent because you’ve been sick for three days and only have enough PTO to cover one of them (and no I couldn’t go to the doctor because I have no health insurance and no savings).

Plus having to commute an hour-plus to work on Black Friday (on major highways no less) when you probably won’t be feeling much better but can’t afford to miss more time, because a miscommunication in upper management means that working from home that day isn’t on the table.

Plus looking at all of this from a birds-eye view and realizing that you will not be able to afford holiday gifts for anyone this year, and the possibility of taking time off to visit family before the new year is pretty much nil.

And to put all this into perspective:

My job is fulltime, pays less than $12.00 an hour, and requires upwards of two hours of commuting per work day because there was nothing any closer than that which paid above minimum wage and would hire me, either because my previous work experience made me “overqualified,” or because for some silly reason it required a 2-year degree to answer phones.


Siri what spell do I use to retroactively transfer a manga to a different author



Most of the interactions between Marinette and Adrien in Riposte, in English dub, Feating Adrien “She’s a Very Good Friend” Agreste.

I want to murder this boy. How obvious can you be?! EVEN KAGAMI KNOWS AND SHE HASN’T BEEN HERE TWO SECONDS!

Marinette can get flustered easily.


voltron rant bc aaaaaaa

Can we just talk about episode 6 for a minute

Yknow. After Lance says they should get out of there (valid suggestion considering giant pillars of death started rising out of the ground), shiro totally disregards him. Then after everything when they get back into their lions Lance growls. Growls. We haven’t seen him angry enough to growl yet. He’s always been the happy one.

This is the start of the rift ripped in the team. It has to be. Lance’s anger towards shiro not listening to him (the way Keith would have listened) is the first sign that Lance will side with Keith when everything goes to shit.

When Lance does, imagine how much more worth they both will feel when they realize they both need each other for stability and strength. The creators even said Lance was Keith’s stability and honestly I think Keith is Lance’s stability in a few ways as well

I say this as a voltron lover, not a klance shipper, but that would be the greatest moment in all of voltron history.