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When Meredith Quill was twenty, she fell in love.

“Fear not, my darling,” her angel said before he left, all aglow with heavenly light. “I shall return for you. Never doubt that.”

After he was gone, it was weeks before she stopped seeing sunbursts in the corners of her eyes, weeks before she could look at the night sky without tearing up. But weeks turned into months, and he didn’t come back, and her belly got bigger, and Meredith did her best to get on with her life.

When Meredith Quill was twenty-one, she got abducted by aliens.

“Look, little lady,” said the blue one, who seemed to be in charge, “if you’re gonna spent this trip abusin’ my crew this ain’t gonna be a fun ride for anyone, least of all you.”

“Then your crew better not get fresh again,” Meredith said, glaring, arms crossed protectively over her belly.

“He was installin’ your translator!” the blue one said, and the gnarly-faced fella curled up on the floor moaned affirmatively.

“Well, fine,” said Meredith. “But you could warn a person. I had a bag packed!” She’d packed it first, optimistically, in the days after her angel left, and repacked as the months passed until it was mostly the things she’d need at the hospital. Still, it was the principle of the thing.

Big Blue only rolled his eyes. “We got plenty of supplies on board. Better ‘n anything on that ball of dirt you call a planet.”

“Y’all got maternity clothes?” Meredith asked. “I’m eight months along, regular pants don’t fit so well these days. Not to mention my vitamins, or any baby things at all–”

“Wait,” said Blue. “How long do Terran pregnancies last?”

“‘Bout nine months,” said Meredith, and when he still looked blank, added “Another thirty days, give or take.”

“Damn it all to hell,” said Blue, and then hollered “Kraglin! Go prep a fighter, we gotta fetch the little lady’s luggage!”

“It’s all in the blue duffel in the hall closet,” Meredith told him. “Oh, and bring the milk crate full of records by the couch, while you’re at it. And the turntable.”

Let’s Blow this Popsicle Stand.

Title: Let’s blow this popsicle stand.

Originally posted by imultifandomstuff

Author: Gráinne x

Pairing: Harry Hook x fem!Reader

Request: Harry hook where reader is Evie’s older sister but polar opposites to Evie and only realizes she loves Harry once she is in Auradon with the core four and when they come back for Mal and she tells Harry and he denies it at first but eventually gives in and admits he has always loved her. Bonus points if he can come to Auradon and they end up together sorry if this is a lot and too specific but I hope it gives you your inspiration

A/N: I loved this and can’t thank the Anon enough for sending me this because my lacking of writing lately is just bad. However, I go so into what I was writing I wanted to break this one into two parts because I feel like I could give the characters so much more. Personally I named the reader as Evelyn but for this case it’s written as Y/N. Also for anyone wondering why there’s Y/N/N it’s your nickname. Enjoy, let me know your thoughts for Part 2? 
All my Love G xx ❤️

Y/N leant against the nearest post as the scene before her unfolded. Maleficent just showed up and scared everyone back into their scramy stinking holes they called home.

“Stealing candy, Mal?”
“It’s from a baby” Mal smirked
“Ahhh that’s my nasty little girl” screeched Maleficent.

 Y/N rolled her eyes, she really did not want to be there. Y/N daughter of the Evil Queen and older sister to Evie was not like her younger one she preferred to stay out of sight, stealing, threatening, sometimes the odd tormenting in the dark vast of the shadows. Y/N zoned out as Maleficent rattled on about her glory days of cursing kingdoms and what not, it wasn’t until she mentioned Auradon that Y/N snapped back to attention.

“What did you say bout Auradon?”
“Keep up Y/N/N, we’re going to Auradon prep” Evie cheered
“The hell I am, I am not going to school with a bunch of prissy pink princesses and their airhead princes” Y/N stomped

Evie reached out to touch her older sister in attempt to calm her
“Y/N, Evie my name is Y/N if you could actually get the full name out that’d be great” 
Evie retracted her arm quickly as Y/N bit out her snark comment.
“Sorry, it’s just how often do we get a chance like this?”
“I have to go, I need to go see H-a-a… someone” Y/N turned on her heel and walked off.

“Ah ah Y/N you’ll be joining us back at the house” Maleficent jeered
Y/N stopped, grinding her teeth as she turned to face Maleficent.
“When I feel like joining you I will but until then I have someone I need to say goodbye to seeing as I don’t have any say in the matter on whether I get to go or not” Y/N sneered and stalked off.

Y/N rested her forehead against the cool bricks trying to reign in her temper, she lifted her fist and tapped the wall to a beat counting down. She really did not need to be in a foul mood when she spoke to Harry. 
Hearing the crashing waves and the smell of the salty sea as she neared the pipe cleared her head and gave her the courage she needed to go see him.

He wasn’t hard to find, stood up on the main deck training new recruits for Uma. Uma of course was exactly where she always was, head of the ship. Y/N stood at the end of the dock watching as Harry swung at one of the recruits knocking them off guard as they forgot about his hook, bellowing out his oh so famous line “I’ll hook ye”

 “Cheater” Y/N called out smirking as Harry spun round to greet her
“Scoundrel” he bit back
“Pirate” she teased
Y/N looked on in confusion as Harry made his way towards her
“That’s not an insult?”
“No, but if ya were Ariel then we’d be mermaid for each other”
“Corny” she laughed.

Harry stood beside Y/N now as she faced the ocean. Harry gazed at Y/N reaching up to touch her midnight blue hair

“Whots wrong Y/N/N?”
“Why do you say somethings wrong?” Y/N turned and faced Harry but what a wrong move that was. She met his fierce blue eyes and dropped her head in sigh.
“ivetogotoauradonandidonthaveachoice” she whispered
“Sorry love speak up abit” tilting her chin up with his hook
Y/N glanced at Harry, closed her eyes and spoke again “I have to go to Auradon and I don’t have a choice”

Harry dropped his hand that was holding the hook under Y/N’s chin. He was stunned.
“Always a choice love”
“Not this time Harry, we’ve a chance of freeing everyone from this hole those rotten do gooders dropped us in”
“An if I ask ye not to go.. would ya stay?”
Y/N glanced over at Harry tears falling slowly

“You of all people should know what’s like to try live up to a parental legacy”
“Please Harry don’t make me choose”
“I wont love, do what ye need ta do. I’ll be here” Harry grabbed Y/N in a bone crushing hug as they said their goodbye.

Harry won’t admit it when Uma asks him later but yes he did cry when he hugged Y/N, they grew up together, they’ve been best friends and will always be best friends no matter how far away she goes.

“Y/N/N love, ye got ta go” Harry pushes Y/N away from him
“I know. I’m going to miss you Harry Hook” Y/N sniffs wiping the tears from her cheeks.
“Aye ditto love” Harry wipes the stray tear that runs down her cheek, gently caressing her cheek in the moment.
“Harry” Y/N whispers, leaning into his touch
“Sorry, right yes… umm I’ll walk ye bck” Harry pulls his hand away quickly.

Harry turns towards Uma “Back soon Cap”
He faces Y/N and grasps her hand pulling her back towards the pipe.
“Bye Y/N/N, see you another time.” Uma calls out.
Y/N glances over her shoulder waving goodbye to the few friends she knew.
“Not likely” she whispers.

Harry held onto Y/N’s hand the entire walk back to Maleficent’s house. This wasn’t going to happen again might as well make the most of it.
Y/N stopped short a few feet from the house, pulling Harry to a stop too.
“Don’t. Don’t say it. I cant let ye go if ye do” Harry looked away almost ashamed to be showing such weakness.
“Just take this an don’t forget lil ole me kay?” Harry placed one of his many rings in her hand and closed it tightly.
“Harry.. I can’t” Y/N glanced up at Harry as he contemplated saying more.

Instead Harry pulled his hand away from Y/N, but as she grasped for Harry he was already striding off, gone with the wind.

Y/N fell back against the wall and slide down, she opened her hand to reveal the ring, she stared at it until the tears clouded it from her view. “I love you” she whispered slipping the ring onto her finger. Y/N stood from her position whipping the tears away and strode into Maleficent’s house, ready to blow Auradon from its popsicle stand.

Part 2? Let me know here.

Looking Good in Lilly

 Mark, the winner of the best-dressed award at The Harriman Cup, sports a vintage Lilly Pulitzer blazer from the 1970s with a white button down oxford and a Hermes belt. Not pictured: brown kiltie tassel loafers. Worn sockless, of course.

Louis Was An Angry Teen Who Needed A Hug: A Louis Tomlinson Masterpost

Before I begin, I’d just like to make this clear; finding baby pictures of Louis is like finding a photograph of a caveman. Not possible.

not fresh out of the womb bUT CLOSE !!

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The Go To Hell Blazer: For those who aren’t a huge fan of trousers in bright colors, you can always express some GTH flair with a vibrantly colored blazer. Just make sure to keep everything else in the outfit simple (like khakis or a repp, knit, or solid tie) to let the jacket ‘pop’ and not blind everyone with an explosive bombardment of color.

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