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so i finally got pokemon go, six months later hah

my “starter” is this charmander named Big Boy bc he’s a big ol boy

so how exactly did they think a cliffhanger would work?

comic fans are pissed because they ruined one of the most iconic moments.

there is no emotional payoff or ability to see the reactions of the others.

the victim is going to be super obvious the moment that filming starts up again.

and it is so, so obviously cheap. viewers don’t tend to like being teased like that. it feels forced and gimmicky, like a desperate attempt to boost the already monstrous ratings.

enjoy your backlash, guys. you’ve earned it! 


every month a fresh hell like honestly what the fuck is that outfit why does ramos get work

is there no writer anywhere who read the vision and might want to have viv guest star to save her from the champions creative team like on the one hand vision and viv are going to finally interact for the first time in six months but otoh it will be no doubt be screwed up from a writing perspective or it’ll just be plain ugly

Kurt Wagner x Reader - Amusement Park

Requested By:anon
Your Mutation: Control plants, green skin
Word Count: 629
Rating: G
Warnings: fluffity fluff

All those years being in a circus meant Kurt didn’t really get to experience things. When Kurt finally got to America and went to a mall, he was ecstatic. After Apocalypse ended, he was determined to go see everything that was stereotypically ‘American.’ He was also determined to do all these things with his best friends and his girlfriend by his side.

It had taken a lot of convincing, but you had finally convinced Charles to let you all go to Six Flags. Kurt was practically bouncing off the walls, he was so excited. You held onto his hand as he ranted and raved the entire car ride. Scott had rolled his eyes every time Kurt said the phrase ‘this is going to be so fun.’

“You could make a drinking game out of the amount of times Kurt has said ‘this is going to be so fun.’” Peter rolled his eyes in the seats behind you two. Jubilee and Ororo both punched Peter lightly on the arm.

“Don’t ruin this for him! This is his first time going to an amusement park! Let him be excited!” Jubilee told the boy. Peter sighed and nodded; this was Kurt’s day to be able to do the things he was never able to do before.

After paying the parking fee and actually parking, Kurt teleported out of the car with you. A few humans jumped in surprise and stared as you all climbed out of the car. You must have been an odd looking group; a blue guy, a green girl, two people with silver hair, a guy wearing weird sunglasses and two ‘normal’ girls.

Both you and Kurt ignored the many stares people gave you; nothing was going to ruin your day. You squeezed his hand and gave Kurt a smile as you waited in line to buy your tickets. The man at the ticket booth gave you both a smile as if he pitied you and then handed you your wristbands.

“What do you want to go on first?” Jean asked Kurt with a smile. He was looking at everything, trying to memorise every single thing in the park. The smells of food were amazing and the noises from all the different rides made him excited.

“That one! The big looping one!” Kurt said, pointing at the large roller coaster.

“That’s a roller coaster! Just letting you know, if you get on it, you cannot teleport out, ok?” You warned him. Kurt nodded and pulled you along. The rest of the group followed behind you two.

That was how it went for the rest of the day. Kurt would find a ride and everyone would follow him onto it. Everyone began to get tired around 9 pm, but Kurt begged to just go on one more ride - the ferris wheel. Kurt held your hand as the two of you climbed on to the ride.

“I am so excited!” He smiled, clapping his hands together. The two of you reached the top when the ferris wheel paused.

“Vait! Vhy have ve stopped?! I vill get us out of here, (Y/N). Grab on!” Kurt began to freak out.

“Kurt! Honey! It’s supposed to stop.” You giggled, grabbing onto his arm. Kurt visibly relaxed and let out a small laugh.

“Sorry. I didn’t mean to freak out like that.” He said, bashfully. The two of you sat, hand in hand, looking at the stars. Kurt’s eyes drifted over to you and he slowly moved his hand up to your cheek. You turned your head as he pulled you into a soft kiss.

“Yeah! Kurt get some! Woo!” You heard Peter, Ororo and Jubilee cheer from behind you. You giggled as you pulled out of the kiss.

“Great day?”

“Ja. Great day.”


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GUYS! If you’re a fan of Sarah J. Maas I think you’ll like what I found. So according to Entertainment Weekly there are going to be many more works being released by Sarah J. Maas. 

  • There will be two additions to Throne of Glass though most of us know of both of them. The Chaol Westfall story and the final Throne of Glass book. 
  • There is also going to be six additions to A Court of Thorns and Roses!? It doesn’t say much else about them, but I’m still so freaking excited.
  • There is also apparently going to be a Coloring book! for A Court of Thorns and Roses!

My heart stopped when I read that there are going to be six additions!

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Six Days To Go!

So this is the final week before my wedding. We’re wrapping up the final preparations and paying off the last few bills. I still need to find a dry cleaner for my wedding dress, but other than that, I think…I THINK…we’ve got everything in place.

Today, I got an 8x10 photo print made of the picture I took of St. Brighid’s Well in Kildare. This picture was taken literally moments before Ragnar got down on one knee and proposed.

This photo is going inside a 16x20 matting and will be the signable guestbook poster for the wedding.

I also picked up ribbons for our handfasting cord, and charms for the ends. Given the tight budget we’re on, I was really happy to find ribbon spools on sale, and some inexpensive and GORGEOUS charms that are just perfect for Ragnar and me. (Don’t worry, I’ll post pictures when it’s done.)

So fingers crossed! We’re almost there!

Dear Stelena Fandom ❤️

I recently looked at Julie Plec’s Twitter and read her responses to the fans. The conclusion I found out about stelena is that eventually and in the right way, if Nina stayed, they would have been endgame. Julie was always pro stelena because at the end of the day they were pure to each other and brought the best out of each other. As much as I hate her, Julie isn’t an idiot, we have to remember that she wrote the first 3 seasons (the good seasons) as well with the smarter half Kevin Williams. I just think that based on the timing which Nina declared she’s actually leaving, Julie just didn’t have time to bring the story to a full 360 so instead she’s bringing it to a 180. Even though I would rather rip my eyes out then watch yet again another cheap delena scene I think that the finale of season six is going to be Elena leaving and saying good bye to both of them equally. I know that her last scene is with Damon cause at the end it’s all bullshit fanservice, but I have hope that Julie won’t disappoint us stelena fans.
However if Julie is smart and well educated she will leave a cliff hanger for Stefan and her relationship, leaving them to reunite in the series finale.
My message to the all my fellow stelena fans is that I know your all heart broken,I know you guys cry randomly, but please remember when Julie decides to rip our hearts out again, that the vampire diaries is just a show and it’s not real. It’s frustrating I know but it has no meaning and it’s just actors trying to make money while idiots like us are addicted to it all. If things don’t go the way we want it to just remember that the real tvd ended 4x01.
I love you all and it’s been a good while but at this point I think I lost all hope but it will be ok. We will all be ok. ❤️💛❤️💛

SO when I was 8 years old my family took a trip to Disney world and there was this one Star wars attraction where the performers (dressed in Jedi gear of course) would pick like a dozen kids from the audience to go up on the stage to “learn how to be a Jedi”

and guess who got picked

So I go up on stage and they hand me a brown robe and a tiny lightsaber and we learn a couple moves and I’m sure it was really cute to watch. But after about 5 minutes it was time for The Final Test where one by one, the kids “duel” the Jedi master and he lets you win. 

About six kids go up before me and when it finally gets to be my turn guess who should appear but Darth Vader himself. Now bear in mind that I had never seen star wars so when this terrifying guy in a black mask showed up I freaked. The Jedi teachers were yelling at me to “use the Force” but I didn’t know what that was.

So I start yelling at him. I called Darth Vader all the swears and insults I knew. He eventually retreated but I got a talking to by one of the instructors because “Jedi knights don’t use hate and anger”

So that’s how I turned to the dark side when I was 8 years old.