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after a stupid long time, i’m finally able to post my rmit grad film, for fear of little men! this thing represents 8 months of delirious work surviving off pizza shapes and academic fear alongside my friends, please enjoy

Dream A Little Dream

A Bucky x Reader / angst, fluff

A/N: This is a rewrite of one of my fics, from my SPN blog called Beautiful Dreamer. If you want to read it, you can find it on my SPN masterlist. It’s always been one of my favorites and i think it works for Bucky as well. This is my first rewrite ever! Let me know what you think ♥

Word Count: 2,197

- language.
- scary scenery.

Tags: (at the end)

*gif is not mine.

When Bucky Barnes walks into a room, he demands attention. Not the ‘look at me I’m so attractive’ type of attention, but the ‘fuck with me and I’ll literally kill you’ type of attention. It’s intoxicating and disgustingly arousing, something you’re not even close to being used to. Your entire life had consisted of working at your family’s diner, busing and waiting tables for measly tips that couldn’t even buy you a box of tampons. Your life had been painstakingly boring, until that one unforgettable day your entire life changed.

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as i missed day 1 (my housemates decided it was time to watch iron fist so i lost my evening) here’s day 1 (firsts) and 2 (growth and change) combined.

jesse as a freshfaced yound gangster kid ready to smarten himself up by joining overwatch, and the tired but hopeful gabriel who has already taken jesse under his wing

cut to two years later on new years and jesse is drunk as a skunk and head over heels for his commander. cue drunken new years kiss that jesse totally forgets (but gabriel remembers in vivid detail)

a year on from that, and while they’re both suffering under the pressure of blackwatch, they’ve been dating steadily for six months and finally go for it (i might actually properly line and colour that last image….)

This might seem like a joke but that’s what happened. I didn’t go to school on the 16th of January, I sat, unmoving, in front of my computer​ till 5 am and cried, then texted my irl friends who were also awake and crying and we just stayed home that day

Falling, Falling, Falling

Pairing: Klance

Word Count: 3,943

Tags: Altean Lance, Galra Keith, Miscommunication

Notes: I’d just like to give a big shout-out to @cryptidkeiths for editing this for me and another big thanks to @hunksheadbands for keeping me sane while I stressed over writing my first fic. i love you guys. 

Summary: Prince Lance has built walls to keep everyone out his entire life, and then, a curious new friend crash lands on Altea and begins to pull Lance from behind the wall.

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The Best Day of Your Life

Anon:  Soulmate AU! Where on your fifteenth birthday the name of your soulmate appears above your heart.  With Jaybird please!

A/N:  You have no idea how excited I am for this.  Jay is my true love, and thinking about this request just gives me chills ^.^

(Y/F/S) – Your favorite show

Word Count:  This is hella long.  I have no regrets.  7,087

Warnings:  Language, sexual talk, sexual crap going on (not much detail)  NO SMUT

Also, this is my first reader insert.   So, please, cut me some slack!  And you may notice some similarity to Batman: Under the Red Hood. Well that’s because that is what I was going for.  But I had no way to watch it when I wrote this, so it is definitely different.  Oh well.  Let me know what you think!

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Game of Thrones: Season 7, “Dragonstone“ Review!


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My father and I are finally caught up with all Game of Thrones seasons leading up to this and we are ready for Season 7! Here are –

My Top 10 Thoughts on Game of Thrones, Season 7, Episode 1:

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10. Oh SNAP! So, Arya chooses to put on Walder Frey’s face…let’s hope she disinfected that first before putting it on…

In any case, she basically slaughters House Frey single-handedly. So, is Arya taking the place of Lady Stoneheart from the books? I’m down with that…although, girl, maybe you shouldn’t have revealed that you could wear people’s faces in front of those daughters of Frey’s. Eh? Still, that line:

“Leave one wolf alive, and the sheep are never safe.”

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9. Anyone else getting serious Hidalgo vibes from the horde of White Walkers approaching through the snow?

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Oh yeah, and White Walker giants may be the most terrifying thing ever.

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8. So, Sansa and Jon have fundamental differences on leadership. Sansa has the vengeful, but popular choice. Jon Snow, of course, is as stubbornly old school as possible…please, please, let Sansa and Jon get along. That means stay out, Baelish! But we all know that won’t happen. Ugh.

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7. Ahh, the finally awaited reunion of Cersei and Jaime. Damn, the tension is cutting. Cersei is clearly sliding off the deep end without her children to take root to. Jaime is clearly panicking because he thinks they’re going to lose…and it does look like a losing side, BUT then, Cersei says, “Do you think I listened to my father for 40 years and learned nothing?”

And then…

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6. Euron Greyjoy showed up! And, uhm, oh snap, is Jaime getting tossed aside for Euron? Clearly, Euron is unhinged…he’s hilarious, but so zany for Game of Thrones! I can definitely see Cersei ending up, even though she rejected his proposal, changing her mind and jumping alongside the crazy boat ride that is Euron. And if so, uhm. Uhm. Is there hope for my BrienneXJaime ship?

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5. The adventures of poor Samwise Gamg– I mean, poor Sam. Man, can we all agree that Sam’s job is basically what we all experience starting out at the bottom of the workforce ladder? We think it’s going to be all magical–

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–and then we get to a very terrible routine –

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–but then, Sam makes a Maester friend while dissecting a corpse; a friend that raises existential questions about the end of life and days…and then Sam steals that friend’s keys, and we’re left wondering what will happen.

Sam’s life’s the most complex right now, basically.

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4. Sansa and Brienne are ladies with one-sided douche lords stalking them…Brienne is trying to have that heart-to-heart with Sansa, like, “Gurl, let that messed up man go…you can do better!” I really hope Brienne gets Sansa to see eye-to-eye with her.

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3. So, Ed Sheeran cameos as a soldier…I’ll be honest, when Arya rides up and hears singing, I was really hoping that it was Gendry singing. I mean, we’d all like it to be that much of a dream scenario. Of course, it’s just some soldiers who share their wine and meat with Arya, and laugh at her notion that she’s going to kill the Queen. Oh boys, you have NO idea who you’re messing with!

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2. At first, we see The Hound and the Band of Brothers riding to a snowy hut to take shelter from the snow…The Hound doesn’t seem to notice, at first, but isn’t that the SAME house where The Hound stabbed the father and left him and the daughter to die? It was shown in the flashbacks…so I’m guessing that’s it! Creepy circling back around, that’s for sure!

Creepier still, is that The Hound can see into the fire! He sees things in the fire…does this make him special? In any case, it seems to make him more compassionate, because he seems to remember the family. He goes out at night and buries them in the snow. He even says a few words…is this really our Hound?!

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1. JORAHHHH….Jorah, Jorah, Jorah the Explorah! He’s at the Citadel…with Sam, so clearly, as long as he stays sane long enough, he can fill Sam in on information about Dragonstone, Danaerys, and hopefully get the Dragon Glass from there to Jon Snow…perhaps this is how Jon’s going to end up meeting Danaerys?

In any case, Dany’s finally home, after six full seasons, she’s back to her birthplace, with her Dragons, and army, and a full season of events yet to unfold!

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Overall, a great start to the season! Arya’s story line is still the most sporadic and weak for me, but now that she has the Frey’s out of the way, that will hopefully open her story line up for more fun and shenanigans as she makes her way to King’s Landing!

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La Douleur Exquise

Part 2 of You Belong With Me Word Count: 1,044 - la douleur exquise- (n.) the heart-wrenching pain of wanting the affection of someone unattainable ~ “We can still be friends,” Barry says in a defeated tone. You stop walking and turn around to face him, “No we can’t. Everything’s gonna awkward now.” “(Y/N), it’s just a small crush, this will all blow over, and we’ll forget about it in, like, two days tops.”

“Barry, I’ve liked you for two years! I wouldn’t necessarily call that a ‘small crush’!”


“Just drop it. Forget this all happened.” You stormed off down the street, leaving you frustrated and Barry without a best friend.


After storming out of Barry’s apartment, you ran as fast as your legs could take you. Street signs were passing out of your peripherals and people were striding through the busy Central City night life.  With your heart racing, your head pounding, and your chest heaving, you eventually found yourself back at your apartment. You slammed the door closed and threw yourself on the couch.

The pain of heartbreak and rejection was consuming; consuming you like snow does to the lively outdoors in the winter. One phrase stayed in your mind while you laid on the couch in a heap of tears and pain.

  la douleur exquise

You were told this phrase by adults in your life. “Oh, you’ll experience it sometime,” they all said. Everyone of them had a different experience, a different story, but, one thing in common was the shared heartbreak.


For you la douleur exquise  felt almost impossible to overcome.

  For weeks you didn’t show up to STAR Labs because the thought of having to see Barry terrified you into oblivion. Weeks then turned into months and you eventually resigned from your position on Team Flash. You didn’t cut the ties completely; you still kept in contact with Caitlin and Cisco and you would go see them when Barry wasn’t there.

After six lonely months, you finally made your presence in the dating world again.  You went on many dates, most of them boring and drawn out, but, some could’ve had a promising future. No matter who you were on a date with, whether it was good or bad, something never felt right. All of the guys were perfect gentlemen, but, they weren’t him. They weren’t Barry and they never would be.

  “I am over him. I know I am. He didn’t feel the same way and he never will,” you muttered to yourself every time before a date. It didn’t matter how many times you attempted to convince yourself of this, your heart never listened. It still longed for Barry’s attention and Barry’s love.


  Today, you had another date planned. This was actually the third date that you have been on with this guy and you genuinely enjoyed the time you spent with him. Joshua made you forget about Barry, even though they had some similarities. Tall, intelligent, and awkward, but, maybe you had a type. When you were with Joshua, you could actually see a long relationship in the future and the thought made you happy for the first time in a long time. A knock on your door shook you out of your thoughts. You opened the door and there stood a giddy Joshua.

  “(Y/N), a-are you ready,” Joshua stuttered as he ran his hand through his hair. You nodded and pressed a quick kiss to his cheek. His cheeks flushed red as he wrapped his arm around your waist and escorted you out of your apartment.

After a short car ride  filled with loving looks and small talk, you arrived at Jitters. Joshua hesitantly grabbed your hand, still terrified that you would pull away in disgust. You offered him a loving smile and walked to an empty table.  Sitting at the table with Joshua and making small talk made you think back to the possible future with him and you smiled. A few moments of silence had passed after that, leaving you in your thoughts until you were brought back to reality by Joshua’s hand grabbing yours.  He looked into your eyes longingly but quickly looked away.

“(Y/N), I know that this is our third date, but,  I feel like I could see something happening between us in the future. And I know that this m-may seem a little quick, b-but, I was wondering if you would like to be my girlfriend? I mean, you don’t have to if you don’t want to,” he quickly stammered out. You looked at him in the eyes once again and smiled, “I would really enjoy that.“Joshua broke into a smile that ranged from ear to ear and he leaned over the table, planting a kiss on your lips. You broke the kiss and looked behind Joshua and saw him.


Of course he was here. The moment that he is not the one thing that you think about, he shows up again and ruins it. Barry saw you and looked at you in a shocked manner. He looks as if he had just seen a ghost. After Barry’s shocked state broke, he walked over to your table. Barry stands their awkwardly, glaring at Joshua before breaking the silence.

“H-How are you, (Y/N)? It’s been a while and w-who’s this?” Barry switched his weight between his feet and kept his hands in his pockets. You looked him in the eyes, still shocked that it has been six months since you had last seen him.

  “Barry, I’ve been doing well and this-this is Joshua, my boyfriend.”

Barry glared at Joshua for the second time since arriving at the table. Joshua shrunk in his seat in attempt to escape the hostile glare. Once Barry sensed his fear, he smiled and looked at you once again.

  “Well, it has been nice seeing you. Maybe, I’ll start seeing you at the lab again,” Barry winked. Could you start going back to lab? Things shouldn’t be as awkward since you have finally found someone. You nodded your head in agreement. Barry smiled and hugged you before walking away.

“It was meeting you Johnny,” Barry said as he was leaving.

Joshua straightened up in the chair and waved at Barry.

“It-It’s Joshua.”

a/n- sorry for the weird spacing at the beginning. I hope everyone enjoys it :)


juicyqueenlme  asked:

Can u do an imagine where the reader and grayson are in a long distance/internet relationship, and you meet for the first time, and its just really cute and fluffy, thankyouuu

First Time // Grayson Dolan Imagine

A/N: Hope you like it! 

(Sorry for any spelling errors in typing this on my phone.)
Today was the day. The day you have been waiting for. You were finally going to meet your boyfriend of six months for the first time. After successfully convincing your parents to let you fly out to Los Angeles, you booked the next flight out. This was the day you dreamed of since the day you two started talking on Twitter. You remember the day you saw Grayson Dolan Follows You on your lock screen. At first you ignored it thinking it was just one of those scare accounts on twitter giving you false hope, but then you got a dm from the same account saying ‘hey.’

You freaked out a bit when you saw he followed you and dm’d you out of the blue. Quickly you opened up your app and saw that it was indeed Grayson Dolan that had followed and dm’d you on twitter. Since that day the two of you exchanged numbers and talked all the time. You two found out you had so much in common and started developing feelings for one another.

One night as the two of you were on Facetime Grayon looked really anxious. You asked him what was wrong and he would shrug it off by changing the subject. Ethan was actually the one to give him the extra push he needed to officially ask you out. You remembered Ethan yelling, “Just tell her already,” in an annoyed voice as he was listening in to your entire conversation wondering when Grayson was going to grow the balls to ask you out.

That made you ask him what he wanted to ask you. His face grew a deep shade of red as he looked down to his lap and then back up at you. You nervously bit your lip waiting for him to tell you what was going on with him.

After a few seconds he finally blurted it out, the phrase you had been hoping to hear for weeks now. 
Will you be my girlfriend?

Smiling you softly said yes and then let out a giggle when Ethan cheered you guys on. That was by far one of the best days of your life. The two of your had never met. You lived in Indiana and he lived in New Jersey and in California. Both were a long car ride away and you had school to attend meaning you couldn’t go off to visit him.

You visiting him was going to come as a complete surprise. You spoke to Ethan about wanting to come out and surprise him. Ethan immediately agreed and asked you if it was okay if he filmed it. You, at first hesitated, but after a while you decided it would be fun to look back on.

Currently you were waiting for your flight to be called. There had been a 2-hour delay which annoyed the crap out of you. Now you were going to get to LA at one in the morning instead of the planned eleven at night.

Ethan and you planned for Grayson to not call or text you all day. That of course fell through when you saw Grayson was calling you on facetime. You knew if you didn’t answer he would think something was wrong and would keep on calling/texting you. Quickly you got up and went to lean up against a wall in an empty hall.

“Hey babe!” He exclaimed cheerfully as soon as his face popped up on the screen.

“Hi baby, how are you?” You asked him with a smile as you saw he was in bed.

“I’m doing good. Ethan’s been acting weird all day and I’m honestly becoming a bit worried.” He laughed while running his hands through his hair. Smiling at the sight you heard a loud bang in his apartment making you wonder what Ethan was up to.

“How is he acting weird?” You asked him hoping Ethan wouldn’t ruin the plan.

“He’s been asking me a bunch of questions on what I want to do when today is filming day. We have this whole skit planned out but he won’t co-operate with me and wants to go out. I’m growing a bit annoyed with him,” he explained as the intercom went off announcing that your flight was now boarding.

Quickly you put him on mute and waited for the intercom to go off. You watched as Grayson’s eyebrows furrowed together in confusion making you begin to feel nervous. Gosh you hoped that you didn’t just screw up the plan.

“Babe I gotta go. My mom wants me to go with her to her friend’s house. I’ll text you later, bye!” You smiled while waving bye to him.

“Aww okay,” he pouted, “I’ll talk to you later. bye.” 
The two of you had not said I love you to one another. You both wanted to wait until you met in person to say it to one another. Both of you agreed it would be more meaningful to do it that way instead of over a phone screen or text. You couldn’t wait to be in his arms and finally say those three small words that held such a great meaning.

You were now in Los Angeles and you couldn’t be more excited. Currently you were waiting for Ethan’s car to pull up. Taking pictures of the scenery around you with your phone you felt anxious. In less than thirty minutes you would be meeting your boyfriend for the first time, the love of your life. Tapping your foot on the concrete you looked around the area and finally spotted Ethan’s car. You waited for him to park before opening the door.

“Oh my gosh guys this is her! Say hi to the camera Y/N,” Ethan excitedly spoke to the camera before facing it towards you. “Hi camera!” You laughed while waving awkwardly.

“She isn’t used to the camera on her so she might look a bit awkward at first. Just give her time guys. These full two weeks she’s going to be on camera a lot trust me.” He smiled. Shaking your head you looked down with a smile. Putting your bags in the back of his car- with Ethan’s help once he put the camera down- the two of you were on your way. You were nervous and Ethan could tell.

“Everything’s going to turn out great. Grayson’s currently sleeping and didn’t notice I even left. Trust me he’s going to love this.” He reassured you. Giving him a small smile you thanked him before looking back out the window.

“He really does love you, you know that? He never shuts up about you. Everything we do he’s always like ‘i wish Y/N was here to experience this with me’ or ‘Y/N would love this’. I’ve never seen him this happy,” he continued making you blush.

“I really love him too. He means everything to me. Trust me the moment he asked me to be his girlfriend I thought I was dreaming. Gosh if my friends were here with me they would be telling you about how I wouldn’t shut up about him. I just can’t wait to finally be able to tell him how I feel in person.” You admitted with a smile on your face.

Ethan was recording the entire conversation, yet you didn’t know that. This would be later shown to Grayson and yourself at a later date.

The two of you now stood in front of their apartment door. You were shaking with nerves to finally meeting Grayson. On the way there Ethan came up with this ingenious idea on hiding you inside a box with a bow inside of it. You agreed to this thinking it would be funny to scare Grayson by jumping out of it. Ethan explained how he set up cameras inside the house and made sure Grayson wouldn’t be able to see them. You nodded your head to inform him you understood the plan.

After successfully putting you inside a box and slapping a small bow he found lying around, Ethan yelled out for Grayson.

“Grayson! Wake up dude!”

You tried your best to stay quiet inside the box as you heard shuffling around you.

“Ethan shut the fuck up and go to bed! It’s almost two in the damn morning and I’m tired,” You heard your boyfriend yell from his bedroom. Feeling your heart-rate increase you smiled knowing Grayson was just a few feet away from you. Yet he was still clueless to this.

“Dude seriously I think someone snuck inside our house. There’s a huge box in our living room. Come look!” Ethan lied making you let out a small giggle. Slapping your hand over your mouth you held your breath trying not to laugh.

“Etha- what the fuck. Why is their a box in our apartment?” Grayson asked sounding extremely confused and tired.

“I don’t know! I just got up from editing a video and saw the box in our living room. Go check it out.” 
“No! What if it’s something dangerous or something,” Grayson exclaimed making you smile.

“I highly doubt it. I mean it has a bow on it. Seems non-dangerous,” Ethan said trying to convince Grayson to get near the box.

“Bro just because it has a bow on it doesn’t mean it’s safe,” Grayson said in an annoyed voice. You softly nodded your head agreeing with your boyfriend.

“Grayson oh my gosh just seriously go open the damn box,” Ethan groaned sounding equally as annoyed as Grayson did.


Hearing footsteps grow closer to you, you prepared yourself to jump up and scare him. Hearing the tape being ripped off the box you waited for him to open a flap.

“SURPRISE!” You yelled out while jumping up from inside the box scarring the shit out of your boyfriend. Laughing as he jumped back and fell on the floor you watched his face turn into pure shock.

“No fucking way,” he whispered while getting up from the floor and rushing over to you.

“Yes fucking way,” you laughed as he pulled you into a tight hug and pulled you out the box. Wrapping your arm around his neck you buried your crying face into the crook of his neck. You were scared of letting go in fear this was all a huge dream you would wake up from at any moment.

“I can’t believe it. Oh my gosh it’s really you. How? When?” He questioned as he looked over at his twin who now had the camera in his hands. 
“We planned this a few weeks back behind your back. It was the hardest thing to keep from you especially when all you would talk about was wanting to have her in your arms,” Ethan teased. Laughing you looked up at Grayson who also had a tear stained face and a huge smile.

“It was my idea

“This is the best surprise ever. Wait but I was talking to you earlier today? It looked like you were home,“ Grayson asked.

“Yeah well that was the airport wall near the bathrooms. I also muted you when they announced my flight. Ethan annoying you was kind of part of the plan during filming,” you explained.

“Ethan annoying me is an all time thing not just today,” Grayson laughed as Ethan threw a small football at him. Hearing his laugh in person was the best thing ever.

You loved how soft yet loud he sounded. Everything you imagined about meeting him was beyond your expectations. You felt safe and loved in his arms. You felt whole.

“How long are you staying?” He asked.

“Im all yours for two whole weeks,” you responded.

“I love you,” Grayson softly spoke to you. Feeling your heart beat hard against your chest you felt butterflies erupt in your stomach. Looking up at him you stared into his hazel eyes that had a huge sparkle in them. They were filled with hope, adoration, and love.

“I love you too,” you finally spoke. The moment those four words left your mouth you felt like a lot was lifted off your shoulders. You felt free to finally be able to tell him how you felt. Soon you felt his soft lips on yours.

The intensity in the kiss was strong; both of you were scared to let go. The first of many kisses the two of you would share. You were the first one to pull away from the kiss. Feeling breathless you pressed your hands on his chest and softly pressed one last peck on his lips.

“Aww that was cute and gross at the same time. Anyways I’m going to go, so say bye to the camera!” Ethan spoke. The two of you had forgotten that he was in the room recording the whole thing. It felt like it was only the two of you until, well he spoke.

“I’m assuming you filmed the whole thing so bye guys and we will see you next Tuesday!” Grayson exclaimed as he stood behind you and wrapped his arms around your waist.

“Join us for the outro babe,” Grayson smiled.

Nodding your head you waited for Ethan to get in the gram with the two of you.

“Peace guys!” The three of you guys yelled. Ethan soon shut the camera off and excused himself to his room to give you two some alone time. He, of course said that with a teasing smirk before walking off.

“Gosh do I love having you in my arms,” Grayson said as the two of you now lied on his bed. Cuddling into his chest you grabbed his hand and intertwined them with yours.

“You make me the happiest person in the entire world,” you whispered.

“You make me the happiest guy the entire world,” he repeated. The two of you lied in bed feeling happy, content with everything around you, and free. You two had finally got to be together after many months. You would forever be grateful for having such a sweet boy in your life and an amazing best friend that came along with it. You wished the two of you lived at a closer range, but you wouldn’t change anything else. Everything you had now was everything you would have never dreamed of.

Soon the two of you fell asleep in each other’s arms. Your hearts beat as one as the moon shines in through the window.

Two people who were meant for each other had finally met and the universe was happy.

The star and the moon had now finally met.

sunrise. (jb x reader)

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A/N: Requests are open!

Genre: Fluff

Summary: Warining: Mild Cuddling!! 

Words: 1k

- - -

You couldn’t remember exactly when you started getting up so early, just that it had been a habit since you were very little. 

There was something you loved about the early mornings, something in the way that the light gradually shifted in hue as it crept over your windows, painting your house in beautifully muted golds and pinks. Something about the still blue-gray mist that hung in the air like a thick satin blanket, or the dream-like moments when the world seemed to stand completely, utterly still. Your morning was your healing time, a break from the perpetual hustle and bustle of everyday life. The feeling followed you wherever you went, even when you’d uprooted and moved from the calm suburbs to the big city. Every day, you’d slide quietly out of bed and tiptoe to the living room, where you could perch on a windowsill and truly enjoy the quiet of the early hours. It was safe to say that you’d consider yourself much more of a morning person than a night person.

Your boyfriend, however, was the opposite.

You heard wobbling footsteps as he stumbled out of the bedroom, yawning monstrously. You turned your head to meet his tired figure, standing blurry-eyed in the doorway, donning a fluffy white bathrobe. You smiled a little at his attire, mostly because you were pretty sure that was your bathrobe. Even so, he looked incredibly handsome. The robe was haphazardly thrown on and untied, leaving his somewhat-toned bare torso completely exposed.

“Sorry, Jae. I didn’t mean to wake you up.” You said quietly, patting the spot beside you on the windowsill. A muffled groan was all you got in response as he slowly ambled toward you. He looked adorable with his bedhead, raven peaks jutting out in unnatural ways on the top of his head. As he reached you, he rested his head on your shoulder and closed his eyes.

“Come back to bed.” He mumbled into your neck. His breath tickled a little on your skin, and he smelled like cool rain and sleep. The offer was tempting.

“No, I want to watch the sunrise.” You leaned your head on his, turning your gaze back to the window. “But you should go back to sleep, you stayed up really late last night.”

Which was true. Jaebum, being a diligent worker, had stayed up insanely late in the studio, writing lyrics and producing new solo tracks. You ended up having to nag him six times to finally go to bed after hours of nonstop work. You wished that this didn’t happen nearly as often as it did, but he did what he loved, and you didn’t want to complain. Besides, he didn’t have much time to work on his personal stuff when he was so busy promoting with the band, so you were a little more lenient with his night-owl habits.

“Not without you.” He murmured. He was still warm from the bed. 

“Well then, I guess we’re at a crossroads.” He lifted his head to glare at you.

“Please?” He said, raising an eyebrow.

You chuckled a little. It wasn’t like Jaebum to beg. “I’ll come back after the sun starts to rise, I promise.”

He groaned again, and it faded to a whisper in the back of his throat. He nestled his head back into the crook of your neck. “Fine. But I’m waiting here with you.”

He placed a hand in your lap, and you took his fingers in yours, rubbing gentle circles into his palm with your thumb. His chest rose and fell lightly, his breathing steady and deliberate. You gave him a peck on the head, admiring how content he looked half-asleep. He returned the favor by planting a chaste kiss on your neck as well, a token of his love for you. He lazily traced patterns on your back through your nightshirt, sending shivers up and down your spine.

The city below was picturesque, with lights peppered throughout otherwise pitch-black buildings. Billowing morning mist drifted through the buildings like a river around rocks, lapping at the sides of the structures and flowing throughout the streets. For once there was no noisy traffic, no crowds of people or blaring music. Just simple, tranquil silence. You wished that this moment could last forever, the two of you awake (well, partially at least) in a sleeping city, waiting for a steadily rising sun.

Of course, it couldn’t last forever, and pretty soon that moment faded from view.

A golden fire lit on the edge of the horizon, peeking through the cityscape and reflecting off of the windows of the still dark buildings. Gentle light streamed through the streets, chasing away the mist and illuminating the silvery clouds. Pinks, oranges, and reds rippled across the landscape, perforating the night and ambitiously donating color to the navy city. resplendent golden crowns decorated the tops of buildings, basking in the sunrise. this was the part you always cherished most about the mornings, seeing the breathtaking transition from night to day.

You let out a long sigh and gazed down at Jaebum. A gentle smile graced your features. You shook him softly.

“Hey, the sun rose.” You whispered. He lifted his head and rubbed his eyes. “We can go back to bed now.”

You started to get down from the windowsill, but he put a hand out to stop you. He climbed up to join you and leaned his back against the wall, pulling you onto his lap. 

“Let’s just stay here.” He mumbled, resting his chin on the top of your head.
“But you need to sleep-”

“I can take a nap later or something. This is more fun.”

You beamed. “Are you sure, Jaebum?”

He said nothing, but let out a content sigh.

For the rest of the morning, you two sat together, intertwined in each other’s arms.

Gold Digger - A Roman Reigns One-Shot

Roman is having a hard time getting rid of his gold-digging ex-wife. What exactly does he have to do to get her out of his life permanently? Roman Reigns/OC. AU one-shot.

Yet another attempt at mass tagging:  @lavitabella87 | @cynda-wrasslin | @caramara3 | @alexahood21 | @nickysmum1909 | @iloveenzoamore | @fan-fiction-galore | @flawlessglamazon | @hardcorewwetrash | @helluvawriter | @emmarablack | @banrioncethlenn | @laigy2213 | @redalternativefirefly | @fmlallthewayup | @lilmisscrisis | @imagines–assemble | @knowdagirlm | @blondekel77 | @lclb12 | @shadow-of-wonder | @fandom-preferences-imagines | @reignsappreciationpagefics | @heilisk | @reigns420 | @withwordslikeweapons | @hiitsmecharlie @wwesmut@wwe-smutfics@romanreignsnet@romanreignsfanpage@roman-reigns-gifs@roman-reigns-empire@littlewrestlingnerd​ @smutwwe

“Do you need anything else, Mr. Reigns?”

Tearing his eyes from the paperwork on his desk for the first time in hours, Roman Reigns looked up at his secretary. “No, that will be all. Thank you.”

“Okay. Have a good night, Mr. Reigns.”

“You too.”

Once she shut the door behind her, Roman shook his head, chuckling quietly. He was well aware of the attention his secretary had been giving him these past few weeks. And not just her; there was a bunch of other women in the fray; fellow colleagues, clients, family friends; most of them far less subtle about their intentions than she was. When you were a very successful, newly single young man, such was to be expected. But as flattered as he was, he had no plans for another relationship, not so soon after his divorce.

He sighed heavily as she came to his mind. Sabrina. The redheaded goddess. The seductress. The Jezebel that nearly ruined his life.

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A Heavenly Tour

gif is not mine

Pairing: Michael x Reader

Word Count: 1,176

Warnings: fluff

A/N: This was requested by @pumpkinpiesandpocketknives (I think they changed their url?). Either way I hope you guys enjoy this! Feedback would be AWESOME!

Dating an archangel was never easy.  Michael was more mature than his brothers and you were thankful for that.  Being with him wasn’t an easier, but at least he wasn’t trying to kill the whole human race or have aliens probe college students.  Out of the three archangels you had met, you were glad that you were dating Michael.

After dating the archangel for six months, he was finally going to give you a tour of heaven.  Michael was even going to introduce you to a number of angels he knew.  It sounded like a good time and gave you the chance to relax for the day.

Michael opened your door, a wide grin spreading across his face.  You were beautiful.  You looked stunning every time he saw you.  Even when he came to see you in the morning and your hair was messy; he loved you all the same.

“Are you ready [Y/N],” Michael asked, tilting his head slightly.  

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DC TV Watch: Why 'The Flash's' Savitar Reveal Will Be the Biggest Twist Yet
THR rounds up all the major twists, new mysteries and more from this week in DC Comics TV shows.

Prometheus wins | By the end of this week’s emotionally and physically brutal hour, Prometheus (Josh Segarra) finally broke Oliver (Stephen Amell) down in one of the darkest moments of the series. He finally got Oliver to admit he didn’t kill for the greater good; he killed because he wanted to and he liked it. When Prometheus finally let Oliver go after six days of psychological and physical torture, Oliver showed up at the Arrow cave and told Diggle (David Ramsey) and Felicity (Emily Bett Rickards) that he was done with their crusade after coming to that horrible realization about himself. “Prometheus’ plan was to show Oliver that all of his efforts are in vain and that everyone around him is going to be adversely affected by whatever ‘goodwill’ he has,” Ramsey tells THR. “That’s such an involved, intricate plan for a villain to have. The unraveling of Prometheus’ efforts and how it’s affecting Oliver will be the focus of the team for the rest of the season.”

In fact, now that Oliver declared that he was giving up, he’s going to contact the Bratva to get their help in taking down Prometheus in his place. That decision is not going to sit well with Dig and the rest of the team. “Diggle is probably the most evolved, righteous and stable member of the team,” Ramsey says. “He has a very clear view of how he feels about the Bratva. You just don’t get in bed with these guys. Oliver is a constantly evolving superhero and he doesn’t quite have those strong moral lines the way Diggle does. We’re going to have some major conflict. Diggle’s going to be talking to a wall when it comes to Oliver.”

Happier days ahead | This season has been the darkest yet, rivaling season one’s glory days. But executive producer Wendy Mericle promises that the back half of this season won’t be all dark. “There will be some levity coming up in some fun, surprising ways,” she tells THR. “There are some birthdays coming up that we’ve never celebrated on the show before that are going to finally be celebrated. It’s Oliver’s. Why not? It’s not going to be what you think it’s going to be, though, as is our standard.”

Felicity’s crossroads | While Oliver was getting dragged down by Prometheus, Felicity has slowly but surely been getting way in over her head with mysterious hacker group Helix. “She’s going to come out of this season as the most changed character,” Mericle says. “She’s never had to face this in a personal way and she’s now making decisions that are very akin to what Oliver was doing in season one. These are things that she would have judged pretty harshly in seasons past. But she has a new understanding of what everyone around her has been through and it’s going to give her a new appreciation for Diggle and Oliver.”

And Felicity’s illegal actions on behalf of Helix are going to get her in major trouble with her friends, leading to a Felicity vs. Team Arrow conflict. “There is going to be a major showdown with that,” Ramsey says. “Diggle has already warned her and appealed to her higher moral center, but it didn’t work. She’s going to get deeper into Helix and it’s all going to blow up when we come face-to-face. The team is going to be very divided when it needs to come together.”

MODEL BEHAVIOR A Captain Swan modern AU  by @shippingtheswann​ for the @captainswanbigbang​ 2017 year!

SUMMARY: Emma is an up and coming model living in LA with her best friend Ruby. Killian is a star baseball player for the LA Dodgers. Their families are close - and they grew up together. However, what happens after not seeing each other for 6 years - when they are forced back into a situation that requires them to reconnect and explore what was once there.

RATING: Explicit

WARNING: There will be smut later in the story, some mention of violence, hard language, mention of pregnancy loss


First, I want to say sorry for some confusion. I have horrible pregnancy brain as I near the 36th week of my pregnancy. I thought Wednesday was Friday this week, so I accidentally posted the story early. My little one must have been just too excited and couldn’t wait for the story to go live. My normal posting will be on Fridays from here on out, except a few weeks right after my girl gets here. I can’t wait for everyone to read this.

I started this story right after I found out I was pregnant, so hopefully everything makes sense, as parts of the story were written during heavy morning sickness and very little sleep. I am due at the end of September, so be prepared for a few weeks of no updates while I tend to my new little one! I am so thankful to CSBB during this experience - as my third FF, it was amazing to get feedback and have so much support.

Special shout out to Monica @acaptainswaneternity​ - the artist with this story. I have loved everything she has done for me - so make sure to check her out! She made an amazing cover and the best image sets for each chapter. I will add in links when I get them to her own posts. Make sure to go and show her love.

Another huge shout out to Nicola @alocin209​ who beta read everything and tried to keep me on target (she had to deal with a lot of random sentences as my pregnancy brain really went into effect). Without her, the story wouldn’t be the same!As always, reviews are wonderful and really help!

Can also be found on FF - Chapter One

For someone who seemed to have her whole life together, everything seemed to be falling to shit. She had been getting enough steady gigs lately that she was able to quit her job as a waitress and focus fully on her modeling. Being a model in LA wasn’t the easiest job in the world, mostly because you never actually had a steady paycheck. She loved modeling though. She loved the friends she made and she actually really enjoyed being in front of the camera. Yet even though she had a job she loved that was now bringing in a steady paycheck, her life was falling apart.

Just last night, she walked into her apartment, the one she shared with her boyfriend Neal, the one that she actually paid for, to find him in their bed with Tamara, another model they knew. The scene she had walked into made her physically ill. Never in her life did she ever expect to be betrayed in the way she was. She spent that night at Ruby and Lacey’s apartment, drinking multiple bottles of wine and deciding that in the morning, while Neal was at a shoot, she was going to get his shit out of her apartment and wash her hands clean of him.

However, now that she was packing up the apartment - well, throwing his crap in garbage bags and ignoring the hundreds of texts she was getting from him - she knew for a fact that if she didn’t get out of LA for a while, she was just going to forgive him and things would stay the same as they are now. She always had a feeling that Neal was cheating; they had been together for two years and throughout the whole relationship she never felt like he was being truthful with her. She never thought that she would physically catch him in the act. But even knowing what happened, she still knew that she would eventually go back to him. He was all she knew. She had to clear her head in order to get over him and over his shit.

“I can’t believe you are really going to go back home,” her best friend Ruby said from her closet. It was seriously the best part of her apartment. She would sleep in there if her bed wasn’t so comfortable.

“I have to get away from all this bullshit Rubes. If I don’t, then it will happen all over again.” Emma never thought she would be the one to stay with a cheater, but something inside of her told her she would forgive Neal if she didn’t give herself room to heal.

“Emma, you know you could just go to Palm Springs or San Diego. You don’t have to schlep all the way to Virginia to get away,” her friend pleaded.

“Mom’s been bugging me to come home. Plus Henry’s graduating from high school in a few days and I haven’t seen him since I moved out here. I wasn’t going to go - you know I hate home - but it really is the best place for me to be,” she replied.

She knew Ruby wouldn’t really understand it. Lacey would never cheat on her, not in a million years. Ruby would never know why Emma needed the distance she needed. Plus, maybe it was finally time to go home, to truly face what happened six years ago.

“Alright babe, but I’m gonna miss you!” Ruby smiled as she placed a few more outfits in Emma’s suitcase.

“What are you going to do while I’m gone?” Emma asked, trying to change the subject. She was done talking about Neal and her trip. She was done - period.

“Lacey and I have two gigs, but other than that I’ve picked up some shifts at the diner,” Ruby said, a secret look flashing across her face.

“Why? Does Granny need help?” Emma asked. Ruby’s grandma runs the diner they all used to work at. Emma didn’t really want to quit the diner, but at the same time, she didn’t want to be a waitress for the rest of her life; she wanted to focus on her career. Ruby had quit a few months before her. They had a few other friends who worked there, but none of them were as successful in their careers as Emma had become. She didn’t quite understand why Ruby would be needing to work again at the diner.

“No, I’m actually trying to save some extra money,” she said shyly. Ruby was never shy.

“Why? Ruby, what’s going on?” she asked. Ruby was never this coy about something.

“I am going to ask Lacey to marry me!” With Ruby’s confession, Emma’s jaw dropped. She had known Ruby and Lacey each for almost six years, since she moved out to LA. They had been a couple for four of those years, but Emma never thought she would see them get engaged and married. Their relationship was new for the both of them; they had only had boyfriends before. Emma could see the love they shared for each other though. It was just Ruby and Lacey had both said marriage wasn’t something they wanted in their lives.

“Oh my God?! Really?” Emma couldn’t hide the shock from her voice.

“Yes! I never thought I would feel this way. We’ve actually been talking about it for a while now. I just feel it’s time. There is no one else in the world for me.” Ruby’s voice cracked at her admission, the love pouring from her mouth.

Emma couldn’t help but start to cry at her friend’s love. She thought that one day that would be her and Neal. She thought that she had the same thing in her life. She was excited for her friend - 100% - but she was still really upset over what had happened. She knew it was petty, but she also knew Ruby would understand.

“Oh Emma, I’m sorry!” she apologized, even though no apology was needed.

“No, I’m sorry Ruby. I am so excited for you! You guys are the perfect couple! I’m just still angry over Neal. I mean, we were all just talking about when Neal and I would get engaged,” Emma cried - for the last time she swore to herself.

“Hey, if I ever see Neal again, I will crucify him. I literally want to take every knife and fork and just graze them over his body until he slowly bleeds to death. I hate him for what he has done to you!” her response got a well deserved laugh from Emma - finally brightening the mood she had been stuck in.

“God Ruby, you are way too descriptive!” Emma laughed.

“Granny always said I should have been a writer,” Ruby added cheerfully. “Come on, let’s get your perky ass packed so you don’t miss this flight. The sooner I drop your ass off, the sooner you’ll be back here.”


Emma’s flight was leaving at eleven, which meant she needed to be there before nine. It didn’t leave her a lot of time to pack up Neal’s shit, pack her bag and drive to LAX from West Hollywood. All of this on a Thursday morning as well! It definitely wasn’t going to be easy but Emma felt good now that they were traveling in Ruby’s bright red mustang, top down and her hair floating in the wind.

Fate must be paying her back for the shitty night she had, because traffic was light and they made it to LAX with almost 30 minutes to spare.

“Alright so Lacey is meeting with the locksmith now. Neal’s shit is on the front porch so when you get back, all of this will be history,” Ruby reminded her as they unloaded Emma’s suitcase onto the curb of the terminal. Emma took her friend into a tight embrace.

“Thanks for everything Ruby,” Emma sighed. She wished that even though she was running from her problems again, she could bring her best friend along.

“Of course Em. Besides, this getaway will be good for you. Now, get your ass on that plane and have a good time. We both know you’re going to be back in three weeks, you have no choice!” her friend winked.

Ruby had spilled her plan for the proposal as they were speeding down the 405. She was going to propose to Lacey at Ruby’s grandmother’s house, a month from now. She already had the ring picked out - she just needed the down payment, which was why she was working those extra shifts. She told Lacey she was just helping Granny out since a girl quit. Ruby wanted everyone they were close with to be there and of course a huge party would follow.

Ruby and Lacey were so similar. Both girls were the quintessential party girls; they knew how to hold their liquor, knew how to dance til the early morning hours and knew how to have a good time. When they first got together, Emma remembered the whirlwind year that followed the start of their relationship. They were all out till the wee hours of the morning almost every weekend. However, in the last few years, things have calmed down. They were still both hilarious and filled with life though.

But there was something else that Emma had to come back to LA for. Emma was taking a huge loss in pay thanks to this extended trip home (she made a mental note to try and get some rent money out of Neal for this shit). She had a lot riding on her upcoming go-see two days after she gets back. It would be her biggest one yet. Ruby and Lacey were also going on the go-see. Emma couldn’t help but be nervous - this would make or break their careers - or at least it felt like that.

Emma had been a model for a few major companies over the past two years, but it was her newest contract with Michael Khors and Monique Lhuillier that had allowed her to take a break from waitressing. Now, she would have the opportunity to actually walk a runway. It was something that had alluded her in the past. Sure, it wasn’t during fashion week, and yes, it was for the Victoria’s Secret fashion show but, she still saw it as a step ahead for her career. She was pretty sure they would give Ruby the job over her, but she was still excited for the opportunity.

“I’ll see you in three weeks. You know I’ll be texting you every day, keeping you updated on my crazy family,” Emma replied, with nothing but the truth. Ruby lived for Emma’s crazy stories about her family, especially Emma’s eccentric (the only word Emma could nicely use) step-grandmother. If you could even call her that.

“Oh thank God you are seeing the Evil Queen! That woman is off the charts!” Ruby yelled, pulling Emma back in for another hug.

“Alright, alright. Let me go. Besides, I think you are about to be ticketed,” Emma said, looking at the cop who was walking towards the women. Ruby just flashed her a smile.

“Please, you know I could get out of that ticket easily!” she said in a suggestive tone, but returned to her car.

As she pulled away, Emma waved goodbye to her friend. At least one person in her life was happy.


She always loved traveling, which was a major perk of modeling. Emma couldn’t explain the thrill she got when flying, but she loved being up in the air. The whole experience was amazing, from the check in, to the boarding, to the actual flying, Emma just loved traveling.

When she checked in, she did get a bit of a laugh from the face of the ticket agent. Yes, Emma was a model, and yes, she was good looking, but Emma prided herself on being a strong and independent woman. So when she lifted her giant suitcases onto the scale, the ticket agent was so surprised that Emma lifted the 70 pound bags with ease, especially when he had issues moving the baggage to the conveyor belt. The surprise on the attendant’s face was just what Emma needed to lift her spirits back up after Ruby drove off.

It took her about an hour to get through the TSA line, even with her pre-screen pass. She didn’t mind the wait. Instead of being angry at the lines and inconsistency of the TSA, she took the time to people watch. She spent a few minutes watching a family on their way back home from Disneyland. Emma really loved when parents allowed their children to continue to dress up as their favorite characters, even in public. There was a little girl with her hair in a long, thick braid, wearing her Rapunzel dress proudly while she walked around with her parents. It had been a long time since Emma had seen a set of parents as happy as the parents who were with the girl. They were beaming at their daughter who was singing “I see the light”.

She also watched a couple in a fight. It hurt at first to watch them, reminding her of what she had dealt with for years. She hadn’t wanted to think of Neal during this trip, yet watching the couple bitch over their friends involvement in their personal lives made Emma’s mind wander to her own relationship.

How could she have allowed herself to be in a situation like that for so long? She started out happy, enjoying getting to know Neal and just having fun. She wasn’t sure when things started to get bad, but all she remembered was one day she woke up and she wasn’t quite happy anymore. They had started fighting a lot, over stupid shit too. She remembered one distinctive fight, where Emma was pissed he wanted to wear sweatpants out to dinner with their friends. They spent the night apart, with a drink being thrown on her head and Neal calling her a bitch. Why they even stayed together after that was a mystery, but for another year she put up with his shit, until she had had enough. As she looked back to the couple while she moved through the line, she hoped they wouldn’t see the same fate her relationship had.

By the time she made it to her gate, she had an hour before boarding, so she got a bagel (a bit of a splurge on her end, since she mostly kept a strict diet) and decided to catch up on her newest book. She loved reading, but she especially loved reading those poorly written smut books. It was like putting her brain in a coma. She got peace from reading the plotless and poorly written words. To her, it was like watching horrible TV shows; she was able to just read it and forget everything that was going on in her world.

It worked, and before she knew it, they were calling first class boarding.

Normally, she wasn’t one to travel first class. When she traveled for work, they always put her in coach with the other lower models. There were only a few times that the companies would splurge for first class seats, but Emma didn’t care either way. She still got frequent flier miles, which she was using today to get home. Seeing as how she was traveling home, not exactly her first choice of destination, she might as well splurge and be nice and relaxed on the flight.

As she boarded, she noticed she was the only one seated in the area, which was an additional bonus. She could drown out everything around her, get lost in her book, and try not to have an anxiety attack about why she was going home.

“Ms. Nolan, would you like some champagne? Maybe a Mimosa before we take off?” the leggy stewardess asked as Emma took off her jacket and handed it to the woman. It was the one thing Emma constantly wished she had. She was tall, but not as tall as some other models, which made entering the runway world difficult. She would kill for long gorgeous legs like her stewardess had.

“Yes, please,” Emma replied, as she slid into her seat to watch the baggage carriers load up the luggage into the plane.

It had been six long years since Emma moved out to LA and left her life in DC behind. Six years since her heart had broken. Six years since she ran from her troubles.


Six years ago

Graduation day was supposed to be one of the best days of her life. She thought it would be a day she would look back on years from now and remember all of the good times she had in high school. She wasn’t the most popular, but she had friends who meant the world to her and who supported her.

Her mother was excited to throw this party for her. Any chance for her mother to throw a party, she took. She swore that her mother was a queen stuck in a different time. The woman lived for parties and events like this. Their backyard had been transformed into a summer soiree. The ladies were required to wear giant hats and dresses and the men were to wear seersucker suits. Yes, this was supposed to be a party for Emma, but her mother had once again gone way over what Emma wanted.

Emma wasn’t so excited for the party, but she was excited for who was going to be attending the party. She looked over at a couple who were standing next to her mom and dad. Both of them tall with dark brown hair. Adelaide and Brennan Jones had moved into the house next to the Nolans when Emma was eight. They had two sons and one daughter. Their eldest son Liam was over near the swingset that the Nolans had put up for Emma’s younger brother. Their daughter, Aibhilin, was sitting down at a table eating the chicken her mother had catered for the event. However, Emma wasn’t excited to see them. She was excited to see their middle child.

Killian was 4 years older than Emma and had been away at college during Emma’s run at high school. She would be lying if she said she didn’t have a bit of a crush on the guy. He was gorgeous, but his heart and soul were what attracted Emma to him for the past few years.

Normally every Christmas Killian and Liam came home for, the two families would get together for a Christmas Eve meal and White Elephant game night. For the past three years, Emma had always sat next to Killian and he was always so interested in what she was doing and how her life was going. Conversation between them always flowed easily. Emma loved hearing his stories of college in the crazy city of Vegas. She was enthralled with his tales of college ball and his team’s road to victory at the previous year’s college World Series. Emma remembered the year before when her dad gave Killian the cold shoulder a bit because his team had beaten her dad’s team in the finals by one run in overtime.

This year though, Killian was unable to come home for Christmas. It gutted her to see the seat normally reserved for him empty next to her. Yet, she was relieved when she got a message from him on AIM a few days later apologizing for missing what he called “one of the best things about coming home”. He didn’t explain why he wasn’t able to come home, just that he missed her and he hoped her year was going well. He asked about her plans for after graduation and asked how Henry was doing. They spent about 3 hours that night just talking about things they would have talked about at dinner and it was amazing.

They had spent the past five months having conversations every other day; just talking about anything and everything. He helped her with college applications and she helped him write his final for his Shakespeare class. She knew he was surprised when she gave him insight into A  Midsummer Night’s Dream; she could tell even though they were miles apart. Their conversations started innocent at first, but about a month in, they turned a bit flirty.

Killian would ask her about her love life and when she said she didn’t have anyone special, he said something that had Emma thinking. A friend wouldn’t just tell another friend (one who grew up next door to you) that you deserved someone who would devote their life to you, someone that knew how amazing you were. It was during that conversation that things began to change, at least on her end. However, she didn’t think it was one sided. Whenever she flirted, he flirted back.

About two weeks ago, he dropped the bomb. He was actually going to be coming home for her graduation. He almost didn’t get the weekend off, since his team was in the World Series again and it was during the semifinals, but the schedule worked out so that he was able to take a two day trip home to see everyone. He had some big news he had to tell her and she had been on pins and needles ever since.

Her nerves didn’t really get the best of her until that day and her friends took notice. Of course they already knew a bit of what was happening, but they didn’t really understand how Emma had fallen in love with a guy who lived thousands of miles away, while only talking over the internet.

“Emma, come on, we are going to sneak over to the Jones’ yard and do some shots,” her friend Lily whispered to her.

“You know I can’t leave,” Emma retorted. Yes, she wanted to have a good time with her friends, but she didn’t want to miss Killian’s arrival. He had told her two days ago he would arrive around noon, but it was now 12:30 and Emma was getting worried.

“Come on Swan, he isn’t showing up,” she heard Lily’s boyfriend Victor say. She hated it when he used her nickname her friends gave her when she was young. She had always thought that name was reserved for her closest friends and Victor was not one of them. He was just some fuck boy that Lily was screwing around with until she left for college.

“Shut up Victor,” she said under her breath.

“Emma, he isn’t going to show up in the two minutes we take to sneak over and do a few shots,” Lily pleaded.

Emma looked at her friend, who had been with her since they were young. Lily knew Killian, knew of Emma’s crush on him, but she didn’t know that Emma was head over heels for Killian, didn’t know that Killian had something to tell her. And even though Emma wanted to stay in her yard, with her eyes trained on the backdoor, she decided that maybe if she didn’t focus on Killian, he would show up.

It’s like when you are at a restaurant. If someone gets up to go to the bathroom, your food will come quicker. However, if everyone waits at the table and stares at the waitress, the food seems to take forever to come.

So off they snuck into the Jones’ backyard to have some shots. Emma wasn’t really a drinker, but she found herself drinking more when Lily was around. It started out small enough, a drink before the homecoming dance the previous year, a few drinks at a party after junior prom, but this year the drinking with her friends had been taken to a whole new level. Normally, Emma didn’t really participate, willing to be the DD while everyone else got shitfaced, but today was different. Today, maybe she needed the liquid luck.

Lily was right - they were only gone a few minutes and Emma was hopeful that Killian would be waiting in the yard when they got back. She was heartbroken to find out he still wasn’t there.

The rest of the party went in similar fashion. Emma waited and waited for Killian to show up. About once an hour Lily begged Emma to come and have another drink. She again said she didn’t want to miss him, but by 4, she realized something. He wasn’t coming. It was in that moment that she said fuck it and decided to get drunk. It was the first time Emma actually got drunk and it was in the tree house Killian used to play in as a child.

If her parents knew she was drunk, they didn’t say anything. But that didn’t stop her mother from patronizing Emma every chance she got. “Emma you really should mingle with your guests”, “Emma, stop sitting around and smile”, “Oh Emma is moving to Los Angeles at the end of the week, she is going to study at UCLA.” She loved how her mother completely ignored her real reason for moving; to pursue her dream of a modeling career. But to her mother, modeling was a silly hobby. The only way her parents would help her move was if Emma also enrolled in college. At least her father kept trying to get her mother off her back.

If anyone knew anything, they didn’t say it. Instead, most of the party guests just ignored Emma and her friends. She knew Lily was trying to lighten her mood, but Victor was just being an ass. By 6 Emma was done, done with the life she was living, done with her mother’s condescending tone, done with her friends, and done with Killian Jones.

As she entered her packed room though, she knew she wasn’t really done with Killian. He had hurt her by not showing up. He didn’t call her to tell her he would be absent from the party. However, maybe he did try to message her. Her computer was thankfully still unpacked, so she turned her away message off and took a look at their running messages.

Her heart dropped when she saw that there was nothing. He hadn’t cared at all. Sure, the thought passed through her mind that something had happened to him, but his parents didn’t seem concerned. Truthfully, it didn’t matter to her in that drunken filled moment. All that mattered was he had promised her that he would be there and he had broken that promise.

She started typing out the message. The final message she would ever send to him.

“Jones, why aren’t you here? Why didn’t you show up? What the fuck is going on? You promised me you would be here, promised that I would have some support today, yet you couldn’t bother to show up. How dare you play with me like this. Screw you asshat, don’t bother talking to me ever again.”

She hit send before she could talk herself out of it. She ended their friendship in that moment, unwilling to hear any apology he had to offer. She promised herself in that moment that never again in her life would she allow herself to feel this heartbroken again.


She hadn’t thought about that moment in a long time, but the mimosa she had just chugged forced her to relive that horrible day six years ago. She had allowed herself to feel something for someone and that person broke her heart. It took her four years to rebuild herself after that devastating day. Sure, she hadn’t been in a real relationship and sure, Killian wasn’t her boyfriend, but she felt so betrayed that day. She had allowed herself to depend on him, allowed herself to believe in him and all it brought her was disappointment.

And now, here she was again, running away when something bad happened. Neal had played with her heart and emotions just as Killian had. Neal had definitely done worse by sleeping with a whore, but it still reminded her of the pain she felt with Killian.

She also knew it was stupid for her to even compare the two. Killian had never really played her, at least not truly. But he never did reach out to her again, never tried to apologize. She had always felt really stupid for even hating Killian the way she did, but he had become her best friend in a matter of months, then suddenly dropped off the face of the Earth. Didn’t she have the right to be pissed, to be heartbroken, to hate the jackass that made her question the other relationships she had in her life?

Thankfully, the stewardess brought her another mimosa. At least she was pretty sure Killian wouldn’t be home for the summer. Her mother did let it slip once last year during their mandatory monthly phone call that Killian hadn’t been home since that last Christmas meal they all shared together.

Normally, Emma steered the conversation with her mother away from the going ons at home to what Emma was doing, even if it meant that Emma had to hear the disappointment in her mother’s voice about Emma’s job choices. As long as she didn’t have to hear about the Jones family, she didn’t care.

The boarding procedure had passed and the stewardesses were beginning to close the cabin door when she heard someone yell out “Wait!”

For the first time since getting on the plane, Emma actually watched what unfolded in front of her. A man rushed aboard the plane, sunglasses and a baseball cap covering his face. He was dressed in dark washed jeans and a leather jacket, which seemed stupid considering the LA heat. The hat was of course the local team’s hat, almost everyone wore one once in their life if they lived there. He handed his ticket to the attendant who motioned him to to sit down across the aisle from Emma.

Shit, she thought to herself, she was hoping to be alone up here and now someone else was joining. He was across the other side of the plane but still, she didn’t want to have a discussion with some stranger on a plane.

The man shrugged out of his jacket, showing off an amazing set of arms in a dark t-shirt and sat down next to the window. His hat and glasses were firmly attached to his face.

Looking at his profile, Emma suddenly felt different. It was like she knew him from somewhere. Maybe she modeled with him once, maybe he had been a customer at the diner. She couldn’t really tell or place him. But something in Emma’s gut was telling her that she knew the man in the glasses.

The stewardess made one more round as the plane backed away from the gate. It was as the woman was passing by her fellow first class flyer that she was finally allowed to determine where she knew him.

“Mr. Jones, is there anything I could get you?” the stewardess asked, prompting the man to remove his glasses and hat, revealing the man she hadn’t laid eyes on in over 7 years.

Fool’s Gold | Chapter 1 | Harry Styles PT AU


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Listen to Here I am Tom Odell
Here I am
Running up the seventh floor
Knocking the eleventh door
I'mma sick of trying

Word Count 6.4k

‘Who’s that?’ Niall asked nonchalantly his eyes still fixed to the screen along with everyone else. Apart from Frankie, the girl Niall had been happily calling his girlfriend for around six months, not a single person looked up to her from the screen. Olivia caught Frankie’s eye as she was giving Niall her ‘are you serious’ look and they shared a knowing smile and eye roll before Olivia walked towards the door. She kicked her jogging bottoms down her ankles, the elastic had ridden up where she’d been sat cross legged and it rested uncomfortably as she walked. She took another bite of the pizza slice in her hand as she pulled the door open, expecting some telesales person that she could fob of with a confused a look and an ‘I don’t understand’ in some undeterminable accent.

‘Harry.’ Olivia spluttered with a mouthful of pizza - ever the lady. She cleared her throat and swallowed the pizza, half chewed and scratching her throat a little as it went down. ‘Thought you weren’t back until tomorrow?’ Olivia grinned widely at his surprise appearance. Harry had been away for three weeks, in America, some convention thing that he went to every year and every year came back with crazy training ideas. He was in typical Harry attire. Too skinny black jeans that didn’t leave anything to the imagination, a white t-shirt, a little see through, and brown scuffed boots. You wouldn’t think he’d recently been on an eleven hour flight or that he was a personal trainer.

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