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Highlights from Lucie Pohl’s AMA

(These are all in non-linear order, so you’ll have to go up and down the AMA to find them)

  • She’s good friends with Jen Cohn

  • She loves Pharmercy and thinks the ship is ‘awesome’!

  • She says that the writing team are ‘always open’ to the VAs sugggestions

  • And that she might try to ask for more voice lines between Pharah and Mercy (!)

  • She said she would love to meet Ana’s VA, and pretty much confirmed she is going to Blizzcon

  • She’s also working on going to GamesCom, and will be at FanaticExpo in September

  • Lucie also says she’s a ‘Mercy main’

  • She also says she’d love to cosplay Mercy someday

  • And that she’d love to see a Steampunk skin for Mercy, and a ‘Futuristic Robot Skin’ for Angela

  • Her favorite projects that she’s worked on:  “The comedy shows I write are always my favorite projects because they come from me, the biggest projects I have worked on have been Overwatch, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them and Red Dwarf. All of them were incredible experiences!”

  • “If you could have any ability from any hero in Overwatch, what would it be and why?” Lucie: ‘I’d love to have some of Lucio’s Sonic Amplifier because it’s so badass!’

  • She loves The Wire (!)

  • The best dessert ever? Cheesecake. And her favorite flavor?  Salted caramel

  • ‘What is harder to save… heroes or cupcakes?’ Lucie: ‘Definitely cupcakes. They get eaten so quickly.’

  • When she first moved to the US, the first thing that ‘intensely fascinated’ her was spray cheese

  • What Mercy does in her spare time: “Mercy plays soccer and eats chocolate in her free time! She looks for honesty, kindness and loyalty in a friend!“

  • She can speak German, English, and can understand French, Spanish, Italian and Greek!

  • Her favorite character in the game, aside from Mercy? Soldier 76. No scratch that, she says she ‘loves them all’.

  • As for how much of an influence Lucie herself has on Mercy: “I think a lot of my personality influences Mercy because the emotions have to be real and have to come from somewhere!”

  • Lucie’s favorite type of music? “I like soul, funk, jazz, hip hop, classical music, flamenco….a lot of different kinds of music!”

  • She’d also love to visit Iceland and Sweden, and the Philippines too. 

  • Lucie lost a few of her family members during the Holocaust, and that ‘her grandmother had to wear the yellow star, was held hostage and was not allowed to continue studying’.

  • She says she’d love to turn ‘Hi! Hitler’ into a TV show. Or a film

  • And the best part about voicing Mercy? Getting introduced to the ‘wonderful gaming community’. And the fans!



LOOK AT THE VICTORS IN FRONT OF A HOME CROWD!!!!!!!! can you imagine how imagine how AMAZING it would feel to have the crowd SCREAMING for you as you win??????



Let’s be fair, if you’re gonna cosplay/crossplay an unpopular character, you gotta be awesome as hell about it!

I was definitely the sexiest (and only) Symmetra cosplayer out at Anime Detour this year (and probably the only one that doesn’t go to Blizzcon).

Since I’m not confident about my legs (Symmetra has flawless Legs For Days™), her Vishkar outfit was clearly the best choice possible, even if I was less recognizable than the blue dress.


My friends David and Matt who are animators on Overwatch invited me to come visit them in California and go to Blizzcon. AND I’M TAKIN’ @arcanebarrage WITH ME! I’m going to be there a week and a half spending time hanging out with the boys, bothering them at work at Blizzard, meeting all the guys working on our game Line, and whatever else we do.

We’re also considering arranging a meetup at the con if there’s interest. 


I’m home from Anime Expo and my final day there was capped amazingly! I got great seats for the RWBY panel and got to ask a question and got noticed by all of them with my Yang hat (Kerry had a Ruby one so we matched). Then when I waited to be picked up later on in the afternoon, Anjali (Symmetra) showed up! Not only did I get a selfie with her and a video for my friend @ryaccoon, but she also remembered me from a previous con we met at! 

So over the course of the weekend, I got to meet: Michael Chu, Fred Tatasciore (Solder: 76), Keith Silverstein (Torbjorn), Gaku Space (Genji), and Anjali Bhimani (Symmetra). I also ran into Charlet Chung (DVa) and Jonny Cruz (Lucio), but I didn’t get selfies with them ‘cause I couldn’t afford to go to their booth and pay for one (had to save my money for merch). Plus I got to go to the Overwatch panel and had front row seats to that, so everything worked out perfectly. 

My first year at Anime Expo was incredible. On top of meeting the folks behind Overwatch, I also got to meet a handful of our followers and that makes me super happy! I also liked that I could provide a look at the convention – specifically, at the Blizzard booth – for folks who didn’t have the chance to go. I hope you guys didn’t mind my AX spam too much.

I’m definitely going to go next year, but for now? I’m going to try getting a Blizzcon ticket in a couple days. Wish me luck! 

Oh, fuck, I totally forgot to add something to our last post! 

Since I’m going to Blizzcon, I can also meet up with folks who’re attending and give them their zines personally so they don’t have to pay for shipping. I plan on getting my badge November 2nd, so I can linger around the convention center and wait for people to drop by and collect their zines. Alternatively, we can plan a time/place to meet up inside the actual con during the 3rd or 4th.

I’m offering this because if you’re flying in from out of state or from another country, it might be easier to just pick up your zine from me. For example, if you’re flying in from Germany and we’re getting the zine + extras in October, your stuff might arrive to your country right after you leave for America or while you’re in America for Blizzcon. You’d be able to instantly get it when you pick up your badge or when you’re at the con, which means you can avoid having to pay for shipping. 

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Christ people will find any reason to bitch. Y'all're doing fine, the same anon who is complaining over and over again while pretending to be other people needs to get over themself and realize that they have no idea who is or isn't contributing to your blog and just unfollow already, and I hope y'all have fun at the con.

Thanks for the support! Unfortunately, Ghost is all the way out in Ireland so they won’t be able to go to Blizzcon with me, but I know they’ll be there in spirit and I’ll try to do what I did for Anime Expo (i.e. posting everything I come across) for them + our followers to check out!

(And I did suspect it was the same person just sending different anons, but you can never tell ‘cause it’s all anonymous.)

japan isnt going to blizzcon for the overwatch world cup, australia won ;-; it was SUPER close though. im really happy that japan made it as far as they did and almost won against australia who went flawless in their region and was on their home turf and were the definite favorites of the group stages. im very proud of the japanese team that was put together super scrappy and made a name for themselves.

and my money for the world cup is on korea lol, everyone is going to get crushed

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Hey, since you (might) be going to Blizzcon, would you consider doing a meet up of sorts? I have my badge already, and I would love to meet you there, especially since you ship my ships (Pharmercy and McHanzo). I'd also love to meet other people from Tumblr as well. That is, assuming you do get badges (and I'm crossing my fingers and wishing you all of the luck!)

If I manage to get a badge (knock on wood), then yeah, I’d definitely be down to do a meetup! Especially since it’s Blizzcon and there’ll probably be a ton of McHanzo shippers there (and Genyatta and Pharmercy ones too, huehuehue). 

Any time I go to a con, I’m going to try meeting up with anyone else who’s going too. I’ve only gone to two cons so far – Comic Con Revolution in the IE and Anime Expo in LA – but now that I’ve gotten a taste of the con life, I’m probably going to be going to every con I possibly can. I’ll keep you guys updated ‘cause I love connecting with McHanzo peeps! :D

Me: You know, maybe you aren’t as gay as you think you are. Maybe you simply have a physical aversion to people who you perceive don’t have respect for you, and this has mostly been men. Maybe the reason that the single one-night stand you had in university was more fun than any sex you’ve had with a male significant other is because your boyfriends haven’t treated you right, but that one time you knew the two of you were on equal footing. Maybe that’s why the thought of kissing or sleeping with a guy is repulsive only until you think of it with someone who you believe would know what you are worth. Maybe I might actually want to sleep with a guy who is kind, and funny, and respectful.

Also me: But who has time to think about that because I’M GOING TO BLIZZCON BITCHES 😎💪🎉


It’s getting there. A few more details on the shirt and chest armor, then the costume for Chromie is done. Then I move on to props. Then I finish my bf’s and make my day 2 costume. I feel a bit better about my progress seeing these pieces all together. I also have the skirt and belt done. I know that even if I end up not having a prop for some reason I have a complete outfit that I’m very proud of. It took forever since it’s my very first cosplay and I had to learn to work with foam and try to improve my sewing skills. One month to go!