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So, in the BlizzCon interview (like 4 months ago) with all the voice actors of Overwatch, Paul Nakauchi, or the official voice actor for Hanzo, had this to say on his inspiration:

I think Hanzo was very troubled by the fact he killed his brother. It pushes him forward, that’s his motivation for living. Kurosawa films were definitely an inspiration

Now you’re probably wondering why I bolded his last sentence.

The person he’s referring to is none other than Akira Kurosawa. Now, you might not have heard of him before (If you have, you know where this is going!), but he is responsible for creating Seven Samurai. Do you know what proceeded it in a remake, 6 years later?

The Magnificent Seven. A western film that did equally as good as a movie.

…Just saying.

Ghost/Kae and I planned on meeting up to go to Blizzcon, but seeing as that the tickets are more expensive than I expected (and they couldn’t have been announced at a worse time), we’ll probably have to pass this year. I don’t live too far from the convention center, so I’ll just stand across the street and watch people have fun; I’ll live through others.

But hopefully some of you guys are able to go! There’s still a couple weeks until tickets are up for sale, so I’m wishing all of our followers good luck in snagging some tix!


My friends David and Matt who are animators on Overwatch invited me to come visit them in California and go to Blizzcon. AND I’M TAKIN’ @arcanebarrage WITH ME! I’m going to be there a week and a half spending time hanging out with the boys, bothering them at work at Blizzard, meeting all the guys working on our game Line, and whatever else we do.

We’re also considering arranging a meetup at the con if there’s interest. 


So @radels03 tagged me for a thing (Thankies!)

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Okay, here’s an update on everything so I’m not just leaving you guys in the dark. I have finally started to get over my depression again which is pretty great but my job has not only started to give me more hours again but I am trying to get a full time, very stressful, position as well. So that alone takes up time. My biggest hobby is cosplay and I am needing to finish up a few in the next two months so that too will be taking time from this blog, and after the upcoming con I will be helping a friend make a cosplay in his hopes to go to Blizzcon later this year (which I might get to go too also which is cool as fuuuuuuuuck but its whatever I’m still gonna help him lol) so again, a lot of time is being taken from this blog.

But on the bright side, I have gotten a laptop and will be practicing drawing with my new tablet and once I feel I’ve gotten the hang of it I’ll be doing those doodle draw requests (which you guys can totally still send those in btw) AND I don’t plan on abandoning this blog just yet and do plan on trying to get to writing requests.

I wish Bioware could have a convention like Blizzard has with Blizzcon. A few days out of the year when fans could meet voice actors and artists and designers and writers. Musical performances and demonstrations. Life-size models of characters. Competitions in art, cosplay, videos, etc. Sneak peaks. QA sessions. Panels that go in-depth into the lore with the very people who created it. Being surrounded by fans who share that passion for the same games you love. 

Yeah. That’d be nice. 

Watch on julieta-ravencrest.tumblr.com

Look at my terrible self go up onstage lol. 
I love how the cloak looks though! :D

i put the link to the point i went on cause i just found it and went oh no… and my heart was racing all over again. i was so nervous to go infront of millions of viewers, present and virtual.

but id do it again lol

i think one of the great things about sitting backstage was i got to talk with the people near me. they were so great and so fun. i made alot of friends this year at blizzcon and i hope to stay in touch and see them again. especially the new cosplays theyve made!