go to bed zwei

glitchy-prankster  asked:

From Zwei to Bruce: [ text; ] GO TO BED!!!!!!!!

[ MSG | Unknown Number ] wh

[ MSG | Unknown Number ] first of all who’s this

[ MSG | Unknown Number ] second of all how did you get my number

[ MSG | Unknown Number ] third of you you’re not my mom i go to sleep at any time i want

[ MSG | Unknown Number ] why are you telling me to go to bed wth


blackwatch members surprise posing for selfies w/ sleepy and grumpy leaders and colorful sunglasses, Back Then and revived!overwatch blackwatch editions (guest-starring roughs for blackwatch Junk ‘n’ Hog and Not Actually Blackwatch He Just Insists On Pretending He Is Because Genji’s One of Them Zenyatta, not pictured: Gabe standing offscreen w/ a camera in case Sombra’s selfie stick doesn’t work out because what comes around goes around)

idk good night


I thought again about Jesse wearing glasses and considered: farsighted Jesse? needs glasses or contacts to see up close but can see to shoot just fine (and can fan the hammer if/when someone gets up close)? maybe? I just like Jesse wearing glasses? it’s almost 3 am hello

anyway younger Jesse & Genji w/ the latter trying on Jesse’s glasses and younger & current Jesses with glasses on and hair held back with cute accessories good night

I’m not entirely happy w/ this (Genji in particular came out awkward, which seems to be a running theme when I try to draw him recently orz) but I spent too long on it and it’s after 3 am so this is just going to have to sit here :|

I was going to draw the snowreaper from the achievement spray to lament the fact that I’m never going to get the spray (or any other achieve from this event brawl haha orz) then somehow it turned into young Jesse and Genji making a snowgabe instead. (also matching Gabe hoodies for everyone and hats for Jesse and the snowgabe because why not)

good night

I’m tired but wanting to draw but unable to decide what and saw a Captain America: The Winter Soldier reference on my dash and was thinking about Transformers and then

(that said I would still prefer Sunny to not be a ‘con if he shows up in “RiD”/tf2015, unless even as an amnesiac/brainwashed walking Winter Soldier reference weh)

(that said either way given his treatment in recent continuities he’ll probably be given a one- or two-line reference in side materials at best, but)

(would prefer it to him being dead as part of swipe’s backstory or something though)


I wanted to draw something valentine’s themed with some of my favorite otps/etc. instead I wound up doodling my usual top 3 as chibi humanformer Fire Emblem classes and spent longer than intended hweh oh well edit: accidentally put Sunny as a knight instead of a cavalier oops (though depending on the game knight would still work you’d just have to put specialization in front of it (he’d probably be a lance or bow knight maybe?), but)