go to bed zwei


blackwatch members surprise posing for selfies w/ sleepy and grumpy leaders and colorful sunglasses, Back Then and revived!overwatch blackwatch editions (guest-starring roughs for blackwatch Junk ‘n’ Hog and Not Actually Blackwatch He Just Insists On Pretending He Is Because Genji’s One of Them Zenyatta, not pictured: Gabe standing offscreen w/ a camera in case Sombra’s selfie stick doesn’t work out because what comes around goes around)

idk good night


I thought again about Jesse wearing glasses and considered: farsighted Jesse? needs glasses or contacts to see up close but can see to shoot just fine (and can fan the hammer if/when someone gets up close)? maybe? I just like Jesse wearing glasses? it’s almost 3 am hello

anyway younger Jesse & Genji w/ the latter trying on Jesse’s glasses and younger & current Jesses with glasses on and hair held back with cute accessories good night


more half-asleep Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia doodles and by that I mean more Python doodles, with dancer!Python because dancer/singer banner in FEH made me consider it (undercover outfit? hm), and a doodle re: an idea I was considering of Python and Forsyth tying ~knightly favors~ around each others’ arms because Python did it for ‘syth once to cheer him up and it became a Thing and a sort of pre-battle ritual and Forsyth includes a lock of his hair in the one he ties for Python because of course he does

anyway it’s like two hours later than I meant to stay up good night



I was thinking about cute seasonal weapons in FEH and the spring versions of Xander and Camilla on the upcoming banner and then suddenly spring versions of Lukas, Forsyth, Python, Eirika, Titania, and Panne because I make wise use of my time. also suddenly midnight and really need to stop staying up to like 2 or later so wip post.

(Lukas: stave, Forsyth: “daggers”, Python: “tome”, Eirika: “tome”, Titania: sword, Panne: special beaststone) good night