go to bed michele

My top 5 fav movies of all time AKA movies where every single line is quotable and I never ever get sick of watching them ever

  1. The Birdcage
  2. The Princess Bride
  3. Galaxy Quest
  4. Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion
  5. The Breakfast Club

I have seen all those movies 50 times each at least istg

5:07-8 7/27 PST: Michele wants to go to bed and everyone is in her room.
She tries to sleep in the have not room.
Day: You are not sleeping I here.
Michele: Why? It’s okay.
Day: No because you have clean sheets and you should sleep in your bed.
Michele: it’s fine
Day: How about you take a shower and by the time you are ready to sleep they will be out of your room:
Michele: you say that like sleeping in here is bad.
Day:I just want you to sleep in your bed.

Guys if you don’t see that Day genuinely is a good person please delete.

based on thesefourwords-blog naruhina middle school au post HERE, so definitely check that out if this spars your interest. 

i will also maybe color one day


Lets remember that Orlando is a brand new team… like everything is new! but they showed great chemistry and great quality of play. V GOOD ORLANDO V GOOD!

Portland with 16,000+ fans at the game… unbelievable! V GOOD PORTLAND PEOPLE V GOOD!

Betos… BEAST

Harris - an amazing keeper who deserves more recognition, kept her backline organized and showed leadership. For all those people who are saying “she let two goals in thats why she’s 3rd GK now” y'all are dumb as fuck… this is the first fucking game… GUESS WHO LET TWO GOALS IN! HOPE FUCKING SOLO! GUESS WHO LET 4 GOALS IN… ALYSSA NAEHER! STFU AND GO TO BED YALL NEED SLEEP! 

okay back to being a civil person…

As I’m writing this… fucking heath almost scored a beauty…

oh! idk what Janine did to the commentator but damn she’s always yelling her name

P.S. in case you missed the 9235753489 times that the commentator mentioned… Horan turned down a scholarship at UNC to go play abroad

SEE Y’ALL NEXT WEEK UNLESS MAJOR NEWS HAPPEN AKA Jill Ellis got fired of something