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[Why I Love]  - Chpt. 13

Negan x Addison 

[Summary: While drunk at a party, Addison reveals her secret to Negan] 

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Chapter 12: [Negan gets jealous seeing Vincent and Addison together]

Simon had hit a gold mine. When he returned to the Sanctuary earlier in the evening, everyone was buzzing about how he had found an abandoned liquor store, which meant the Sanctuary had more than enough booze in stock to last them a while. 

It’s a smart move. In those few hours, Simon had a solution on how to get things back to normal. 

“When Simon throws a party, you know the night is about to get intense” Brie stated. We were sitting with Clara, Naomi, and Jade. Brie and Clara both work in the kitchens together, and I feel happy that I’m getting more comfortable with the others at the Sanctuary. “We should take bets on what we think might happen…” 

I watched as Annie made her way over to Negan. He wrapped his arm around her waist, while she leaned up and planted a kiss on his cheek. The two of them made their way over to Simon and the rest of his men. Negan took a seat beside his right hand man, and Annie comfortably found her position on his lap. 

“I love how Annie has to make it a point to show everyone just how fond Negan is of her” Jade whispered in my ear, I could detect the annoyance in her voice. 

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As usual, Maribelle was alone and waiting anxiously for Emma to arrive home. She was thrilled to see Joseph in tow and ran and jumped into his arms where he spun her around until she was dizzy.

“You staying for supper?” Maribelle squealed. 

Joseph looked to Emma who nodded with a smile, “I am princess. Why don’t you come tell me about your day so we don’t bother Emma?”

Emma chopped potatoes, carrots and onions - dropping them into the boiling water she had going for tonight’s soup. She smiled to herself listening to Joseph with her sister. He was so good with her. Not impatient as she sometimes was. Maribelle giggled and carried on until Emma called them all to the table. 

“Fish stew again?” Maribelle turned up her nose in disgust. 

“Eat it or go to bed hungry,” Emma eyed her seriously. 

Joseph took a heaping spoonful to his mouth, “it’s delicious.”

“No, it’s not,” Emma laughed. 

“No,” he laughed with her and winked. “It’s really not. But we can pretend, can’t we?”

“Pretend what?” Maribelle dunked her spoon over and over in the steaming bowl. 

“It’s a delicious leg of lamb,” he told her. “With roasted red potatoes and rolls.”

“Mmmm,” Emma grinned, taking another bite of the fish soup. “With chocolate for dessert. And a big glass of milk.”

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