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(ginny & luna, deleted scene)

Luna: I thought you flew very nicely, given the circumstances. 

Ginny: [side-eyeing] And what circumstances would that be? 

Luna: Oh, I’m quite sure there was a Blibbering Humdinger on the Quidditch pitch.  

Ginny: [laughs] You’re wonderful, you know that? 

Luna: Yes, I believe you’ve mentioned it. 

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i really hope there is more to the story. the “he told you” gives me hope that maybe they didn’t go through with it. it’s a big step for malec and after baiting us like that just leaving us hanging meanwhile jace got scenes with random chicks not cool man so not cool.

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I had some questions regarding Black Sky, if you don't mind answering them. First, how come only some of the Varia Officers have Varia names? Is Squallo an exception because he was the boss before handing it over to Xanxus? If that's the case, is Lussuria a Varia name and not his original? Second, is the Zabini magic patrilineal because of sexist traditions or legitimate magical reasons?

Izzy shall answer:

Actually, all of the Varia Officers have Varia names. Some Varia names are less obvious and known, or aren’t used by the other Officers. Because they’re close and others allow it.

Xanxus is Boss. That’s his Varia name. Squalo gave it to him. Simple, informative and not in some language or alphabet that’s going to get misspelled and mauled at one point or another; because that happens a lot in the Varia as a number of names get Latinzed at one point.

Squalo’s a bit odd because most join the Varia -and thus get a Name- before they kill an Officer and take over their position.  No one was sure what to call him for a while as no one knew what to call him, so just about everyone older knew his birth name and built relationships before Squalo became ‘Captain’. You can see how people who joined later and so on call him ‘Captain’ in chapter 171, once it’s published.

Basically to clarify, someone calling Squalo his first name or another nickname like ‘shark’ or ‘Squ-chan’ is a sign of closeness. Captain is a sign of respect, but using Superbi as Ottabio did is insulting and rather patronizing. Partly because it’s saying that they’re close -using Squalo’s actual name- but using the last name as a sign of distance and formality, which due to Ottabio being older and having more seniority within the Varia comes off as both condescending and implying that Squalo’s not worthy of respect, much less a Varia Name.

The Varia have their own naming culture, so using Names is polite, using other nicknames is a sign of close friendship. Personal/birth names are private and are a sign of major trust. Using the wrong name is Rude, unless it’s funny. Using a personal/birth name when you’re not allowed to is insulting and/or threatening. Just don’t. Because not everyone has Squalo’s self-control to not gut you.

Lussuria quickly earned his Name because around new people, as a way to test to see if they’re worth the bother of befriending, he flirts. He flirted a lot when he first joined the Varia. It got noticed and he got Named for it.

As for the Zabini Family Magic, the magic prefers men. Or well, the bulk of it does. Specifically the part that goes to the ‘Lord’ and the ‘Heir’. Family Magic isn’t well understood for Reasons in-universe that Umei and Izzy know and have figured out but won’t be revealed for ages yet.

Generally everyone with a Family Magic knows who and how they inherit it in their family. They just don’t know why some families have different inheritance mechanisms even if they’re of the same region and age. Great mystery for some people. Just that it’s passed on through bloodlines.

Also to note, multiple ‘gifts’ and ‘curses’ can be inherited as can blessings. Things can get complicated rather fast. That’s where thinning the bloodline can be advantageous for the next generation as not all things like to play nice and cooperate in a single heir. Which can have lethal results at worst, possible squibbing in regards to magical ability or insanity in the bloodline; all depending on a random happenstance of genetics.

Other Zabini have access to the Family Magic, in various parts and forms as Blaise has elaborated recently. Most Zabini tend to have small bits or significant bits of certain ones based on their heritage. As to paraphrase Blaise, ‘a lot of major Family Magics have non-human sources’.

Also of note, there’s a difference in how the Zabini see Family Magic vs how others do. Because all of the Zabini are descended from non-human sources.

So the Zabini Family Magic within the wider family is more accurately ‘siren-based’ Family Magic. As the Sirens in Black Sky are a bit of a genetic patchwork of several different sources.. so obviously there’s constants and variables in a large enough mixed population. Fascination as an aspect favors females, because most of the original sirens were female.

The more specific Royal-based one, in the form Lord and Heir, is based from a Hephaestus which is noted over the history of Sabina in favoring of metalwork over other forms of craft. Hephaestus who was a guy who did things like build a throne for his mother which trapped her, until he was tricked into releasing her. Because Dionysus got him drunk.

As a bit of a spoiler, most titan/god-based Family Magics favor the same gender of the source. By ‘favor’ I mean, ‘will immediately pass on to preferred gender if at all possible, no matter the age and can be detrimental to the health to use/have if not this gender.’ So firstborn son to firstborn son, if the founder of the Family Magic was male.

An exception being Nemesis who killed a thousand people to ensure otherwise. For Reasons.

Loved how Alec reassured Jace that there wasn’t anything wrong with him crushing on his own sister cuz you know, until Magnus, Alec had been crushing on his brother.

So you know, just call it a Lightwood boy right of passage.

I’d like there to be a verse where Cas is Jess’s crabby next door neighbor and they grew up living next to each other so even though he’s a grouch he enjoys her company and she tries to drag him along and make him do stuff– and he’ll be like “no I don’t like things things are stupid” and jess would be like “no cas things are great and also boys shhh” and eventually they go on double dates with sam and dean