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Daniel as your boyfriend

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  • The most important thing first, hugs
  • So many hugs and cuddles in general
  • The type to want you to lie on top of him all the time
  • Will never not have physical contact with you
  • Like no matter where you stand, he’ll stand super close to you so your bodies are touching in some way
  • And if you reject his hugs or if you say you don’t have time for at least one cuddle session a day then he will be the poutiest baby
  • Eventually you get a kitten to satisfy his cuddly needs when you’re not around
  • But he still insists that both you and him and the kitten should cuddle together
  • Anyways moving on
  • He likes to take care of you by asking you how your condition is or if you’re relaxed or stressed or anything really
  • And he’ll stroke your cheek by saying things like “You know I’m always here for you right?”
  • And you’re like what I’m fine why are you always so dramatic
  • But sometimes you need these things so it’s good to have that habit in there
  • Also, if you say that you don’t like his bestie mister Ong Seongwoo then he’ll probably break up with you, just sayin’
  • Bros over hoes
  • I’m kidding, but you’ll have to bear with seeing Seongwoo a lot if you’re dating Daniel
  • And Jisung
  • And all the other Wanna One members tbh, he’s a social butterfly who loves giving everyone love
  • He’ll want to cook things with you and that you eat meals together as often as possible
  • Loves both giving and receiving back hugs in the middle of making food
  • Will absolutely love to call you cute all the time, no matter how you look
  • If you’re sick and look like a zombie, or if you’re all dressed up and sexy for a night out – he’ll use cute as a compliment both times
  • He’ll appreciate it if you call him cute back
  • Or hot, depends on what mood he is in
  • Sometimes your cuddling sessions turn into makeout sessions
  • Like he will kiss your cheek carefully and lovingly and then kiss it one more time, and then one more time
  • And then he moves on to pecking your lips slightly, and does it over and over again where the intensity rises more and more every time
  • Boom, he has flipped you to lie under him and he’s hovering over you with a dark stare
  • Sometimes this results in cuddle -> sex scenarios
  • *cough* okay, anyways
  • If he has been away for you for a long time, he will never fail to bring you some sort of gift when returning
  • He just thinks you deserve it for being so patient with him
  • It can vary from little things like your favourite candy to a piece of jewellery (not the overly expensive kinds though, he saves those for more … important occasions)
  • He’ll love showing you up, having his hand on your waist as you meet up with his friends or go to parties or things like that
  • Not possessive, just the soft, clingy kind
  • Never gets jealous honestly, he trusts you too much
  • He always pulls you close when you’re going to sleep, and you’re still in his arms when you wake up
  • Which makes it hard to get out of bed because he will NOT let go
  • “Daniel, I have work.”
  • “But I love you.”
  • Would definitely make you a soft mess to get what he wants
  • A sneaky one
  • The type to organise the biggest most amazing party for you on your birthday without you knowing
  • And he’ll like invite all your friends and you just wonder how he did it with all his schedules keeping him busy
  • Truth is, he just always wants to show how important you are to him and how much he loves you

I just had the absolute most vivid dream I’ve ever had and it was about dnp coming out… bare with me

it was on younow, they did a joint one. the camera was on a table or something and the image was slightly tinted orange for some reason, maybe it was was later at night for them idk. They were both leaning over the phone, their heads taking up the whole frame almost. Phil’s head was resting against Dan’s cheek and it was squishing it; after a few seconds dan pulled back a bit and gave Phil a look where his eyes were wide but like he looked excited and his lips kind of curled inwards and he was smirking a bit. they then fell back onto wherever they were sitting which i guess was a bed or something and Dan was leaning over Phil. at this point Dan put his hands on the sides of Phil’s face and just like leant down and kissed him. it was just a peck but he ended the broadcast right after it.

i normally wouldn’t write something like this,,, but this was one of the weirdest dreams I’ve ever had. my dreams are always random and are never about real life situations, and I’ve never had a dream that felt as real as that one. it was so weird that i woke up straight after and thought it had actually happened (you have no idea how confused i was when i came on tumblr and nobody was talking about it). Also, it was odd because I remember dreaming about just watching the regular liveshow… like I was aware the dream was happening when it was just them there talking to us. even that part of the dream was a bit distorted though, but the end part just felt so real. in the dream as soon as it happened, I closed my laptop and laid down on the floor and just said “yep. there it is” and then got really happy and excited and rolled over and put my face in my hands. which is another weird thing, as I’ve never seen myself in a dream before.

tl;dr i had a really vivid realistic dream that Dan and Phil kissed on younow

  • *Seongwoo nudging Daniel awake at 4 AM*
  • Seongwoo: do you like me?
  • Daniel: we're dating.
  • Seongwoo: yeah, but did you date me as a friend, or like, a boyfriend? it’s unclear.
  • Daniel: we’re literally dating. please go to bed.
  • Seongwoo: *rolls over*
  • Seongwoo: *rolls back over*
  • Seongwoo: i just really want to make sure. just tell me.
  • Daniel:

What if our horoscopes where built on planets having ‘ship wars’?


“Nobody cares Pluto you are not even a planet!”

“Mercury, can you just move over a tiny bit…? Thanks”

30/100 Way To Say ‘I Love You’

Pairing: Boyfriend! Kang Daniel / Reader

Genre: Fluff

Word Count: 566

A/N: Why am I always writing about Daniel in a bed?! Why is my subconscious doing this to me? Also, can you tell I’m Daniel biased?

30) “One more chapter.”

The gentle pitter-patter of rain echoed lightly as you lay bundled underneath the fortress of blankets. With a book balanced between your fingers, you flipped the pages of your novel at a furious pace, eyes busily scanning the small font that scattered the beige pages. 

Each word was carefully placed, intertwining with one another to create a world so captivating, sucking you in further. It had given you the ability to transport into different dimensions, leaving this one to become a distant memory. 

Therefore, unbeknownst to you, Daniel stood against the door frame, arms folded to admire you in fascination. Daniel wasn’t quite sure how you saw yourself, but to him, you were beautiful in every sense of the word. He was willing to go to extreme lengths to prove it to the world, or even just you. Because whether you were dressed up, or cocooned in his sweaters with hair pointing in different directions. You were the most ethereal being he had every laid eyes on and he thanked his luck stars every day that you agreed to date him. Hence it was clear Daniel would most definitely bend to your every whim, but sleep was sleep, and at one in the morning, everyone needed it.

“Babe…it’s time to go to bed.” Daniel chuckled, teasingly trailing his fingers over the light switch. 

“What? No WAIT!” You yell, springing up from your small bundle of comfort. Hands moving more rapidly in an attempt to absorb the script that graced the sheets. “But the protagonist is about to solve the crime and have the main love interest, all in one go!“ 

Sighing dramatically, Daniel let his arm drop, allowing the lights to continuously drench the room. Walking towards the bed, he muttered a string of incoherent syllables as he pouted to himself. 

Slipping beneath the blankets beside you, he snaked his arms around your waist, dragging your back against his chest. He planted a chaste kiss against your neck, waiting for a reaction. Something. Anything. Was the book really that good? Instead he was returned with absolute silence. 

"Why are you cHEATing on me?!” Daniel spoke abruptly. 

“Hm? What did you say?” You mumbled, eyes still trained on the novel. 

“I’m right here! You can have me instead! I’ll be a better love interest.” Daniel whined, his breath tickling the nape of your neck. 

 "Just one more page…“ you trailed off. You weren’t planning on stopping at the next page, but Daniel didn’t need to know that. 

"Such a liar.” He groaned as he traced invisible patterns against your hip bone. “One more chapter. Just one. Please.” He continued. 

You hummed softly, and as promised, once you turned to the last page of the chapter you turned off the lamp. Inserting the book-mark, you placed the book gently on the nightstand beside your bed before slipping out of his grasp quick enough to switch the remain lights. 

Once you hopped back into the velvety sheets, Daniel scooped you up in his arms, your head gently tucked beneath his. A palm trailed lightly skimming over your arms to rest on your thigh, where he drummed a silent beat. 

“Have I ever told you how beautiful you are?” Daniel whispered.

“About a thousand times.” You whisper back, your nimble fingers tugging on the soft material of Daniels shirt. 

“Prepare for a thousand more.” He mumbled over a breathy laugh.

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Te amo|| Daniel Seavey|| Why Don’t We Imagine

Here, @ashleyyy0330117. I made your dream a reality.

You pace the Why Don’t We house’s living room, having an argument with your mother on the phone. 

“I know, I know, Mamá!” Your boyfriend, Daniel, sits on the couch, scrolling through his phone, trying his best not to listen in on your conversation. Your mom yells something in Spanish and you yell back, exasperated. Daniel realizes that whenever you are mad, you speak in Spanish. 

By the time you hang up the phone and collapse on the couch next to him, you’re close to tears. Daniel rubs small circles on your back, trying to calm you down. “It’s okay, babe.” You cuddle up against him, laying your head on his shoulder. 

“Yeah. I’m sorry about the yelling. She just doesn’t get it.” You shake your head, closing your eyes. You sit there, your legs stretched across Daniel’s lap for a few minutes, silence ruling over the two of you. 

“Off topic, but you’re really cute when you speak Spanish.” Daniel kisses the top of your head as you laugh. 


“Yeah! Can you teach me?” You look up at your boyfriend, raising an eyebrow. 

“Daniel, you took Spanish for two years, and you don’t know any Spanish?”

“Nope!” He laughs at your disbelief, burying his face in your hair. You smile to yourself, shaking your head. 


You sit at the kitchen island, Daniel standing on the other side, starring at you. “Okay, let’s start with the basics. Hola, means hello.” Daniel rolls his eyes at you. 

“I know that!” You laugh and dive into a mini-lesson. You find that Daniel clearly did not pay any attention in Spanish class. Spanish 101 here we come. 

A week goes by, and you and Daniel continue your lessons. It’s one in the morning and you lay in bed in your apartment, texting your boyfriend. 

Daniel: I don’t get why you couldn’t spend the night here. I mean, I’m keeping you awake anyway 

You: I had to study late, babe. Plus I have my exam tomorrow morning. I really need to go to bed 

Daniel: Fine. Goodnight, beautiful 

You: Goodnight, babe. Te amo

Daniel: Wait… what does that mean again?

You: Idk. Maybe you should pay more attention to what I teach you :P

A whole minute goes by and you start to drift off to sleep. Right when you start getting comfortable under your blanket, your phone buzzes, illuminating your bedroom. Groaning, you unlock your phone and look at the text from Daniel. 

Daniel: Oh! Love you too, baby girl

You: Five points marked off for using Google Translate. Now go to sleep!

Daniel sends you a selfie of him making a pouty face, lip and all. You laugh and turn off your phone. I’m in love with a goofball.