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The Gilinsky Twins - Jack Gilinsky Imagine - Part 7

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 ~speaking the truth~ I woke up by the sound of a door closing. I slowly opened my eyes and looked around. I saw Jack standing by his closet and pulling a hoodie over his head. I slowly stood up and felt chills go up my back as I felt the cold floor. “I’m gonna head to the shower” I said smiling at him. “Yeah see you later today” he said giving me a warm smile. I opened the door and sneaked down the hallway.
I had no idea what the time was but I was guessing around 10am? Anyways. I sneaked into my dorm room, seeing Andrea sleeping and snoring on her bed. I carefully opened my closet and grabbed all my bathing stuff. And then I headed to the shower.
I walked down the empty hallway and heard a door close behind me. I didn’t bother to look back, instead I kept on walking.

I entered the shower and the hot water felt good on my skin. I mumbled some song lyrics while I running my hands over my hair. I felt a cold breeze against my back. I snapped my head to look back and saw Jack enter the shower then closing it. He looked at me and smirked. I looked over all his body. He was amazing. I quickly snapped my eyes back up and turned my head around. Jack’s hands slipped along my waist and his body came closer to mine. I slowly reached my hand out to grab the body scrub. His hands grabbed the scrub and he took it away from me. “Let me” he said and opened the body scrub. He rubbed it on my back and shoulders. His hands then slipped around my waist and he rubbed my stomach then moving up to my collarbones. Going over my breasts. This moment felt perfect. I turned around and he looked at me. My hands made their way to his neck and played with his hair. He put his thumb on my chin and leaned in. Our lips touched and his tongue entered my mouth. He explored every inch of it. There we stood. In the shower making out. It didn’t feel sexual it felt romantic in stead. He pulled away and smiled. “I will let you finish” he said and got out. I stood there and smiled to myself. I dragged my hands against my face and let out a small laugh. I then finished my shower. - Get ready for the party Andrea said as I entered the room. I groaned and flopped down on my bed. Andrea placed some clothes on my stomach. “Go get dressed” she said. I stood up and got dressed. I didn’t really want to go but I guess I should. I put on some black skinny jeans and a cute top. I then did my make-up and my hair. Me and Andrea were finally ready and the clock was about 9pm. We made our way to the party. We entered the party and you could already see that everyone was drunk. Usually we would make our way over to the drinks but Andrea really needed to go to the bathroom. She dragged me around and soon she was at the bathroom. I waited outside. I spotted Nate and I was trying to hide but it was to late, he was already making His way over. “Hey” he said and leaned up against the wall. “Hey” i said smiling. His muscle tee showed His perfect arms and a small peek of tattoo. “You want something to drink?” His voice was calming and you could smell some alcohol in his breath. “Maybe a beer” I said. He grabbed my hand and pulled me through the crowd. I then felt a hand grab my other hand and pulling me back. I slipped out of Nate’s hands and he was out off sight. I turned around and saw Jack. “We need to talk” he said over the loud music. I slowly nodded and looked back but soon following Gilinsky. He made his way to the backyard and sat down on a bench. I sat down beside him and he looked at me. “What’s wrong?” I asked him. “I need to tell you something” he was serious. “Since you’re a girl I thought you could help me with this..” He stopped. I furrowed my eyebrows at him while he licked his lips and started talking. “There is this girl that I like-” great my crush is gonna be talking about another girl he likes, just great. “Nobody knows that I like her but I really do. She is different. I feel like I know her but I really don’t but I want to and I just like her so freaking much. But the problem is that she is afraid to hurt another guy. She doesn’t like that other guy but she knows him to well and that guy doesn’t want me to be around her” he stopped and looked at me. “I think I even love her” he then finished off. I felt my eyes starting to water. This was so stupid. I had liked him for so long and I think it would be good to have this benefit relationship with him? Well no, it didn’t. My body took over my thoughts and I stood up and ran inside. The tears were now coming. I ran through the sweat bodies and the alcohol smell made me feel sick. I need to get out of here. “STOP” I heard behind me. The room went quite and I turned around, wiping the tears. There he stood, Gilinsky. “God y/n” he said and everyone moved out of the way. He was facing me but still couple meters between us. “Don’t you realize” he said throwing his arms up. I looked to my side and saw Aden and Jenn standing there confused. “It’s you. I love you and I hate to know that you are to good for me. It first started and I thought I could control it and not fall for you but with every minute I spent with you I fell harder and now I’m stuck and I have never felt this way before y/n. I LOVE YOU” he said. I stood there frozen. I looked back at Aden and saw him with his jaw dropped. “What is going on?” I heard from the other side. Nate walked in. It was Nate. I felt dizzy. Gilinsky stepped one step closer. But I couldn’t think straight. I turned around and ran outside the door, straight to my room. Although I really liked him I was too afraid. But still I wanted him ———————————- I never know how to end this 🙈 but I’m thinking about ending it at part 10, so only 3 parts left :( but hey when I have finished this one I can make another fanfic :) Thanks for reading ❤️

Family Secrets: Chapter Six

Here it is. I think we’ve posted on every day but Thursday, so there goes that lol. We’re as excited for you guys to read these as you guys are. As always, written with @ttayvinaf. Shit gets real here. May the odds be ever in your favor. (I’m running out of things to say in these, can you tell?)

“Dad,” Austin said, bursting into his parents’ room with Ella hot on his heels. Scott and Andrea both sat up, concerned.

“What? What is it?” Andrea asked, holding the covers around her. Scott got out of bed, making his way over to the closet, having a feeling about what Austin was about to tell him.

“It’s Taylor. She left. She was with… she was with a guy,” Austin said, proudly. He’d been looking for a way to impress his father and now, thanks to his sister, he would finally be able to do it.

“Did you see who it was?” Scott grumbled, still digging around.

“Adam Wiles,” Ella jumped in, a little over enthusiastically. She was angry with Taylor for lying to her but, more than that, she was insanely jealous. Payback was a bitch. Taylor would be learning that soon.

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Secrets - Chapter 21

“She’s asleep right now.” Adam whispered opening the door so Taylor’s parents could go in. “They said it might be a couple of hours until they’re born.” He smiled nervously as he sat down on the chair next to Taylor’s bed.

“Is she okay?” Andrea asked him, going over to Taylor’s side, looking down at her daughter.

“Yeah, she was in a lot of pain earlier but they gave her epidural so she’s better now.” He told them, admiring his fiancée, she was so strong and he was sure she was going to be an amazing mother to the twins. He doubted himself though, he didn’t think he could take care of babies, it was a first time for him. Taking care of Richard was one thing but two newborn babies was a whole different deal.

“Hey.” Her voice captured their attention as she opened her eyes.

“Hi, sweetie. How are you doing?” Andrea smiled at her daughter, pressing a kiss to her forehead.

“Ready to get these little monsters out of me.” She laughed a little, rubbing her large stomach.

“We can’t wait to meet our grandchildren.” Scott said, excitedly from beside Adam. “Well, I’m going to get something to eat. Will anyone join me?”

“Yeah, I  will, I haven’t eaten in hours.” Adam smiled, before going over to Taylor, kissing her cheek. “I’ll be right back, love.”

They left the room and walked to the cafeteria.

“You know Adam, when you and Taylor broke up I wanted to kill you, if I’m being honest.” Scott laughed. “I really thought you were it for Taylor when we first met and I wanted to kill you because she was so happy with you and you ruined it, not really but you see what I mean. Then she found out she was having Ricky and I remember that I was really excited about it even though the circumstances weren’t great. I knew Taylor was worried that you weren’t there and then things worked out when you came to Nashville. I just want to say that I’m glad. You’re a great father to my grandson and you make my daughter happy. Now you’re having two little ones again and I just wanted to tell you that I’m very thankful for all that you’ve been doing. I really was right when we first met so thank you.” Scott spoke, smiling when they sat down on a table.

“Thank you for saying that. It means a lot to me.” He smiled. “Am I supposed to this nervous about the babies?” He asked making Scott laugh.

“Yeah, you are. I was a nerve wreck when Taylor and Austin were born. It’s a beautiful thing, Adam. It’s scary to bring someone into this world, someone that you have to take care of and teach everything to but it’s beautiful. Don’t worry, though, you’ll do great.”


“Taylor, I need you to push as hard as you can. We need to get your baby out.” She heard the doctor say, as she held Adam’s hand tightly.

“C’mon, baby, you can do it.” Adam kissed her head. She pushed, squeezing Adam’s hand as she tried to gather all her strength, the thought of her son and daughter in her arms.

“One more time, Taylor. I can see its head.” The doctor smiled and Taylor pushed. Soon there loud cries were heard throughout the room, making her smile slightly. “It’s a boy.” The doctor announced.

“He’s beautiful, Taylor. He’s so beautiful. He’s so beautiful.” He whispered to her, smiling, a few tears running down his cheeks as his eyes were fixed on the little boy.

“We still need to get your baby girl, Taylor. Can you do that for me?” The doctor questioned, as she nodded, sniffling. A couple of minutes later, there she was, the beautiful baby girl taken away so they could clean her and her brother, they were both beautiful, it brought tears to their eyes. “Congratulations, guys!”

“You did it, babe. They’re here. They’re finally here.” Adam grinned, crying as he kissed her forehead. “I love you so much.” He told her.

“I love you more.” She laid her head on his shoulder as he took her hand, lacing their fingers together. Her eyes travelled to the midwives as they brought their babies to them, wrapped in a pink and a blue blanket. Her tears were nonstop now, they were finally there after months of waiting. Two tiny human beings, so innocent, they know nothing about the world, what’ll happen when they grow up and all that will be thrown at them. Such pure creatures, such delicate souls. “Hi, beautiful.” Taylor cried when they placed baby girl in her arms and the boy in Adam’s. “I’m your mommy. You’re so perfect.” She grinned, staring at her baby in awe. She looked up to see Adam with their baby boy, looking at him like he was all the stars in the universe. She rubbed her daughter’s pink cheek with her finger, touching her delicate skin. She didn’t want to interrupt Adam’s moment with his son but she wanted to hold her baby boy too. “Switch?” She questioned, smiling up at him. He handed her baby boy to her arms and she took him, admiring his perfect little lips as he yawned making her smile. “Look my handsome boy.” She cooed.

“I hate to interrupt but do you guys have the names yet?” The nurse questioned, smiling while entering the room.

“Yeah, we have the names.” Taylor said. “Alison Swift-Wiles and Luke Scott Swift-Wiles.” She grinned, looking at Adam. They made Luke’s middle name after Taylor’s dad, Scott, you wouldn’t believe how much he cried when they told him they were doing that.

“Those are great names.” The nurse noted, writing down the names. “I’ll leave you alone now.”


“This is Alison and this is Luke.” Taylor smiled as Ricky sat down next to her. He was staring at the babies, in awe, a small smile on his lips.

“Mommy, they are really tiny.” He commented, making everyone in the room laugh.

“You were really tiny too when you were born, sweetie.” She giggled. “You can touch them, baby.” Taylor told him, as he was about to place his hand on Alison’s face but pulled away. “You just have to be gentle.” She warned him and he reached for Alison, gently rubbing her cheek.

“Mommy, can I call her Ali?” He questioned and Taylor nodded smiling. “Hi Ali and Luke. I’m your brother and I’m going to protect you guys, like a superhero.” He talked to them, happily making everyone in the room smile. “Don’t worry. I’ll help you if you get in trouble with mommy or daddy, if you give them a lot of hugs and kisses and say you’re sorry, you’ll be fine.” He giggled as everyone watched and carefully listened to his words. Taylor felt her heart about to burst with so much happiness.

“I love you so much.” Adam whispered in her ear and she turned her head to him, kissing his cheek.

“Family picture guys!” Andrea exclaimed, excitedly, getting Taylor’s phone. Taylor held Alison and Adam held Luke as Richard sat next to Taylor, his head on her shoulder smiling at the camera. “Okay, good.” She smiled at them. She handed Taylor the phone so she could check it out and Taylor’s heart swelled at seeing her family together.

“So have you guys thought about who you’re going to name godparents to them?” Scott asked, from where he was sitting.

“We’re thinking that Selena and Charlie are going to be Alison’s godparents and Abigail and Matthew are going to be Luke’s.” Adam answered. After a long conversation and Charlie begging to be a godparent, they decided on it.


“Oh my gosh, they’re so cute.” Selena squealed when she saw the babies. “Seriously, they’re adorable. I’m dying.” She smiled looking at them. “How does it feel, mom and dad?”

“Unreal.” Adam, sighed, his arm around Taylor as they both sat on the bed. He kissed her head, unable to wipe the smile of his face. It had been a day since the babies had been born and he thought nothing ever compared to the feelings he had ever since they were born. How much he loved them, how much he loved their mother. He knew she was strong but now he was sure that woman had the strength to carry the weight of the world. It made him love her even more and he didn’t think that was possible.

“The best feeling in the world. We’ve been waiting for them for months and now they’re here. It’s amazing.” Taylor grinned. “You can hold one of them if you want to, Sel.” Taylor told Selena making squeal yet again. She took Alison in her arms, supporting her head. Adam stood up to get Luke stood up to get, smiling as the little boy yawned.

“She looks so much like you, Taylor.” Selena noted, admiring the little girl.

“Luke does too. He has your nose and your lips. Hopefully they’ll keep the blue eyes.” He told Taylor, with Luke against his chest as he sat down.

“We can’t tell anything yet, I’m sure they’ll change as they grow up.” She laughed, shaking her head.

“Yeah, I’m going to leave you guys because I have a plane to catch but congratulations, mom and dad.” Selena told them, handing Alison to Taylor. “I love you and I’ll see you two soon.” She kissed Taylor’s cheek, smiling one more time before leaving them alone.

“I’m so happy right now.” Taylor murmured, staring down at her daughter, rubbing her soft cheek.

“Me too, baby, me too.” He smiled, kissing her forehead as they watched their newborn babies. A new chapter of their lives beginning.

Kaylor: The Timeline - Chapter 22

June 5, 2014

Normally, Taylor would be thankful for a day off in between shows, especially in a part of the world where jet lag was inevitable. However, she can’t help but curse her scheduling now as she lay in her empty hotel room having literally nothing to do with herself. She can’t even stand the thought of writing anymore. She has already made her fifth album complicated enough as it is by writing so many new songs, but her brain is genuinely tired from working on different lyrics, melodies, harmonies, rhyme schemes, chord progress— Oh, there is the headache again.

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I’m nearly finished with the set, but I also need to go to bed. Here’s my dear Andrea (no pun intended) as a deer princess. We made the headdress ourselves over a couple of hours with jewelry supplies from Michael’s in my living room (plus some extra bits and baubles I had on hand). 

Model/MUA/Styling: Andrea chaos13lives

Photography: Kelly kellylugosisdead