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X-Kids at Disney World

(Modern AU because I don’t know what was and was not at Disney World in the 80s)

Kurt: Rode the Pirates of the Caribbean ride five times and wouldn’t stop humming the theme song for the rest of the day.

Scott: Threw up on Space Mountain like a dork. Insisted on riding it again anyway.

Jean: Disneybounded as Ariel and was so convincing that a group of kids asked for her autograph.

Peter: Determined to eat his way across all four parks.  Nearly cried when he dropped his Dole Whip on the sidewalk.

Ororo: Insists on going on the loudest, fastest, most intense rides, even when the others would just like to go back to the hotel and take a nap.

Warren: Wanted to stay in the car originally, but the others need him to be the official crowd-parter/bag-holder. Had to have his hand held by Kurt on Haunted Mansion.

Jubilee: Is not leaving until she gets a picture with every Disney princess.  Enjoyed the fireworks but insists she could have done better.

The Perfect Day

Request: Sorry I’m bad at detail, but maybe a Ethan X Reader, where the group is at Disney? That’s all I got sorry, but I have never seen a youtuber can reader at Disney so I thought one would be nice. Thank you for your time :)

Summary: The gang goes to Disneyland together. That’s it. Many fluff, be prepared.

A/N: Hello all! This is such a cute request? I read it and was like, Oh boi……..I can’t wait to write alllll the fluff for this fic hehe. This can be seen as the unofficial prequel to ‘The Boyfriend/Girlfriend Tag’ (because reader had promised a Disneyland vlog and theyre at Disneyand in this fic hehehe) As always, italics are the inner thoughts a character is having. Hope you all enjoy reading this, I had a fun time writing this 😊

Wordcount:1786, oh boi I got v carried a way am srry

Warnings: just,,,,,, so m a n y…..,..,,, fluff

Request me things!!! I write for everyone in teamiplier!

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Disney World with Ethan would include

Originally posted by dolangelsxx

• Racing each other to the entrance

• Wearing matching outfits to the park

•Going on splash mountain over and over again

•You, getting scared on Rockin Rollercoaster, so he comforts you, and holds your hand the whole time

• Taking pictures with all of the characters

• Going on it’s a small world, and Ethan “Serenading you” with the theme the entire day

• Buying, literally every single mug they have

• Getting a bunch of ears

•Both of you getting sick from too much candy

• Going to Animal kingdom, and seeing all of the shows

•Going on the jurassic park ride, and Ethan getting scared from the T-REX jumping at him

•”Oh fuck! What? Me, scared? No i was protecting you babe!” 

•”Then why are your eyes tearing up, E?”

• Going on tower of terror, and you getting scared and Ethan attempting to cuddle you the whole time

•Both of you getting picked as “cast” for the indiana jones show

• Running around like little kids, the entire day

•Ethan, “Attempting” to swoon the princesses over

•”Don’t worry babe you’re the only princess for me”

• Ethan, refusing to put sunblock on, so now you have a burnt boyfriend

• Riding, every ride atleast twice

• Ethan, cuddling you every moment he got

•Him, cuddling his face in your boobs when waiting in long lines

•Going on the frozen ride, and both of you sing let it go as loud as possible

• Going on Expedition Everest, and Ethan shrieking when it reverses and gets dark

•Ethan, being the jealous goof he is,  pouting when a prince looks at you

•“Ethan! He’s a character i love you more!”

•Ethan, pouting when you won’t hold his hand

•Buying, way too much candy

•Him carrying you to Cinderellas castle to watch fireworks

•Vlogging the whole day

•Taking pictures with fans

• Him, spinning you around during the fireworks, like a cheesy romcom. To end the most perfect Day with this man child.

Hope you guys enjoy! Feel free to send more in!

1. Go to a Music Festival
2. Go boating
3. Get matching tattoos
4. Face your fears
5. Explore the city
6. Stay up until dawn
7. Start a scrapbook
8. Go to a Waterpark
9. Visit an aquarium
10. Visit a theme park
11. Thrift shopping
12. Take a road trip
13. Go to a Museum
14. Play Mini Golf
15. Marathon a TV Series
16. Put your hand/footprint in wet cement
17. Go to a Parade
18. Sing in the car with windows down
19. See fireworks
20. Go Rollerskating
21. Disney Movie Marathon
22. Crash a Wedding
23. Catch Fireflies
24. Camp in the backyard
25. Buy Matching Sunglasses
26. Build a blanket fort
27. Host/Attend a Bonfire
28. Bake all day
29. Attend a state fair
30. Dye your hair
31. Attempt a DIY Project
32. Make friendship bracelets
33. Make a Time capsule
34. Go Laser Tagging
35. Hide and Seek (Ikea Style)
36. Go to a drive-in
37. Go strawberry picking
38. Go skinny dipping
39. Go Hiking
40. Go on a Scavenger Hunt

The Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique is not only for little girls, They also offer a very affordable Prince Package! Boys receive a magical sword and shield from Prince Phillip himself as well as a new gelled up hairdo, complete with Mickey Mouse Head glitter if they want. Tyler LOVED all the time he spent here and can’t wait to go back!

Surveillance Camera: Part one The HEAT

Before I start I want to thank everyone for sticking with me, this go’s to                            

@messedupmoon​ and her amazing prompt form this link >> https://lonleyghostposts.tumblr.com/post/161467902210/for-surveillance-camera-i-always-had-the You helped me to move my idea of Surveillance Camera on, and come up with an amazingly fresh concept. You helped influenced this fic a lot. I was never originally going to go in this direction until now. Thank you.


The Fennton’s were packing their stuff in the “Fentonmobile,” As they prepared to go to the airport.

One month ago, they had gotten a letter to go to a free “luxurious wood cabin’” ski trip up in the Rocky’s. His parents were ecstatic, as was Jazz. But Danny new better than to think it was just a regular free payed Vacation. This had Vlad written all over it. Slamming the back of the trunk he wiped his brow.

The heat was blistering and the thin tank top felt like a heavy weight on his body, pulling him down further into this sizzling black top where he was bound to melt into a puddle of his own sweat.

The only thing good about going to the Rocky’s was that it would be a lot cooler. Mysteriously or not so mysteriously Amity Park has been recently hit with a massive heat wave, the hottest they have had in years. It was 90 degrees F and smoking. So, hot that the birds that migrated here went back North for the winter.

Everybody was just about leaving town for the Summer, fed up with the blistering heat including his two best friends Tucker and Sam.

Sam had gone on a world cruse with her parents, where she would visit plenty of country’s one stop at a time. Despite her hatred for anything mainstream the goth was more than happy to go on a salty wet watered get away with her family.  Especially If that meant getting away from the deathly hot wasteland of Amity Park. Even Sam had to admit that her Gothic “simmering”, had turn into a down right boil.

Also in pleasant turn of event’s the Manson’s have recently come to terms with their daughters, unique fashion taste, and love of anything Dark, gritty, and goth.

They even Picked a Vampire themed cruise for their daughter. Sam was raving on about all the things she was going to do, and Gothic underground joints in Italy she was going to visits for the past week.

And as for the Foley’s, well…

Tucker and his family where going to Disney world. The fairy tale dream, with water slides galore! Honestly Tucker had, had it with the heat in amity park more than anyone, and was thrilled to go and mingle with all the princesses. He promised both him and Sam that he would bring back gifts from his trip.

After their farewells and good-bye hugs, they parted ways. All promising to hang out next summer.

With a sigh Danny Took one look at his town, engraving every single detail into his mind. He was going to be gone all summer with his family in a cabin, no internet, miles away from civilization, and without his two best friends for the first time in his short pubescent life. He felt scared, and excited all at once. despite probably playing into Vlad’s hands, Danny was happy to have his first real vacation ever!

No soggy ghost infested toxic fishing trips, or haunted bed bug infested motels in New Mexico.  Danny was going to sip hot coco near a warm fire place in a comfy cabin, surrounded by the people he loves.

Screw Vlad and whatever plan he had come up with for him and his family. Danny would burn that bridge when he crossed it.

But what Danny didn’t know, is that bridge was already crossed when he opened that letter a month ago, and the time for burning bridges were too late.

lovepinkmochi  asked:

hi there! i want to ask, which are the super sentai team concepts that you found most odd or made you go "what the heck?" when you saw them? (or to keep it simple, which are the silliest?)

There are three that leap immediately to mind.  One of them is a very old series and two are much more recent.  I would have included Gekisou Sentai Carranger but the concept of a car-themed Sentai isn’t that weird and as we’ll see, their weirdness got eclipsed by another, similarly themed series.

Let’s start with the oldest.  That would be Battle Fever J.

Battle Fever is a team composed of heroes from various countries, all portrayed by Japanese people. They are also dance-themed (which we will see again on this list) because Saturday Night Fever was a big deal at the time. Aside from the nightmare that is Miss America’s wig, the thing that gets me most is that every member of the team save one, is named for the country they are either from or were trained in.  That one is Battle Cossack, who represents the Soviet Union.

This is a poor choice at best.  I understand with tensions in the world at the time it might not be a good idea to call him Battle Soviet or even Battle Russia but the Cossacks as a people were an oppressed minority in the Soviet Union. So, it comes across as just a wee bit insensitive.

My second choice is Engine Sentai Go-Onger.

This was the third major car-themed Sentai series after 1996′s Carranger but it took it in an entirely different direction. I have a theory about this show that I have yet to verify but I suspect may be true that this show was inspired by the success of the Disney/Pixar movie Cars. There are a lot of similarities with the car beings that give our heroes their powers hailing from a world without people, where vehicles are the dominant form of life.  They are also exceedingly cute:

They look exceptionally toyetic and their animated forms, move and talk like cartoon characters. The Disney film had come out in 2006, which would have been the year before Toei began work on Go-Onger.  It was a massive worldwide success and was hugely popular with the same demographic Super Sentai aims for, little kids. Toei has never shied away from chasing a trend, after all Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger was inspired by the then upcoming Jurrasic Park and I don’t think anyone can deny that Mahou Sentai Magiranger took a great deal of inspiration from the success of Harry Potter.

Speaking of dinosaurs, my last slot goes to Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger which combined the prehistoric theme with Samba Dancing.

Though this seemed like a REALLY bizarre combination to start with, it worked (for me and apparently the kids in Japan at least) to create a fun, popular series.  Heck, it’s the first to get a direct sequel created in a country other than Japan so the strange idea had to have some universal appeal. 

So, those are the three that made me take a second glance, wonder what they were thinking and try to come up with some kind of an answer.

Me at Disney World

-STAR WARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOOK AT THE STAR WARS!!!!!!!

-ok but fuck you Disney for ruining the Star Wars



-Star Wars ride: ok but was it NECESSARY to include Jar Jar Binks in this ride??????

-Singing along to all the Star Wars music playing overhead at all times (there’s no WORDS but you know that I am singing along)

-Star Wars fireworks: SOBBING

-Kylo Ren/TFA footage during Star Wars fireworks: gagging

-OT Princess Leia scenes in Star Wars fireworks: SOBBING HYSTERICALLY

-I don’t want to buy this merch because Disney is selling it and Disney screwed up Star Wars and didn’t care

-I am going to buy this Star Wars merchandise anyways because I am an addict and I am weak

-do I need this millennium falcon mug?????


-where is all the Leia merch????

-where is all the OT merch????????

-why can I buy more shit with Krennic on it than Leia????

-meeting Chewbacca and crying

-little children running through the parks with lightsabers and X-wing Mickey ears so cute!!!!!!

-little kids growing up thinking TFA is Star Wars so sad

-the Force theme at all moments

-also throne room song at all times

-oh ok Disney so you’ll split up Han and Leia’s marriage to create cheap contradictory drama but you’ll happily make money off their OT relationship by selling I love you I know merch in every store I see where your priorities lie

-Star Wars characters come on stage one by one to perform. Crowd cheers for threepio, artoo, Vader, and Chewie. Kylo Ren walks out: UTTER SILENCE. Me: that’s right

-did I mention I met Chewbacca and wept

-person: are you a Star Wars fan? Me: LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

-why would anyone want to buy merch that says they’re a member of the first order or the empire why is it cool to be like SPACE FASCISM YEAH!!!! Genocide happened and now I’m wearing a shirt about it!!! Like??????

-also why is there hardly any Rebellion merch at all??????

-to buy a lightsaber or not to buy a lightsaber that is the question

-action figures available to purchase at Star Wars launch bay: literally every character, including ewoks, jawas, jar jar binks, Han and Luke, etc, but NO LEIA. Me: OH REALLY??????????????

-person refers to Luke Skywalker as “that’s um, the main guy I think”. Me: is that person secretly an alien or a real life hermit????? What rock do they live under and can I go there too to escape the sequel trilogy?

-small child behind me: *with glee* IT’S BB-8!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Me: I will put that child on my own two shoulders so that she can see the Star Wars

-my mom: go meet Kylo Ren!!!! Me: DO YOU KNOW ME AT ALL?

-Disney: posters of the OT all over Hollywood studios. Me: MY CHILDREN

-sitting on speeder bike and weeping

-Hoth Leia tsum-tsum!!!!! Tiny bean Leia!!!!! Little snowsuit Leia with Hoth braids!!!!!!!!!!! I will cherish her all my life!!!!

-someone: princess–
Me: LEIA?!?!?!?!

-Star Wars

Birthday Wishes // Spencer Reid x Reader

Prompt: Reader really wants to go to Disney World so the team decides to take her for her birthday.

Requested by: Anonymous

“Are we seriously going? We’re grown adults,” Morgan commented incredulously as the team huddled around Garcia’s computer set up.

“It’s Y/N’s birthday and this is what she wants,” she replied firmly as she purchased the plane tickets. “And besides, do you think Spencer would really not grant Y/N’s every wish?”

The team all smiled as Spencer blushed deeply at her comment. He rubbed the back of his neck in slight embarrassment at the look they were all giving him.

“She’s my girlfriend and this is what she’s been begging for,” he defended with a small smile. “I think she deserves it. Don’t you?”

“You’re just head over heels in love with her,” Morgan replied with a shake of his head. There was a tug of a smile on his lips as he tried to stay straight faced. “But I guess if we have to, I’ll go.”

“Have you ever seen those two act so childishly?” JJ asked with a bright laugh as she and Hotch walked behind you and Spencer.

You were on Spencer’s back, dressed casually in a little mermaid t-shirt and jeans with a backpack for your belongings. There were a pair of Minnie Mouse ears on your head as Spencer continued to walk, a pair of Mickey ears on his own head. The team chuckled as they watched you point in a direction, causing Spencer to immediately turn and walk with a huge smile as he carried you through the Disney World park.

“A grown woman and this is what she wants,” Rossi commented with a grin. You had begged to go to Disney World for your birthday, dropping hints at every possible moment. They had been more than happy to indulge your wish as it gave them all some time off too.

“Spence look! There’s Belle!” You exclaimed excitedly as you pointed toward the princess. He chuckled as he made his way over, stopping to join the line of people waiting to take a photograph with the character. You jumped off of his back, letting him rest for a moment.

“Thank you so much for this,” you thanked as you wrapped your arms around him happily. He smiled as he looked down at your happy face, that excited gleam never once leaving your eye since the moment you set foot in the theme park.

“Happy birthday,” he replied, giving you a quick kiss as his own arms wrapped around you. The children in line behind you giggled at the gesture. JJ took various pictures of the two of you with the Disney princess before forcing everyone else to do the same.

“I’m so making a scrapbook of this trip!” Penelope exclaimed as she snapped away at every moment.

The rest of the day was spent going in and out of all the little Disney stores. You had insisted that everyone wear Mickey ears and after a few complaints from the men they had all ultimately agreed to do so. You giggled as you took various photos of both Hotch and Morgan in Mickey Mouse ears, their faces hiding amused grins at your giddy excitement.

Spencer continued to lead you through the park with his fingers intertwined with yours as he bought you all sorts of treats. Your backpack was beginning to become heavy with everything and Morgan had taken it.

“Can’t have you breaking your back when you still have so much to see,” he had commented as he had thrown it onto his shoulders. You smiled gratefully before Spencer called you over once more, showing you a necklace he had just purchased with the famous Disney castle on it.

“God, those two are everything,” Penelope sighed dreamily as she watched you lift your hair up, Spencer placing the necklace on you. You smiled happily as you pulled him in for a kiss, only to be startled by a flash going off.

“Sorry,” JJ said sheepishly as she put her phone away. “It was too cute not too.”

The team tackled many rides that day, the favorite being Splash Mountain. They all emerged soaked to the core with Penelope nearly in tears over her three phones that had managed to somehow get wet despite being put away. Morgan spent the next hour consoling her, telling her there would be other phones in which she could store her cute animal videos.

“Maybe I should quit the BAU and get a job here,” you joked with a smile as the day grew darker. “I could totally be a princess.”

Spencer smiled as he picked you up bridal style. Your hand shot out to balance your ears as they threatened to fall, an amused laugh escaping your lips.

“You’re my princess. Isn’t that enough?” He questioned with a raise of his eyebrows. You hummed, pretending to mull over it before a broad smile graced your lips.

“I’m your Belle? Your Jasmine? Your Cinderella?” you asked, a smile plastered to your face that seemed to be permanent that day.

“Hmmm. Better than any of them. You’re my Y/N,” he replied before he kissed you once more. The day had been perfect not just for you, but for him as well. Being able to make you happy was something he took pride in. And you wouldn’t have changed that day for the world.

Another flash went off as JJ captured the sweet moment that would later sit on your desk in a Disney World picture frame.

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Hcs on how Bakugou's s/o manages to put a disney mickey mouse hat on him!

Of course, my lovely anon! Thank you so much for your request and I hope you’ll enjoy the headcanons!

  • Bakugou hates Disney World, Disneyland, Tokyo Disney, Paris Disney - any of the Disney amusement parks, really. He hates them with a burning passion. The crowds, the lines, the overpriced food, the forced cheerfulness - it all just kind of really pisses him off. Despite how much he likes some of the rides, he hates going to any Disney park to the point where he’d only agree to it if he really fucked up with his partner, the kind of ‘I fucked up’ that was so bad that he’d have to agree to something he absolutely detested to make them happy because he was that worried that they’d break up with him otherwise.
  • He’d still refuse to wear the hats. Or do pin trading. Or carry around anything glowing. Or wear anything Disney themed. He’d buy all those things and more for his partner while out - whatever they wanted, they’d have as long as it didn’t involve him having to embarrass himself.
  • He’d get more and more pissed off as his partner kept trying to convince him to put the hat they’d gotten him on. It would turn into an almost sort of game for his partner - to see if they could get him to wear it or to see how many times they could try before he blew up and completely lost his temper.
  • He would’ve lost his temper much sooner if he hadn’t been on his best behaviour for his partner. 
  • They’d have to be sneaky and would actually get it on his head by setting it there as they’d kissed him at the end of the night fireworks display by the Magic Castle. He was so caught up in the fireworks, which is something he’ll always love, and the kiss that he’ll barely even notice until afterwards, when his partner seems way to pleased with themselves.
  • While he’d get mad, it wouldn’t be to the normal point of him fully losing his temper. After all, they’d just kissed him, which always makes him pretty content, and they look so cute that it’s hard for him to really fully get angry, despite how ridiculous he looks and feels with that hat on.
EXO Reaction to them taking you to an amusement park

I hope you like it! There’s more reaction for today :3 Admin A~
/I don’t own any of the gifs used, unless stated otherwise/

Chanyeol: He would be more excited than you. Act like a little kid and want to go to all the rides and make it the best date of your life

Kris: He would be a sweet. Win all the games for you, getting all the prices you want and spoil you all day.

Sehun: He would flirt with you all day, hoping you’ll kiss him at the end of the day when you both are up in the Ferris wheel

Tao: “I’m ready for the water games Y/N! My gucci won’t get wet this way!”

Kai: He is that super cool boyfriend who would make anyone jealous just by being at your side. He would kiss you every 5 seconds and treat you like a princess

Xiumin: He would tease you after a game copying the funny faces you were doing while you were on the ride. Then he would smiles and kiss your forehead reminding you how much he loves his adorable girlfriend.

Baekhyun: Just watches how you go all crazy over the roller coasters and act like a 10 year old girl in Disney Land and ignore this perfect, handsome and awesome boyfriend by your side. *Sassy*

Luhan: “No!! Please no!!! No high rides!!!! I beg you no!!!” *Runs all over the place*

Chen: “Instead of going crazy and dizzy in all those rollercoasters we should go home and do our own ride”

Kyungsoo: He first acts all serious but after the first ride he let’s out the little kid he has inside. “Let’s go to the next ride!”

Lay: “Baobei? Where are you? Oh don’t tell me she stayed in the Merry go round!”

Suho: It’s the first time he goes to a theme park so he gets surprised with everything and enjoys ever bit of it.

anonymous asked:

(for the dating thing) I'm female, 5'1", very very dark brown eyes, honey brown hair that gets naturally lighter at the tips idk why. I like music, dancing, baking, and reading. Any date would be fine! Maybe something that avoids awkward situations at all costs, like a theme park or Disney

Lets go to disney and take silly pictures. I will buy you one of the mouse ear hats and ice cream. 💕💕💕

juzosuke domestic au post!! part TWO!!!!

hope arc was beyond disappointing because it did not live up to my juzosuke expectations so heres a part two of our domestic au (click this AWESOME link if u wanna read part one) this is super long (its like 1000 words longer than the last one)

warning tho this one seems to be a lot more focused on the warriors of hope than the last post and i Apologize but juzo and kyosuke are still there and happy 

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anonymous asked:

What's the top 5 places you want too visit? Countries, places, etc

I’m so boring, I really want to go to all of the Disney theme parks, and I really want to see Scotland, Vatican City, and Hungary.

anonymous asked:

Fluffy scenarios describing how GoM + Kagami + Hanamiya would spend an entire day on a date with their gf at Disneyland? <333

Aomine Daiki: Out of all the rides that Aomine could’ve picked, he chooses to go on the bumper cars first - something that isn’t even exclusive to Disneyland. The two of you take separate cars and chase each other around the track - until Aomine accidentally rams into a seemingly young boy in his haste to bump your car, and you don’t think you’ve ever laughed harder in your life at the expression on your boyfriend’s face when the kid flips Aomine the finger. 

Kise Ryouta: You guys manage to jump the long queue in the morning because the ticket lady recognised Kise as her idol, and you don’t know whether to be annoyed or grateful for your boyfriend’s occupation. This is soon very quickly forgotten about however, because you’re at Disneyland and Mickey and Minnie mouse are right there and you and Kise are beside them in a flash asking for pictures and selfies. 

Midorima Shintarou: Midorima doesn’t understand your obsession with Disneyland - or more specifically, the Disney Princesses at Magic Kingdom. ‘Don’t be silly. You know that she’s not actually a mermaid, right? She is just wearing a tail over her legs, nanodayo.’ In response you pinch his arm, hard, and that’s the last time he ever tries to suggest to you that Ariel doesn’t exist. 

Murasakibara Atsushi: You’re a little bit annoyed with Murasakibara - after all, this was supposed to be a vacation for you both to enjoy, but so far all he’s done is dragged you around to all the sweet shops. He finally agrees to tag along on a ride with you when you threaten to throw out all his candy, and you find out what a big baby he is when it comes to extreme rides. (You drag him on Space Mountain and all the other rides with you anyway, though.)

Kuroko Tetsuya: You and Kuroko decide to explore Disneyland using a very traditional method - grabbing one of the tourist maps that are given out at the main entrance and proceeding to visit every single location and ride on it. You realise that he’s not particularly fond of heights when he shows his hesitation to go on the Tower of Terror, and a lump of emotion gathers in your throat when he smiles and claims that for you, he’ll do anything.

Akashi Seijurou: Akashi thinks that Disneyland is for children, and not really an  appropriate place to take you out for a date, but you claim that you are a child at heart, and he’s just happy to see you happy. When you’re hungry, he makes sure to take you to some of the more expensive cafes for a snack, rather than the fast food joints scattered throughout the theme park. He’ll never admit to you that the giant Ferris Wheel - that you had been reluctant to go on because it looked so incredibly boring - was his favourite ride out of the whole day. 

Kagami Taiga: Kagami shares the same idea with you that the entire day should be spent going on as many rides as possible - either until the park closes or until you both drop from exhaustion. He’s surprisingly loud on rides - especially rollercoasters - and soon, every ride you go on turns into a competition to see who can scream the loudest. 

Hanamiya Makoto: Hanamiya had agreed to take you one date where you could do whatever you want - so you’ve been dragging your boyfriend around to all your favourite rides the whole day, and you’re surprised that he still seems able to keep up with you. You decide to stay late in order to watch the Disney Night Parade, much to his annoyance - but he can’t help but hide an amused smile when he’s watching you jump up and down from behind a crowd of tall people to catch a glimpse of the Disney characters. Unable to watch you act so hopelessly adorable any longer, he offers to lift you up on his shoulders so you can watch the Parade properly. 

📱💬 :: COLTON

Jensen: I know we said we were going to go big for vacation, and you know how I wanted to go to Disney, so… how about we go to Paris? They have a Disney theme park there and the lock bridge and the Eiffel Tower and all that cute touristy stuff that I could never afford if you weren’t a vampire.
Jensen: if it’s too romantic, I get it. But, I think it would be a lot of fun with you.


Disney California Adventure

Originally posted by thatmouseisfamily

Author’s Note: This can be read by itself. Disneyland Version here.

Pairing: Avengers x Reader

After little argument from the team, you and all of the available Avengers went to Disneyland for the second time. However, this time, you had two new additions, Sam and Bucky. You were very excited to see their reaction to Disney, especially when Steve told you that Bucky and him were huge fans of Disney back in the day.

This time, instead of going to Disneyland, the team was going to California Adventure. This was better, because this park had more rollercoasters and entertainment that you thought they would enjoy. It was a treat for Steve and Bucky when they entered the park to see it was 1920s themed. It brought a smile to their face, making your heart flutter. Mission accomplished.

“You know I can totally just rent the park for the day,” Tony suggested as you wrapped your arm around his.

“I know,” you reminded, looking at the tall Carthay theater ahead. “But part of the Disney experience is having others to experience with.” The circle was decorated for the 60th anniversary with blue ribbons and diamonds. There were characters wondering throughout the crowd, playing characters from the 20s and even some classic Disney characters.

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Anonymous said:When you saw the 2010/2011 demos for Bioshock Infinite what did you think? Were you disappointed any that they cut some things out?

-They made me so excited for the game, i could hardly contain myself. Columbia seemed so huge, so mysterious, so interesting, with tons of little side areas to explore. The first two images are some of my favorites. I loved the old comstock house and the look of the architecture on the right. The second one shows a vast sense of scale to columbia, just begging you to stop every step to look around at the size of the world. I felt the game would have a lot of creepiness (and nighttime) to it, like in the boy of silence shot and i was so ready to take on the epic enemy that was songbird. I felt he would be just behind me most of the game and that there would be some grand showdown with him at the end. I also loved how interactive liz was, with the world around her, like in the last picture. The skyline seemed to be everywhere and looked insanely fun to ride, and that was only enhanced the vertical height of the levels. I dont remember the last time i was this eager to get my hands on a game.

So when infinite finally came out, i was ready for and anticipating, that version of the game. And in some ways we got it. And in others, we didnt. I was disappointed that columbia looked very different in some places and that it didnt have the same sense of scale. It felt very linear and seemed to have lost most of its vertical height. There werent as many skylines as as i was hoping for and a lot of different areas felt more like video game arenas to mow down enemies with my gun, than a living, functional city. Sadly some of the eeriness of the game also seemed to have taken a hit and i was massively let down about how little you actually saw and interacted with songbird (and the boys of silence!). The ending with him was not what i had anticipated at all. Finally liz had been toned down when it came to her powers and the level of her interaction with the environment (battleship bay was the exception to this. she was very interactive there and i wish they could have kept that up the entire game).

All that being said, i still adored the game. Its like going to disney world (or your favorite theme park/place to go), and finding out a few of the rides you saw in the commercials are down for maintenance. Youre a bit bummed, but you still enjoy the hell out of your day and find a million other things to fall in love with that you never expected ( im looking at you luteces!). In my opinion, infinite is an amazing experience and i bow down to the talent at irrational. I could go on for days about the stuff i loved about the game. Like with a lot of things we deeply care for, we sometimes hold them to a higher expectation than might be fair.