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Disney showed us the inner workings of its Avatar robot and it's just incredible

Back at the end of May, Disney opened an Avatar-themed area (Pandora: World of Avatar) within its Animal Kingdom park. Given that it’s only been open for a few weeks, most folks still haven’t been inside — but if you do go, do yourself a favor and take the time to check out the Na'vi River Journey ride. The end of the ride features an animatronic Na'vi (Avatar’s blue humanoid species), and it’s easily one of the finest examples of animatronics ever built.

At our TechCrunch Sessions: Robotics event in Boston this afternoon, we got a look at what’s going on inside.

When it’s all sealed up, the Na'vi Shaman looks like this:

But pull back the mask, and an incredible, beautifully complex array of robotics lays beneath:

Disney has been paving new ground with animatronics for decades now (The Tiki Room’s birds and Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln namesake robo-president date back to 1963 and 1964, respectively), but the Na'vi Shaman takes things to a whole new level in terms of expressiveness, fluidity of motion and the ability to blow your mind.

Curious what the whole thing looks like when it’s all together and you’re on the ride? Here’s that:



  • Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge is the official name of the Star Wars themed lands at Walt Disney World and Disneyland California.🌟
  • The lands will be totally immersive.🌟
  • In the remote trading port, on the light side of the lands, guests will have a chance to pilot the Millennium Falcon, and whether you land or crash it will determine how people treat you throughout the day! (THAT level of immersion) Also, depending on how you do in the ride, characters from “Star Wars: Rebels” will make appearances, either congratulating you on a job well done or sending a bounty hunter after you🌟
  • There will also be another ride on the dark side of the Star Wars lands, which will be set inside a Star Destroyer hangar bay.🌟
  • Throughout the Star Wars lands, guests can meet BB-8, Chewbacca, Kylo Ren and Rex from Star Tours.🌟
  • There will also be a cantina restaurant, similar to the one in the movie, where guests can try Blue Milk.🌟
  • There will be also “100% immersive” luxury Star Wars hotel coming to Walt Disney World only!🌟
  • Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge will open first in Disneyland California, then in Walt Disney World.🌟


  • Marvel Land confirmed for California Adventure. Spider-Man and Avengers experience coming to Disney’s California Adventure! Disney hasn’t announced much, except that it’ll be a totally immersive experience.😱💥
  • Fantasmic will return to Disneyland✨
  • Cars Land will get Halloween makeover.
  • Paradise Pier will turn into Pixar Pier at Disney’s California Adventure, with Pixar characters all over the area and permanent changes to the park include building new areas to help bring the worlds of Pixar to life.🎢
  • Fantasmic will return to Disneyland✨
  • Disneyland will get a new fireworks show, and the Pixar Play Parade will return to the park.💥


A Marvel hotel is coming to Disneyland Paris! “Disney’s Hotel New York” as it’s now called, will be reimagined into a Marvel themed wonderland!
“We’re going to create a hotel at Disneyland Paris that would make Tony Stark proud.”- Disney Parks and Resorts Chairman Bob Chapek


  • The park is apparently set for a MAJOR upgrade & overhaul, but Disney did revealed very little about their overall plan for the park. They shared a concept art photo for what it could look like in the future.🌐
  • A Guardians of the Galaxy ride will replace Universe of Energy, which will close August 13, 2017. Epcot is becoming part of the story, as Peter Quill enjoyed visiting the park when he was a kid on Terra / Earth.☄️
  • The Ratatouille ride from Disneyland Paris is coming to the France pavilion.🐭🇫🇷
  • China will be getting a new seamless CircleVision film. 🇨🇳
  • A new outer space-themed restaurant is also coming to the area next to Mission: Space.🌌
  • Disney Skyliner will connect Disney resorts to Epcot.🚡


  • It’s official! The famous TRON coaster from Disneyland Shanghai is coming to the Magic Kingdom! The ride will be built in a new area next to Space Mountain, and will NOT replace any existing rides. It will be open before 2021.💙
  • A new entertainment venue will be added on Main Street at Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World. It is inspired by Kansas City’s Willis Wood Theatre in 1920s Kansas City, where Walt lived after he left Marceline. There’s no word on what this venue will hold yet.


  • The Great Movie ride will close on August 13, 2017 to make way for a new attraction “Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway”! There will be “a great new theme song” for the attraction. Guests will step into the movie screen and onto Goofy’s train, riding through a Mickey and Minnie cartoon short.” 🐭The Imagineers says it’s not in 3D but rather “2 and a half D”, and this attraction will have more Hidden Mickeys than any other attraction ever!🐭
  • TOY STORY LAND WILL OFFICIALY OPEN SUMMER 2018.🎪 The whole concept of the land is that you’ll find yourself shrunk to the size of a toy to explore the world of Andy’s backyard with your favorite Toy Story characters, including Woody and Buzz. There will be 2 major attractions: Slinky Dog Dash & Alien Swirling Saucers.🎪
  • Slinky Dog Dash will be a family coaster attraction where you’ll zip, dodge and dash around many turns and drops that Andy has created to really make Slinky and his coils stretch to his limits.🐶
  • Alien Swirling Saucers will also be a new attraction at Toy Story Land. It’s designed as a toy play set that Andy got from Pizza Planet, inspired by the first “Toy Story” film. Aliens are flying around in their toy flying saucers and trying to capture your rocket toy vehicle with “The Claw.”👽


The Disney Skyliner will give guests a bird’s-eye view of Walt Disney World & will transport guests form resorts to Hollywood Studios & Epcot! Disney has also announced Minnie Mouse themed cars that will act as an Uber-like service within Walt Disney World, that will take guests anywhere they want to go within the Walt Disney World Resort.

X-Kids at Disney World

(Modern AU because I don’t know what was and was not at Disney World in the 80s)

Kurt: Rode the Pirates of the Caribbean ride five times and wouldn’t stop humming the theme song for the rest of the day.

Scott: Threw up on Space Mountain like a dork. Insisted on riding it again anyway.

Jean: Disneybounded as Ariel and was so convincing that a group of kids asked for her autograph.

Peter: Determined to eat his way across all four parks.  Nearly cried when he dropped his Dole Whip on the sidewalk.

Ororo: Insists on going on the loudest, fastest, most intense rides, even when the others would just like to go back to the hotel and take a nap.

Warren: Wanted to stay in the car originally, but the others need him to be the official crowd-parter/bag-holder. Had to have his hand held by Kurt on Haunted Mansion.

Jubilee: Is not leaving until she gets a picture with every Disney princess.  Enjoyed the fireworks but insists she could have done better.



 Peter Parker x Reader

 Requested: Yes by @savaemaz 

Warnings: Bombs/explosions and flirty Flash 

 A/N: I am SO SORRY that it took me so long to get this out but I’ve been away and I wanted to make this reALLY GOOD to make up for it being so late. (You probably don’t even remember making this request but… I have it on my Tumblr beside me rn on my laptop;)

Peter Parker Tag List: @thisrandombitch @maria-francis 

Everything Tag List: @tinyplanet-explorers


6:58pm - Tuesday 

“The winners of the Florida Annual Mathematics Convention are..”

 “The Midtown High Mathletes!” 

Applause thundered through the auditorium as MJ stepped up to take the trophy before we all joined her for pictures. 

“Kids please listen!” Our teacher rounded us up before continuing. “We are going to go back to the hotel for the night and in the morning, we are going to spend the whole day at the Disney World Theme Park!” 

8:01pm - Tuesday

“Peter? It’s me open the door!” 

The door to his room opened and he let me in. “Hey baby! What are you doing here?” He smiled at me and we went to sit on the bed. 

 “Michelle went up to the roof to read. I wanted to come see you!” I grinned at my secret boyfriend” 

“I love you Y/N,” he smiled.

 “I love-” 

“You guys are gross.” We turned around and there stood Ned at the door with three bags of chips and a liter of Pepsi. “You guys know this is my room too right?” He just shut the door and walked to the other bed. 

“Is some of that for us?” Peter asked. 



9:34am - Wednesday 

“Ok, here are everyone’s passes, we’re going to meet for lunch at 1:30 back here. Make sure that everyone stays in pairs!” 

“Hey y/n!” I turn around and see Flash walking towards me.

 “Wanna be the other pea in my pod?”

 I cringed at his joke before saying, “Actually Flash I was going to-”

 “Ok great! Lets go,” He grabbed my arm and pulled me in the direction of the nearest park. “What do you want to go on first?”

 “Um, the Tower of Terror I guess?” 

He grinned and pulled me in a different direction. “As you wish hottie.”

 “Don’t call me that,” I narrowed my eyes and ripped my hand from his grip. “I can walk myself.”


11:53am - Wednesday

“Ned!” I smiled and rushed up to him, where he was standing near the Ferris wheel.

 “Where’s Peter?” I asked him quietly before Flash caught up to me. 

“He said something about going to the bathroom? I think, yeah.”

 I frowned, “Ok,” 

“What the hell y/n? Why’d you run away from me?” Flash came up behind us, out of breath.

 “Oh sorry I just wanted to say hi to Ned!” I smiled. 

He frowned “Ok, well we should go on this!”

 I looked up “The Ferris wheel?” I looked at Flash and he nodded. “Ok, I guess. See ya Ned! Tell Pete I say hi!” 

 “Bye,” He waved and looked back at the ride. 

12:20pm - Wednesday

Flash and I had just gotten on the Ferris wheel and were currently heading to the top. We stopped when we got up and I looked down and saw them starting to switch people out. I was looking out at the park admiring the view, when an explosion shook the ground. People started screaming and I felt the entire wheel shift to the side, as the explosion had knocked it’s supports loose. I looked down and saw Ned backing away and looking around, I can only imagine him to be trying to find Peter.

 “Oh my god we’re going to die!” 

I turned to Flash. “Shut up,” 

He kept complaining but I just ignored him. I looked down again and saw that the people on the bottom cars had been evacuated. They were about to move the Ferris Wheel lower to let more people out when another explosion went off shifting it even more.

 Then I saw the blue and red vigilante swinging across beams, helping people down.

 He got to us after a bit and looked to me.

 “Are you ok with waiting miss?” I nodded my head and he took Flash down.

 Just as he was about to come up a third explosion came from closer nearby and my cart fell from the ride. I was able to grab onto a bar before I fell, but I could only hold it with one hand.

 Spider-Man stares to climb the Wheel, obviously not wanting to risk having his webs dislodge it. He got to above me and grabbed my other hand.

 Letting go of the bar I grabbed him and he attached a web to a building nearby and swung us away, right before the wheel fell over. 

“Thank you,” I said breathlessly. 

“No problem,” he stated as he set me down on the ground. 

“Bye!” And he flew away with his webs, as Ned rushed over to me.

 “Y/N! Are you ok?” I nodded and hugged him, my hands shaking from the experience. 

“Lets head to the meeting spot, maybe everyone will meet there.” 


1:07pm - Wednesday

“Well that took long enough to get out,”. I turned to Peter and released another sigh of relief. I kept forgetting that he had found us on our way out and I had immediately ran into his arms, crying about how I was scared.

 “Yeah, but that’s what happens when everyone in the park tries to leave through the front gate!” Ned laughed beside us. I smiled and looked forward. 


7:55pm - Wednesday

“Ok guys, the park is releasing fireworks in about thirty minutes as an apology. We’re going to leave in 10 minutes and make our way over there to watch.”

 Flash raised his hand. 

“Yes Flash?”

 “Why are we going back to where we almost died?” He looked scared.

 “Spider-Man caught the people who released the bombs.”

 Everyone turned towards Michelle who was at the back of the room. 

“Really?” I asked nervously.

“Yes. Now I actually like the fireworks so lets go before we miss it.” She turned and walked out the door leaving the rest of us to follow. 

8:37pm - Wednesday

We stood near the castle in the middle of the park waiting for the fireworks to start.

 I was standing over to the side where I had a clear view of the sky where the fireworks would go off.

 “Hey hot stuff,” I turned to the left and saw Flash standing next to me.

 “What do you-”

 “You wanna sneak away after this and go somewhere a little quieter so we can have a little fun?” He grinned and put his arm around my waist.

 “F-flash I really don’t-” 

Suddenly I was pulled away before being spun around. And lips were on mine. I instantly recognized them as the lips of my secret boyfriend, Peter Parker. I kissed him back before pulling away abruptly and grabbing his forearms. 

“W-wait Peter, what-” 

 “You see this?” He turned to Flash. “This is mine. Stay away from what’s mine Thompson, or you’ll regret it.  I don’t like sharing.” He glared at Flash before pulling me away, and over to Ned.

 “So I’m yours now?” I grinned at him before he turned to me and wrapped his arms around my waist.

 “You always were mine.” He leaned forwards and put his forehead on mine.

 “It’s just that everyone knows now.” 

And with that the first firework of the evening shot into the sky.

The Perfect Day

Request: Sorry I’m bad at detail, but maybe a Ethan X Reader, where the group is at Disney? That’s all I got sorry, but I have never seen a youtuber can reader at Disney so I thought one would be nice. Thank you for your time :)

Summary: The gang goes to Disneyland together. That’s it. Many fluff, be prepared.

A/N: Hello all! This is such a cute request? I read it and was like, Oh boi……..I can’t wait to write alllll the fluff for this fic hehe. This can be seen as the unofficial prequel to ‘The Boyfriend/Girlfriend Tag’ (because reader had promised a Disneyland vlog and theyre at Disneyand in this fic hehehe) As always, italics are the inner thoughts a character is having. Hope you all enjoy reading this, I had a fun time writing this 😊

Wordcount:1786, oh boi I got v carried a way am srry

Warnings: just,,,,,, so m a n y…..,..,,, fluff

Request me things!!! I write for everyone in teamiplier!

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1. Go to a Music Festival
2. Go boating
3. Get matching tattoos
4. Face your fears
5. Explore the city
6. Stay up until dawn
7. Start a scrapbook
8. Go to a Waterpark
9. Visit an aquarium
10. Visit a theme park
11. Thrift shopping
12. Take a road trip
13. Go to a Museum
14. Play Mini Golf
15. Marathon a TV Series
16. Put your hand/footprint in wet cement
17. Go to a Parade
18. Sing in the car with windows down
19. See fireworks
20. Go Rollerskating
21. Disney Movie Marathon
22. Crash a Wedding
23. Catch Fireflies
24. Camp in the backyard
25. Buy Matching Sunglasses
26. Build a blanket fort
27. Host/Attend a Bonfire
28. Bake all day
29. Attend a state fair
30. Dye your hair
31. Attempt a DIY Project
32. Make friendship bracelets
33. Make a Time capsule
34. Go Laser Tagging
35. Hide and Seek (Ikea Style)
36. Go to a drive-in
37. Go strawberry picking
38. Go skinny dipping
39. Go Hiking
40. Go on a Scavenger Hunt

How to feel small

💛 Take a bubble bath

💛 Wear cute clothes

💛 Blow bubbles

💛 Play with toys or stuffed animals

💛 Watch cute movies or cartoons

💛 Use a pacifier (if possible)

💛 Use a sippy cup or bottle, or just a cute water bottle

💛 Eat fruit snacks, mini pancakes, candies, lunchables, or other “small” foods

💛 Use baby lotion and shampoo

💛 Use kid’s themed tooth brushes

💛 Cute pajamas

💛 Play online kid’s games

💛 Bake soft cookies with someone’s help

💛 Make a puzzle

💛 Draw or color with crayons or crayola products

💛 Build a fort

💛 Read children’s books

💛 Cuddle with your carer

💛 Cuddle with a huge stuffed animal

💛 Jump around for a bit

💛 Come up with cute new words

💛 Play with slime

💛 Have someone sing you to sleep

💛 Read bedtime stories, listen to lullabies

💛 Lay down and relax with your stuffed animals

💛 Make a sticker chart

💛 Make a regression journal and write about things that make you feel tiny

💛 Make fun crafts

💛 Do activities and worksheets

💛 Talk to friends who are small too

💛 Talk to your carer or favorite carer blog

💛 Wear diapers or pull ups (if you like)

💛 Draw in a notebook

💛 Hang up your art/colorings/etc on the fridge

💛 Get bath crayons to draw with in the bath

💛 Colorful bath fizzies

💛 Get ABC magnets for your fridge

💛 Wear fuzzy socks

💛 Pick flowers

💛 Skip around

💛 Use chalk outside

💛 Go to the playground

💛 Browse the toy aisle/baby aisle in the store

💛 Cuddle up in a cozy soft blanket that’s way bigger than you

💛 Buy a tiny blanket to bring around with you

💛 Footie pajamas/onesies

💛 Use rattles

💛 Get fun interactive baby toys

💛 Set up a water slide outside

💛 Get cute floaties for the pool (if you have one)

💛 Eat/make popsicles

💛 Sing Disney songs

💛 Wear cute accessories

💛 Dance around

💛 Use a nightlight

💛 Make a mountain out of your stuffed animals and jump in it

💛 The floor is lava

💛 Play hopscotch

💛 Name all your toys/stuffed animals

💛 Go to Disney, theme parks, water parks (if possible)

💛 Play with bath toys

💛 Go to the beach and build a sand castle (if possible)

💛 Build a snowman (if possible)

💛 Explore the woods, go on a nature walk

💛 Write, talk about, or draw all the cool things you see

💛 Write about and draw all your favorite animals

💛 Take a quiz (Ex: What Disney princess are you)

💛 Play dress up

💛 Put on a fashion show for your stuffies, friends, or carer

💛 Have a pillow fight

💛 Write in a diary

💛 Play hide and seek with friends

💛 Make a fort outside

💛 Play tag with friends

💛 Have a voice chat with your carer or small friends

💛 Get cute bandaids for any booboos

💛 Play with your pets

anonymous asked:

Hello, I love your guys’ blog and really admire and appreciate all the work you guys put into it! I was wondering, as a Native Floridian, what are the 2p Allies feelings towards Walt Disney World? Do they have a favorite park or ride? Or do they not care for the theme park at all?

Hahaha! I was actually just talking with Admin Sarah while we were at Universal about doing some theme park posts! And here you are! You must have been spying on us! (Also…Disney? Universal for the win!) -Admin Jay

2p France: Doesn’t like theme parks. 
Francois doesn’t like the heat, the children or the overly happy workers. If he had to go, he would just sit in France in Epcot and drink however much they would let him as he just tried to relax. He wouldn’t want to do any rides, and he would be annoyed that he couldn’t smoke as he drank. 

2p Canada: Animal Kingdom
Matt would like to chill in Animal Kingdom since the rides are pretty great and he could walk through all the animal experience areas. Though, if he is at Disney, he will go to Epcot at least once…just to go to the Canada area and talk with people. However, knowing Matt, the screaming kids and the heat would get to him eventually…and no one would be able to get him to smile, no matter what. 

2p America: …is banned form Disney…
Allen liked the one time he went to the Magic Kingdom, though it was his last. Due to an incident involving alcohol and the poor dolls from “It’s a Small World” losing some limbs, Allen is no longer allowed on Disney property. Though to this day he will burst into laughter as he tells the story of the fake cops with mouse shaped badges dragging him out of the park. Also, he got in trouble for trying to flirt with the princesses in his typical Allen fashion. 

2p England: Magic Kingdom
Is an explanation really necessary? Oliver loves princesses, the color pink and the idea of a happily ever after with just a pinch of magic. He would be in love with Tinkerbell and all of her friends, and would be a blushing wreck before any of the princesses. Not to mention, Fantasyland is how he sees the world. He would love to just live there in Disney. 

2p China: Magic Kingdom
Now this one needs only a little explaining. Zhao would avoid Fantasyland like the plague, but he would love all the other rides at the Magic Kingdom. He would be that guy who goes on the Haunted Mansion ride at least 5 times in a row and tries to get all the stewards and maids to laugh. He would enjoy bouncing between all of the lands, though he would try to go when the kids weren’t there. He wouldn’t want to scar a kid with his jokes or his how he flirts with the workers. 

2p Russia: Epcot
Viktor loves Epcot. Not a lot of children or annoying teens, no costumed people and no one trying to make him smile. Just him and the nations of the world. He would enjoy slowly going from one nation to another and talking to the workers and just sampling the food. Also, if he wanted a ride he could do Mission: SPACE or Test Track. 

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Happiest Place on Earth

(A/N): This was so cute… I hope I did okay.

Pairings: NatashaXReaderXMaria

Request: Hello I enjoy reading your work so much and I am always so happy with them! May I request a Natasha x reader x Maria poly fic (or just Nat x reader) if you’re OK with it and not too busy? Like something fluff about the 3 of them finally have a day off and go to Disney and ride on the carousel (my must play in every theme park) pleaseeee?  

Warnings: Polyamorous relationship, swearing

Tags: @sxph-t @iamwarrenspeace @bigfootsiddhartamama @bestbeforeyouleft

Originally posted by settonstar

(Y/N)’s alarm begins to blare, darkness still surrounding them, and they groggily reach out for their phone. They tap their phone, attempting to shut the annoying noise off but it doesn’t relent and they growl before grabbing the disgraceful piece of technology and throwing it across the room. The sound of a wall cracking fills the air. “Shit.” (Y/N) sits up, flipping on their lamp, observing the decent size hole in their wall and with slow movements, get up and pick up their phone off the ground. It was perfectly fine, no cracks and (Y/N) mentally thanks Tony and Bruce for making a phone case that was nearly indestructible. It was very convent for their super strength.

(Y/N) looks at the time and it reads 5:30 a.m. and they wonder why the hell they set their alarm so early but it quickly dawns on them. Suddenly (Y/N) is fully awake as they scramble around their bedroom to find their graphic Micky mouse t-shirt and some jeans. They slip them on before heading in the bathroom to clean themself up. They were in the process of brushing their teeth when a light knock is heard at their door. “Come in.” (Y/N) says spitting and they hear their door open, followed by two pairs of feet.

“Jesus, (Y/N), you got to stop throwing your phone.” Maria chastises as she peaks around the corner followed by Natasha’s signature hair and smirk. (Y/N) shrugs as they run their fingers through their hair before turning towards their two girlfriends, who are dressed in casual attire which was rare for the two. Natasha was wearing a simple white shirt with purple shells on her chest to look like the little mermaid, red hair in loose curls while Maria wore her Harry Potter shirt, sunglasses atop her head and (Y/N) grins at the nerdy side of their girlfriends.

“You know I’m not a morning person.” (Y/N) says simply as they walk over to the two beautiful women and they both hum in agreement.

“You ready for a magical day?” Natasha smiles out as she presses a kiss to (Y/N)’s lips and an excited smile grows on their face as they nod their head. Maria links her fingers with theirs, planting a soft kiss to their cheek and she gently begins to pull them out the door.

“Then let’s be on our way.” Maria smiles out like a dork and (Y/N) links her free hand with Natasha’s as they make their way to an awaiting jet.

The flight takes about 2 hours to get from New York to Florida and when they land, they head straight to Disney World. It was one of the trio’s favorite places to go on their days off and thanks to Tony, they were able to get in right away along with front of the line passes for any ride they wanted to go on.

Natasha was an adrenaline junkie. She wanted to go on all the fast, thrill rides that were in the park. Her favorites and always must when they came were Space Mountain and The Tower of Terror but she also liked playing the little shooting games.

Maria loved roller coasters as well as the water themed rides but she was more interested in Universal Studios. She loved walking through Harry Potter World, looking at all the wands, eating funky wizard foods and admiring the replicas from the movie. 

(Y/N) loved all of it, they would do anything and everything Natasha and Maria wanted but there was one ride that all three knew was required. It was (Y/N)’s favorite. They all step onto the giant, colorfully lit carousel and they hop onto a horse. As the typical carnival music plays, the carousel begins to spin, making the white horses bob up and down. 

To Natasha and Maria, it was a very slow paced ride, it wasn’t fast or thrill seeking but the smile it brought to (Y/N) was priceless. They watch as (Y/N) smiles with such happiness and child-like innocence. It was beautiful, it seemed, like in the moment there was no Hydra, no problems, no having to be tough, it was just the three of them riding a carousel, at the happiest place on earth.

The sun was setting causing a beautiful pinks splays over the sky and (Y/N) drags Natasha and Maria in front of the Disney castle, giving their phone to a photographer. “I swear to god, you two better smile for this picture.” (Y/N) states making the two women chuckle and they wrap arms around each other’s waist, smiling for the picture. The photographer takes the photo but before (Y/N) can pull away, both Natasha and Maria turn, planting a kiss on each of (Y/N)’s cheeks and (Y/N) can’t help the giggle that escapes them as their smile goes from ear to ear.

“How was that?” Maria asks as she pulls back with a smile and (Y/N)’s cheeks begin to turn a light shade of pink.

“Perfect.” (Y/N) confesses and Natasha goes up to the photographer, thanking him before looking at the photos.

“Damn, we’re cute.” Natasha smirks out making them all laugh but silently agree. “Come on, let’s go ride a few more rides before we get some snacks and watch the fireworks.”

After a couple more roller coasters, the three of them find a place not too crowded, and they wait patiently for the firework show as they munch away on soft pretzels. They sit in silence, nuzzled up next to each other, tired from the day but still satisfied and (Y/N) leans their head on Maria’s shoulder.

“I love you guys.” (Y/N) states softly and both Maria and Natasha smile. Suddenly large colorful fireworks start to pop in the sky as Disney music fills the air.

“We love you more, (Y/N).” Natasha utters out with a smile, leaning over and pressing a kiss on top of their head and Maria does the same.

There might be a world to save, there might be someone in danger, there might be a time when the three of them aren’t together but in this moment, there were no responsibilities, no distractions, just three people in love.

Chris Evans Fic: Disney Princess Series Part 4 (The Trip)

Chris’ Disney Princess Series

Disney Princess Obsession

Disney Princess Reality

This is the third instalment of the Disney Princess series:


Disney on its own was pretty mesmerising. Disney with Chris’ family was… magical. It took you a few days to really embrace their closeness, having not really experienced it before, despite your many siblings. All the members of your family were perfect individuals, islands dotted all over the world, but Chris’ family were a complete unit and it was clear to see every single day.

You’d been even a little overwhelmed at first when you had arrived at the villa. True to his word, Chris had organised everything perfectly around your schedule. The family had arrived at their villa a day earlier but you’d had some meetings to attend so had caught a flight the day after.

Chris had picked you up at the airport, his demeanour so casual and open, sunglasses and a bright smile adorning his face, it was as if this was a total everyday occurrence, as if he always picked you up from the airport and drove you to see his family.

You had chatted easily in the car and he shared some of the plans for the rest of the evening and the following days. He gave you another run down of the names of his family members and shared some stories about his niece and nephews and their excitement on their first day back in Disney. It was all too easy to believe that you’d had known Chris for years, that you had a place among his family. For the first, but definitely not the last, time, you sharply reminded yourself to avoid entertaining any thoughts about Chris and yourself other than what theme park ride you’d be going on next.

Upon meeting his family, however, you were instantly welcomed by them all, as if you’d always been on vacation with them. They had been in the middle of preparing a big family dinner when you and Chris had arrived. Lisa, Chris’ mom, was managing things in the kitchen, giving her sons and daughters jobs to do while Chris’ nephews laid the table in between chasing each other around it. Lisa had wiped her hands with a cloth before pulling you into a hug. You’d been unable to keep the repeated tokens of thanks from spilling over but Lisa wouldn’t hear it, simply telling you how glad she was that you were there and how excited they all were to be able to show Disney off to you.

‘Dinner will be ready in fifteen minutes or so. Chris, take her cases and show her to her room will you, give her some time to unpack before dinner. Was your flight okay?’ she said, turning her attention back to you at the end.

‘Yes, thank you. Someone,’ you gave Chris a side glance, ‘booked me into first class without me knowing.’

Chris simply smiled and shrugged, ‘You’re a Hollywood hotshot now, first class is something you’ll want to get used to on flights unless you want photos of you asleep and drooling on your own shoulder all over the internet.’

Lisa laughed, ‘I’d expect nothing less of him anyway, nothing gets done by halves with this one. Go on, go and relax for a few before you have the face the craziness of dinner time with this rabble.’

Chris led you down a hallway off the main living area, pulling your case after him, pointing out who the rooms belonged to as you went. All the doors had an A4 paper name plate, clearly drawn by the younger members of the family, with little crayon pictures of the room’s owner alongside other associated images.

'We’re down here - I mean, my room is here, if you need anything,’ he pointed out his door, adorned with his name, his crayon replica (complete with fairly dense beard you noted) and a picture of a dog.

'Dodger?’ you asked, gesturing towards the door.

Chris smiled affectionately, 'Yeah, the kids decided our doors needed to be personalised this year. Let’s just be grateful it was on paper and not straight on to the woodwork. This is your room.’

To your surprise, you also had a name card, with your own crayon avatar. You wondered if Chris had shown the kids a photo of you. The rest of the space was filled with flowers, trees and birds. You reminded yourself to thank the children later.

Chris opened the door and flicked the light switch, 'So here you go, home sweet home for the next week.’

It was a light and spacious room with a large window on the opposite wall, a double bed that looked incredibly comfortable flanked by two night stands, and a dressing table and chair. There were two other doors, you assumed for an ensuite bathroom and a walk in closet. Someone had left fresh flowers on your dressing table and there were some books in a pile on one of the night stands.

'It’s lovely, thanks. It’s a really nice place.’

'Don’t worry that we’ll be offended if you want to spend time in here by the way. We totally understand that sometimes it’s a bit much being around us all 24/7. Don’t be afraid to take some time for yourself. Same for the days out - if you want to lounge by the pool or go off and do your own thing, just say so.’

You really appreciated that, and it reminded you that you had actually become good friends during your time working, probably better than you had initially given Chris credit for. He was clearly quite attuned to your temperament.

'Thanks, that’s really - I wouldn’t have wanted to seem rude. It’s just… this is so different to what I’m used to,’ you gestured vaguely back down the hallway you’d just come from.

Chris simply grinned, 'I know, I don’t think many people could prepare for this madness. But seriously, no one will think you are rude at all. I left you some books you might like to read and there’s a concealed flatscreen in the foot of the bed so feel free to make the most of it. I’ll give you a shout when dinner’s done.’

He made to leave and you called out to him just as his body had disappeared past the door frame. He popped his head back in question and you wished you hadn’t called him. Suddenly, what you wanted to say seemed so… lame.

'Just wanted to say thanks. For this. My own family never does things like this and… thank you for making me part of it.’

'My pleasure,’ he smiled warmly at you, before leaving you to unpack.


Chris walked back to the main living area in the villa, unable to stop his smile creeping over his mouth. His mom glanced over her shoulder at him from where she was preparing a salad in the kitchen and called him over.

'Can you chop these peppers for me, sweetheart?’ she said, gesturing to the brightly coloured bell peppers on the counter.

Chris picked up a knife and began slicing the top off one.

'She seems lovely,’ Lisa attempted to sound off hand and casual.

'Mom…’ Chris had a hint of warning in his voice, knowing his mom and her line of questioning too well.

'I’m just saying!’ Lisa pretended to be defensive, 'She seems like a lovely girl.’

There was a pause as they both prepared salad, the only sounds of knives hitting the chopping boards as they sliced and diced.

'Just, maybe take it slow wi-’

'Mom! Seriously! We’re friends, I told you this.’

'Christopher, you haven’t brought a 'friend’ to Disney since you were thirteen years old and you definitely didn’t leave flowers in their room. I’m just saying, be careful with her. If you use your usual tactic of getting all your feelings out there in one go, she’ll bolt. Try to reign in the excitable puppy side of your personality.’

'You literally just met her, how can you possibly know that?’

'Because she couldn’t be any different from the usual Hollywood set if she tried. She’s guarded and quiet. Don’t freak her out.’

'Okay, okay, I get it. I’ve been doing that anyway. We honestly are friends though and if that’s what she’s comfortable with, then that’s what we’ll be.’


You didn’t know whether it was Disney, or Chris’ family, or a combination of the two but by the end of the week, you’d never felt less awkward, less shy and less like yourself. You’d done it all: the rides, the shows, the character photos and you were now the proud owner of three different sets of mouse ears, and if you’d also purchased some incredibly sentimental Christmas tree ornaments of your favourite childhood characters to take back home with you, it was no big deal.

You’d loved everything and you had been pulled into the family with ease. Your phone was full of photos documenting all your activities and you’d shared them with the family in their group chat. At the Magic Kingdom, Chris had snatched your phone from you - 'there needs to be some pictures of you on here too!’ - and had kept hold of it for a few hours.

When you got it back and were scrolling through later on that night as you were tucked up in bed, you noticed just how carefree and happy and confident you looked. There were a couple of mouse ear selfies that Chris had made you take with him that made you laugh when you saw the faces he was pulling.

Tomorrow was going to be the last full day and you found you were disappointed. The time had gone so quickly. You laid your phone on the nightstand, plugging the charger in and watching as the screen brightened before darkening to the black sleep screen. You were going to miss this break from your life. You didn’t know if you’d escaped being recognised entirely - there might be a few candid cellphone shots of you floating around now - but you hadn’t been approached by anyone. Chris had a couple of times but it was nothing too intrusive and he was happy to oblige a few kids.

You’d have to go back to LA the day after tomorrow and this would all just become a memory to treasure. You were going to miss it, that much was certain. You thought about the photos Chris had taken on your phone: you were going to miss who you were around this family. You were going to miss Chris and you didn’t know what to do with that thought.

Kicking back your sheets in mild frustration, you rose from your bed and padded across the carpet to the door, trying with all the daintiness you possessed to open the door quietly. Tiptoeing through the villa, you headed to the sliding patio doors leading out to the pool. Settling into one of the loungers, you listened to the silence of the night and tried not to think about how alone you were going to feel after tomorrow.


Chris lay awake in his bed, thinking about you doing the same thing in the room next door. This week had been perfect. He’d loved seeing you loosen up and let go of some of those rules and boundaries you so clearly imposed on yourself most of the time. You’d fit right in: the kids included you in their games, you joined in with conversation over dinner like you’d always been there, and today you’d happily stood with everyone, smiling, when Carly had asked an attendant to take a picture of you all in front of the castle.

But he wasn’t used to being so… subtle. This was not his normal approach at all when he liked someone. He’d taken, what felt like to him, so many steps backwards away from this situation in order to not do anything to freak you out, he felt like things were moving in the exact opposite direction to the one he wanted. So today, he had gotten a little snap happy with your phone and had taken a chance on taking some selfies. You had both been wearing mouse ears and he pulled you to him, arm around your waist, fingers splayed against your hip, as he’d turned the camera to front facing. He had to admit, you were both fucking adorable. Best of all, you hadn’t backed off, and that was a very good sign.

His thoughts were disturbed by the quiet sounds of a door opening, the slight reverberation signalling that it was from the room next door. Chris lay still for a couple of seconds, wondering whether to follow you or not. When he didn’t hear anyone else moving around, he decided he would just go and check that you were okay, then head back to his room and give you the space you clearly wanted. That was all.


'Hey, everything okay?’

Despite his soft voice, you just about jumped out of your skin, so wrapped up in your thoughts that you hadn’t heard Chris’ footsteps to warn you of his presence. You whipped around to face him, hand pressed against your collar bones as you let out a nervous laugh.

'Chris!’ you half-whispered, 'Don’t sneak up on me like that!’

'Sorry!’ he grinned back at you, 'Want a beer?’

He held up two bottles in his hands. Now that you had calmed down, you were suddenly extremely aware that you’d been thinking pretty deeply about Chris and his presence in your life, and you were more than a little paranoid that it was all over your face. A beer could be just the thing to provide a mask.

'Sure,’ you replied, holding out a hand to take one from him.

'Mind if I sit?’

'No, course,’ you gestured to the lounger next to yours.

'Can’t sleep? Me neither.’

'Yeah, I was struggling to drift off. Quite warm tonight, isn’t it?’

'Yeah, a little,’ Chris replied, taking a sip from his bottle.

A silence settled over you, but it wasn’t awkward. There was some tension maybe, but it wasn’t exactly uncomfortable.

You knew then that if you told Chris right now that you thought you were developing feelings for him, he’d be all in. He was waiting for you, and had been since the moment he’d first met you on the red carpet.

You remembered the fall of his expression when you’d shrugged him off with politeness at your pre-filming meeting, you remembered the grateful smile of understanding you had shared when you’d intervened in front of the interviewer, you remembered the grin across his face when you’d insisted that you were just friends at the hotel. And you knew just how easy it would be for the two of you to be an us, if, of course, you didn’t have the whole world watching and if you weren’t an emotional recluse.

But that last statement wasn’t true, was it? You’d seen the pictures from today. You could let go and be yourself, there was photographic evidence of it. The aloof creature was just a shield you used to protect yourself in a harsh business, and it had worked up to now, but you knew it would take much more than that to protect you if you embarked on a… something… with Chris freaking Evans.

'Have you enjoyed yourself this week?’ Chris broke the silence, rolling his beer bottle between his palms.

'Oh god, so much. I’ve had the best time, honestly. I can’t thank you all enough for having me. I’m going to have to have you all over for dinner at mine when we’re back in LA,’ you couldn’t quite believe that particular idea had just come out of your mouth as you took another mouthful of beer.

Chris turned his soft, smiling gaze on you, 'You don’t owe us anything at all, it’s been awesome having you around. But that would be really sweet. My mom would take you up on that for sure. I’ll let you know the next time she’s in LA.’

There was another moment of silence before you spoke again, 'It’s going to be weird, going back to LA. I’m going to miss all this. My house is going to seem so empty,’ the truth that you were going to miss him most of all was left unspoken.

'I know, it’s an odd transition to make. It’s so easy to fall into Disney life. But you know, I’ll be around. Give me a call if you want to hang out.’

'Guess we’re not just work colleagues anymore, are we?’ You smiled at him around your beer bottle as you sipped again.

He let out a short laugh, 'No, I wouldn’t say so. I’ve forced you to be my friend.’

'I’m glad you did. I needed it.’

'You’ve always been beautiful, but this week, seeing you properly laugh and run around and play with the kids and make fun of me with Scott and just forget having to check yourself for appearance’s sake at every turn, it’s just - you’ve been shining, glowing even.’

'Chris… I-’ you started to speak but didn’t know what you were going to say. He’d called you beautiful. Beautiful.

'Don’t worry, that’s all I’m going to say, I promise,’ his voice was gentle, soft. He treated you so tenderly, had done all week long.

'Thank you,’ you whispered, not quite meeting his eyes.

Birthday Wishes // Spencer Reid x Reader

Prompt: Reader really wants to go to Disney World so the team decides to take her for her birthday.

Requested by: Anonymous

“Are we seriously going? We’re grown adults,” Morgan commented incredulously as the team huddled around Garcia’s computer set up.

“It’s Y/N’s birthday and this is what she wants,” she replied firmly as she purchased the plane tickets. “And besides, do you think Spencer would really not grant Y/N’s every wish?”

The team all smiled as Spencer blushed deeply at her comment. He rubbed the back of his neck in slight embarrassment at the look they were all giving him.

“She’s my girlfriend and this is what she’s been begging for,” he defended with a small smile. “I think she deserves it. Don’t you?”

“You’re just head over heels in love with her,” Morgan replied with a shake of his head. There was a tug of a smile on his lips as he tried to stay straight faced. “But I guess if we have to, I’ll go.”

“Have you ever seen those two act so childishly?” JJ asked with a bright laugh as she and Hotch walked behind you and Spencer.

You were on Spencer’s back, dressed casually in a little mermaid t-shirt and jeans with a backpack for your belongings. There were a pair of Minnie Mouse ears on your head as Spencer continued to walk, a pair of Mickey ears on his own head. The team chuckled as they watched you point in a direction, causing Spencer to immediately turn and walk with a huge smile as he carried you through the Disney World park.

“A grown woman and this is what she wants,” Rossi commented with a grin. You had begged to go to Disney World for your birthday, dropping hints at every possible moment. They had been more than happy to indulge your wish as it gave them all some time off too.

“Spence look! There’s Belle!” You exclaimed excitedly as you pointed toward the princess. He chuckled as he made his way over, stopping to join the line of people waiting to take a photograph with the character. You jumped off of his back, letting him rest for a moment.

“Thank you so much for this,” you thanked as you wrapped your arms around him happily. He smiled as he looked down at your happy face, that excited gleam never once leaving your eye since the moment you set foot in the theme park.

“Happy birthday,” he replied, giving you a quick kiss as his own arms wrapped around you. The children in line behind you giggled at the gesture. JJ took various pictures of the two of you with the Disney princess before forcing everyone else to do the same.

“I’m so making a scrapbook of this trip!” Penelope exclaimed as she snapped away at every moment.

The rest of the day was spent going in and out of all the little Disney stores. You had insisted that everyone wear Mickey ears and after a few complaints from the men they had all ultimately agreed to do so. You giggled as you took various photos of both Hotch and Morgan in Mickey Mouse ears, their faces hiding amused grins at your giddy excitement.

Spencer continued to lead you through the park with his fingers intertwined with yours as he bought you all sorts of treats. Your backpack was beginning to become heavy with everything and Morgan had taken it.

“Can’t have you breaking your back when you still have so much to see,” he had commented as he had thrown it onto his shoulders. You smiled gratefully before Spencer called you over once more, showing you a necklace he had just purchased with the famous Disney castle on it.

“God, those two are everything,” Penelope sighed dreamily as she watched you lift your hair up, Spencer placing the necklace on you. You smiled happily as you pulled him in for a kiss, only to be startled by a flash going off.

“Sorry,” JJ said sheepishly as she put her phone away. “It was too cute not too.”

The team tackled many rides that day, the favorite being Splash Mountain. They all emerged soaked to the core with Penelope nearly in tears over her three phones that had managed to somehow get wet despite being put away. Morgan spent the next hour consoling her, telling her there would be other phones in which she could store her cute animal videos.

“Maybe I should quit the BAU and get a job here,” you joked with a smile as the day grew darker. “I could totally be a princess.”

Spencer smiled as he picked you up bridal style. Your hand shot out to balance your ears as they threatened to fall, an amused laugh escaping your lips.

“You’re my princess. Isn’t that enough?” He questioned with a raise of his eyebrows. You hummed, pretending to mull over it before a broad smile graced your lips.

“I’m your Belle? Your Jasmine? Your Cinderella?” you asked, a smile plastered to your face that seemed to be permanent that day.

“Hmmm. Better than any of them. You’re my Y/N,” he replied before he kissed you once more. The day had been perfect not just for you, but for him as well. Being able to make you happy was something he took pride in. And you wouldn’t have changed that day for the world.

Another flash went off as JJ captured the sweet moment that would later sit on your desk in a Disney World picture frame.

The Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique is not only for little girls, They also offer a very affordable Prince Package! Boys receive a magical sword and shield from Prince Phillip himself as well as a new gelled up hairdo, complete with Mickey Mouse Head glitter if they want. Tyler LOVED all the time he spent here and can’t wait to go back!

Surveillance Camera: Part one The HEAT

Before I start I want to thank everyone for sticking with me, this go’s to                            

@messedupmoon​ and her amazing prompt form this link >> https://lonleyghostposts.tumblr.com/post/161467902210/for-surveillance-camera-i-always-had-the You helped me to move my idea of Surveillance Camera on, and come up with an amazingly fresh concept. You helped influenced this fic a lot. I was never originally going to go in this direction until now. Thank you.


The Fennton’s were packing their stuff in the “Fentonmobile,” As they prepared to go to the airport.

One month ago, they had gotten a letter to go to a free “luxurious wood cabin’” ski trip up in the Rocky’s. His parents were ecstatic, as was Jazz. But Danny new better than to think it was just a regular free payed Vacation. This had Vlad written all over it. Slamming the back of the trunk he wiped his brow.

The heat was blistering and the thin tank top felt like a heavy weight on his body, pulling him down further into this sizzling black top where he was bound to melt into a puddle of his own sweat.

The only thing good about going to the Rocky’s was that it would be a lot cooler. Mysteriously or not so mysteriously Amity Park has been recently hit with a massive heat wave, the hottest they have had in years. It was 90 degrees F and smoking. So, hot that the birds that migrated here went back North for the winter.

Everybody was just about leaving town for the Summer, fed up with the blistering heat including his two best friends Tucker and Sam.

Sam had gone on a world cruse with her parents, where she would visit plenty of country’s one stop at a time. Despite her hatred for anything mainstream the goth was more than happy to go on a salty wet watered get away with her family.  Especially If that meant getting away from the deathly hot wasteland of Amity Park. Even Sam had to admit that her Gothic “simmering”, had turn into a down right boil.

Also in pleasant turn of event’s the Manson’s have recently come to terms with their daughters, unique fashion taste, and love of anything Dark, gritty, and goth.

They even Picked a Vampire themed cruise for their daughter. Sam was raving on about all the things she was going to do, and Gothic underground joints in Italy she was going to visits for the past week.

And as for the Foley’s, well…

Tucker and his family where going to Disney world. The fairy tale dream, with water slides galore! Honestly Tucker had, had it with the heat in amity park more than anyone, and was thrilled to go and mingle with all the princesses. He promised both him and Sam that he would bring back gifts from his trip.

After their farewells and good-bye hugs, they parted ways. All promising to hang out next summer.

With a sigh Danny Took one look at his town, engraving every single detail into his mind. He was going to be gone all summer with his family in a cabin, no internet, miles away from civilization, and without his two best friends for the first time in his short pubescent life. He felt scared, and excited all at once. despite probably playing into Vlad’s hands, Danny was happy to have his first real vacation ever!

No soggy ghost infested toxic fishing trips, or haunted bed bug infested motels in New Mexico.  Danny was going to sip hot coco near a warm fire place in a comfy cabin, surrounded by the people he loves.

Screw Vlad and whatever plan he had come up with for him and his family. Danny would burn that bridge when he crossed it.

But what Danny didn’t know, is that bridge was already crossed when he opened that letter a month ago, and the time for burning bridges were too late.

anonymous asked:

I heard that Netflix want's to be more like Disney. Have their own mass media Empire. First they stole Shonda Rhimes from ABC, than they bought a comic book company and next year their publishing their very first comic book series. They've started going into Merchandising. Their also open to buying more companies in the future. All they need now is their very own Theme Park.

Netflix can do whatever the hell it wants as far as I’m concerned. It sells a ton of it’s own content plus access to thousands of other shows across a hundred other networks for 8 dollars a month, has zero commercials and almost never has any technical issues. Not to mention, it’s ions beyond Disney as far as the quality of it’s content and it’s willingness to give creators complete creative control of their programs. 

If anything or anyone should be a mass media empire, it’s Netflix 

lovepinkmochi  asked:

hi there! i want to ask, which are the super sentai team concepts that you found most odd or made you go "what the heck?" when you saw them? (or to keep it simple, which are the silliest?)

There are three that leap immediately to mind.  One of them is a very old series and two are much more recent.  I would have included Gekisou Sentai Carranger but the concept of a car-themed Sentai isn’t that weird and as we’ll see, their weirdness got eclipsed by another, similarly themed series.

Let’s start with the oldest.  That would be Battle Fever J.

Battle Fever is a team composed of heroes from various countries, all portrayed by Japanese people. They are also dance-themed (which we will see again on this list) because Saturday Night Fever was a big deal at the time. Aside from the nightmare that is Miss America’s wig, the thing that gets me most is that every member of the team save one, is named for the country they are either from or were trained in.  That one is Battle Cossack, who represents the Soviet Union.

This is a poor choice at best.  I understand with tensions in the world at the time it might not be a good idea to call him Battle Soviet or even Battle Russia but the Cossacks as a people were an oppressed minority in the Soviet Union. So, it comes across as just a wee bit insensitive.

My second choice is Engine Sentai Go-Onger.

This was the third major car-themed Sentai series after 1996′s Carranger but it took it in an entirely different direction. I have a theory about this show that I have yet to verify but I suspect may be true that this show was inspired by the success of the Disney/Pixar movie Cars. There are a lot of similarities with the car beings that give our heroes their powers hailing from a world without people, where vehicles are the dominant form of life.  They are also exceedingly cute:

They look exceptionally toyetic and their animated forms, move and talk like cartoon characters. The Disney film had come out in 2006, which would have been the year before Toei began work on Go-Onger.  It was a massive worldwide success and was hugely popular with the same demographic Super Sentai aims for, little kids. Toei has never shied away from chasing a trend, after all Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger was inspired by the then upcoming Jurrasic Park and I don’t think anyone can deny that Mahou Sentai Magiranger took a great deal of inspiration from the success of Harry Potter.

Speaking of dinosaurs, my last slot goes to Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger which combined the prehistoric theme with Samba Dancing.

Though this seemed like a REALLY bizarre combination to start with, it worked (for me and apparently the kids in Japan at least) to create a fun, popular series.  Heck, it’s the first to get a direct sequel created in a country other than Japan so the strange idea had to have some universal appeal. 

So, those are the three that made me take a second glance, wonder what they were thinking and try to come up with some kind of an answer.

Me at Disney World

-STAR WARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOOK AT THE STAR WARS!!!!!!!

-ok but fuck you Disney for ruining the Star Wars



-Star Wars ride: ok but was it NECESSARY to include Jar Jar Binks in this ride??????

-Singing along to all the Star Wars music playing overhead at all times (there’s no WORDS but you know that I am singing along)

-Star Wars fireworks: SOBBING

-Kylo Ren/TFA footage during Star Wars fireworks: gagging

-OT Princess Leia scenes in Star Wars fireworks: SOBBING HYSTERICALLY

-I don’t want to buy this merch because Disney is selling it and Disney screwed up Star Wars and didn’t care

-I am going to buy this Star Wars merchandise anyways because I am an addict and I am weak

-do I need this millennium falcon mug?????


-where is all the Leia merch????

-where is all the OT merch????????

-why can I buy more shit with Krennic on it than Leia????

-meeting Chewbacca and crying

-little children running through the parks with lightsabers and X-wing Mickey ears so cute!!!!!!

-little kids growing up thinking TFA is Star Wars so sad

-the Force theme at all moments

-also throne room song at all times

-oh ok Disney so you’ll split up Han and Leia’s marriage to create cheap contradictory drama but you’ll happily make money off their OT relationship by selling I love you I know merch in every store I see where your priorities lie

-Star Wars characters come on stage one by one to perform. Crowd cheers for threepio, artoo, Vader, and Chewie. Kylo Ren walks out: UTTER SILENCE. Me: that’s right

-did I mention I met Chewbacca and wept

-person: are you a Star Wars fan? Me: LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

-why would anyone want to buy merch that says they’re a member of the first order or the empire why is it cool to be like SPACE FASCISM YEAH!!!! Genocide happened and now I’m wearing a shirt about it!!! Like??????

-also why is there hardly any Rebellion merch at all??????

-to buy a lightsaber or not to buy a lightsaber that is the question

-action figures available to purchase at Star Wars launch bay: literally every character, including ewoks, jawas, jar jar binks, Han and Luke, etc, but NO LEIA. Me: OH REALLY??????????????

-person refers to Luke Skywalker as “that’s um, the main guy I think”. Me: is that person secretly an alien or a real life hermit????? What rock do they live under and can I go there too to escape the sequel trilogy?

-small child behind me: *with glee* IT’S BB-8!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Me: I will put that child on my own two shoulders so that she can see the Star Wars

-my mom: go meet Kylo Ren!!!! Me: DO YOU KNOW ME AT ALL?

-Disney: posters of the OT all over Hollywood studios. Me: MY CHILDREN

-sitting on speeder bike and weeping

-Hoth Leia tsum-tsum!!!!! Tiny bean Leia!!!!! Little snowsuit Leia with Hoth braids!!!!!!!!!!! I will cherish her all my life!!!!

-someone: princess–
Me: LEIA?!?!?!?!

-Star Wars

Just imagine kallura theme park (disney) dates. Allura wanting to ride all the fast roller coasters, she loved space mountain. Keith secretly wants to go on the spinning teacups. For funsies, Keith takes Allura to meet some face characters, her favorites are Moana, Stitch, Tinker Bell and Winnie the Pooh. They just have a blast the entire day leading into the night. 

anonymous asked:

Hcs on how Bakugou's s/o manages to put a disney mickey mouse hat on him!

Of course, my lovely anon! Thank you so much for your request and I hope you’ll enjoy the headcanons!

  • Bakugou hates Disney World, Disneyland, Tokyo Disney, Paris Disney - any of the Disney amusement parks, really. He hates them with a burning passion. The crowds, the lines, the overpriced food, the forced cheerfulness - it all just kind of really pisses him off. Despite how much he likes some of the rides, he hates going to any Disney park to the point where he’d only agree to it if he really fucked up with his partner, the kind of ‘I fucked up’ that was so bad that he’d have to agree to something he absolutely detested to make them happy because he was that worried that they’d break up with him otherwise.
  • He’d still refuse to wear the hats. Or do pin trading. Or carry around anything glowing. Or wear anything Disney themed. He’d buy all those things and more for his partner while out - whatever they wanted, they’d have as long as it didn’t involve him having to embarrass himself.
  • He’d get more and more pissed off as his partner kept trying to convince him to put the hat they’d gotten him on. It would turn into an almost sort of game for his partner - to see if they could get him to wear it or to see how many times they could try before he blew up and completely lost his temper.
  • He would’ve lost his temper much sooner if he hadn’t been on his best behaviour for his partner. 
  • They’d have to be sneaky and would actually get it on his head by setting it there as they’d kissed him at the end of the night fireworks display by the Magic Castle. He was so caught up in the fireworks, which is something he’ll always love, and the kiss that he’ll barely even notice until afterwards, when his partner seems way to pleased with themselves.
  • While he’d get mad, it wouldn’t be to the normal point of him fully losing his temper. After all, they’d just kissed him, which always makes him pretty content, and they look so cute that it’s hard for him to really fully get angry, despite how ridiculous he looks and feels with that hat on.

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All the UA teachers get to have a weekend off. They all decide to go to a theme park for one day (Disney, Universal, whatever you choose). What does each one do? ((I'm laughing at the thought of Mic and Eraser doing the Epcot "Drinking Around The World" challenge where you have a drink at each world showcase spot. There are 11 stops. A friend of mine tried it and got kicked out halfway through.))


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💛 You’re right about Aizawa and Hizashi. That’s not even the only challenge they did with each other. Almost half of the trip was going to be Hizashi challenging Aizawa to stuff like that, but half way through Aizawa decided he wanted to at least enjoy the park at his own pace while he still had the time.

💛 Toshinori would want to try and enjoy some of the flashy and extreme rides, but he isn’t allowed on a good amount of them due to his bad health. The others tried to help him have a good time with games and such, though. Nemuri won him a plushie, too!

💛 Speaking of Nemuri, I have a headcanon that she’s really good at theme park/fair games. There’s no exact reason why, I just feel like she’d find them pretty fun. She also likes winning herself cute giant plushies a lot.