go to a photobooth

• take a girl to an arcade on the first date

-play all the racing games available and try your hardest to beat her and make sure she’s trying her hardest to beat you

-win her a stuffed animal from one of those prize winning games and tell her that its almost as cute as she is

-take her on the merry-go-round and hold her hand the whole time

-play the basketball game together and insist on helping her toss the ball into the hoop and then stare in amazement as she scores more points than you do

-go into a photobooth and take a bunch of cute and weird photos together to commemorate the moment

-get slushies and then laugh about how silly you both look with oddly coloured tongues

-play bumper cars with her and repeatedly hit the back of her car with your own until she gets really frustrated with you and then laugh to yourself about how adorable she is

-take selfies after every game/ride you play and make sure to make a bunch of silly faces to laugh at later

-go grab some food together and tell her about how much fun it was hanging out with her and how pretty she looked while playing all those games

-walk her home and hold her hand the whole way back then ask her out for another date at her door


Imagine this, after Ray leaves Vav he tries moving on, knowing everyone else will be happier now he’s gone so he tries to be happier too but no matter how hard he tries he can’t forget the memories he had with Vav. While going through old photos of the two of them he comes across the photobooth strip from the 2008 New Years Bash they went to, it bringing back the good memories for him but also making him realise how much he’s lost. 🌹


“La couleur de l’etrangete” - The Color of Strangeness
A Tribute to the Films of Jean-Pierre Jeunet & Marc Caro at Spoke Art

Le fabuleux destin d'Amélie Poulain and La cité des enfants perdus are two of my favorite films, so when I heard about this show I had to go. They also had a very charming little photobooth set up to take pictures in!

blah blah carnival blah berry big circus blah trucy’s magic show blah blah panties

“hey lets go take a photo together in this tiny photobooth edgeworth” said phoenix. edgeworth’s kawaii eyes widened or something and the camera zooms in on his face blah bl a h


Ok last wip for now, my dudes. I should actually try to finish that narumitsu samurai au thing now haha help me.