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Simon Imagine - The meeting (mentions of Joe Sugg, Dan and Phil, etc)

REQUESTED:  “Hi!! I have a quite different imagine request but one where y/n is a beauty you tuber who lives in america and has a beauty release or something like that “think zoella” and her and Simon have been dating for a while and he surprises her at her product launch party”

The minute I entered the room a giant smile erupted over my face. Everything looked beautiful. The polished wooden floors were sprinkled entirely with glitter, sparkles and confetti, leaving my heels completely covered in a coating of shine. Over every wall were photos, polaroids, all from the several shoots I’d done in the past few years building up to this very moment. Pastels and neons, metallics and glitters, the entire room screamed colour, and it was very reflective of the way I felt in this very moment. I could not believe the job that had been done, and as I thanked everyone I was ecstatic; nobody could have done a better job of promoting the launch of my first ever beauty range.

It wasn’t long before people started arriving. I stood at the door for a while, welcoming those I had not yet met, admiring the clean city streets of London whilst I did so. The entire atmosphere was worlds apart from what I was used to back in LA, and I couldn’t help but feel like I knew which one I preferred. London was smaller, more comforting, less dramatic - there was a definite home vibe to it, and it was massively enjoyable.

“You must be Y/n, right? This event is incredible congratulations!” 

I turned around at the mention of my name, and was instantly greeted face to face by Zoe Sugg, the woman who had inspired me most to construct this event. I felt the blood rush from my face.

“Oh my gosh, Zoe! Thank you so much!”

“Aw it’s okay! Come on, let’s go inside, you shouldn’t be missing out on all the fun!”

I complied politely, taking her arm and walking through the hallway towards where my event was taking place. Inside everybody had arrived. There were youtubers everywhere, taking photos, vlogging, testing out the products lined up along the stands and tables. Zoe turned her head towards me.

“Have you tried anything from the sweet table yet?”

“There’s a sweet table?” I asked, astonished. Her face softened into a humoured smile and I couldn’t help but feel envious of her beauty.

“Yeah, I thought I as much. I know when you’re planning these things it’s hard to actually experience them. Let’s go get food!”

She tugged on my arm slightly, taking me in the direction of where three tables stood consecutively. Each one was decorated in different types of confectionery; jars of brightly coloured sweets, plates of cupcakes, bowls of marshmallows and chocolates. I picked up a mason jar of pink lemonade as Zoe pulled me over to her group of friends.

“Y/n, I want you to meet Alfie, Joe, Louise, Dan and Phil. Guys this is Y/n, the creator of this event and it’s products.” 

I was greeted with a chain of hellos and hugs, and it occurred to me how attractive the British vloggers truly were. I sipped on my straw to suppress my nerves as I made small conversation. I had met so many lovely new people tonight, and yet still there was one left; Simon Minter. I had met him over twitter, and skype, and facetime and Snapchat and every other social media currently existing, however face to face was still yet to happen. Despite our lack of actual human interaction I felt hugely attracted to the boy, something that was no secret to my fans and followers, who had been tweeting me since sunrise asking if today would be the day of our meeting. Secretly I had been hoping for months that it would - I was desperate to see him, hear his voice without the robotic alterations, touch him for the first time. Even my managers were keen, set on the fact that the presence of someone with that large of a following would do nothing but good for the sales of my products. However, realistically, a place as pink and glorified as this would be no place for a fifa youtuber. I tried to shake this thought in order to keep up my high spirits.

“So Y/n, what made you decide to host your event in London, why not LA?” Dan asked with genuine interest. 

“It’s where most of my following is,” I smiled. “And I’ve always wanted to visit anyway, so it seemed to make sense.”

“Ah. Yeah it’s a decent area!”

“Does that desire to visit correlate in anyway with a certain Fifa youtuber? Someone who’s name perhaps rhymes with Dimon?”

I blushed as everybody laughed at Joe’s comment. “There is that, I suppose. May I ask how you know of mine and Simon’s interactions? Big fan of my Q&A’s?”

“Well of course Y/n!” Joe laughed, a flirt of light hearted mockery laced in his voice. “Although it definitely helps that I’ve been blessed with the privilege of playing cards against humanity with the Sidemen, so I’m pretty clued up on the extent of your relationship, actually.”

My face heated as I squirmed. “I won’t ask anymore on that one!”

“Probably for the best.”

The conversation continued for a while. Louise complimented me on my dress, Dan and Phil quizzed me on my life and I tested out some of my scrubs and moisturisers on Joe’s face. As I l talked, my eyes turned to Zoe and Alfie, who were whispering just beside me, Alfie’s eyes down at his phone. I raised an eyebrow as Zoe looked up at me.

“You know what Y/n, I think you and I should go and take some photos in the photobooth.”

“Um, sure..?” Her spontaneity threw me off slightly as she took my arm once again, speed walking me out of the room. There’s a photobooth too now??

“And here we are!”

I admired the golden machine, my name sprawled on the side in large, sparkly letters.


“It’s pretty, isn’t it.” She smiled. “And talking of pretty, you look amazing, so get your bum in there first!”

I smiled. Someone like Zoe was impossible to say no to. She watched me eagerly, Alfie not far behind as I pulled back the red curtain..

“Oh my God!”

Sat on the swivelling stool inside was none other but Simon. He looked outstanding, all clad in a black and white suit, his collar opened slightly missing a tie. His hair was still red toned, and it looked surprisingly good as he climbed out of the machine and picked me up off of the ground. 

“Hello Y/n.”

His voice sent shivers down my spine. It was much deeper than what I was used to, although still just as soft and comforting, especially whilst blessing the syllables of my name. My cheeks ached from grinning.

“Simon! I didn’t think you’d be here!” 

“Why would you think that? I wouldn’t miss it for the world.”

“I didn’t exactly think face masks and bath bombs were your thing, funnily enough.”

“Hey, you don’t know my lifestyle.” He joked, and I smiled.

“Very true, I don’t.” He released me from his arms. “But I’d like to.”

“Well, if ever there was a moment I was more sure of wanting you to find out, I think it’s this one.” My cheeks heated for what seemed to be the tenth time tonight as Simon held me at arms length, his eyes scanning up and down my body, focusing on the curves of my silky red dress. “You look..incredible, Y/n.”

“And you, Simon.”

We stood for a second, just watching eachother. I paid particular attention to his eyes and their deep blue pigment. He looked younger in real life, his face fresher, a lot brighter without the dim of a computer screen in front of it. I felt zoe touch both our arms.

“Right you two love birds, let’s go back to where the party’s at, come on!”

We both grinned as her and Alfie shuffled ahead.

“11 million subs just touched my arm. I’m gassed.” Simon whispered, and I hit his arm playfully.

“Aren’t you used to it? You live with the KSI.” I quizzed him as we walked along.

“Oh trust me Y/n, 15 million subscribers touches you in a very different way.”


Trial and error in the photo booth! Thank you @abcnetwork and @cadillac for the awesome party. #agentsofshield


My Moon

There are a lot of negative vibes and depressing things going on in some of my friends’ life recently, and in the fandom, too. So I decided to write something sweet for all of you, especially for @prinxietys@prinxietyhell, @analogicality-sanders and @iloveshippingkitty. I hope this fanfic will light up at least a little bit of your day! 

Strongly suggest listening to “Youth” by Troy Sivan while reading this. 

All of the lyrics from the song “Youth” belongs to Troy Sivan.

Pairing: Analogical

Warnings: None. All cute and fluff. 

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okay but leoji date at an amusement park

because they definitely would go pls

  • Leo would win Guanghong a plush from one of those carneval type stands. Guanghong would protest because they cost extra but Leo would insist, he would win and Guanghong would be carrying a huge hamster for the rest of the day
  • Leo also gets Guanghong a balloon. Cue Guanghong hiding his face behind his hamster. 
  • They’d walk super close, holding hands so that neither of them can get lost in the crowds but also because they want to be close to one another.
  • Guanghong would be surprisingly okay with high speed roller coasters. Leo would be the one with a weaker stomach, and he’d need a break after they went on the biggest coaster in the park.
  • Guanghong would get sick from the spinny rides, though, so they end up taking a break for ice cream after a particularly violent ride.
  • They do one of those 4D shooter type rides and win the highest score accumulated.
  • Neither notices how long the lines are because they’re so wrapped up in each other, happily chattering away and holding hands (and also holding the hamster, whom they name Viktor)
  • They definitely go into an overpriced photobooth. The last picture features Leo kissing Guanghong’s cheek with Guanghong blushing bright red.
  • They go on the carousel at least once. Leo and Guanghong sneak a photo for Instagram, but only one because they want to enjoy the day together. 
  • Guanghong gives his balloon to a crying kid and Leo falls a little bit more in love.
  • One of the last rides they go on is the ferris wheel. Instead of staring at the pretty lights, they just collapse against each other and sit in comfortable silence, enjoying each other’s prescence instead.
  • They end up buying a funnel cake to share. They find a place near a lighted fountain, Leo’s arm slung around Guanghong’s shoulders as they sit and enjoy their snack. That’s how they end the evening - wrapped up in each other and smiling, laughing, and over all just enjoying being in love.
Festivities - Allison Argent

Originally posted by teenwolf--imagines

requested by an anon who made me sooo excited to write it!!
warnings: swearing
word count: 2172

I was excitedly running into the apartment complex Id been in and out of a million times before.  But tonight I was smiling so wide that I was worried the doorman wouldn’t recognize me.

“Afternoon y/n” Wallace said, tipping his hat and showing some of his sprouting white hair.  “What a large bunch of balloons and flowers you’ve got there”

“Afternoon Wallace” I nodded back, and picked out a blue balloon.  I walked over and tied it to the post he was stood next to.

“Why thank you” He said, smiling back at me.  I chuckled and nodded.

“It’s Allison’s birthday” I told him, and his brows raised.

“And what have you got planned for the lovely lady?” I smiled a devious little grin.

“A whole day of fun” I said, and his mouth made an ‘o’ as he did that elderly little ‘oohhoo’ sound.  I laughed as he did and nodded my head.  “Well turning eighteen is a very big deal”

“Big party planned?”

“Well sort of, but that’s tomorrow night” I said with a little shrug.  “Today’s just me and her” I winked over dramatically and Wallace rolled his eyes.

“You youngsters and your sexing” I laughed a little louder at him, shaking my own head at his wording.

“I’ll see you around later Wally”

“Have a good day y/n.  Wish miss Argent a happy birthday for me” I saluted him in answer as I walked off to the elevators.  Pushing the 3 button was slightly difficult with one hand holding an abundance of balloons, and a large bouquet of roses and daisies in the other.  But somehow I was able to, and I was lucky because no one else got into the elevator.  When I reached the floor, I walked down the hallways  to the memorized door, not even having to check the number on the door.  I just pulled the key out of the pocket in my jacket, and unlocked it.

“y/n!” Chris Argent was sitting there at the kitchen table, a newspaper in his hands.

“Hi Mr Argent” i said with a big smile.

“So many… balloons and flowers” He said, smiling a little.

“Want one?” He chuckled shortly and shook his head.

“I’m alright y/n” He said.  “Allison’s in her room” I smiled and quickly walked down the hallway.  I opened up her door, carrying in all my items.

“Happy birthday!” I grinned.  I only got a groan in response.

The girl was still in bed.  Wrapped up in blankets and nearly asleep.  But I do believe I just woke her up.


“Well good morning sunshine” I chuckled, walking over to her.  She yawned and sat up on her elbows.

“What time is it?” She asked, rubbing her eyes with her fists.

“Five o’clock dear.  Have you slept all day?” She shook her head.

“No.. no I was up earlier.. Dad made me breakfast” She sat up fully and finger combed her hair.  “Sorry.. did we plan something tonight?”

“Nope.  But I’ve got a surprise for you babe” I said, kissing her nose quickly.  “Now come on, get dressed” She yawned again, and her eyes landed on the balloons and flowers in my hands.

“Are those for me?” She asked, smiling big.  I nodded, and she took the flowers, smelling them immediately.  “There are vases in the second cabinet in the kitchen, put these in water for me while I get changed?” She asked, and I nodded.

“Absolutely” I set the balloons on her desk, placing the rock they were tied to on top of a stack of papers.  Then I went out to the kitchen with the roses and tulips.

“Vases are in the second cabinet” He said, and I nodded, picking out a pretty one and filling it with water.

“Alli told me you made her breakfast”

“I did indeed, homemade french toast and scrambled eggs.  Try beating that.  Because no birthday date can top it”

“Oh really?” I asked, raising a brow.

“Allison’s a daddy’s girl”

“Not when she’s in bed” I winked, and he gagged.

“You do realize that’s my daughter you’re talking about” He said, both brows raised as he folded up his newspaper.

“What’re we saying about me?” Allison asked as she walked out.  I was putting the flowers in the vase as she stood next to her father.

“Oh, your girlfriend here was just giving me a nice update on parts of your relationship that I don’t need to be hearing” Allison giggled.

“What?” I asked innocently, and she just shook her head at me.

“Dad, y/n will tell anyone who’ll listen.  So don’t believe a thing she says” My jaw dropped as Chris laughed.

“Trust me.  I’ll try to forget it as soon as I can” He said.

“Okay okay enough making fun of me can we go now?” I asked, and Allison laughed.

“Yes, we can go now” She said.

“I’ll bring her back at… well at some point” Chris just waved his hand dismissively, already going back to his newspaper.

“I’m not worried.  As far as I care, neither of you can get pregnant” He said as we walked out of the door.  When it closed Allison and I burst into a fit of laughter.

“By the way, I have never lied about our night life” I said with a smirk.  Allison winked.

“He doesn’t know that” She said as we got into the elevator.  “So tell me, wonderful and perfect girlfriend, what do you have in store for the night?” I chuckled.

“Kissing up to me is not going to get you any answers.  It’s a surprise” I said, and she sighed.  When we got out of the elevator, Wally saw us and grinned big.

“I see miss y/n was able to snatch you up” He said as we passed him.

“Yep.  Stole me right from my nap too” Allison replied sassily.  Wallace laughed.

“Well y/n that’s no way to keep a girl around” I waved a nonchalant hand, making a pft sound.

“Alli would never leave me”

“Oh I wouldn’t?” Again he laughed at her snarky response.

“Why of course not.  You think you could ever find someone better than this?” I asked, gesturing to myself.  She laughed and shook her head before linking her arm through mine.

“Come on hotshot”

On the drive to the theme park, I learned two things.

One: Allison looked amazing no matter what.  She was in an old sweatshirt of mine from when I played track, and leggings.  She was flawless.

Two: She hated blindfolds.  No, she really hated blindfolds.

“It’s just a little further” I said calmly as I entered the parking lot.

“Are we here now? Can I take this off?”

“Ask again and next time I’ll tie you up too” I said, finding a space to park in.  She pouted.  I only smiled because I knew she couldn’t see me.  She made a groan but must’ve realized when I parked the car.

“I don’t want to ask” She stated, bouncing her leg.  I giggled and reached over the control center to unbuckle her seat belt.

“You wait here, I’ll get out and help you out” I said quickly, before grabbing the keys and hopping out of the car.  I hastily made my way around and opened her door.  “It’s me” I announced, and reached out for her hand.  “Okay, step” Allison managed to get out of the car without tripping or hitting her head.  I closed her door.

“I will fall you know, if you keep me blindfolded” I chuckled.

“Well then I’ll be here to catch you”

“Not if I drag you down with me” I laughed again, and her arm hooking around mine as we made our way up to the entrance.  “I hear… carnival music” Her lips turned up into a big beautiful smile, and I squeezed her arm.  “It smells like…”

“Two tickets please” I said to the man working the entry booth.  I gave him the ten bucks it costed, and he slid me two red plastic bracelets.  I clipped Allison’s on.

“Popcorn and cotton candy” Her smile only grew bigger while I put on my bracelet.  I reached up then to take off her blindfold.  As soon as I untied it she squealed quietly as she looked all over the carnival ground.

“It’s the Beacon Hills Spring Festival” I said and smiled sheepishly.  “It’s the last night they’re in town and I thought you’d like to com-” She reached forward, cupping my face and pressing a long kiss to my lips.

“You’re amazing” She said happily, and I took her hand in mine, the both of us already heading to get a huge bag of cotton candy.

“Oh, I know” I said with a wink.

“Cocky too” She snorted.

After we’d eaten our bag and played some shitty games that ended up winning us a small stuffed dog that was bound to rip before next week, we wandered around.  We spent a lot of time taking pictures with clowns, and even got airbrush tattoos on our wrists.  Allison had always wanted an anchor tattoo on her wrist, with two intersecting arrows going through it.  So that’s what she ended up getting.  I got a single horizontal arrow on my wrist, and when I held her hand, it pointed to her.  I thought it was romantic.  She thought it was cute.

“Where else do we have to go?” She asked me, and I looked over the small paper map in my hands.

“We can go to the mirror maze, and the photobooth?” I offered, and she grinned, squeezing my hand as se pulled me into the house.  We laughed, making weird faces in the bent and curved mirrors.  She took a bunch more pictures, and when we’d reached the end, we were both in a fit of giggles from all the wonky looks we’d had.

“Come on, let’s go take pictures” She said, tugging on my arm again.  I nodded, and opened up the curtain for her to go in.  Then I slid in next to her.  I put in the five bucks and right away we grinned at the camera, letting it snap a normal picture.

“Here, let’s use these” I pulled out giant sunglasses from the prop box, and put a pair on her, and one on me.  We made jazz hands as that picture was taken.  We took off our sunglasses and tossed them back into the box.  “Okay maybe we can-” She turned my chin and kissed me softly.  I heard the camera snap, and smiled against her mouth.  “Well that’ll make for a nice picture” I hummed, and she nodded, smiling back at me, and her eyes twinkled.  The last picture was taken, and I kissed her quickly before opening up the curtain.  I grabbed the photostrip excitedly.  Allison grabbed the extra copy, and was grinning as she looked at it.

“We’re the cutest” She said, and I chuckled, kissing her cheek and sliding the pictures into my purse.

“Come on” I said softly, nodding my head over to the ferris wheel.  “Let’s end the night in the most cliche way possible” Allison giggled and nodded as we made our way up to the line.  It was pretty short, so luckily we wouldn’t have to wait long.

“I’ve liked the cliche carnival date” Allison said as I leaned back against the railing.  She stepped forward, holding a hand in each of hers.

“Good.  I have too” I smiled, and she kissed me gently.

“Next” The bored and aging carnival worker said monotone, making me giggle as we parted and walked into the gondola.  We set all our things, consisting of a stuffed dog, half a bag of cotton candy, two purses, and Allison’s shoes.  I sat down on one side and she took the spot next to me.  The ride started up and she leaned her head on my shoulder.

“You want a picture?” I asked softly, and she shook head.

“No, no I just wanna enjoy this moment” I smiled and rubbed my hand up and down her shoulder.

“Happy birthday Allison” I turned my head to kiss her forehead.

“Thanks y/n” She replied.  I kissed her forehead again, then tilted down to peck the bridge of her nose, the tip of her nose, and eventually our lips found each other.  She hummed, slowly wrapping her arms around my neck and I pulled her closer.  When she pulled away, she gave me that sweet Allison Argent smile.  “I love you” She whispered, and I hooked my finger under her chin.

“I love you too” I murmured back.  “Happy birthday baby” She nuzzled her head into my collar bone, right under my chin.  I pulled her close again, running my fingers through her hair softly as we reached the top of the ferris wheel.

It was such a beautiful sight.

And no, I didn’t mean the view of the city.

here’s somethin tiny and cute.  I love writing allison she’s such an angel heart eyes x10000

xoxo ~ jordie

anonymous asked:

Mandy stop ruining my hc that the topshop photoshoot included a pic of Phil kissing Dan's cheek before they decided to use them for merch!!!! Keep my dream alive!!!!

Them going to the photobooth for the purpose of poster/head shot photos 100% does not preclude them also taking a few photos just for themselves. ;) Your dreams are alive. 

“Are you jealous?” Jaebum scenario

Requested by @milkteababe15; 33 with Jaebum please! Fluff/angst/smut ish😬

A/N: 33 “Are you jealous?”

Send me a number and the member you want :)

The gif is not mine, credits to the owner!

Hope you like it!

Originally posted by sassyminghao

You were out at a festival with your boyfriend and his friends. In the morning Jaebum had been happy and in on every conversation, but as the day went on he got more quiet and more annoyed too. You asked him a few times what was wrong, but he insisted on that he was fine.

You and Jackson had been running around the festival, stopping at every stand, tasting different foods and watching people performing on the streets. The others walking after you two. You were really good friends with Jackson and you always let your composed self go when you two were hanging out.

You saw a photobooth next to a food stand. You pointed at it and Jackson quickly pulled you in the photobooth. After a bunch of funny faces and weird poses, you walked out of the booth. Jackson went to look at the pictures.

Jaebum stopped you from walking over to Jackson. You looked up in confusion. Jaebum pushed you in the booth and pinned you against the wall.

“What are you doing?” You asked, adrenalin running through your veins. Jaebum leaned close to your ear.

“Just making sure you remember who you belong to” He said and started leaving kisses on your neck, sometimes biting the skin playfully. You gasped. You pulled Jaebum’s head away from your neck and looked into his eyes.

“Jaebum, are you jealous?” You asked with a smirk. Jaebum blushed before smiling a little.

“Who wouldn’t be jealous if your amazingly hot girlfriend is running around with your friend instead of you?” He said. You laughed and poked his chest.

“Jackson is as straight as uncooked ramen, you don’t have anything to worry about” You said with a smile. Jaebum laughed and pulled you in for a deep kiss.

When you walked out you saw the others waiting for you with soe pictures in their hands.

“Man, I wanted some pictures too, but now it’s infected with the smell of sex” Youngjae complained and threw the pictures of you and Jaebum to you.

chittaphonalicious  asked:

Hello! I was wondering if you could do a Jun scenario where he comforts you after having bad anxiety about school. I'm starting a small med course about being a nurse's assistant and I'm having really bad anxiety about it. Thank you! Have a great day! 😊

- winter break is finally over and you’re about to start a new semester
- but you’re not exactly the most excited for it
- you spent all break relaxing back at home and keeping your mind off of school but now that it’s back in like two days…. you could feel your panic rising
- you’re afraid of the workload because you KNOW you have to keep your grades up, you KNOW you have to do well
- you fear that your courses are too difficult for you to complete
- you’re lying on your bed in your dorm room hoping to sleep away the stress but you keep tossing and turning because the thought is haunting you
- but before you could even get a wink of sleep, your roommate barges into the room with her bf and they’re just looking at you like…. oh you’re back
- your roommate then goes up to you and tells you “uhhh my bf and i really want to catch up on this tv show so is it all right if we watch here??”
- you say “can’t you watch somewhere else? i kinda want to get some sleep” but she continues to beg you because her bf’s roommate already has someone over, there’s nowhere else they could go, etc
- and honestly you’re like ok i know you’re not planning on actually watching a show…. you nasties
- so you just get up and shove a few things in your bag and say “ugh fine. you HAVE to be done by eleven though because i’m not returning any later than that”
- and she just nods happily and agrees “right!! 11pm got it”
- you exit your room and walk all the way to the library hoping to keep your mind off of things by reading a book maybe, only to discover that it’s…. closed
- you just stare at the place in complete shock because REALLY?? WHY IS IT CLOSED
- you decide to call up one of your friends if you could stay at their place for the night but as you search for your phone you realize you left it charging on your nightstand and well it’s too late to go get it now
- so you walk around the school hoping it would keep your mind off things but the silence is unbearable and you’re trapped inside your own negative thoughts
- you decide to just sit on the floor of an empty hallway and you curl up into a ball, breathing in and out to calm yourself down
- you want to stop worrying over something that didn’t even happen yet but…. you can’t seem to get your mind off of it
- your thoughts are suddenly interrupted when someone yells “there you are!!”
- when you look up, you see your bf junhui looking down at you with a smirk on his face
- you say “jun?? i thought you were coming tomorrow”
- and he says “and i thought you’d be a little more happy to see me ahahah”
- you know you should be happy to see him but atm… you just can’t bring yourself to smile
- he crouches down in front of you and says “i was looking all over the place for you. i texted you thousands of times, why didn’t you answer me??”
- you say “I forgot my phone in my room and i can’t go back in there because my roommate has her bf over…”
- junhui leans in closer and says “well?? where’s my kiss??” he puckers up his lips but you just push him away
- “not now, jun.”
- “why not? just a little kiss.”
- “i’m not really in the mood—”
- “come on, just a peck—”
- your scream echoes throughout the hall and junhui just stares at you with wide eyes and mouth slightly agape
- you feel your eyes tear up and you cover your face in shame after yelling at him
- there’s a moment of silence when junhui says “…what… what’s wrong?”
- you don’t answer, so junhui moves your hands away from your face and makes you look him in the eye
- you quietly say “i’m sorry for yelling at you I’m just…. so worried about the new sem. i’ve been stressing ever since i got my schedule. and it doesn’t help that my roommate pretty much kicked me out for the night….”
- junhui wipes away a tear you didn’t even notice fell and gets up on his feet
- he holds out his hand and smiles down at you saying “come on”
- you look up at him with a confused expression on your face and he nudges his hand towards you saying “come on, let’s go”
- you ask “go where?” and he says “anywhere. let’s just go out for a few minutes”
- “but jun i’m not really—”
- “let’s go.”
- you sigh and grab his hand because there’s no way he’s going to let you say no
- he helps you back on your feet, and after you do, you both leave campus and start walking in the direction of the city
- while walking, he says “the city’s a lot more beautiful at night. when was the last time you went there?”
- honestly you can’t even remember because you’ve been stuck at school studying for exams and working on assignments the past sem, and you spent all break in your hometown
- so when you both make it to the busy streets of the shopping district…. it’s like seeing it for the first time
- the shops, the street food, the lights
- it’s all so beautiful
- junhui grins when he sees your facial expression and he says “come on, you must be hungry. i know this REALLY good Chinese restaurant down the street and the food tastes just like what they sell back in my hometown”
- so you both go to the resto and the food is DELICIOUS, you both eat so much while junhui makes a bunch of jokes to make you laugh
- after dinner, you both go to little shops and take couple pictures at photobooths
- they’re embarrassing but they’re really cute, and you and junhui get two each
- you’re a bit offended though because on the picture you both agreed to make a silly face in, junhui still looks freaking handsome and you’re just like “…jun why are you like this”
- you both walk around the area holding hands and just enjoying each other’s company and he even buys you a cute red ribbon from a street vendor
- the street vendor is a cute little old lady and she says “you guys are such a lovely couple”
- you’re waiting for junhui to make a greasy comment but he instead just smiles at the vendor and says “thank you very much! we hope you have a good night” and he bows politely
- this surprises you a bit but you just smile as you both leave
- and after deciding to head back by 11pm, junhui takes you all over the city and you’re both just enjoying your spontaneous date
- you both start heading back by around 10:30pm because junhui felt like you wanted to get some rest after being stressed these past few days and he’s just really thoughtful ok
- you both walk to your dorm room and you both just linger in front of the door to say your goodbyes
- he smiles and says “i hope you feel better now.” and you nod your head saying “thanks jun.”
- he leans in and just when you’re expecting a kiss on the lips like always…. he kisses your forehead instead
- when he pulls away, he just ruffles your hair and leaves, and you watch your bf walk down the hallway before disappearing around the corner to get to his dorm room
- junhui may be greasy but he KNOWS when you’d rather have gentle and comforting affection instead which explains why he wasn’t as loud and flirty today
- you enter your dorm room to find your roommate fast asleep (you’re surprised their bf actually obeyed and left before midnight)
- you plop onto your bed but before you go to sleep, you take off the ribbon junhui bought you as well as the pictures you and junhui took together and you smile happily as you stare at them
- and while doing so, you realize…
- you don’t feel as stressed anymore

good luck on your med course, dear!! ^^ thank you for your request!!

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moar tadashi boyfriend material headcanons pls


Read the first set of Headcanons

Imagine Tadashi:

  • -Making the bed for you in the morning while you’re in the shower.
  • -Making every kiss special. Cupping your face and holding you still for a few seconds, even if its a run-of-the-mill everyday kiss.
  • -Watching movies all day on a lazy Saturday with you. He lets you pick the movie, and you ransack the kitchen looking for good snacks.
  • -Building a pillow fort with you before watching the movies. The two of you lay in it the entire day and enjoy being near each other, and you’re nearly sure he wasn’t watching the movies, he was watching you, making small jokes and rolling around cutely.
  • -reminding you about your umbrella.  If the forecast says it may, he reminds you to take an umbrella to work with you. Even on days when the forecast doesn’t call for rain, he reminds you that taking it may be a good idea.
  • -Trying to clean the bathroom and getting confused over your make-up and hair accessories.
  • -Helping you with your to-do-list on the weekends. Cleaning the house, doing laundry(Though you’ve warned him about putting colors with whites after learning your lesson), cooking, shopping.
  • -putting tealights on the table and opening a bottle of wine for dinner, even if you’re having something ordinary like pizza.
  • -Sneakily taking your phone while you’re cooking dinner and posting silly pictures of himself on your snapchat/camera roll for you to see later.
  • -Texting you silly memes during the work day to keep you smiling and laughing.
  • -Helping you sort out your vitamins/prenatals(if you’re trying for a baby) for the week. You, in return, help him sort out his vitamins as well.
  • -Opening the door/car door for you, no matter where you go.
  • -Helping you when you’re sick and can barely get out of bed. Brings you tea, medicine, lets you watch what ever you want and snuggles. He knows he could get sick as well, but it’s worth it.
  • -Kissing your forehead and holding you close in public, at random moments. Slinging his arm around your shoulders, grasping your hand, lifting it up and kissing your knuckles, or holding you from behind.
  • -Going to a mall and finding a photobooth. Taking silly pictures inside with one another, and putting one on the fridge, one in his lab at school, and one at your office at work.
  • -Getting jealous and defensive when he notices another man flirting/talking to you in a way that they shouldn’t.
  • -Playing baseball with the Nerd Gang on late summer nights, then proceeding to go back to the cafe for a few drinks as you all talk about life. Tadashi holding you close while you, pressing his face against your hair and smiling, listening and really soaking in the love within his group of friends.
  • -Summer nights. Him asking Cass if he can borrow the truck, and packing the bed of it with pillows and blankets, and watching the stars in the hills.
  • -Summer nights where you and he stay up until dawn, watching the city gleam and glow, drinking a bottle of Grape Vodka you’d gotten from Cass as one of the many house warming gifts you got from her.

Oh hey, here are some proposal/wedding preparation ones:(if ya wanna see wedding ones, then please say so :) )

  • -Recreating your first date before proposing. He makes sure to get everything down to the clothes he was wearing, the flowers he gave you, restaurant and drinks the first night he took you out. Even uses the same cheesy pick-up lines he did back then. The only difference is him proposing.
  • -Crying as he asks you to marry him. He apologizes and tells himself he didn’t mean to cry. ‘you’re my world… I can’t imagine my life without you.’ He wipes his eyes, ‘I swear I’m not crying, I just put onion juice under my eyes for effect.’
  • -Crying into your neck after you say yes because he never thought a more perfect answer, or a more perfect fiancée.
  • -Asking Hiro to be his best man at his wedding and Hiro literally freaking out because ‘HOLY CRAP I KNEW YOU TWO WERE GONNA GET MARRIED.’
  • -Not yelling Swear Jar at Hiro for saying ‘holy crap’ because it was indeed a ‘holy crap’ moment.
  • -Having to tell Fred that yes, he has to wear shoes if he’s going to be a groomsman.
  • -Having to tell Wasabi that no, there is not going to be any spill-able wasabi at the wedding.
  • -Listening and laughing along with you as you tell the story of how you asked your childhood friend to be your Matron of honor, Honey your Maid of Honor and GoGo and Cass as bridesmaids.
  • -Trying desperately to get into the wedding planning with you, Honey, Gogo and Cass, but Cass refuses to let him help. He helped with Hiro’s graduation party and well. That didn’t go as planned. (Hiro almost didn’t get his graduation gown on time tsk tsk )
  • -Finally agreeing on a color scheme after what seemed like forever. ‘red and white are romantic colors. you wanted red, and I wanted white so let’s do that.’ You told him with a big smile.
  • -Spending late nights awake in bed with you, talking about how close the wedding is and how surreal it feels to have finally gotten to this moment after years of being together.