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Things I will forever hate:

Season finale cliffhanger…and than the show being canceled. 

evidence that david wymack is the best character in this entire series, part ii

part i

The Raven King

  • Wymack didn’t care if he had nine Foxes or twenty-five. He’d stand behind them until the bitter, bloody end.
  • “Last I checked Andrew doesn’t like you,” Wymack said.
    • “He still doesn’t,” Neil said, but he didn’t bother to explain.
    • “Interesting.”
  • “Abby wrote me a speech to give you this afternoon. It sounded nice, had lots of stuff about courage and loss and coming together in everyone’s time of need. I tore it up and tossed it in the trash can beside my desk.”
  • Wymack cleared his throat and scratched a hand through his short hair. “Look. Shit happened. Shit’s going to keep happening. You don’t need me to tell you life isn’t fair. You’re here because you know it isn’t.”
  • “I want you on the court in light gear in five minutes or I’ll sign you all up for a marathon.”
  • “I don’t pay for electricity in this place so you can stand around and gossip.”
  • “Andrew Joseph Minyard, what the flying fuck have you done this time?”
  • “Answers now, Aaron,” Wymack said.
    • “I don’t know,” Aaron said.
    • “My ass you don’t.”
  • They were all on time, but Wymack and Abby were conspicuously absent.”
  • “Get your gear and get out of my locker room.”
  • He looked the other way because he knew how badly some of them needed their escapes to survive.
  • It was apparently better to be uncomfortable but safe than to trust a stranger with his fractured team.
  • “Last I checked this was a team meeting, not a gossip circle.”
  • “If any of you so much as look at the Terrapins on your way past their benches I’ll let you walk home from here.”
  • “Some people are just hardwired to be stupid.”
  • Neil had never seen Wymack smile like this. It was small but fierce, as angry as it was proud.
  • “Why did you pay for stalls, Coach?”
    • Wymack lifted one shoulder in a shrug. “Maybe I knew you’d need them one day.”
  • Nicky pulled the window down to yell insults, but Wymack threatened him into silence.
  • Wymack pulled a bottle of vodka out of the bag and put it down beside Kevin. “You have ten seconds to inhale as much of this as you can. I’m timing you. Go.”
  • Wymack turned on Neil. “Did you or did you not tell me you weren’t going to start a fight?”
  • “What can I do?” Wymack asked.
    • …”I don’t know,” Neil said.
    • “When you know, tell me.”
  • “Go forth,” Wymack told his Foxes. “Have fun. Or don’t. I don’t care. Just no more fighting, you got me?”
  • “Andrew spent that night here with me. At first I figured he was mad at Kevin for lying to him, but he was more worked up about you.”
  • “I didn’t ask for an apology, wiseass.”
  • Wymack stared at him for an endless minute, then said too quietly, “The fuck did you just say to me?”
  • “He chose to cross a line. You didn’t. You hear me? You didn’t. Don’t ever blame yourself for Seth’s death.”
  • Wymack kept Neil away from the microphone, not trusting Neil to behave himself.
  • “Five points or twenty-six miles. Do the math and decide which one makes you happier.”
  • “Let’s do this,” he said. “The sooner we kill these bastards, the sooner we can get roaring drunk at Abby’s place. I spent all damned morning stocking her fridge.”
  • “I have a cleaning crew coming in tomorrow to wash the Raven stench off our court. Let’s get the hell out of here and get wasted.”
  • “Neil,” Wymack said. “Between you and me, I don’t think you’ve ever been fine.”
  • “Nicky tried to hug Andrew and almost got himself staked with a kitchen knife.”
  • “Speaking of unpredictable assholes, when did that happen?”
    • “When did what?” Neil asked.
    • Wymack eyed him. “Forget it.”
  • “Figure out what you two need to cope with this, and let us know.”
  • “I want one lap for every time you’ve ever said the NCAA’s never had your back.”
    • “Oh, Jesus,” Nicky said. “We’ll be running all day.”
    • “Better get started, then,” Wymack said. “Move out, maggots.”
  • “Be here at six o’clock tomorrow morning,” Wymack said. “We’ve got a game to win Friday.”
  • [Nicky]: “I can’t understand you. That’s not fair.”
    • “Think about that the next time you use German at my practices,” Wymack said.
  • Wymack came out of nowhere and hauled Neil off Riko like he weighed nothing at all.
  • Wymack answered on the fourth ring. “You have a good reason to be bothering me on a holiday?”
  • “He sounds like Neil,” Wymack said, “but he doesn’t look like him. I’ll take your explanation from the top and without a side order of bullshit, thanks.”
  • He stopped fighting to get free; the hands that had been trying to wrench Wymack’s arms off him now held on for dear life.
  • “Can I let go of you and trust you to behave, or are you going to try and cut your face off again?”
  • Wymack didn’t say anything about the scars… He just checked Neil over with a clinical eye and poked at every line of stitches for weaknesses.
  • “He gave me a contract but I wouldn’t sign it. He couldn’t make me sign it. This doesn’t mean anything. I’m still a Fox.”
    • “Of course you are,” Wymack said.

and of course, mine and everyone else’s personal favorite:

  • “Help me,” he said through gritted teeth.”
    • “Let me,” Wymack shot back.
where in the world is miss quinzella’s?

well, here’s where it could be. maybe. going by evidence of plant species and mention of the ocean, I narrowed down the possible location of our dear Lumberjanes camp. Or I’m completely wrong and it’s magic or whatever and it’s actually in like, antarctica.

breakdown of how I chose these areas under the cut because it’s kinda long

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stephaniebithell  asked:

For the whump prompts, nino/alya "You promised you werent going to be reckless! You promised!"

“You promised you weren’t going to be reckless! You promised!” Alya hissed as she tightened a compression bandage around Nino’s injured wrist. He winced but held his tongue. “You said you were going to stay out of the way.”

“I did stay out of the way! The way just happened to find my hiding place,” he replied sheepishly.

“Turn around so I can look at your back,” Alya commanded, ignoring his reply.

“I’m okay–”

“Nino Lahiffe, turn around now or I will make you turn around and it will not be pleasant.”

“Yeah because this is so nice right now.”

Alya glared at him and he ducked his head, turning his back to her. She inhaled sharply at the deep claw marks torn through his shirt. “That damn cat,” she muttered, forcing Nino’s shirt over his head.

“It wasn’t his fault. He wasn’t in control.”

“That excuse only works so many times.”

Nino sighed. “Al, you know Adrien would never hurt me on purpose.”

She leaned her forehead against the back of his shoulder. “I don’t ever want you hurt, on purpose or by accident.”

“I don’t particularly want to be hurt either but I think it might come with the territory of dating a superhero.”

“Maybe we should–”

“Don’t finish that sentence,” Nino warned. “I told you before and I’m telling you now, I’m not going anywhere. Fox Miraculous or not, you’re my girlfriend and I’m not leaving your side.”

“But this could happen again! And what if next time, we can’t stop a controlled Chat Noir or an angry akuma or–”

“Or an off-road city bus or a drive-by shooting or a heart attack,” Nino added. “Babe, there’s always going to be something dangerous that could happen.”

“I can’t lose you,” she said softly.

“You won’t, I promise.”

“Your promises don’t mean much today,” she said petulantly, rubbing an alcohol pad across his sliced back. 

He groaned and slumped forward. “Damn Chat.”

A quick drabble for the lovely @stephaniebithell <3

Concept: Nicky, wearing a “SAY HEY IF YOU’RE GAY” shirt. Andrew, walking downstairs, looking at his shirt, and saying “Hey” before going into the kitchen and grabbing something that’s probably not suitable breakfast food.

missing scene post ep; avatar


Literally submitted at the last fucking second.

Drabble; PG-13; MSR (eh bordering on friendship) with Dad Friend Skinner; Humor; Skinner invites Mulder and Scully out for drinks after they try to save his ass.

Everything is planned out to the last detail. Someone is going to admit to a goddamned paranormal experience tonight and it is not going to be him. If you were to tell Fox Mulder that there would be a time in his life where he’d be surrounded by people who were even more brooding and repressed than himself, he would’ve laughed and laughed and laughed and started yelling about his sister. Repression is his corner of the market. Except it’s… sort of not, anymore. 

This is going to happen even though it means sitting through the most awkward night of his life. And it is, do not doubt him on that. Even the warped, boundless depths of his sick imagination could not have come up with this. His penchant for self-abuse only extends so far. 

Having drinks with your boss and coworker should not be this mortifying. But it really, really is.


First, no one talks but him. What is the point of going out for drinks if no one talks? Even when he goes out by himself he talks to the bartender, at least. He used to hit on girls but that was when he was suave and brainwashed and all of the horrific shit he’d gone through had been buried deep, deep inside. Now it’s all on the surface and the only girl who’ll talk to him is Scully, and if he hits on her she’ll shoot him with either her apoptotic stare or her big ol’ FBI gun. He’s not sure what would turn him on more. He could try Skinner, but could Mulder really handle that kind of rejection?


And then there’s of course the fact that they’re both drinking him under the table. Which is the point of all of this, anyway, but they’d be crushing him even if he had decided to go all in. Scully slams back her vodka and cranberry like she wants to be drinking something else, is taking the mild route to assuage their fear of her being some kind of closet alcoholic. Her display does nothing of the sort.

And Skinner with his scotch whiskey and faraway stare. If he’s drunk Mulder can’t tell. What if Skinner’s always drunk? He almost turns to ask Scully this, but then remembers Skinner is right there.


“So, Skinman,” Scully breaks the silence hilariously. But it’s certainly not on purpose. She is drunk. Mulder is dying on the inside, trying not to laugh. What the fuck. She wasn’t supposed to let Skinner know they call him that. “What’s the occasion?”

Skinner folds his arms on the bar in characteristic film noir seriousness, staring hard ahead. The barman pours him another J & B. “You guys put your necks on the line… for my career.” Not ‘for me,’ Mulder notes morosely. Skinner really is more repressed than him.

Scully snorts. “Are you kidding? This is the best case we’ve had in ages. I’m so damn sick of aliens.”

Mulder glares at her. Suddenly she’s not so funny.


“So, Scully,” Mulder says casually. He’ll be sly about this. She won’t even know he’s questioning her. “There’s a case coming up that is very similar to yours and other’s we’ve seen in the files. We have to leave as soon as Skinner signs off on it.” Skinner groans. “I want you to look over the file, first, let me know if the notes at all remind you of your experience.”

“I wasn’t fucking abducted by aliens.”


“Skinner, Walter. I know you’re scared. I know that you think no one will believe you, that you’re crazy. But you know I’ll listen. What aren’t you telling me?”

“Does he ever shut up?” Skinner asks Scully. She sucks at the last dredges of liquor from her empty glass and the sound is annoying as hell. She shakes her head no.


Mulder will repress this for years. 

I imagine that when the Foxes’ kids get old enough they all start wanting to be Foxes too. And their parents sit them down and tell them the one truth that all the Foxes have grown old enough to know: 

A Fox will never raise a Fox. 

But kids are too young to really understand, they see the Foxes as they are now; their loving but still dorky parents, their amazing aunts and uncles. They don’t know how much blood was shed and scars given to get there. They don’t know what being a Fox means, not yet anyway. 

The kids are, understandably, devastated that they will never be part of that family, but although they’re young they’re also a bright lot, and over time they go to their parents and tell them; 

Fine, if we can’t be Foxes, then we’ll be Cubs. 

Genderfluidity is a weird thing that even i dont understand sometimes ha. Ok like uh its a binary and non binary thing cause it’s fluid in the spectrum and off. So like idk we can’t say it’s this one thing and not the other but we do to try and class it somewhere cause it’s just weird. And like sometimes, at least for me, I’m two different genders on thus one day or week or something like… maybe a weird mesh of a guy and agender. Or a mesh of three. And I don’t know mine is like on every single part of the spectrum and beyond on both ends. And I’m a mess. And I wanna be friends with more genderfluid people so I can complain about how weird thus is ;v;

Guys, it’s okay to like Lila/Volpina

But in my honest opinion, it’s totally NOT OKAY to justify her actions by saying “she’s a new girl in a new environment. She just wanted to fit in”. At all.

I have been the new girl before. Several times, even. I know how it feels to feel like an outsider. To have the desire to fit in. Be accepted. But I can tell you that creating one big, fat lie after another just to get people to admire me is not okay in any way. 

There’s a HUGE FRICKING DIFFERENCE between wanting to fit in and wanting to be IDOLIZED, thank you very much. 

Lila lies like a pro and that really creeps me out. When she got called out by Marinette in the park, she didn’t even apologize to Adrien for lying straight to his face (or for the fact that she fricking stole and threw something that sort of belonged to him away), she completely acts like the innocent victim. 

Even after Marinette apologizes for humiliating her (ngl even I think she was a little too cruel. She could’ve called Super Liar™ out another way), Lila still acts as though she had done absolutely NOTHING wrong and doesn’t even apologize for spreading lies about Ladybug. 

It’s okay to feel somewhat sorry for Lila, but do it for the right reasons, because I feel like there’s more to her than we might know. 

Instead of feeling sorry for her for being “the new girl who just wanted to be accepted”, feel sorry for her because she obviously lives in a fantasy world where she thinks every single thing she does or lie she tells is justified. 

She probably doesn’t know any better. Maybe she’s a victim of having a bad example, Like Chloé. She was raised a spoiled brat that’d play dirty to get what she wants, since that’s how her dad became the mayor of Paris. It doesn’t necessarily make her, nor Lila a better person, nor does it justify the bs they both have pulled, but at least her b*tch-ass behavior would be explained

I may hate Lila, but I hope she gets fleshed out more. I wanna see her motive. I wanna see how she became like this. I wanna see if she can be redeemed and EARN the fox Miraculous.


The Fox

Whaaaat? There’s a part two!!

(What’s up! It’s Shay, with a new imagine for yall! So this was actually really hard to write and took me a while. Sorry if this isn’t what you pictured The Fox to be like, but it was pretty difficult for me to write for that character. Another apology for it being so long! But I think this would do better in just one part. Still, let me know what you think maybe? And as always, these gifs are not mine. Feel free to leave me any comments/questions/concerns. Thanks for reading!)

Pairing: Barry Allen x Reader (gender neutral!!!)

Word count: 3254 (yikes)

Warnings: Kidnapping? can’t really think of any others…


You allowed yourself to look up from the email you were typing on your phone. Your eyes wandered over the many covers of different magazines propped up for sale at a small newsstand on the corner of the street.

You rolled your eyes when you saw a local paper, with a huge picture of The Flash smack dab in the center.

Sure, he was heroic and brave, but you were too!

About two years ago, around the same time the STAR Labs particle accelerator exploded, you noticed yourself… changing.

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anonymous asked:

"When are you going to tell them that you love them?" Fox/Coco please?

“When are you going to tell her you love her?”

The question was straightforward enough, but Fox still looked for a way to stall.

There was no question as to who Velvet was referring to - Coco had just left to get a late dinner - so that wasn’t an option.

His hearing was nearly as good as hers, so there was no pretending he hadn’t heard her.

The question was straightforward enough, but the answer was painful.

The truth was harder.

She wasn’t interested in more than friendship.

He wouldn’t do anything to jeopardize that, though. She meant too much to him.

“I already have.”