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Request: Can u do an imagine were your part of the TST Cast and u have a crush on Thomas but he has a girlfriend named Alice, and when you’re about to confess his your feelings (because Dylan cheered u to) you see him kissing Alice so u leave crying but Thomas noticed and goes after u but u lock yourself up and start singing Chains by Nick Jonas and then he comes into your room and kiss you and fluff, please?

A/N: I just got a whole bunch of Thomas Brodie-Sangster requests which I’m doing now then Peter Pan! And the same person sent me a second message to change the song to Wildest Dreams

“Come on, Y/N,” Dylan pestered you, “You’ve had a crush on him since we started filming.” You looked to the ground, redness going to your cheeks. “I think Thomas likes you.“

You rolled your eyes. “As if,” you scoffed while getting ready for the next scene.

“I’m serious,” he promised.

Doubts circulated you. “Did Thomas tell you that he liked me?”

“No, but I’m pretty sure.” He saw your insecurities and questions. “Okay, think of it this way. Worst case scenario if you do it: He says he doesn’t like you. Worst case scenario if you don’t tell him: he might like you and you’d never know.”

Your eyes went to Thomas, walking to the set. He was amazing. The two of you became good friends pretty quickly. Even when he was in the grungy Newt costume, your heart began beating faster than normally.

Turning back to Dylan, you muttered, “I’m scared. I’ve never felt this way since my last relationship.” It didn’t end that well. The boy became someone different than what you thought he was.

Dylan nudged you softly. “Just think about after shooting. Promise me that.” You nodded and prepped for the next scene.

As if things couldn’t get more confusing, Thomas approached you. “You alright, Y/N?” He checked, “You look a bit sick.”

“Gee, thanks, Thomas,” you replied sarcastically, “You’re a real ladies man.”

He shrugged. “I try.” That made you laugh a bit. “So, you’re okay?”

You stared into his dark eyes. “Perfect.” It was so obvious. You should tell him. Thomas smiled at your answer, but before you could reveal anything, the director called for us to get ready. You pushed aside the feelings and brought back the fear of the Scorch.

Once filming was over, Thomas practically disappeared. You were walking around, trying to find him. There was a flash of his dirty blond hair in the corner of your eyes. You turned to see him. He smiled and waved.

Gathering your courage, you started to walk over before a girl behind him started talking to him. You never saw her before, but Thomas obviously knew her.

She was facing you while Thomas had turned around to talk. The girl was pretty, much prettier than you, in your opinion. You tried to reason with yourself. Maybe she was a relative or friend.

All those thoughts flew out of your head when she kissed him quite roughly. Thomas froze, but returned the kiss.

A familiar pang in your chest left you speechless. All of your fantasies of Thomas possibly liking you back were crushed by the fact that he had a girlfriend.

Tears gathered in your eyes before you heard someone. “Y/N?” Dylan came from the side and looked at what you were looking at. “Oh.” He looked at the scene with shock as well. “Y/N, don’t look. Let’s just go back to the hotel.”

Leaving Dylan by himself, you ran off the set. Your tears were hardly noticeable, but when Thomas broke the kiss, he turned to see you running off with tears in your eyes. He hastily excused himself from Alice and went to Dylan who you had been talking to. “Is Y/N alright?”

He didn’t really know what to say. “No, not really.”

“What? Why?” Thomas was concerned.

“I thought you broke up with Alice,” Dylan changed the topic, “How did you get from breaking up to making out in the set?”

Thomas rose his eyebrow at the sudden change. “Well, this is the first time I saw her after I decided to break up with her,” he explained, “I couldn’t just text or call, saying that I wanted to break up with her. I was going to tell Alice at dinner tonight.”

He dug deeper, “You didn’t actually tell me why.”

The British boy blushed a bit. “Why do you think?”

“You like Y/N?” Thomas nodded. “Yeah, the perfect way to say that is to kiss another girl. Nice going, Thomas.”

Once you got to the hotel, you lied on the bed. All you could see was Thomas and that girl kissing each other. As if Thomas would ever like you when he had her.

Feeling a bit disgusting, you took your clothes to the bathroom. You started the shower and played some music from your phone. Striping down to nothing, you stepped into the hot water and began washing away the day.

Thomas knocked on your door for a while, but when he heard the shower, it was pretty obvious what you were doing. He heard the shower stop and thought it was safe to use the card you gave him.

You were still in the bathroom, drying off and singing. Thomas froze. He didn’t know that you sang. “ He’s so tall and handsome as hell. He’s so bad, but he does it so well.” You walked out of the bathroom, full clothed in pajamas. Your hair was damp, but you were still beautiful to Thomas.

Not knowing that he was there, you almost screamed when you saw him. “Thomas! What are you doing here?”

“What you saw at the set was nothing,” he assured, “Alice is my soon-to-be ex.”

“Thomas, why do you think I care?” You asked, trying to hide your relief.

“Well, I was hoping you would.” He took a deep breath. “I’m breaking up with Alice because I don’t love her. Frankly, I’m kind of hoping that you return my feelings so it’d be less awkward.”

“You like me?” You asked, not sure if you heard correctly.

“Yeah,” Thomas replied, blushing a bit. He let out a sigh of relief when you hugged him. “I’m assuming you like me?” He broke the hug.

“Yeah,” you replied softly, “I like you.” Those three words were torturing you all day so letting them out felt amazing.

Thomas leaned in, but you stopped him. “You have a girlfriend.”

He frowned. “But I’m going to break up with her.”

You just pushed him out of your room. “Come when you do.”

Later that night, there were some knocks on your door. Having some inkling on who it was, you opened the door to a smartly dressed Thomas. “Hello, Thomas,” you mimicked his British accent.

“Hi, Y/N,” he walked in, “In case you doubt me, I am a free man. I have the sore cheek to prove it.” A look of concern went to your face. “Yeah, but I’m fine.”

“Very good,” you decided.

He looked a tiny bit hopeful. “May I kiss you now?”

“Well, you just got out of a relationship-”

He smiled playfully before cutting you off with a kiss. It felt better then the one earlier that day to say the least.

Part 1, Chapter 10: Thistle

Near the Nevada border, I pulled the truck to the side of the road, cut the engine left the AC on. It is so hot here! Opening the window feels like opening an oven to see if it’s ready for bread – how it feels like you’ve been slapped in the face? Like that. You know, Alice.

I’m staring at my hands. They’re just my hands, like I’ve always had, but…also there is something of Heaven to them, because not that long ago they were touching your hands. How could they be ordinary hands and also hold that memory at the same time? Doesn’t make sense.

I can’t drive while I tell this. Too much to say. I’m going to tell it all Alice. Even the parts you know. I’m going to describe the shape of the monster that is devouring me.

And then I’m going to start this engine, and leave that monster behind.

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Alice II/James Sirius: For anon.

James Sirius Potter made his way down to the lake. It was a surprisingly warm day for an October morning. James knew he should probably be writing his Transfiguration easy, but he knew the subject well enough and McGonagall had a soft spot for him even if she wouldn’t admit it. As he got closer to the water, he saw what he was looking for.

Alice Longbottom II was sitting by the lake throwing stones into the water. She looked deep in thought. James put on his trademark smirk and started toward her.

“Hello, James,” Alice greeted him before he reached her.

“How’d you know I was coming?” James asked narrowing his eyes.

“I have eyes, you know,” Alice replied sarcastically.

“So I noticed,” James muttered plopping down next to her.

“What brings you down here, Potter?” Alice inquired.

“Really? Potter? We’ve know each other forever,” James said ignoring her question.

Alice smirked, but didn’t turn to face him. “Just answer the question.”

James shrugged. “I was bored.”

“Why aren’t you shagging one of your slags then?” Alice asked.

“Why would I spend my time with them when I have you?” James asked nudging her.

Alice smiled and turned toward him. Blue eyes meant brown ones and for a moment neither of them said anything.

“When are we going to tell everyone?” Alice asked lacing her fingers with his.

“Weren’t you the one who wanted to keep our relationship a secret?” James responded bring her hand up to his lips and kissing it.

“Yeah, but I don’t like the fact that other girls keep coming onto you,” Alice told him.

James smiled. “First of all, none of them hold a candle to you. Second, is that why you made the shagging remark?”

Alice sighed. “I heard Amy Palmer talking about cornering you the other day. She said that she was going to make you her boyfriend if it was the last thing she did.”

“Ally,” James muttered pulling Alice to his side. “Don’t worry about that. That’s not going to happen.”

“You promise?” Alice asked looking up at him.

James nodded. “I promise.”

Frat Brat. -Part Nine. -Joe Sugg Imagine.

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Please read the authors note at the end, I promise it is worth it!

The picture above is the dress detailed down below for the dance!

I hope you enjoy! xxx


You sniffled quietly to yourself while rubbing away at the tears on your cheeks. The sky was now a black blanket, tiny stars glimmering here and there. The large moon lit up your path way along with the lamp posts lining the streets. A breezy, frigid wind blew by your body causing your hair to fly behind your shoulders while your arms tightened around your body to keep your body warm.

Your heart had long ago shattered and the broken and torn up pieces of your heart were now turning in your stomach like a merry go round. Your legs felt heavy and numb, it felt like a life time to lift your feet off of the ground to continue your walk to your car.

Tonight’s emotional episode was now swirling in your head like a movie, the tragic and heart breaking scene constantly replaying again and again. This morning, everything was going so smoothly and so perfect that it honestly felt like a dream. Like those cliché romance novels, the bad boy changed and the good girl fell hard. Joe changed within these last few months and surprisingly instead of cutting one another’s throats and throwing shady and snide comments at one another, yourself and Joe learned to get along with another and somehow you managed to actually fall for the frat brat, something that you never wanted or even planned to happen.

Unlike this morning, waking up under the duvet covers with hazy memories, your morning couldn’t have gone any better but your evening was instead a tornado of heart break and losing a best friend that you thought would always be by your side. It was true that saying, once life sees you completely happy, it likes to throw bigger problems at you.

Wrapping your arms around your body, the wind blew against your skin. You felt completely alone. All that you wanted was for someone to hold you and tell you that all of this would blow over and everything would be alright. You wanted to be able to open to someone and not be judged about what you’ve been doing in your life. You wanted to open up about how once you completely despised Joe and swore that you’d never give him a helping hand but now you’ve fallen for him for the exact same reasons like Alice and Becky. You wanted to speak to Oli and have a deep and meaningful conversation with him and explain to him what’s going through your head at the moment because right now, he’s the only guy you think can understand you.

Everything always works out in the end, right?
That’s the saying anyways.

Sliding your phone out from your pocket to call your mum, to let her know that you haven’t been whisked away by a stranger, you couldn’t help but laugh at how ironic it was for Alice to have left you a text message.

You can’t remember the last time that yourself and Alice had a nice day of chilling out. With homework, studying and tutoring Joe, you’ve barely had time to breath. Unlocking your phone quickly, you tapped into the message, a smile curling its way onto your lips.

‘Hey babe, how have things been? I know you’ve been working hard with studies and finals as well as my dream boat of a man but in all honesty, it feels like a life time since we last saw one another! I was thinking that tomorrow me and you can go shopping and have a little catch up? I need to look for a nice pair of heels for the dance that will match my dress so it would be very much appreciated if I could have your advice on what heels will suit and a all that jazz, so whether you like it or not, I’m going to take you shopping with me anyways! I’ll pick you up tomorrow around twelve, we can grab lunch and dinner too xx’

Maybe this is exactly what you needed. A day where you can just turn off your brain and cut out your technology and just relax and have some down time with your best girly friend and hopefully explain everything that’s been happening in your life. You also needed to get your hands on a dress for the dance, and maybe with a little bit of luck, you could find one with Alice.

Maybe things were starting to take a turn for the better.

Your lips were now twitching into a small smile, your thumbs running across the screen rapidly.

'Can’t wait for a really good catch up tomorrow! See you when you get to my place xxx’


“Well, well, well, if it isn’t Ms. L/N! Where have you been girly!?” Alice beamed, her head poking out the window while she pushed back her hair with her Victoria Beckham sunglasses, a gift you bought her for her eighteenth birthday.

“Alice!” You giggled, jumping into the seat beside her, your arms wrapping around her frame immediately.

“That’s my name, gal! I’ve missed you so much! Where the hell have you been? You’re always out or up to something!” She laughed, the car engine roaring to life as you rolled your eyes playfully at her words.

“Well, apart from drowning in studies every night for finals, I’ve pretty much been sleeping my life away. That’s all I’ve been doing, is revising and sleeping, I live it and breathe it!” You grinned cheerily, a laugh passing through Alice’s lips while she pulled her sunglasses back onto her head and started her drive to the shopping mall.

“Well, you do know you have a thing called a phone, right? It’s this magical device that lets you text message me and you can even call me and face time me! You do know that, right? Or have you been that sleep deprived?” She smirked, her eyes glancing over at you as you tutted her and pulled your own sunglasses on to shade your eyes from the blinding sun.

“Yeah, yeah, whatever! I’m not that sleep deprived!” You laughed, rolling your eyes in a playful manner while Alice started the drive to the shopping mall. “Besides, I’ve been busy with Joe.” You continued, shoving your phone into your purse.

“Ooh, busy underneath the bed sheets, are you?” Alice teased, your eyes widening at her words while your cheeks instantly burned red.

“Alice!” You shrieked, a laugh shrilling through your lips as you turned to face the window to hide your blushing face.

“What!? All I’m saying is, that if I had to tutor that beautiful boy, I’d be teaching him a few lessons underneath the sheets.” She smirked, her head nodding satisfied at her words while your cheeks turned a darker shade.

“Alice, please!” You breathed, throwing a hand over your mouth to hold back your laughter.

If only Alice knew that you and Joe did actually get up to one lesson underneath the bed sheets, she’d drop dead.

Placing your hand on your forehead, you bit down on your lip, thoughts running around your head. How were you going to bring up that topic? How were you going to tell Alice that after all the years of hating the boy she was obsessed with, you were now going to the dance with him and not only that, but you also got up to some fun in the bedroom.

“What!?” Alice giggled. “It’s not like you’ve done the dirty with him!” She continued, your eyes widening at her words knowing it was only a matter of time until you were going to have to spill the beans.

“Oh whatever!” You grinned, turning up the radio hearing Selena Gomez serenade your ears. Catching your lip in between your teeth, you grabbed a piece of your hair and began to nervously twirl it around your finger. Your thoughts screaming at one another, battling between one another, debating whether or not it was now the time to tell her or if you should save it for later.

“Oh my gosh.” She gasped, her head snapping fiercely to face you. “You and Joe got together! Oh my gosh!” She screamed, her feet slamming down on the brakes, the car suddenly pulling onto the sidewalk as you clutched to the window and the car seat, hearing passing cars slam down on their horns.

“Are you insane Alice!? We could have crashed!” You shrieked, your hand clutching to your radically fast beating heart.

“Don’t change the subject, we’re still alive! You and Joe hooked up!?” She gasped, her body turning to face you while your cheeks blushed madly.

“I knew this would happen! I knew the minute that you started tutoring him that you’d fall for him, oh my god!” She gasped, her hands slapping against her cheeks, her lips forming the shape of an 'o’.

“How did it even happen? Did you just straddle him and do it?” She asked you, her eyes wide with curiosity while you choked on your bottle of water that was once cooling your blushing face.

“No! Oh my gosh, no! I-It just happened! We were drunk! We were celebrating his paper because he got a high grade a-and we both got drunk and it just happened!” You sputtered out, your stomach spinning with butterflies at your thoughts about the night you spent with Joe.

“Oh my god! I can’t believe you didn’t tell me!” She gasped looking at you in shock. “Oh my god, I don’t even care at this point! Give me details! Was he good? Was he big?” She questioned, your eyes jumping from your skull at her words.

“Alice! Please! I’m not going into all of that detail! Let’s just say..he was very, very good..” You smirked causing Alice to whine loudly while she started the car up once more.

“First of all, you and the boy you once absolutely hated have now hooked up, and now you won’t give me the juicy details? What are you going to tell me next? Joe is taking you to the dance?” She laughed pulling out onto the road.

You couldn’t help the smile that overtook your lips .

“Well, it’s a funny story..” You trailed off looking over to Alice with an excited smile seeing her jaw drop yet again.

“Are you serious!? Why have I been left out of the loop!?” She exclaimed. “Right now, you’re life is harder to keep up with than the Kardashians!” She giggled causing you to laugh.

“He only asked me yesterday! I wanted to tell you sooner but I met up with Oli and well..things went downhill after that..” You sighed, sinking back against the leather seat while looking over to her eyes seeing Alice furrow her brows.

“What do you mean? What happened?” She asked, the car now taking a turn leading to the shopping mall.

“Well..It’s kind of a long story..” You murmured, glancing down to your nails while idly playing with them.

“Babe, we have all day..” Alice grinned, driving the car into the shopping mall parking lot.


“He called you pathetic? That was so low of Oli. I can’t believe he would ever say something like that..” Alice frowned, sipping on her strawberry milkshake.

Smiling sadly you nodded your head at her words. “I was upset and so was he..He asked me to the dance and I turned him down because Joe and I are going to the dance..Oli got so mad..He stormed off and just left me there..I-I felt so..there’s no words to express how hurt I felt..” You frowned, stirring your spoon around your vanilla ice cream.

Over the last two hours, Alice finally found the perfect pair of gold heels that she plans on wearing to the dance on Saturday night. During the last hour, yourself and Alice have been talking about the situation between Joe and Oli and everything that has happened over the last couple of months. You talked about your feelings towards Joe and explained how you started to fall for the bad boy and Alice listened intently to everything that you said and even threw in words of advice. As of now you were concluding the story of what happened last night at the park, informing Alice of everything that happened between yourself and Oli.

“You know, maybe the reason why Oli was so upset is because he really likes you..” Alice suggested, your head tilting to the side confused at your words while you rapidly shook your head.

“Oli, liking me? No, no..we’re just good friends..” You trailed off, looking over to Alice seeing her roll her eyes.

“C'mon Y/N, I mean, I know he said all that hurtful stuff but it’s pretty obvious that Oli really likes you..” Alice explained, your eyebrows furrowing at her words while you set down the ice cream cup, your heart beat picking up.

“I-it is? He likes me? Like, more than a friend?” You stammered out, looking over to a dumbfounded Alice.

“C'mon Y/N, please don’t tell me you haven’t noticed the way he looks at you..” Alice trailed off looking at you amused causing your jaw to drop.

“He looks at you the way every girl wants to be looked at..He carries your backpack for you, he waits for you every day at your locker..He always helps you out with the school paper and sits beside you at every football match..You both always get in an argument in the cafeteria about who’s paying for lunch and he always manages to pay..He’s always texting you in class..He even asked you to the dance..” Alice explained, looking over to you while she sipped on her milkshake.

You felt yourself grow speechless, your mind reminiscing on all of the times you’ve spent with Oli. Your mind was replaying the times you and Oli spent together, thinking about the little arguments that you would have about who’s paying for lunch in the cafeteria line. The times where Oli would instantly greet you at your car and carry your school bag for you and would brush you off every time that you told him that you could carry it. The times at the school football matches when Oli would always give you his jacket to keep you cool from the blowing wind.

“Oh my god..” You whispered, guilt running down your spine.

“You were that blinded by Joe’s good looks, huh?” Alice asked, her eyebrows raised while she continued to sip on the milkshake.

“I..I never even realised or even thought about it that way..” You breathed, looking over to your best friends green eyes with guilt, feeling your mood dampen.

“Do you, you know..like him?” She queried, your hands now cupping your chin while you sighed deeply.

“I-I don’t know Alice..I’ve only ever saw him as a friend..” You exhaled, looking down to the ice cream in your cup, swirling it around with the plastic spoon.

“You know, Oli is most probably really hurt..He’s really fallen hard for you and he’s now friend zoned by Joe..every guys competition in the school..Oli is far too sweet and I know what he said was a super low blow and it was really sh*tty of him to call you pathetic..But he probably thought he had an actual shot with you and when you told him that you weren’t going to the dance with him but you were instead going with Joe..It probably broke his heart..” Alice analyzed, her hand reaching over for yours while she softly squeezed it in a reassuring manner.

You could feel tears brimming your eyes while your heart started to crack into pieces. Everything started to make sense, if what Alice was saying, then everything made perfect sense. Throwing your head into the palm of your hand you couldn’t help but swallow thickly.

“I can’t believe I did that to him..I friend zoned Oli? Oh god, I’m a horrible person..” You frowned, looking over to Alice with teary eyes.

“Oh Y/N..It’s alright..You didn’t know..It’s alright..Everything will turn out for the best..Oli will be alright..I promise..” She cooed, her body now leaping out of the chair she was sat in while her arms wrapped around you and pulled you into a crushing hug, which you gladly accepted.

“Sometimes a little heartbreak is a lesson..and the best thing to do is just to learn from that lesson..Friendships and relationships in general are like glass..so very fragile..When they break..sometimes it’s just better to leave them broken than try to hurt yourself by putting the pieces back together..” She continued, her voice hushed and gentle while her hand gently rubbed your back, as you peeked over her shoulder seeing people look on and pass odd looks between their partners before they move on.

Smiling sadly to yourself, you couldn’t help but let her words sink into your skin. Sometimes it is better to try and not fix relationships or friendships that have broken, because you can get hurt from trying to do the right thing. Sometimes you need to let life take care of the broken relationships and mend them back together.

“How about, we show Joe what he’s really taking to the dance and show Oli what he’s missing out on, yeah? Let’s go find you the most stylish and sexiest dress that we can get, yeah? My cousin will be doing my makeup and hair for me..and I know for a fact that she’d love to do your pretty face too..so how about it, yeah? Let’s just enjoy our day and we won’t let anyone or anything bring us down..” She grinned as you brushed away your tears with the back of your hand and nodded your head with a smile.

“There’s the Y/N I know and love..C'mon, we have a lot of dresses to pick from!” She squealed, her hand taking hold of yours, pulling you up from your seat and tugging you away from the ice cream parlour and down to the dress boutique.



18: 47

“Y/N, can I come in? I’m so excited to see this dress that you’ve kept hidden!”

“Don’t worry Ms. L./N, Y/N will be out in one minute, she’s just changing into the dress right now!” Alice chirped, while her cousin, Dianna, curled the last piece of your hair before she added some volume into it.

“You didn’t show your mum the dress? I can’t believe you got away with that! My mum has made me model my dress about seventy times!” Alice laughed causing you too giggle.

“You didn’t show your mum the dress?” Dianna repeated Alice’s question while you rolled your eyes in a playful manner.

“Well, I wanted to surprise my mum..and I didn’t really want her to make a fuss about it either..You know my mum, she can be very picky, sometimes she can pick out these invisible holes that for some reason, no one else can see..” You giggled, causing Dianna and Alice to laugh.

“It seems to be a speciality of mums.” Dianna grinned, while she touched up your make up slightly.

“I’ve never seen her so excited when I told her that I was actually going to the dance..” You grinned, watching Alice strap on her gold shoes, before she stood up straight and ran a hand over her long red laced dress.

Alice was wearing a long laced red dress, that she paired beautifully with the gold shoes you picked up with her the other day at the shopping mall. Her hair was clipped up into a side messy, but very neat bun. She looked absolutely stunning.

“Aaron is going to drool when he sees you..” You grinned looking over to her now blushing face.

Aaron was Alice’s long time crush. Of course, she did have the hots for Joe, like every other girl in the school, but Aaron and Alice go back a long time and used to be childhood friends. Now, they were going to the school dance together and graduating together too. Aarons role is the goal keeper on the school’s football team and he also happens to be really good mates with Joe.

“Do you think? Do I look okay?” She asked, twirling around in front of you while she smiled shyly at you.

“You look like seven million dollars.” You beamed, your smile widening hearing Alice laugh.

“Isn’t it a million dollars?” She asked, packing her lipstick and money into her purse.

“That’s the saying, but you look much prettier than a million dollars..You look like seven million, no scrap that..You look like twenty billion dollars..” You smiled brightly, gazing in awe at your best friends beauty. She really did look incredibly stunning. She was just a natural beauty. It wouldn’t surprise you if she won prom queen, unless of course, Bethany brain washed the entire school community into voting for her.

“You’re far too kind my dear Y/N..” She smiled while blowing you a kiss.

“The boys will be here in about fifteen minutes..” She announced while looking down to her phone.

“Are you girls excited?” Dianna asked, as she helped you to your feet.

“Very excited! I can’t wait to dance and just let my hair down!” You beamed while looking to Dianna as she grabbed your dress.

“Okay, put your shoes on first, so then we can just slide this on over you.” She grinned. Sliding your feet into your silver five inch heels, you strapped the straps around your feet before standing up.

“I have to say Y/N, this is a beautiful dress, where did you buy it?” Diana asked, unzipping the back of it before she adjusted it by sliding it over your head and allowing the material to run free.

Smiling brightly at her kind words, you parted your lips. “I found it in this little boutique..It was called Anna’s Boutique..It was the last one on the rail and I was very lucky to get it in my size.” You laughed, looking down to the dress that fell past your shoes.

“It’s outstanding!” She gushed, zipping up the dress before she straightened it out.

“Y/N..Oh my gosh..You’ve got the hottest man on your arm and you look absolutely breath taking..You’re going to be the envy of every girl at this dance..” Alice gasped, her eyes looking you up and down slowly, her lips widening into a large smile.

“Look at yourself in the mirror, love!” Dianna giggled spinning you around to face your long mirror decorating your wardrobe door.

As your eyes locked on the mirror, you felt your eyes jump out of your skull.

The dress that you bought looked absolutely beautiful. The top part of your chest to your hip was decorated with a beautiful shimmering, silver design while from the hip downwards, your dress was a long matte black colour. Your silver shoes glimmered in the light, while the dress showed off your leg due to the designed slit from the hip down.

Your make up was absolutely outstanding. Dianna brushed gold and bronze eye shadows along your lid and blended them together. Your lips would shame a red rose as your lips were shaded with a soft but blood red colour. Your long locks of hair were styled into Hollywood curls.

“Wow..” You whispered, twirling in front of the mirror.

“My makeup is just award worthy winning Dianna..I look like a whole different person!” You gasped, turning to face the two girls who were beaming wide smiles at you.

“Thank you so much!” You continued, wrapping the two girls into hugs, feeling yourself grow overwhelmed with your appearance.

You felt like a Victoria’s Secret model and you sure hoped that Joe would love your dress as much as you did.

“Girls! The boys are here!” Your mum sang, causing yourself and Alice to gasp in shock.

“Okay you two, have a fun night, okay? Make sure you don’t forget anything and aye, don’t forget to tell your boys to use protection!” Dianna called out as yourself and Alice gathered your purses and put on some perfume.

“Dianna, you’re a star, thank you so much!” Alice spoke, kissing Dianna’s cheek before she turned to face you.

“Okay Y/N, let’s descend down these stairs and show these boys what we’ve got.” Alice smirked, linking her arm with yours while you giggled.

Straightening your posture, the two of you walked to the stairs and started to walk down them hearing the gasps and coos from your parents.

As you glanced over the stairs, your eyes locked with an all too familiar set of striking blue eyes. You could feel the smile on your red lips grow while a pink blush shaded your cheeks. Your eyes stayed locked with Joe’s as you descended the stairs. Your eyes ran up and down Joe’s appearance, taking in his dashing suit and his neatly quiffed hair.

He looked hot.

“Hey..” You grinned, stopping in front of Joe’s feet while Alice walked over to Aaron.

You couldn’t help but feel yourself blush as Joe allowed his eyes to run up and down your appearance.

“My, my, Y/N L/N, I never thought that it would be possible for you to be more beautiful, but look at you..you look like a glimpse of heaven..” Joe grinned, his hand capturing yours while his lips sealed a delicate kiss to the back of it making your heart flutter.

“You look very smart Mr. Sugg..Your words are far too kind..” You grinned, looking up into Joe’s eyes feeling happiness soar through your veins.

“I bought these for you..” Joe grinned, holding out the large bouquet of red roses making your eyes widen.

“You didn’t have to get me anything..” You grinned shyly, holding onto the bouquet of red roses feeling yourself melt into your heels.

“I wanted to..” He chuckled, pressing a kiss to your cheek.

“So, you must be the boyfriend, are you?” Your dad interjected, taking hold of Joe’s hand strongly catching him by surprise.

“Indeed I am, sir. It’s really nice to meet you.” Joe grinned, composing himself quickly.

“You better be a good guy. You better keep my little girl happy because if you don’t, I swear to you-”

“Dad!” You cried, lightly shoving your dad away from Joe as you cringed.

“No, no, Y/N. Don’t you worry sir, you’re daughter is in really good hands with me.” Joe smiled, saluting your dad causing him to grin slightly.

“She better be, boy. Or else, I’ll do things that will break the law.” Your dad smiled tightly as you groaned.

“Oh Y/N, sweetheart! You’re dress is fabulous!” Your mum exclaimed, a bright smile overtaking her lips as she took in your appearance. “You look absolutely stunning! Doesn’t she honey?” She grinned prodding your dads shoulder.

“I don’t mean to intrude on a beautiful family moment, but I think it’s time we start going!” Alice smiled, as you silently thanked her for breaking up the awkward moment knowing it wouldn’t have been long until your mum started quizzing Joe.

“Okay kids, have fun! Be safe! Have a great night!” Your mum beamed while waving you all off into the car.

Waving goodbye to your parents, you smiled feeling Joe’s arm wrap around your waist.

“I am so sorry about my dad..I honestly didn’t think that he would say that, he usually only jokes about it!” You rushed out, your cheeks burning in embarrassment as Joe chuckled and opened the car door for you.

“Trust me Y/N, it’s cool..My dad does the same thing with my sister.” He soothed, pressing a kiss to your temple making you smile.

“Now, may I escort you to the ball?”


“Joe, I’m nervous..What will people say when we walk in?” You asked nervously, scooting into Joe’s body closely feeling nerves start to travel through you.

“What do you mean?” Joe questioned, looking down into your eyes softly.

Sighing you grabbed Joe’s hands.

“Joe, it’s sort of obvious that we used to hate each other..and now we’re going to the dance together..What will Bethany say?” You questioned worriedly, biting down on your lip worriedly as you looked at the double doors that would take you into the dance.

“Y/N..Don’t worry about what people will think..Tonight is all about you..It’s about us..We’re going to have an absolute blast tonight and I’m going to treat you like a princess..Bethany has her new piece of meat. Don’t let her bother you.” Joe whispered, his warm hand caressing your cool cheek. Slowly and softly, he pressed his lips against yours, your heart swelling in your chest as he kissed you gently making fireworks ring in your ears.

“Now, let’s go in there and dance like there’s no tomorrow.” He grinned, twirling you around causing you to giggle.

As you walked into the hall, you felt your eyes widen in amazement at the sight of the beautifully decorated room. There were beautiful pastel balloons strung around on chairs and tables. Fairy lights were wrapped around the edges of the ceiling while music blasted through large speakers.

It look like a scene from the movie Cinderella. Everything was beautiful.

As you looked around the hall in amazement, taking everything in, you felt eyes on yourself and Joe. Turning your head over your left shoulder, you felt your eyes go wide seeing the brown puppy dog eyes belonging to Oli White. As you smiled and raised your hand to wave, you felt your smile suddenly turn into a frown seeing Becky wrap herself around him while his eyes glared at you.

Oli took Becky to the dance?

Did he do that to make you jealous?

Is he trying to upset you?

Turning your head sharply to look away from the sight of Becky moulding her face against Oli’s, you turned your attention up to Joe’s eyes seeing him already looking down to you.

“Everything alright, love?” He asked you softly, his hand stroking your back.

“It couldn’t be better. How about a dance, yeah?” You asked with a smile, gazing up into his striking blue eyes, latching your hands together and pulling Joe out onto to the dance floor, forgetting about the sight you just witnessed.



“He’s here with Becky!?” Alice shrieked, her eyes wide like saucers while her body tensed up. Sighing you leaned back against the pink tiled wall of the girls bathroom and nodded your head.

“He’s insane! I can’t believe he took Becky! You do know that he’s doing this to make you jealous, right? I can’t believe that boy!” She snapped, taking out her powder and touching up her make up as you shrugged your shoulders and took out your lipstick.

“I came to the dance with Joe. Oli can take whoever he wants. I’m not going to let that ruin the rest of the night. I just wish that he would stop rubbing her in my face! She’s all over him whenever I walk by and when Joe and I are dancing, he pretty much sits on top of us and has her grinding on him!” You complained, running your red lipstick onto your lips before smoothing it out slightly.

“That’s my girl.” Alice grinned, wrapping her arm around your shoulder and hugging you softly. “Anyways, how is tonight going with you and Joe, aye?” She smirked looking at you, your heart racing with happiness at your thoughts.

“Honestly? It’s been amazing! We’ve danced and we’ve swayed..Joe even sang to me! It was just..It felt like something from the movies or even something from those music videos, it felt so magical..We laughed and we’ve joked around and we even got our photos taken in the photo booth and by the photographer!” You sighed dreamily, your heart thumping happily as you swayed side to side, picturing yourself next to Joe.

“Sounds like a prince charming!” Alice laughed.

“Oh he is..” You beamed, holding a hand over your heart before popping your lipstick back into your clutch. “How’s everything with Aaron? Is he as good as a dancer as he looks?” You asked with a grin, looping your arm with hers while exiting out of the bathroom.

“Actually, he’s got two left feet!” She laughed loudly making you bubble up with laughter. “He looks very smooth, but he’s stood on my foot about twenty five times now! But I don’t care, because I too, have left feet and I honestly can’t dance to save my life!” She continued making you grin teasingly.

“Oh yes, we all know that, and I’m pretty sure the crowd at Beyonce remember that when you stood on at least ten peoples feet and knocked a guy over!” You laughed sticking your tongue out at Alice as she whined.

“I told you to never bring that up!” She pouted as you walked over to where you left the boys sitting.

“Bring what up?” Aaron asked amused, his arm instantly retracting out and pulling Alice into him.

“If we survive tonight, I’ll tell you another time!” She chimed, poking his chest.

“Oh Y/N, Joe just stepped outside for some fresh air, he said he would be back in a minute or so.” Aaron smiled at you as you grinned.

“Thank you Aaron. You know, I think I’m going to give you two love birds some time to yourselves, I’m going to step outside too.” You shouted, trying to get your words heard over the loud music.

Waving your fingers at Alice, you walked away from the couple and towards the exit.

As you pushed by the double brown doors, you felt a cool wind instantly hit you and cool you down. Breathing in the fresh air, you felt goose bumps rise onto your skin while you gazed up at the stars lining the sky feeling yourself wrapped up in happiness.

Looking up the street, you looked around for Joe to see if he was somewhere close by.

“I’m not taking the money!” A voice yelled, causing you to jump in surprise.

Looking around, you noticed two figures standing against a corner. Following the voice, you slowly walked down to the figures.

“You won it! You have to take it!” A deeper voice yelled, shoving the body in front of him.

“Look, I don’t want it!” The other voice growled.

Hurrying your speed, you walked faster towards the two figures.

“Oh shut up Joe! You know you won it, so take it!” The voice snarled.


As you walked closer to the two figures, you frowned feeling your stomach grow uneasy as you walked closer to him.

“Joe? Joe! What’s going on?” You asked quickly, your body stopping in front of Joe.

You watched Joe’s face suddenly grow pale as his eyes widened at the sight of you.

“Y/N, I’ll be back into the hall in a minute. Go inside.” He stated, his voice stern making you frown.

“No. No..What’s going on? Why are you fighting?” You asked, looking back and forward between Joe and the guy you recognise now as Caspar.

“Oh didn’t Joe tell you?” Caspar asked darkly, his eyebrows raised.

“Tell me what?” You frowned.

“Don’t you dare Caspar!” Joe bellowed.

“Oh she has a right to know, doesn’t she?” Caspar continued, a smirk on his face.

“A right to know what?” You frowned.


“Tell me what!?” You snapped, looking between the two boys feeling your head spin with confusion. As the words rolled off of Caspar’s tongue, you felt yourself grow faint and your stomach grow nauseous.

“Joe hasn’t changed into some good church boy and he never will be what you want him to be. Because he’s won the bet. Congratulations Y/N L/N, you’re now officially crossed off of the list of girls Joe has never had sex with.”


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