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we are the trusting
we rely on our gut
because it knows
better than we do
that instinct leads to

What’s your team? MYSTIC | VALOR

Second to last squid I’ll introduce here :3

Her name’s Angelika. She’s the one most interested in fashion and her style, which determines her turf battling gear: It has to be the freshest, abilities are not important! She uses the Aerospray RG. Her playstyle could be described as sneaky and merciless. She leaves ink mines everywhere on the maps and inks any escape routes.

What Cannot Be Said Will Be Wept

Just in time! For merthurparty 2013, first prompt: “The Prince and The Servant”

I wanted to step away from cannon, but still focus on Merlin and Arthur at the head of their friendship. Also, space. For my king, colinmorganshair and for my team, because you are all brilliant. Go team orange!

What Cannot Be Said Will Be Wept - Chapter 2 - Emryslin - Merlin (TV) [Archive of Our Own]

An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works

Arthur is a prat sometimes, and Merlin is an idiot sometimes. As Merlin acclimatises to life on the Camelot, he begins to realise how much the moments in between mean to him.

For day two: The Prat and The Idiot

Dedicated to all of the orange team :)

Happy Christmas, if you celebrate. Happy New Year’s Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve to those who don’t ;)