go team adam!

If Obi-Wan can forgive Anakin for killing him (after loving him for 15 years like a father), destroying everything, killing thousands of Jedi, obliterating multiple planets and reeking havoc over the galaxy for 25 years, you can forgive Kylo Ren. 


So…I think I’m going to have to go back to “Team Adam and Jessa” cause I don’t feel that these two should be written to live “happily” ever after. Either way, I trust the writing.

But, I think their story was pretty interesting and I loved their relationship in most of season 3.

I really enjoyed this show and I’m sad it is ending, but I understand that it has to.

Today was wild not only did my friends and I violently colour coordinate to match our Go teams (we forced Adam to wear yellow even though he was Mystic) so we were walkin’ around lookin’ like the damn primary colours, we blared the original opening as we hunted, ran into a little girl in a team rocket shirt, went to a park nobody ever visits to find it crowded, a group of grown-ass men yelled POKEMON GO? at us as we passed and we yelled right back and we had a moment and then a twelve year old in front of us did the same and then we trekked through the coyote infested forest at fuckin like 10 at night for more Pokemon and this game is insane my thirty something neighbour stopped driving to ask if I’d caught anything good and told me to uss an incense for more quality shit and y'all it was wild I have never seen so much hype for a game