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Lars of the Stars

no offense, but, if you don’t think Jon Snow is going to protect you and
keep you safe and hug you if you need it even when he’s slumping 99%
broken on a bed, you are wrong.

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  • electric blue by arcade fire (actually basically all of their new album)
  • pay the man by foster the people
  • secret for the mad by dodie
  • dream on by aerosmith
  • all of them dreams by tom rosenthal
  • karma police by radiohead
  • i don’t know why by imagine dragons (also all of their new album tbh)
  • forgiveness by made in heights
  • weak when ur around by blackbear
  • A.I. by onerepublic & peter gabriel

With mom and dad out on a hunt, Clementine and Jasper decide to have a little party

S4E19- House On Fire

Emily knew she was in for a hard long battle when she walked in her superior’s office to find him already drinking. “Hey, you started without me?” she pouted. She figured it wouldn’t do anything, but it never hurt to try.

Hotch didn’t look up until the agent sat across from him and poured herself a glass. “I’m sorry, I-“ he broke off, bringing his hand to his forehead. “I’m sorry.”

Her heart turned to hear him speak with such a weak voice, a stark contrast to his usual commanding air. “You don’t have to apologize.” She contemplated a moment before deciding that being direct was probably the most efficient way to get him to talk. “What’s wrong?”

“I went to thank Penelope.” Hotch paused to take a sip of scotch, hoping the burning liquid would numb him. It didn’t work. “Everyday I delve elbow deep into horrors regular people shouldn’t have the stomach to look at.”

The profiler winced at the term ‘regular people,’ as if isolating himself from the rest of the world. “We all do,” she whispered.

Hotch looked at her desperately. “Am I turning you into monsters?”

Emily’s breath caught, rendering her speechless.

“All of you are so brave and smart and kind, but most of all you’re eager to please. And that selflessness, that dedication to others and to me, has led you all through some of the most nightmarish situations possible. What kind of leader am I to charge you through this maze of barbarity and cruelty and expect you to follow in my footsteps?”

“A good one.”

antiloquist  asked:

Gdi I keep cracking up at work because the phrase "he jerks it ambidextrously" keeps popping up in my mind at random times. he totally WOULD tho

Like, you know Ignis would notice on the low about how women glance at men and giggle about how he is a righty or a lefty

And Ignis would be confused until he started picking it up too and gets kinda mortified at the fact that he’s now discreetly examining people’s packages to see how they hang

So he’s like “oh ain’t nobody gonna catch me being dick-lopsided” and actually sets out to jerk off evenly

Like he keeps a mental checklist “yesterday I used the left hand for five minutes, so today I must use the right hand for just as long”

I gtg into work rn but now I’m going to be giggling to myself about this all day, too, LMFAO

mystical-taco  asked:

Hi I have Instagram accounts for the batfam. I only have Dick, Tim, Jason, and Damian so far and I wanted to know if I could use some of your edits. If you want to look at the accounts they are jayjay_todd, dectivegrayson, thebest_wayne, and x_tim.drake_x.

you can always use my edits! just tag me in them so i can see them, i want to see what you guys make! my tag is userj