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10 Old Fashioned Dating Habits We Should Make Cool Again
  • 1. Coming to the door to pick someone up.
  • 2. Trying to dress really nicely for a date.
  • 3. Bringing flowers or other tokens of affection to the first date.
  • 4. Going dancing that’s not grinding on a grimy club floor.
  • 5. Straightforwardly asking someone out and not calling it “hanging out.”
  • 6. Additionally, being clear about when you’re “going steady.”
  • 7. Romantic gestures like writing poems.
  • 8. Turning electronics off and just being with one another.
  • 9. The general concept of asking permission for things.
  • 10. Not assuming sex is to be had at any point in time.
  • by Kate Bailey
  • (http: //thoughtcatalog.com/kate-bailey/2013/12/10-old-fashioned-dating-habits-we-should-make-cool-again/)
The One With The Trust Issues

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader

Warnings: Angst, fluff

Word count: 996

A/N: This is my entry for @girl-next-door-writes celebration challenge! My song prompt was ‘Signed, Sealed, Delivered I’m Yours’- I love both Steve and that song so much and it also made me think of another member of the team (Have a guess who that might be)

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Sometimes, relationships aren’t easy. It certainly hadn’t been for Steve and you. Sure, being the partner of Captain America was difficult at times, with him being gone on missions most of the time, but you had known that before you had agreed to go steady. At first, your relationship had been smooth sailing. Steve was a total romantic and an old fashioned guy, but you loved that about him. He never pressured you into doing anything, he was always ready to wait for you, always patient. But he never opened up completely to you. When you had confronted him about it, after finding him crying in his room, he had refused to talk about his feelings. Later that same night, he had told you that he wasn’t quite sure if your love for him was strong enough. You hadn’t exchanged the “I love you’s” yet - mainly because the two of you had decided to take things slow and because you were focused on gaining Steve’s trust before shocking him with any sudden declarations of love. Therefore, Steve doubting your feelings for him hurt you quite badly, already you tried to hide your inner turmoil from him. You promised to show him, that your love was strong enough for him, but he insisted on taking a break.

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reddie steady go

first chapter of my reddie fic is out!! check it out if you want! ♡

an extract:

The now identified jealousy receded momentarily. Richie was taken by a gust of joy. It was sudden and refreshing like a spray of cool water on a summer’s day. Richie repeated the words over and over until they were small specks of font in his mind. No, they were not large, scrawled utterances. Richie liked Eddie. He should’ve seen it sooner. And now, upon accepting it, Richie felt comfortable. He felt at ease with what had been a restless heart. All the cogs in his mechanical body stopped whirring. All the planets aligned. Everything just felt right.

I’m reading a book called Labor of Love: The Invention of Dating, which I’m finding really interesting, in part, as a historical writing resource, even if some of it is making me raise my eyebrow with a bit of skepticism. Still, it’s full of useful info for historical writers, such as this fun fact:

Did you know arcades go back to the late 1800s/first decade of the 1900s? The book references them occasionally as a place where young working-class people would go to have fun and sometimes meet other single young people, and I looked it up because I wasn’t sure what they meant by “arcade” in a 1905 context, but no, they meant arcade, just like we use it, with coin-operated entertainment machines. Except instead of video games, it was mostly things like machines to tell you your weight, give you an electric shock – this was weirdly popular in the early 1900s – show you a moving picture, play a record for you, and things like that. The most familiar-to-us were games of skill – basically proto-Skeeball and pinball-like games.

Anyway, I’ve run across a really interesting thing about dating in the 1940s/1950s, the Peggy Carter era: it was the first time “going steady” (that is, dating one person exclusively) became a thing. Before that, the normal thing was that a young person would date many people at once, unless they decided they wanted to marry this one specific person and became engaged. According to the book, in the cash-strapped 1930s, going on a lot of dates (with different people) was how you displayed yourself as a desirable partner (as opposed to a decade earlier, during the more prosperous 1920s, when it was all about lavishing your date with expensive things). 

But starting in WWII and moving on into the ‘40s and ‘50s, things flipped around totally, and it was all about having an exclusive boyfriend or girlfriend who wasn’t allowed to date other people, rather than having an endless variety of dates. Similarly, the book claims that “breaking up” was something that only really started to become a thing in the 1940s – prior to that, dating was a lot looser, where an unattached young single might decide to stop seeing another person, but both of them were probably seeing plenty of other people, so it wasn’t that big of a deal. (As opposed to, say, breaking an engagement, which was pretty brutal.)

… that is, it was only in the 1940s that there came to be a socially accepted intermediate step between “casually date lots of people” and “get engaged to one person”. Of course this was accompanied by a lot of handwringing about SEX! BEFORE! MARRIAGE!, because the emotional intimacy that went along with steady dating encouraged a kind of physical intimacy that the lighter, flirtier, non-exclusive dating of the previous couple of decades didn’t – but without the commitment step of having an engagement ring and/or being married.

This book is kind of (a lot) frustrating because it makes these sweeping declarations about dating habits in various decades and doesn’t really touch (much) on individual variation. So I can only assume that there must have been (plenty of?) people pre-1940 who had their eye on one person specifically, just like I’m sure there were people who got engaged right off the bat in 1950 rather than “going steady” for awhile first.

(At least if they weren’t super young. A lot of this chapter is talking about high school students.)

Still, I’m finding it really interesting to think about in terms of what Peggy (and those around her) would have considered “normal” dating behavior. I mean, according to this book, a decade earlier it would’ve been the normal, accepted thing for Daniel to date both Peggy and Violet at once (taking them out to dinner, going dancing, stuff like that), and both of them would probably have been seeing suitors as well, but nobody would be super serious about any of it unless one of the couples really clicked and then, engagement time!

At least if this book is accurate.

Amazing Grace pt 2  (Gabriel x Reader)

Summary: You spend some quality time with Gabriel now that you’ve gotten him back.
Word count: 2130
Warnings: Smut, NSFW gif, fluff
Part one: http://bloodstained-porcelain-doll.tumblr.com/post/154543814420/amazing-grace-pt-1-gabriel-x-reader

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“It’s really you,” you said in amazement and ran your hands over his chest and let one hand come to rest on his warm cheek. He closed his eyes at your touch and the most beautiful smile grazed his face.
“I’ve missed you,” you murmured and kissed him softly.
“I’d say the same, but I didn’t even know I was dead,” Gabriel chuckled, making you smile. “But nonetheless, (Y/N), I’m happy you brought me back. I love you.”
“I love you too, Gabriel, so much.” You kissed him once more before you invited him in.

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This is war PART 2 || MINHO x READER - SMUT!

Around two hours after my encounter with Minho in the pantry I was in the Bloodhouse. It was a nice place to chill out at – I mean if you don’t count the smell of manure, sweaty animals and the irony scent of blood.  

In order not to seem like a creep who gets lulled by cackle and the rhythmic sound of Winston’s hatchet being implied into the wood of the cutting board while slicing I pretended to bath Bark.

I liked him. He was a quiet fellow who’s biggest problem was whether he should sleep on his left or on his right side.

However, my biggest problem was now to figure out some punishment for Minho for leaving me un-done – a punishment fit for the crime of not-satisfying.

Unfortunately, my mind seemed to throw a tantrum and not cooperate since I couldn’t come up with anything.


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anonymous asked:

This might be a ridiculously inappropriate question so feel free not to answer but we see all the gang lose their virginity but not Hyde? I wonder when/how/with who he lost it?

A portion of T7S fans believe that Hyde loses his virginity to Chrissy, the titular punk chick of the episode “Punk Chick” (1x22). I don’t believe that was his first time, however. 

I also believe we don’t see his first time on the show because the writers weren’t all that sure of who he is as a character during season 1. They used him mostly as a villainous foil to show how great Eric is in comparison. Once that storyline was finished (i.e. Eric and Donna go steady in “First Date” [1x16]), however, the writers had to develop Hyde’s character in earnest, or else he would be dead weight. That’s when they began pairing him with Jackie (not romantically but story-wise) and moved him in with the Formans.

By then, they’d already done the Jackie-and-Kelso-lose-their-virginity story. They also give some attention to Eric and Donna’s growing physical relationship in season 1. Then in season 2, they focus on Eric and Donna losing their virginity. Hyde’s virginity wasn’t important/interesting/funny enough of a story element for the writers to delve into, so they didn’t.

Fez’s continuing virginity had become a consistent punchline, though, so following that thread in season 4 and season 5 makes sense.

I think the show missed an opportunity by not exploring Hyde’s attitudes toward sex and how they developed. It would have deepened him as a character and, considering he’s mostly subtext, likely revealed some surprising layers.

Imagine Midousuji and Onoda going ice-skating! Onoda has only been taken a few times before as a child, but Midousuji has never gone. The first time he steps out on the ice, his legs shoot apart, one going one way and one going another, and he falls on his butt. Onoda doesn’t mean to, but he laughs at Midousuji as he moves to help him up, holding his hands and never letting go as he smiles up at Midousuji.

“We can just hold hands, okay, Midousuji-kun?" Onoda smiles as he keeps hold of one of Midousuji’s hands, slowly beginning to ease his boyfriend forward. Onoda sticks out like a sore thumb in his pink Love Hime ear muffs, and Midousuji feels slightly embarrassed as he has to be led along. Onoda’s hand is warm, though, and balancing on the ice becomes easier and easier as they go. Midousuji thinks he could skate alone once they’ve completed a couple of laps, but when Onoda asks if he wants him to let go, he shakes his head from side to side quickly. Onoda giggles.

In the end, they’re just two cute boyfriends in matching yellow scarves, holding hands as they do lap after lap around the skating rink. At one point Onoda slips and falls, squeaking and causing a woman nearby to gasp, but Midousuji just picks him up and holds him in his arms like a bride. He hunkers down, going slow and steady at first as he decides to complete this lap himself, then they can get off the ice.

Midousuji is doing great until they’re just a little ways from the edge of the skating rink. Onoda is praising him for doing so well on his own, relaxed in Midousuji’s arms, and this has Midousuji gaining confidence. He lets his tongue hang out, telling Onoda, "Of course I’m doing good.” As he’s closing in on the edge of the ice, however, Onoda leans up and kisses the underside of his jaw, and Midousuji isn’t expecting this.

“Ki–!” Midousuji grunts, tongue still hanging out as he loses his balance and slips. Right there, three feet from the end of the ice… Midousuji slips and falls flat on his butt. Again. Onoda freaks.

“Mi-Midousuji-kun! Are you okay?”

(*・Д・)ゞ !!!!!



I sat at home, at work, everywhere…. trying to think of the perfect thing to draw to sum up how amazing our relationship has been over the past two years….
Tried to think of short comics about the night when I first confessed my feelings to you, the night when that awkward family dinner brought us to finally going steady, the first time we cosplayed together, the first time we made out, or even the first time we said that we loved each other…..
They were all amazing times, memories that I will never forget in my entire life…. but they weren’t the things that define our relationship. They were just moments. Moments that passed and will be remembered fondly.

But…. this set of pictures is what I think really defines our relationship, to me. Moments like last week, when the snow was horrible and I drove over just to be with you for a little bit. When we played in the snow for 5 minutes before realizing how cold it was and just came in and watched a movie together.
That’s what we’re about. It’s not the physical parts of a relationship, not the “firsts”, not the fun things we go out and do.
It’s the intimate moments where words need not be said. When we sit and enjoy each other’s company in our unbecoming outfits and do what makes us happy. When we each talk and just soak in the presence of the other. It’s the simple feeling of your head resting on my shoulder. That feeling that reminds me that I’m yours and you’re mine and of how strong I am.

That’s us.

My Grace, two years seems so short to me when I really think about it. Only so much can be accomplished in two years…. which is why I am really hoping that things continue the way they are between us. I’m looking forward to a long long future with you, and MAN am I excited! Never forget that, no matter what we go through, how little or how frequently I see you, how you look, or what you do… I love you.

Grace. You take my breath away.
Happy Two-Year Anniversary, my angel. :)