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“Sonya, you don’t know what it feels like to be in love like this-”

“I do know what it feels like to be in love, Natasha! And suffer for it!”

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Invite me (Garrus/Sonya)

I hope it’s okay that I made this smutty. Oops?


Felt strange to be in Shepard’s cabin without her next to him. But she had told him to use her cabin like his own, and Garrus was determined to take everything she said at face value, and to stop looking for hidden meanings behind her words.

But it was so easy to fall into that trap, to wonder if she really wanted him there, or if she was humoring him. Garrus would have thought after being back on the Normandy for a couple of weeks now, he’d be past that.

Guess not.

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Aris Imagine

“Go on, Y/N,” Sonya says while nudging you in Aris’s direction.

You shake your head. “No way. I’m not doing it.”

“Oh come on! You like him, he likes you, just do it!”

“I don’t know that he likes me!”

“You’ve never seen the way he looks at you? it’s the exact same way you look at him!”

You roll your eyes. “Yeah, if he comes up to me then I’ll do it.”

She nods. “Be right back.” She smiles at you before leaving, and only after a moment do you realize what she’s going to do.


But you were too late, she’s already over to Aris and saying something to him, pointing in your direction.

Aris look at you.

All you do is look down at the ground, turn in the opposite direction, and begin to walk away.

“Wait,” he says, suddenly right next to you. “Y/N why didn’t you say anything?”

“I was afraid,” you say quietly.

“Afraid I wouldn’t like the most beautiful girl here?”

You look up at him as you feel your cheeks begin to turn red. “So, I guess that means you like me too?”

“No. I don’t like you. I love you.” He steps towards you and presses his lips against yours, but a couple seconds later your moment is ruined by Harriet.

“Oh come on Sonya! You cheated!”

You look at her. “What?”

“Sonya and I had a bet on when it would happen. I said after we’re out, she said before we leave.”

You look over at Sonya, who smiles and waves at you, then you look back to Harriet. “Well, she did win.”

“I think I’m the clear winner,” Aris says with a smile while putting his arm around you.

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Sonya Shepard and #8 A “Spin the bottle” kiss

Shepard closed her eyes, feeling far more relaxed than the commander of the Normandy had a right to be. This was the best bottle of dual-chilarity wine Garrus had found yet. Too bad they already drank the whole damn thing. If she wasn’t so damn comfortable on the couch right now, she’d go grab another bottle of something so they could keep drinking.

They deserved a bit of relaxation, especially after the day they had on Sur’Kesh. With Mordin and Eve safe in the medical bay, Shepard and Garrus went to her quarters to split that really excellent bottle of wine.

“You’ve completely checked out, haven’t you?” Garrus said. Even drunk, Shepard could hear the amusement in his subvocals. “What did I just say?”

She nodded as he ran the palm of his hand over her shaved head. “Something about horny teenage turians.” Her eyes opened and she smirked. “Tell me more. I want to hear all about young, horny Garrus Vakarian, who fucked anything that moved.”

“It wasn’t exactly like that, Shepard,” Garrus said. At her raised eyebrow, he let out of laugh. “Okay, it was mostly like that. Turians are encouraged to experiment a bit, especially once we get to basic and things are so stressful.”

“So how did horny turian teenagers hook up? I’ve got to imagine there’s a turian version of ‘seven minutes in heaven’ or ‘spin the bottle.’” Shepard said, moving so she sat on the edge of the couch and deliberately stretching her arms over her head to tease Garrus a bit.

“I think every society has spin the bottle,” he said.

The bottle of wine they shared stood in the middle of the coffee table. Shepard leaned forward and placed it on its side. With a grin at Garrus, she spun the bottle, hoping it would land on them or the bed. Even the bathroom would work.

And then it stopped. Pointing directly at the fishtank.

“We have a winner,” Garrus said, with a laugh. “Go make out with your fish, Shepard.”

He tapped her ass, and Shepard decided her dignity was on the line. Standing up as carefully as she could, she took a step. Things weren’t too blurry or unsteady, so she took another and another until she stood in front of the fish tank.

Behind her, she could hear Garrus standing up, but she didn’t pay him any attention, focusing only on the fish in front of her. She really should give them names one of these days…

Just when she was about to lean forward and quickly press her lips against the fish tank, Garrus’ hand on her shoulder turned her around. Shepard’s breath hitched as he pinned her against the glass, his hands grabbing her ass to lift her up. She wasted no time wrapping her legs around his waist with a grin.

“Maybe make out with me instead,” Garrus said, his voice low.

Shepard squirmed against him as his tongue - oh fuck, his tongue - licked a trail down her neck. And then his mouth plates were against her lips, and she decided that she won spin the bottle after al.  


i knew toadie & sonya were going to split and that there marriage was more than likely going to be over but i really wasn’t prepared to actually see it happen :( to see them both crumble and dealing with the devastation of what happened to their relationship… it is just so hard and painful to watch! 

Some Jellyfish are Immortal

A/N: This is stupidly cheesy and mushy. If you have any prompts you want to send me just drop it into my ask box :}

Coley nervously rung her fingers together, watching from down the hallway as Sonya put her books into her locker.

“You realize how creepy this is, right?” Coley didn’t take her eyes off of Sonya but turned her head a little to face her friend. “Just go over! She is your girlfriend, she isn’t going to say no.”

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An Old Friend: Peace

The sun woke Alicia from a restless sleep and she looked over to the other side of the store to see Elyza sitting next to Crista, who still hadn’t moved since they placed her down yesterday. She could hear the sound of Elyza’s voice as she spoke quietly to Crista. Alicia felt the bubble in her stomach grow bigger than it had ever been before. She was trying not to be jealous about how close Crista seemed to be to Elyza. After all, Crista wasn’t in the best shape and Alicia felt slightly guilty about feeling jealous of Crista.

Alicia sat up and looked over to see Sonya sitting a few feet away looking at her. Sonya gave her a knowing smile. “Jealous?” She asked, quickly glancing at Elyza tilting Crista’s head up to give her a drink of water. Alicia shook her head, her eyes drifting back to Sonya.

“I know Elyza loves me.” Alicia tried her best to sound confident. Sonya’s grin got even wider and her eyes seemed to see right through her.

“And who did she love before you?” Sonya asked quietly. “Or did you not talk about that?”

Sonya was trying to get inside Alicia’s head and sadly it was working. “It doesn’t matter.” Alicia said, but again her eyes focused on Elyza and Crista and she saw an intimacy she wasn’t sure she was just imagining in her jealousy.

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