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and i remember this family; i remember their kindness, and if i never sleep again! i will stand in the dark for you. i will hold you back by force. i will stand here right outside your door. i won’t see you disgraced. i will protect your name and your heart because i miss my friend. because i miss my friend. because i miss you — my friend.

——aesthetic for sonya rostova from natasha, pierre and the great comet of 1812 ( requested by @ask-sonya-rostova )


“Sonya, you don’t know what it feels like to be in love like this-”

“I do know what it feels like to be in love, Natasha! And suffer for it!”

Guys guys guys (No.2)

the scarcity of Kageie fics in the slbp fandom is starting to bug me like a bee. For the very first time in my research for my writing I actually can not find any relevant information about him or any fanfics except for a few screenshots for reference? Seriously???

*tsk tsk tsk*

This will not do. This WILL NOT DO.

We need more kageie fics. No, clearer. The slbp fandom definitely needs kageie fics.

I know I know, some people will say why should we need kageie fics when we have fanarts like that isn’t good enough?

Yeah right. To be quite honest, lets start by thinking of our fellow folks who loves kageie… whaadaa they feel when they had a mighty urge to read kageie… but poof, no kageie fics in fandom to relieve them of their thirst? It ain’t fair for them.

“But there’s fanart!”

Fine, if you insist. Then tell me, what do you know about kageie?

Alright, I’ll start; because this is more fairer then. To be very VERY HONEST, I only know that kageie looks like this.


 and he is the retainer of Lord Kenshin and that he is in charge of the coverup for Kenshin’s troops in battle. He is said to be quite a special person, maybe because when he starts to bloodlust he looks like this

Yes that kotaro look

And that, he is actually a tsun (maybe) who is not hesitant in cussing when needed, quite narsisstic to a fault but blushes easily. As mysterious as saizo.

Probably even more mysterious.

So, am I the only one who does not know kageie better than this, or that most of the whole fandom only knew this much?

If its the former, then I should seriously start reading more kageie related things (if there are enough to satiate me ofc)

But what if its the latter?


get my point now guys?

See why it is so important to have more fics with him? We can’t always rely on voltage to give us 100% canon stuff anymore if we really wanna try learning more about the character. We can only relate on already given info from tenka and slbp and our own brains now to give this white haired guy love. Which is why we need his fics to get to learn more about this character. To determine whether is he a likeable character or a disagreeable (I highly think it unlikely) character. A person’s first opinion about a character starts from a slbp story, then the second, are from fics and other posts. But kageie has none except for a few summaries, rants, headcanons and screenshots. Then how are we going to learn about this character and like/hate him?

Those headcanons… (this is no insult i love you all) are frankly, in my opinion, not enough. We need more headcanon/fic/prompts/drabbles.

Now here’s the real thing.

So if we can write headcanons about kageie… why could we not write fanfics then? I implore, to all fanfic writers of slbp fandom. If you had not started writing kageie (includng me) then now is a good time to try. I don’t care if its inspired by events or aus or fanarts or whatever, I don’t care if its angst, horror-themed, fluff or smut. Heck I don’t even care if its 50 words long or a 5000 worded fic. We need a challenge folks. Show our kageie justice.

Which reminds me, I should start figuring out how to write him for a fanfic since I can not stand the low number of his written story. Feel free to tag me any related fanfic, screenshot, headcanon, or even excerpts from summaries from stories in tenka about kageie so that I can write without fear of ooc. Thanks ♡

And I hope with my heart that kageie can finally have more fics of his own so that people can learn more about him better. Please reblog to spread this challenge I give to all writers of the fandom, even though a big one

Special thanks to @jane-runs-fast because yes, it is yout comic that made me aware and thirsty for knowledge for this cute boy.


Simply because they make me so happy. 

“I have calculated the number of the beast. It is Napoleon. Six hundred threescore and six (666). And I will kill him one day.” ~ Pierre Bezukhov

What a mood tbh. I want to kill Napoleon. I will travel back in time to kill him. Let’s go. I want to fight him. You go Pierre. You do you. Kill napoleon. Proud of u fam


H’OKAY. SO. Last night we saw Dave Malloy as Pierre!! :D

We’d been planning this trip since they announced he was doing a series of shows–we knew we had to see him but we needed to make it work with timing and vacation days and stuff like that, so we ended up tagging this trip onto the front of my trip to Charlotte later this week, which inadvertently made it the first show after the Tonys, which we won’t talk about because I think I’ve made my saltiness on that front PRETTY CLEAR so far. With things working out the way they did, we decided that we should get a gift for Malloy to acknowledge how much this show has meant to us and that he won all the Tonys in our hearts. Initially I thought a plant was a good idea because flowers die and are also awkward to carry around. From there, my brain thought: well, we should put it in a box so he can just throw it in his bag. We should decorate the box. We should decorate the box to look like the theatre.

(At queer speed dating the other night, someone asked me which Parks and Rec character I most identify with. I said, “I feel like Ben Wyatt, but if you ask any of my friends, they’d say I’m Leslie Knope.”)

So, we decided all this on Monday night? So Tuesday was spent running around getting fabric and glue guns and putting all of this together. All of the little frames have pictures of members of the creative team. It’s PRETTY DARN CUTE, I’ve gotta say.

The entire day was a wild ride–we got the thing done just in time, then realized that my dad had taken my car keys with him so we were gonna miss the bus. Then he managed to get them to us in time for us to make the bus. Then the bus was stuck in traffic TWICE AS LONG AS USUAL. The florist was out of succulents and I had to run all over to find one. Literally run. I ran. With my legs and my lungs and stuff. It was the worst. But I managed to get to the theatre at 6:55 and use the rest room and get into my seat and chug a smoothie.


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Great Comet PJO Au

So this is a thing in the nutmobile chat now

Natasha is a Child of Selene

Sonya is Demeter

Marya is Athena

Anatole is Aphrodite, descended from Apollo

So is Hélène

Dolokhov is Mars

Mary is Hypnos

Andrey is Nemesis

Bowlingballsky doesn’t deserve a godly parent fuck him

Balaga is Hermes

Pierre is Dionysus

-Sonya traps anatole in a tree

-The trees name is marya

-That’s how sonya stopped the abduction

-sonya scares anatole

-dionysus hates anatole with all of his godly being

-anatole charmspeaks his way out of everything

-danatole was enemies-friends-lovers

-anatole can not fight

-natasha can

-the abduction was just anatole and natasha escaping camp

-balaga is the fake parent/getaway driver of escorts

-nicolai rostov is an escort

-mary put her father to sleep when he got abusive “He falls asleep at the table”

-Pierre and dionysus have arguments abt pierres day drinking

-Anatole goes full on dnd and charmspeaks everything

-He almost charmspoke his way out of sonyas tree

-But it was a redwood (somehow) so she just made it grow to its limit

-Mr d was ok with it as long as anatole came out alive

-“If he dies, it was an “accident” and a “travesty”, okay?”

-Dolokhov and Sonya are unexpected friends and talk shit abt anatole

-“Dont you have a crush on him, Fedya?” “I can still be annoyed with him.”

-Fedya brings her seeds from Cali whenever he has to go there

-sonya does smth legit nice for anatole and he just


no warning just


and hes on the floor

-anatole faints a lot it’s an aphrodite thing

-fedyas a double agent for camp jupiter

-he has to bunk w the ares kids the poor thing

-anatole is allergic to pollen

-sonya takes full advantage of that fact

-she covered natasha head to toe in flowers for two weeks after the abduction

-marya hunted down anatole in full body armor, covered in flowers

-anatole was fedyas first friend

-he just walked up and went “hi, you look nervous, wanna be my friend? i’m anatole”

-they were both like 15

-the only reason mr d hates anatole is bc he gave seymour the leopard filet mignon flavored treats and now he doesn’t like to eat anything else

-“look what you did to my leopard, hes spoiled now, like you”

-ippolit kuragin is a child of hephaestus

-anatole has only gone on one quest and he got kidnapped

-anatole is heartbroken after he learned fedya was a double agent

-he cried and tried to charmspeak his fedya back to him

-whenever he played an instrument in that period of time it made everyone around him shed tears

-He stole balagas pegasus-powered-troika and was going to ride it all the way to camp jupiter to find fedya after the war

-balaga caught him

-”are you going to find dolokhov in that” “…yes?” “move over i’m driving”

-They arrive at camp jupiter screaming “WE COME IN PEACE PLEASE DONT SHOOT IM AN APHRODITE KID”

anyway i’m going to make more w the nutmobile chat this is just what we have down

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High school AU where Anatole and Dolokhov hold hands all the time. Literally all the time. Like, Fedya's going steady with Sonya and Anatole dates a new person every week but they still hold hands. No one can stop them. It annoys Pierre to no end


That kinda makes me ship Danatole 

(but sonyakhov is still better)

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@banghim-baby is legit one of the sweetest , kindest people i know, and one of the first blogs i followed after finding b.a.p. 

I’m so glad i met you, your like a big sister and sometimes mom, to me and everyone in the chat, I miss talking to you on the chat so much ;; Hope you and your kids are doing okay, you are and Angel and I love you <3<3<3<3

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send me an url and i will tell you what i think of them of them ^^

So I'm trying to match Crazy Ex-Girlfriend songs with W&P/GC characters

And the thing is I want to use “Gettin’ Bi” for like…three different people.

I think I’m gonna go with Nikolai.

Also Sonya singing “I’m a Good Person” would be hilarious because IT’S ACTUALLY TRUE

Okay now I need to do a college au fic where they all watch Crazy Ex-Girlfriend and like three people are gonna read it but I’M PROBABLY GONNA DO IT ANYWAY