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Having anxiety isn’t just feeling anxious, it’s caring so much of what others think that you live in constant fear. It keeps your mind racing on small things that aren’t even a big deal. It is a battle against you and your caring mind.

Hello everyone, it is friday and I would like to share this small section of a drawing that contains a friendly bee who is sunbathing

thank you xox

Misogyny is not legitimate criticism.

Women are people. Women face misogyny regardless of what they do.

Sometimes people do bad things. Some of the people who do bad things are women.

When women do bad things, that justifies criticism. It does not justify misogyny, or sexualized insults.

For instance: If a female politician votes against health care for poor people, it’s important to talk about how that will get people killed.

That doesn’t make it ok to call her ugly, mock her body, or make comments about how she needs to get laid. None of that has anything to do with health insurance. None of that is valid criticism. None of that serves any constructive purpose. It’s just misogyny.

Directing misogynistic insults at any woman is harmful to all women. It sends the message that there’s no problem with misogyny so long as the woman is a bad person who has it coming somehow. This implies that the only real disagreement about misogyny is about which women deserve it. 

We need to object to misogyny in principle, regardless of who the target is. Misogyny is not criticism. It’s just destructive hatred.

Someone: *doesn’t invite me somewhere*
Me: ;-;
Someone: *does invite me somewhere*
Me: ;-;

Keith and Lance having that kind of relationship where they don’t even need to talk, they can just be in the same room and enjoy each other’s company with no words.


a Fatal_Error has Occurred: Chapter Two - Part 7

The Beginning - Chapter One

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That’s a lot of hand-holding.

Please enjoy!

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The thing that’s honestly hilarious about aggressive and moralistic anti shipping movements is that it literally does not matter at all.

Nobody outside of a very niche bubble and a small number of people even remotely gives a shit. They pour all this time and energy into something that absolutely nobody in the real world outside of the Internet gives a flying fuck about. It would be sad if it wasn’t so funny.

the only reason you dont think ableism isnt that bad or isnt “as bad” as racism or sexism is because youre ableist.

like if the only time you dare to talk about ableism is when you want to compare it to other forms of discrimination to try and excuse it or invalidate it, youre gross and ableist.

if you feel the need to shut someone talking about ableism up because fighting for disabled people is “taking attention away” from your cause, youre an asshole and an ableist

not to mention the fact intersectionality exists and saying ableism isnt bad or shouldnt be talked about is very VERY counter productive to whatever social justice you claim to fight for.

like hate to clue yall, but if your fight for equality and social justice only expands to the abled bodied, or to a certain type of disabled person, youre not for equality, youre for ableism.

and im getting real tired of disabled people being left out of the conversation, of social justice, or only being wanted or talked about when a group can use us to push an agenda, like no, we are people.

we are people and we deserve equality just like everyone else.

and those who say ableism isnt that bad, or isnt as bad, or shouldnt be talked about, is openly showing theyre for equality but only if they can exclude disabled people.

and thats fucking disgusting.

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Lbh physical attraction is important too. Do you really think that Clarke looks at Bellamy that way? because I don't see any evidence at all






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Nah, I think she cares about the health of his lips, and she always checks him out to see if he’s wearing his jacket. She doesn’t want him to catch cold.