go so hyeon

kim a hyeon: have you dated before?
sewoon: i dated twice in elementary school, and once in middle school.
kim a hyeon: oh? that’s a lot.
sewoon: ah but in elementary school, it was (the kind of relationship where) if we gave 100 won rings and bought slushies for the other person, we’d immediately start dating…

kim a hyeon: when do you get confused?
sewoon: when girls post really deep things as their status on sns.

translation credits: @starshipupdates


Shim Cheong & her Seashell Clutch (Legend of the Blue Sea // Episode 3)

This one's for the YiBi shippers

Okay, so, if you’re a YiBi shipper, I believe you’ll be very satisfied reading this so here we go
So I ship Lee Eun Bi with Han Yi Ahn. Why? Because obviously the spark is bigger. Because obviously she likes him more. I realized those who are shipping Lee Eun Bi with Gong Tae Kwang are shipping them because they love Tae Kwang so much and pitty him because she doesn’t feel the same way.
You can ship TaeBi all you want, and you can say Tae Kwang does alot for Eun Bi, but it’s down right unfair to say that Han Yi Ahn did nothing for her, Han Yi Ahn skipped the most important swim meet, got hit by a freaking car, and continued running to school anyway just to protect her, some of you may argue that he did that for Eun Byul, but let’s be honest, we all know he really did it for Eun Bi. He was mad at her for the longest while because of the swapping that’s true, but try having your mind wrap around the fact that your best friend since childhood died and her twin sister was taking her place, and even with that happening he still watched over her and protected her.
Now to talk about Eun Bi. She OBVIOUSLY likes Han Yi Ahn more. Reasons? Okay. The fact that Eun Bi rejected Tae Kwang’s confession should be proof enough, but I’ll keep going. Eun Bi only gets flustered and nervous around Yi Ahn. She fixes herself up when she’s gonna meet Yi Ahn. She constantly thinks of Yi Ahn, I don’t recall a time she thinks or recalls to something Tae Kwang says.
And now we can see that Yi Ahn like Eun Bi and not Eun Byul, and Eun Bi likes Yi Ahn back so they might as well end up together. Eun Byul most likely never liked Yi Ahm more than a best friend and you can obviously see that through the way she acts and the first few episodes when they showed flashbacks of the time they met during the trip. And I do believe that Eun Byul wouldn’t have given Eun Bi her life given that Eun Byul likes Yi Ahn and there was a chance Eun Bi would fall for Yi Ahn and vice versa.
I’m just gonna be real here, I don’t like the romantic scenes between Eun Bi and Tae Kwang, and I really strongly want Yi Ahn to end up with Eun Bi, as it should be. If they ended it with TaeBi then I’m gonna be as annoyed as when they made Hai Mi end up with Sam Dong in Dream High, because in Dream High, Hai Mi should have ended up with Jing Kook, I hated their stupid plot twist.
I truly hope they don’t give School 2015 a stupid plot twist like they did for Dream High.