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Хэй! Привет. Как думаешь, как выглядел бы Эррор на чаепитии? И... да. Ты шипиришь его с кем-нибудь?

Translation: “Hey! Hello. How do you think Error would look like at a tea party? And… yeah. Do you ship him with anyone?”

This has been sitting in my inbox for more than a month, and each time I come back to it I have the same mental image of that tea party scene from Toy Story, and I end up laughing uncontrollably each and every time :D

Error belongs to CQ

I’m turning off asks on this blog for a while now. My insomnia and all the heavy asks I’ve gotten have messed me up a bit so I need to take a break just recollect myself and. I’ll reopen the askbox after the next days i guess.

  • <p> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b>what she says:</b> it's okay that "la la land" won the oscar for best song<p/><b>what she thinks:</b> lin-manuel miranda is by far the greatest songwriter of our time and shows with every single word he writes how magnificent the combination of intelligence and the love to creating art can be. his song "how far i'll go" for the film "moana" is another piece of art he gave to us. this song and this film are especially important in this very moment as representation matters now more than ever. in addition, lin would have been the youngest person ever to get his EGOT. with all do respect, "la la land" was good but he, lin-manuel miranda, deserved this oscar.<p/></p><p/></p><p/></p><p/></p><p/></p><p/></p><p/></p>

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Since requests are open, i wanted to ask for a scenario where ignis' s/o would start to be a bit sad but then it gets worse and worse. When iggy finds out, it's because the s/o feels that they don't deserve him because they're not THAT pretty/handsome, not THAT good of a fighter and can't cook for shit. They feel like a huge burden and undeserving of ignis' love. How'd iggy handle that? Wow sorry forthis

You kids are throwing so many emotions at me I don’t know what to do with myself I love it though don’t stop.
Fem!s/o for ease of reading/writing!

Unkiss Me

She flopped onto the motel room bed with a heavy sigh. The mattress was lumpy and uncomfortable, but at least it wasn’t camping.

Through the paper thin walls she could hear Gladio’s deep voice followed by Prompto shrieking something in dismay as Noctis laughed. She could almost see Ignis rolling his eyes.

Her eyes grew hot as emotions began to make themselves known yet again. They were all so perfect. Funny, strong, attractive… everything she felt she wasn’t. How could she possibly fit in with them? Not only that, but how could she be worth Ignis’s time?

She quickly wiped her eyes as the door opened and the four men entered, Prompto chattering away while Gladio occasionally interrupted with sarcastic remarks.

“We missed you at the Crow’s Nest!” Prompto’s voice finally reached her ears as he gave her a playful nudge. He wasn’t quite sure what was wrong, but it was obvious Prompto could tell something was off.

“Yeah, yeah,” she smiled slightly, “I needed a shower and some rest.”

The chatter and card games continued into the early evening, but she didn’t say much. She was much quieter than usual - normally she was in there with the boys, laughing with and teasing them.

Rolling off of the bed, she quietly slipped out of the motel room. She need some time to herself. They had gone on a hunt that afternoon, but things had gone terribly wrong. It ended with Ignis and Gladio both taking harsh blows in her stead. If only she had been stronger…

Wiping her eyes again, she made her way to a bench and plopped down, leaning her head up against the wall behind her. Her eyes fluttered closed in an attempt to stop the tears from rushing down her cheeks.

She didn’t deserve Ignis. Why was he wasting his time on her? She was such a mess… she couldn’t cook, she always forgot which cabinet she had stored the spices in, she was always having to be saved during battle…

The sound of the bench creaking startled her; she hadn’t heard footsteps. Opening her eyes, her gaze fell upon Ignis. He was sitting beside her, a cup of tea in his hand. But he didn’t drink tea.

“For you,” he said with a small smile, “Chamomile with a bit of honey.”

Hesitating slightly, she took the cup of tea, halfheartedly smiling at him in thanks. Chamomile was her favorite. He was always taking such great care of her. Yet another reason she didn’t deserve him.

The two sat in silence, Ignis watching the stars beginning to speckle the evening sky as she quietly sipped her tea beside him.

“This has gone on long enough.”

His voice finally broke the silence. She froze, unwilling to even steal a glance in his direction.

“You haven’t been yourself for quite some time. You need to tell me what’s going on. Are you alright?”

“I…” her voice caught in her throat, so she cleared it, hoping it would come out firmly, “I’m fine.”


That hadn’t sounded convincing.

“You’re not fine. Please talk to me.”

She finally looked over at Ignis; he was looking at her, searching her, his green eyes filled with concern.

“I…” she started again, but this time she couldn’t continue. Tears began streaming down her face, and she let out a small sob, looking away from Ignis.

“Darling…” his voice was soft and quiet, warm and gentle… home.

He gently placed his hand over hers, lacing their fingers together. There was a long silence, only occasionally broken by her sniffles.

“You’re too good for me,” she whispered, still not daring to look at him.

Another pause.


“I can’t cook. I can’t fight; you’re always having to save me. You take better care of me than I do of myself. And I’m not of noble blood. And…” she paused for a sniffle and a shaky breath, “And I’m definitely not pretty or smart or even worth your time in any way. Why do you even waste your time with me? You could find someone so much better so quickly… There are tons of people that would line up just for a possible for a chance with a guy like you. Just… just leave now so you can find someone better… quit wasting your time on me, okay?”

There was another gap of silence as Ignis processed the flurry of words that had spilled out of her. His grip on her tightened, gently stroking the back of her hand with his thumb. He reached out his other hand and touched his fingers to her jaw, turning her face towards him. He brushed the hair out of her eyes, tucking it behind her ear as a soft smile played across his face.

“You don’t need to be spectacular, darling. You just need to keep being you. That’s why I fell in love with you.”

She let out another shaky sob as Ignis pulled her into a tight hug. He kissed the top of her head, allowing her to release her tears for a few quiet minutes.

“Now, are you done?” he said as he leaned back, a glint of amusement in his eyes, “You’re being rather melodramatic.”

Iggy had finally gotten the response he wanted. She gave his chest a playful shove, muttering something to the effect of, “Oh shut up.”

He pulled her in for a quick kiss, smiling slightly after.

“You know it’s frustrating when you’re so hard on yourself. Even if that, there’s no one I would rather walk this life with. Please allow me to bear your burdens with you.”

She smiled and nodded, snuggling in closer to him. She rested her head on his chest, and his fingers were soon gently combing through her hair. He was so good to her. He always had been… how did she get so lucky?

“I love you, Iggy… thank you for loving me even though I’m such a mess.”

“I will always love you so much more than you know, darling.”

finishd my midterm paper w like 3 mins ta spare, went to class, movie got put on nd nxt thng i kno i wz wakin up an hr nto class disoriented af face smashd nto my notebook nd now my neck aches like a bitch

Arc V 144 - Masks and Symbolism...

…I mean in case anybody missed it :P

The Good:

  • I know there are endless jokes about how Hearland still being destroyed means some dark thin about Zexal ending or whatever, but since we already have proof that the world didn’t just rewrite itself I think I like it better that way, I not a fan of the “World-healing wave” that magically fixes eveything, here it means that the wrongdoing of the Academia kids are not magically erased they still have to work towards forgiveness.
  • I can’t believe it, this episode actually made me care for the Heartland citizens for once, particularly that family at the end, and the sight of the Tower.
  • Dennis continues to “play” the bad guy for a moment there, I think him trying oh so hard at being a soldier here (particularly the forced expressions) means that he only needed Yuya’s acceptance of him as an entertainer duelist for him to pick for himself.
  • This duel was so much fun to watch! I mean right after Dennis tore his mask off if was a non-ending outgambit after outgambit and Yuya defying Reiji’s expectations means that he’s getting back his Entertainer self.
  • The Tyler twins are back and was that Noro carrying a child on his back?

The Bad:

  • Ok, continuity error here, I’m pretty sure Yuya didn’t witness the bracelet girls being assimilated into the Arc V machine thingy,  he was too busy raging.
  • Lol, with the exception of the family, if you expected some Xyz relevance here, in the Xyz dimension you ain’t going to find it :P (just putting this in the bad because… dunno, I know some people wanted it)

The Random:

  • Is Grace’s crush on Yuya confirmed then?
  • Hello Kaito, yo made your cameo now you can go back to the mooncave.
  • Will next episode make me care about the Kurosaki silbings? Find out next week, but remember: lower your expectations :’D
  • Went to bed after 4 am, gets woken up at 6 am and told that I have to meet someone down south about an hour away by 10 am to sign some business papers. 
  • Lays in bed for about 30 mins because anxiety now wont let me go back to sleep.
  •  Feeds dog, let’s dog out into backyard. 
  • 7:30 am sits at desk and does hair. 
  • Gets another call at 8:30 am and told that we can’t meet today, but tomorrow instead.
  • Has no idea what to do with their self at this point.
  • Just refreshes Tumblr while watching ‘Abandoned’ themed videos on YT.

Good Morning!

Winter’s Ten Songs I Listen To On A Daily Basis Tag

I was tagged by the lovely @kpopyourcherryy

  1. ‘La Di Da Di’ by Cross Gene; it’s just fun, but I love Black or White too.
  3. The Eyeby Infinite; Have you seen them???  Okay then, can’t wait for the next comeback.
  4. ‘Watch Out’ by HotShot; DO I REALLY NEED TO GIVE A REASON WHY?!?!
  5. ‘Drip’ by Meng Jia; Yet another member of the China Line that broke free and snatched my ass.
  6. ‘Trespass’ and ‘Hero’ by Monsta X; Honestly at least one MX album gets played a day.  Few artists kpop or other can I listen to the album all the way through.  Monsta X is one of those artists.
  7. ‘JUICE’ AND TABLE FLIPPIN’ ‘JULY’ BY WOO HE FINE/KRIS WU YIFAN!  I know y’all saw this coming.  Let’s not even.
  8. ‘Joker’ by Dalshabet; Mainly because it sounds like they’re saying choke her.  And it sounds like Joh Kuh and that’s funny if you know Korean lmao.
  9. ‘Read U Wrote U’ by Alaskka, Detox, Katya and Roxxy (unfortunately); THIS IS MY SHIT!  LIKE, NO JOKE.  Well all but Roxxy’s part, I just can’t.  The edit with Tatianna instead of Roxxy is better in my opinion.
  10. ‘Don’t Recall’ by KARD; No explanation needed.

Honorable Mentions:

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