go skiing with your friends

Colorado Gothic

- Most days, you can’t see the snowy peaks from your window. Some days you can. Those are the days you stay inside.

- There is always a Derek, or a Zach, or a Matty. You are always told you will meet him ‘next time’. You never do.

- Invites come in to go skiing next weekend. You ask where. “Up in the mountains.” They never say where in the mountains. Sometimes they never say anything else at all.

- There is a scratching sound outside your bedroom window at night. You tell yourself it’s just a coyote. You keep telling yourself that when you fall asleep in the car on your way to go skiing and still hear it.

- There was fresh snowfall last night. As you head out to your car in the morning, you ignore the tracks circling the house, too large to be an animal, and the wrong shape to be a human.

- There is a cloud obscuring the top of that mountain. There is always a cloud obscuring the top of that mountain. You can’t bring yourself to look at it on a clear day, not wanting to think about if the cloud is still there, and if it isn’t, what might lie underneath.

- “The road into Vail is closed” the radio announces. You keep driving. The road into Vail is always closed. The road into Vail is never empty.

- There are snow boots in your closet. They aren’t yours. They don’t belong to anyone else in the house. You know it doesn’t make sense to keep them, but you never get rid of them, either.

- Someone asks you if you smoke pot. You never have. You have never seen your friends smoke it. You have never seen anyone smoke it. How do you know what it smells like, then?

- There is movement up on the mountain. Your neighbor says it’s just a mountain lion. Her husband says that they don’t grow to be fifty feet tall. The next day, he has left on a trip up to Craig. She takes her wedding ring off permanently and goes back to her maiden name. You don’t question it. You don’t question anything that happens in Craig.

- The sign on I-70 says “20 miles to Copper”. An hour passes. The sign on I-70 says “20 miles to Copper”. An hour passes. The sign on I-70 says “20 miles to Copper”. An hour passes.

- An old man walks into the bar. His beard is long and gray and dirty. His hands are rough and stained black. His clothes are too dirty to make out any details. He asks you if the rumors of gold out in California are true. You say nothing.

- Your friend wears glasses. When you go skiing together, she wears ski goggles that are too small to fit glasses underneath. You watched her put the goggles on but never saw her glasses come off. She isn’t wearing them when you reach the rest stop at the top of the mountain, but they are on her face when she orders lunch. You never saw her put them on. You haven’t taken your eyes off of her the whole time.

- You own a dark red ski jacket. It was blue when you bought it. But there is a price to making it down the slope. The gods are satisfied, for this run. You will have to do it all again. You go to stand in line for the lift, among dozens of dark red jackets. The man in front of you is wearing a yellow jacket.

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You pick an artist and then you their songs to answer the questions.

Artist: Bastille

What is your gender? Laura Palmer
If you could go anywhere? Durban Skies
Favorite mode of transport? These Streets
Your best friend? Laughter Lines
Favorite time of day? Of The Night
If your life was a TV show, what would it be? Skulls / Haunt
Relationship Status: The Silence
What are you afraid of? Weight of Living

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what i associate with the signs
  • aries: the color red, headbands, 80's music, high-waisted skirts, laughing with your best friend, thrift shops
  • taurus: baking, open fields, florals, sunshine, maxi skirts, acoustic covers, road trips
  • gemini: neon signs, high ponytails, bright eyes, dark green, leather jackets, sunsets, frogs
  • cancer: star patterns, light blue, cats, homemade cookies, the fourth of july, soft hair
  • leo: button-downs, light colors, summer camp, hugs where they pick you up and spin you around, bad jokes
  • virgo: dark blue, space, classical music, doodles, wide eyes, precision, crystals
  • libra: bubblegum, holographic clothing, microphones, silver, disco balls, crop tops, crushed velvet
  • scorpio: riding the metro at night, emo music, snapbacks, tattoos, ripped jeans, going to a concert with your friends
  • sagittarius: lavender skies, wood floors, converse, the stars, birds, late-summer adventures, socks, evergreens, puns
  • capricorn: iced coffee, old books, sweaters, soft light, the moon, sheer curtains, watercolor, fairy lights
  • aquarius: stripes, mustard yellow, instagram, eggs, mom jeans, collages, aliens, book bags
  • pisces: the color purple, rainbows, positivity, curled hair, glitter, rose gold jewelry, independence

anonymous asked:

Is it safe for an asexual to go skiing on a Friday, I've heard it's not ( asking for a friend)

No!  Whatever you do, whatever your ‘friend’ does, do not go skiing on a Friday.  Do not go snowboarding on a Friday.  Snowshoeing and snowmobiling should be fine, but I must strongly recommend against skijoring.

I repeat: if you are asexual, do not go skiing on a Friday.

1D albums as unforgettable times
  • Up All Night: A childhood sleepover. Fun, dancing, maybe some talk of that cutie from english class. Being last ones awake and drawing mustaches on the others, dancing until you fall apart on the floor, popcorn bowl spilt over the entire room
  • Take Me Home: All your dates with your first love. From clubbing to cuddling on the couch. Just spending time with the one you love while doing what ever you please. It was so long ago but you will never forget the good times.
  • Midnight Memories: First high school dance. The build up, the sparkly dresses and black suits, the drama of dates. The day of, punch that may or may not have been spiked with vodka, the spill of it on your clothes, crying in the bathroom before your friend covers the stain with a corsage. The last slow dance with the one you've been crushing on for weeks. The ring of the most popular pop songs and the disco lights forever in your mind.
  • Four: Summer camp. New friends, new experiences, late nights near the fire and enough stories to tell for a lifetime. Looking forward to s'mores every friday night. Searching for a radio signal for hours and finding one just before your favorite song comes on. Letters from your family. Postcards to your old friends. New friends that you may not ever see again but you will not forget.
  • Made in the A.M.: Ski trip with your best friends. The thrill of going downhill, the anticipation of waiting for the lift to drop you down a 100 meter hill of white gold. Trying the "death slope" and becoming a legend at the resort. Stripping your wet clothes at the end of the day to sit by the fire in sweaters sipping hot chocolate thinking about tomorrow's great adventure and talking about nothing at all until the miniscule hours of the night. Falling asleep while holding hands and waking up with them still intertwined.