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Late Birthday Party

A/N: I know this is trash, but this is my first fic in English (all mt other have been in Swedish), and I did not really have a plan when I started this. So please don’t hate me because i know this is sooo bad.

You were sitting in your living room watching a movie when suddenly your phone ringed. You picked it up and saw that “frog face” wants to Face Time. Frog face was your nickname for your best friend Finn Wolfhard, the two of you had been friends since you were only 2 years old. You answer and on the screen appears Finn, Wyatt Oleff and Jack Grazer.

“Hi guys.” You said adjusting the phone so they could see you.

“Heey Y/N” Finn said with the biggest smile “are you doing something right now?”

“Ehm… no, I’m just watching a movie” you said confused. You didn’t know what was going on but all of them were smiling like crazy.

“Ehh soo, Y/N could you go and open your front door?” Wyatt asked trying really hard not to laugh.  

“I guess I could do that…”  

You stood up and walked to your front door, you hesitated at first but then you opened the door. In front of you stood the three boys with balloons and a big cake, you could not believe your eyes.

“Wh-What are you guys doing here? ” you asked them.

“Well..” Finn started “you know we missed your birthday last week because we were in the states?”

“Yeah, I remember you guys missing my fourteenth birthday” you said still in shock.

“Soo we wanted to surprise you with our own little birthday party” Jack said almost jumping out of excitement.  

“I seriously can not believe this, you guys are the best” you tried to hold back your tears but you couldn’t. Finn handed the cake he was holding to Jack and gave you a big hug. You loved it when Finn hugged you, he gave the best hugs.

“Okay Y/N please don’t freak out, but we have another surprise” Finn said while hugging you, he looked back at Jack and nodded. Jack then pulled out his phone and from what it looked like, texted someone. Finn said to put down everything you were holding cause he did not want you to break anything. You did as he said and put your phone on the wodden floor. Out of the blue a car pulled up on your driveway and out stepped Ellie Hiyar, Ellie and Finn were your closest friends and you loved them both so much. When you saw Ellie you could not help but scream, you ran to her and you hugged each other.

“I can’t believe it, you’re here” you said pulling away from the hug.

“Me neither” Ellie laughed “I got a call from Jack a week ago and he explained everything and of course I was on board, so the boys and I flew out here two days ago so we had time to get a cake and fix everything.” Ellie said whilist taking her things out of the car. “And we stayed at Finn’s” she said and smirked


Your parents were away on some golf thing, so you had the whole house to yourself. So Ellie, you and the boys decided to sleep at your house instead of Finn’s. When everyone had gotten their things from Finn’s, you decided to order Pizza and watch a horror movie, it was after all Halloween tomorrow.

“Soo… What movie should we watch” Jack said with his eyes glued to the screen scrolling through the horror movie section on Netflix.

“We could watch like The Goonies or Carrie” Wyatt said looking at everyone. Finn groaned,

“we’ve already watched The Goonies like a million times…” Wyatt sighed and stood up,

“Okay then, should we watch Carrie?” everyone nodded, so Carrie it was.  

The pizza arrived soon after you agreed on which movie to watch and you all ate pizza and watched the movie. You sat on the sofa in between Finn and Wyatt, Ellie and Jack sat on the floor with lots of blankets and pillows all snuggled up.

After watching Carrie, you and Ellie went upstairs to your room to catch up and listen to some music. The boys stayed in the living room playing The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.  

“I’m so happy you’re here, it’s honestly surreal” you said whilst starting your tv and putting on some chill music.

“I’m so happy to be here, like we talk every day but it’s not the same as sitting in the same room together” Ellie said while unpacking her stuff. You nodded, and put on Ellies and your song, it was Shot down by Khalid. You both had listened to it right before you met for the first time, so it became your song. The both of you started singing really loud but soon the singing would turn in to laughter.

The two of you talked for hours, when you looked at the clock it was 3 AM. You decided to go and check on the boys and of course you found them all sleeping on the couch with the game still on.  

“look at this” you said to Ellie and the two of you started laughing. This woke the guys up.

“What the fuck is going on” Jack said and panicked a bit, which only made it worse for you and Ellie. When you finally could breathe again, Ellie told them the time and that they fell asleep playing video games. The boys got up from the sofa and took their things up to your room, Ellie and you shared your double bed, Jack slept on an air mattress and Wyatt and Finn shared a pull-out sofa. It was about 4 o'clock when everyone fell asleep.

Despite falling asleep so late you woke up around 10 AM. No one else was awake, so you quietly got out of bed and went downstairs to make breakfast. After a while you heard someone walking down the stairs, Finn came in to the kitchen.

“Need some help?” He asked. You were currently making pancakes,

“yeah that would be great” you answered him. You put on some music and you started dancing which caused Finn to do the same. You loved having sleepovers with Finn and waking up and making breakfast together. Sadly, the two of you hadn’t been able to have that many sleepovers lately because, Finn starred in both the movie adaption of Stephen King’s Book IT and season two of Stranger Things. But when both of you had time you spent it with each other. You did all the things you loved to do, like ice skating, going to the Cinema, just staying at home watching movies, going on long walks trying to find new locations you haven’t been to etc… Finn was like a brother to you.

Eventually everyone came down the stairs and helped with the breakfast, when it was done you all sat in front of the tv watching modern family. When everyone was done Jack said,

“Guys we never ate the cake yesterday”  

“Yeah, you’re right and we never gave Y/N her presents” Wyatt added. While the boys and Ellie went upstairs and got their presents, you got the cake.

When everyone was back you sat in the sofa between Finn and Jack. You opened all the presents and everything you got were awesome, you got sweatshirts you had wanted for ages, doc martens shoes and lots more. You had opened all the presents you thanked everyone one more time.

“Should we eat the cake?” You said standing up from the sofa. Finn told you to sit.

“Actually, there is one more gift” Ellie said with a big smile. You looked confused around the room, this made everyone laugh. Finn handed you an envelope, and gave you a hug. You hugged him back and took the envelope. You opened it slowly, and out fell a letter and five tickets. You read this long letter where everyone had written down what they love about you and their favorite moment with you. You looked up from the letter with tears in your eyes,

“Awe guys, this is beautiful” you said going around thanking and hugging everyone.

“haven’t you forgot something” Wyatt said grinning when you sat down.

“Oh my god, yeah I can’t believe I almost forgot the tickets” you said. You picked up the tickets and you could not believe your eyes, it was tickets to a Fall Out Boy concert.

“This is amazing, like I don’t know how to thank you guys” you said still looking at the tickets in your hand. You looked up and thanked everyone like a million times and hugged them once more. Then you ate the cake.  

“Wait guys can we take some pictures for Instagram?” You asked when everyone had eaten their cake, the boys and Ellie nodded. You took photos on everyone’s phone and your digital camera. 

A/N: Like I said in the begging this is shit but I can also say that I wrote this at 4 AM so yeah haha..

Ice Skating

James Madison x Reader


“Come on James! We need to get going!” you called up the stair to your boyfriend. You heard him respond with a groan, and you giggled, shaking your head at his behavior.

He made his way down the stairs, giving you a nervous look.

“Do we really have to do this?” he asked you.

“Yes James, you know we do. Now come on, we’re going to be late,” you responded dragging him to your car.

The two of you were going ice skating with Aaron and Theodosia Burr. Theo was your best friend, and she wanted to try a double date.

The two of you excepted, but James was less than thrilled about going ice skating.

He had never done it before, and you hadn’t been since you were a little kid.

When you got to the rink Aaron and Theo already had their skates on and were waiting for you.

You grabbed some rented skates and forced James to get ready. You and Theo made your way onto the ice, leaving your boys behind.

You skated for a while, watching Aaron start to get the hang of it and become more confident, while James was just standing there the entire time.

“Come on James. Get away from the wall,” you told him, holding out your hand.

He took it and you pulled him out onto the rink.

You dragged him around a few times before forcing him into the middle of the rink and letting him go, skating off.

“No no no, Y/N come back. Y/N you can’t just leave me here!” he cried desperately to you.

You giggled and spun around him, grabbing his arm when he wasn’t looking.

You started to spin him around in a circle, him giving out small shrieks the entire time.

“Y/N! No please stop. Don’t spin me!” he cried out.

You let go and he grabbed the wall, clinging on for dear life.

“I’m done,” he told you firmly as he moved his way off the rink. You nodded and smiled, then skated a few more circles around the rink.

You, Theo, and Aaron made your way off the rink a few minutes later, putting away your skates and going to find James.

“Alright James, we can go home now,” you told him.

You gave your goodbyes and made your way to your car.

As you were laying in bed that night you rolled onto his chest, giving him a small kiss.

“Thank you for at least trying to skate today,” you told him.

He looked at you lovingly and nodded.

“Anything for you princess. I love you.”

“I love you too.”

You leaned down for another kiss, bumping your nose with his. His eyes widened and you giggled.

He bumped his nose against you a few times before pulling you in for an actual kiss.

“I really do love you Y/N.”

Date Ideas

As summer comes to an end, here are some date ideas to do with your SO :)

  1. Go to the zoo or wildlife learning center (you can get up close with the animals)
  2. Take a walk together 
  3. Ride bikes/skateboarding/roller skating
  4. Go to an outdoor movie/go to the theater/snuggle up at home
  5. Attend a concert of an artist you both enjoy
  6. Ice skating
  7. Go to the beach
  8. Bowling
  9. Take lessons in anything! Cooking, dancing, anything you guys are interested in
  10. Take your younger siblings out with you– this is an excuse to go to silly kids places without being judged 
  11. Arcade
  12. Theme parks
  13. Attend a local festival
  14. Try a new restaurant
  15. Cook together
  16. Cuddle and have a TV marathon at home :)
  17. Go swimming
  18. Try a new local cafe and grab a drink
  19. Go karting!
  20. Play video games
  21. Break out the board games
  22. Horseback riding
  23. Check out nearby museums
  24. Look up what things are free for students on certain days and check it out
  25. Check out your local botanical gardens
  26. Mini golf
  27. Play 20 Questions or Truth or Dare
  28. Go star gazing
  29. Watch the sunrise or sunset together
  30. Try a new sport together
  31. Go skiing/snowboarding/build a snowman 
  32. Watch old movies 
  33. Take your dog to a local dog park
  34. Volunteer together for something you both care about
  35. Check out interesting local stores (vintage, antique, etc)
  36. Check out a car show
  37. Pretend you’re a tourist in your own area and check out the local hot spots
  38. Go shopping
  39. Go to an aquarium 
  40. Check out a local pet store or rescue center
  41. Visit an art store
  42. Go on a double date 
  43. Check out the city lights
  44. Plan a day full of things they like and take them out
  45. Do a photo shoot with them– self timer or professional!
Cute (JJ imagine)

Fluffy JackJ imagine because Johnson feels and awugh

I woke up peacefully my head resting on Jack’s bare chest. Light snores came from his parted lips making me smile and bite my lip as i attempted to contain my laughter. I merely kissed him lightly before his eyes fluttered open and he smiled at me.

“Morning babe,” His morning voice was raspy and hot as usual. I wrapped my arms around his torso and squeezed him tightly my hair a mess probably tickling him now he was aware of its being there.

“Must we get up?” I groaned. Staying in bed for another hour sounded like a good idea to me. I felt his lips kiss the top of my head before he sat up forcing me to as well.

“Only if you want breakfast, cutie,” He smirked making me admire him in his boxer briefs as he stood putting his pajama pants back on. He probably got hot last night. I sigh ruffling my hair before swinging my legs over the side of the bed and putting my slippers on his shirt covering my pajama shorts. I stretched and squealed feeling a pinch in my ticklish spot from Jack who picked me up to carry me downstairs like the gentlemen he is. I nuzzled my nose into his neck and kissed up gently before he set me on the counter. He grabbed the frosted flakes and his rice crispies and I grabbed two spoons and bowls as he then retrieved the milk. As we ‘cooked’ our breakfast up and I went to get the OJ I fuzzled my eyebrows confused at the lack of disgusted noises often made by Gilinsky during mornings like these at their shared home.

“Where’s Jack?” I asked puzzled. Jack shrugged munching on his cereal handing me the glasses to pour it in.

“Probably went to the gym so he wouldn’t have to watch us.” He smiled cheekily as usual making me smile as well.

“As long as he’s not late-hey! You have your own, cereal thief!” I exclaimed smacking his hand as he attempted to grab a bite of my cereal. He shrugged and stole another bite making me stick my tongue out knowing there wasn’t much I could do about it. After we finished our breakfast and put our dishes in the sink we went upstairs to shower and get ready before leaving. I stepped in the hot water after shedding my pajamas and shivered at the cold burst of air as Jack stepped in. “What are you doing?” I crossed my arms looking at him accusingly. He smiled brushing his finger under my chin to tilt my head up in to share a kiss with him before he explained.

“I’m conserving water of course, y/n.” He smirked feeling my arse in his hands. I smiled at the thought but knew if we did it’d make us late in the end so I shook my head grabbing the bottle of shampoo.

“You can be helpful, but none of this-” I rubbed him gently making his back fall against the shower wall and his eyes flutter shut before I stopped and giggled a bit at him, “Or else we’ll be late.” I pointed out making him glare at me as he grabbed the soap.

“Fucking tease…” He muttered before washing my body as I shampooed my hair a bit distracted as his hands felt me up in revenge for my teasing. Making him abstain from shower sex made for a much quicker shower than usual-Gilinsky probably would’ve been happy had he been here. We dried ourselves and I slipped my robe on to dry my hair and start my make up routine and picked out my outfit seeing he was dressed and ready much quicker as he had no need to use make up only quiff his hair as he often did, and make a snapchat or two before getting in the car.

After arriving to the studio I raced him to the elevator and won. His punishment was having to give me a piggy back ride to the recording studio. I squealed when he burst into the room after sprinting down the hallway. Jack a producer and a soundboard guy sat waiting and Jack sent me down sending me to a couch as I said hi to them all Gilinsky was sent to record his verses. It took about an hour for me to lose interest and become bored after fifteen minutes of soundcheck and practice of a verse then more practice then recording it multiple times then a repeat with the next. I laid my legs across Jack’s lap while playing on my phone and taking many a snapchat of JJ.

“Okay Jack why don’t you head on inside, and we can start moving along.” The producer turned back to Jack and he shoved me off him being the ass he is and I held back a laugh as he walked with a swagger of his into the studio. They had Jack sing a few more times before Jack was to start his rap bars. He started fine but eventually he’d look up at me and have to start over. “What’s going on Jack?” The producer asked.

“He’s watching, y/n!” Gilinsky laughed at Jack’s distractedness and I blushed looking to the floor before sitting on the couch muttering,

“It’s not my fault…” Eventually Sammy and Skate stopped by with lunch though and the day of recording and messing around in the studio paid off. It was seven by the time we were able to leave. “Jack are you coming?” I asked Johnson already grasping my hand ready to go clearly exhausted.

“You guys are going home already?” Skate asked laughing. I shrugged answering Jack was clearly exhausted. “Whiiiped! Johnson you’re whipped as fuck, we’ve been here all day too.” He laughed.

“Maybe I’m tired because I actually got some last night unlike you losers.” Jack smirked before we said our goodbyes and see you laters and drove home. I was hoping we’d be able to get at least one in before he fell asleep but I could tell he was tired as hell as he walked in and immediately flopped onto the couch.

“I’ll order chinese food and you turn on a movie.” I ordered our usual before joining him on the couch. I forced him to sit up making him groan in protest, “Sh. This will feel good.” I promised before rubbing my fingers into his shoulders and down his back. Soon our food had arrived and we were watching The Dark knight with little interest as he laid his head on my lap when he finished. I moved so i was laying down as well as the movie finished and Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets started playing next on HBO and we both fell asleep about thirty minutes in.

“Get up losers and go to bed,” Sammy made me squeak and Jack jerk awake when he spritzed us with water.

“You’re a jerk Samuel,” Jack muttered raspily before carrying me up to our bedroom where we fell asleep again contentedly.