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Brutally Honest Venus in Houses

Venus in House I
Aren’t you miss Marilyn Monroe? You present yourself to the world with charm and cuteness and get stuff on your way like that. You’re very flirty and love to play dumb so stupid people thinking they’re too smart will lecture you and you will even get out of the situation pretending you’re a good learner when in fact you’re just being diplomatic and shady. You like to be sexually admired and know how to use it in your favor without being obvious. How not to like you? Not even you know that.

Venus in House II
Here comes Lana del Rey in her Sugar Baby phase. Maybe is not even conscious but your love life has to be luxurious and you will probably fall for rich people - not that you are actively looking for this kind of thing. To you, romantic means financial effort, and if they care enough they will do it for you, right? Also you’re pretty obsessed with stability. Love comes with a price, and you won’t marry and put your being in the hands of someone who can’t even pay its own bills. Maybe you have a heritage or come from a wealthy family, and you will keep at least the same pattern of life you already have with someone stable that knows how to $ enjoy $ life.

Venus in House III
You probably fell in love for a teacher once. You just can’t resist a sweet talk and somebody that can share stories, knowledge, with good humor and a mind sharp… you’re so done. You also like to be with someone that can talk about anything without making a big deal of it, and if they don’t have anything interesting to say anymore you get bored and that’s it, the end. Also because of your endless need for new information and learning you may feel polyamory is something considerable, maybe even desirable. So many people with so many stories to share! Or maybe not, if you date a true nerd with a good heart. Is very likely you will find romance in school or college, or any study group, and maybe inspire you to follow an academic or scholar career.

Venus in House IV
You are very, very, very romantic and sentimental. Love means marrying and children, or at least marrying and having loving pets to raise. Sometimes both. You like the traditional bound - you may even say is not for you but honey, you don’t fool anyone. You like the idea of having a ring in your finger and showing off your sweet partner while making up names for your future children (or pets). You probably came from a family that gave you this traditional view - or from a so fucked up family you desired your whole life yours were better than that and decided to make your new family the closest thing possible from a traditional one. Either way, you will look for someone that can handle your family or be among the other half’s family as it were yours. And you are a hard worker to keep things as perfect as a butter advertise.

Venus in House V
You are so in love… with yourself. And everything you create. You are expressive and people love your presence - they better do, you’re a fucking genius - and you know how to attract people, how to flirt, how to keep them interested. Is like they say: work on your garden and the butterflies will come to you, and geez, your garden is a stage with high quality lightning while Mozart plays in the background to make the flowers grow more beautifully. You work on your appearance, on your expressiveness, you know exactly what you’re doing and those who don’t know how to appreciate it are not worthy of you. Your partner is someone you picked from your fans, they must admire you too - better saying, they have to understand what you are and what you do. Otherwise why even bother to lose your time with them? Losers.

Venus in House VI
You love someone who is responsible and hard working. Love to you is something a bit colder than others, you have high standards for what you want in your life and need someone to help you achieve it. This someone must work as hard as you do, must cooperate with you and stand still facing critics because you’re really mental, and your relationship is one of the things you will analyze more than feel it. The problem is you might over analyze it and ruin things when they were supposed to be ok. Chill, man. You do a good work, trust your standards, you will do fine. And so will the person you coldly chose to be with you. You will probably fall in love for a competent co-worker, maybe even your boss, or someone with a very practical view.

Venus in House VII
You’re the Venus itself. You’re a social butterfly and diplomatic af, everybody likes you and you don’t even give them the chance to not like you. You’re so fucking nice and loving, how can they not like you? Unless you have a stellium in aries or something, geez, you’re good at attracting people. You will probably fall in love for pretty people, be pretty yourself and want pretty things surrounding you. You’re all about beauty - inner and outer, but c'mon, everybody likes the outer more. You’re well behaved, gentle, you talk looking into people’s eyes and genuinely asks if everything is ok. You will probably marry and be very happy since the person that will be attracted to you will admire every piece of you, and feel lucky to have you around. Just run from people that use other people (they might perceive you’re too nice and use the shit out of you) and creeps (they might see your kindness as openness and try to do creepy shit).

Venus in House VIII
The more complicated, the better. Not because of drama, you just like… intense things. Normal relationships bore the shit out of you, you need something that will change your life completely, change the way you see things, you feel things, someone that can divide your life in “Before my partner” and “After my partner”. Someone to do new things, develop new dreams, and someone to take care emotionally and trust completely. You’re not the type of going around telling everyone you’re in love - sometimes you don’t even feel it coming. Is just there, and then you want that person all for you, in a very possessive way, and do everything to mark your territory without being obvious. You like mysterious people, or just really different people, because they will make you feel beyond the obvious and share dark secrets - the ultimate love proof for you. You may have a thing for people you shouldn’t - be the other person, or even cheat. You also are a bit traditional… but a darker version, like Morticia and Gomez - to die and kill for it. Partners in life, partners in crime. Usually in life, though, if you’re healthy.

Venus in House IX
You want to PaAaARtYy. Woohoo. You have energy, passion, attitude, and you fall for very optimistic people that will take you out of your comfort zone and go beyond with you. You might fall for college teachers and researchers, maybe people that traveled the world, or even high knowledged religion leaders, like priests. Or just a parter for crazy ideas. To you, a relationship must be something to add flavor and spice to your life and make it something incredible. Make you do incredible things, go to places you never - or always - dreamed of. The ultimate romance is to take you in a trip where you will experiment so many new things and cultures. You’re all about expansion and your love will take you beyond, make you learn something new, master a new technique… love is something almost religious that will bring you salvation. The problem is when you notice the patterns of things and get bored, or if your beloved is passing through dark times of regression. You feel lonely and that energy becomes irritation, and you may go alone with hope to find new love since you have no time for sad people.

Venus in House X
You’re the boss here. You know exactly what you want for love, and this comes with traditionalism, effort and a good status. You like the idea of marrying and having kids but indifferently from your gender you will be the “man” of the house, the boss. You will lead the relationship, take the initiative, ask to go on a date, decide when to marry, choose where to live, what to do, how to do. You are very hard working and security is important to you - and if the person doesn’t give you enough of it you will just fire them and leave the spot open to better candidates. You may seem cold but you don’t play with your life and love is something strong for you, so you just don’t give it for anyone that messes with your head. You actually know very well the difference between love and lust and are able to have lustful relationships without love, just to relieve your carnal needs. Cold, right? But real. You take responsibilities and obligations very seriously, and if you decide to bond with someone you will do it in the right way.

Venus in House XI
You’re popular and care about everyone. When it comes to love you have to find someone that will bond with your friends and coworkers. You go along with everybody and important people tend to like you. You may get involved with someone very political, or with strong political views, particularly with the power to actually do something for the masses. Or maybe a technologic nerd that is developing solutions for daily problems. You’re all about improvement and will want someone to share this view, and work together to something that will help others somehow. You’re here to make things better and your partner must recognize this. You don’t fall a little tiny for selfish bastards, even if they look pretty af - at this point you’re probably questioning the beauty standards and laughing at people that tries too hard to look good. You’re different, unique, and sometimes this is a blessing, sometimes a curse. You know you’re out of the place and fall for smart all of the place people like you. And if your morals and political views matches you will probably going to die together, holding hands and shit.

Venus in House XII
Your love is unconscious. You’re dreamy and imagine a life together with an ideal you’re afraid it doesn’t exist. This may indicate your love is in a past life too, someone you’ve bond so strongly you miss him/her and don’t even know its face. Your love makes you better as a person, grow and learn more about you. You might feel you’re infantile and this is so strange for you, while it seems so obvious for others, and will want to hide and never try. You’re too ashamed to show your feelings and always expect the worst, sometimes making a self fulfilled prophecy, and then going after easy escapes such drugs, games, porn. Bonding is specially hard for you because that’s what you need most to grow, and growing is never easy. You might break up as soon as you realize the person is not what you wanted it to be, not wanting to deal with their problems. Don’t run. You’re lovely and you can make your big dreams come true if you stay and keep on trying. Or at least the closest thing to true, which is fantastic anyway, because you’re a fabulous dreamer and that’s a great gift.


Pairing: Jungkook X Reader

Genre: Fluff (with slightly smutty undertones at the end) and a fail attempt at humor; Soulmate!AU where anything your soulmate does to their body reflects on your own

Soulmate Series: Yoongi | Hoseok | Jin | Jimin | Namjoon | Taehyung

Word Count: 2.6K

Originally posted by jungk0oksthighs

You’d never had a problem with the whole ‘soulmate’ deal, unlike some of your more passionate colleagues. It’d never sparked up much of a reaction in you, because honestly, who had the time to actually care? Besides, it did turn out to be rather amusing, most of the time.

Like when you were in the middle of discussing an important project with your professor, for example, and you felt something ticklish on the inside of your arm. You’d always been susceptible to even the slightest brush of the fingers, so you bit your lip hard to stop yourself from laughing out loud.

When you finally got to leave, you made a pit stop at the bathroom, to get a napkin or something to wipe your cut lip—go figure, you’d managed to bite it that hard—and you looked down at your wrist: the source of your problems. Looking at the squiggles on it, you felt like you were supposed to get angry, but honestly, the basic math problems drawn crudely with black ink made you laugh out loud. Sure, you got some strange looks from, like, one person for doing that, but you could tell your soulmate had to be hilarious.

You looked again, unable to resist smiling when you saw—and felt—more black ink being scribbled furiously onto your delicate skin. Your soulmate must have been having a math test or something soon; why else would they have been writing all that on their hand? Though, really, what an amateur move.

You took great delight in re-telling the story to your friends later, but it seemed like they’d reached the point where they were just tired of hearing you talk about your soulmate all the time. But really, they seemed great—and you really, really wanted to meet them. It’s just…you had no idea how.

Who knew a single conversation could change it all?

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Do you know any good bts fanfics lovely!?

you’ve come to the right person, let me open my forbidden drawer lmao. i apologise for how long this got but i know my fics okay???

jikook - just a few of my faves from my ultimate fave ship

  • On patrol - a fucking classic, i think at least 95% of the fandom has read it. this is one of the ‘holy fics’ for me because it has all my otps: jikook, yoonseok and namjin. GOD. BLESS.
  • nu abo: a memoir by park jimin - a really good abo fic that doesn’t exaggerate things and make it that kinky
  • glass diamonds - there are no words to express how important this fic is to jikook shippers, i’ll just say it’s a must read
  • your body is a place to stay - such a sweet fic, i wish the author would write a sequel
  • as you are - this has most of my kinks in it lmao, it’s smutty but also sweet and angsty
  • put it on me (and make it dark) - this is so cute and sexy aghdjgjd i re-read this at least once every two months lol
  • tastes like victory - i went through so many fucking emotions while reading this, but it’s really, really good, 10/10
  • riptide - me and my jikook pals have deemed this the jikook bible, it’s the best canon-compliant jikook fic out there and it deserves more
  • into you - i usually prefer bottom!jimin BUT this is so soft and they’re so in love and jimin is so romantic with jk i’m in love <3
  • time slip - time travel + jikook + angst = my ultimate kink i’m anxiously waiting for chapter 3
  • the eyes are the window to the soul (and to the heart) - this fic is really close to my heart because it was written by meariie @c-cygnus <3<3 and also because it helped me when i was feeling like shit. honestly, such a sweet and wonderful fic.
  • white t-shirt and brown timberlands - i fucking love everything by this author btw, read all their fics!! this fic made me cry, enough said

and let me be that bich and plug my own fic depth of field with idol!jimin and fansite masternim!jk

other ships




  • replay - so sweet and SO SEXY, tae is so cute i wanna hug him and yoongi is so soft for him i’m crying in the club
  • tie me down - tae is so annoyingly charming and beautiful and yoongi is so in love with him

taekook - ah yes, my enemy (i have a weird love/hate relationship with this ship but i’ve read some really good fics so)

  • i bloomed for you - i’m a masochist and love angst to the extreme, but this fic fucking destroyed me, i’ve full on sobbed while reading this and i enjoyed every single moment
  • loving easy - aeterisks is my fave tk writer, they really got me into reading this ship. this is the first fic of theirs i read and holy SHIT
  • see me, feel me - another aeterisks fic (seriously, check out all their fics, they’re awesome!!). i had to mention this one because i still haven’t recovered.
  • if i let go of your hand - romantic angst, my fave

holy shit, okay i hope this helps!!


I paid money for this, too



Light Bonding (Giving): Seokjin would love to see you tied to the bed. The image of you waiting for him in every way would make him so much more horny. He’d use the position to tease you properly. Making you whine and beg for him with slow kisses and even slower hands before he unrobed himself in front of you. Or maybe he’d find something to cover your eyes with to undress himself as he looks down at your hot and ready body with greedy eyes.

Vocal Control (Giving): I’m talking like, you in front of him. Him siting real pretty on the sofa and then he starts telling you what to do. Real slowly and just enjoying every second that you obey him. He’d love the feeling of guiding you through his fantasies or even yours. 

Hair Pulling (Receiving): As domanaint as Seokjin is, he fucking loves getting his hair pulled. I think he’d love the feeling of being tangled with your smaller body, your arm around half of his shoulder and your other hand pulling his hair as he hugs your waist and thrusts into you. Not to mention the groans or moans you would get from doing so would drive you freaking crazy. I’d recommend pulling on his hair just as he gets ready to come. That would push his pleasure through the roof and if you’re lucky he’ll groan your name a lot louder.


Dirty Talk (Giving and Receiving): Real dirty talk. I don’t mean that kitten shit. Min Yoongi will straight up have your panties disappearing before you even have time to take your shoes off at the door. He’d have you sit, straddling his lap as he whispers pure sin into your ear just so he can feel you rocking up on him as you whimper for more contact. But look, Yoongi would love to hear his girl talking dirty to him too. Especially over the phone. Those many lonely nights in the hotel room would have his body aching and all it would take for him to moan and groan your sweet sweet name is you telling him everything you want him to do to you. But be careful girl. You give him too many ideas and you won’t sleep for the first two nights that he comes back to you. (Do it. Girl. Do it, you deserve this. Fighting!)

Oral Teasing (Giving and Receiving): Yoongi would know the power his tongue had over you. How sensitive you were to its touch, and he’d absolutely use it against you. Keeping you just shy of your orgasm until your muscles hurt from being so tense for the past sixteen minutes. Min Yoongi wouldn’t stop for much, not if he was in the zone. His hands would be doing circles on your thighs or on your tummy. But when you tease Yoongi, it’d go a bit differently. He wouldn’t take as much teasing as he’d give you. His hand would be in your hair, guiding you gently, he’d rock into you and if that didn’t do enough and then the sweet needy groans of your name would have your hips pushing up. If you went too far within the teasing his hand would flex and you’d end up gagging around him. He’d give you the look of “Now be a good girl.” If he didn’t use the words themselves. 

Reactions (Receiving): Literally any sound or face you made would feed right into Mr. Min Yoongis ego. He would do anything in his power to get every moan and scrunch of your eyebrows from you. Yoongi would be tired after sex so he would make sure you could fall asleep with him. Expect for him to wear you OUT, because he will.


Bathing: Hoseok would love not just bathing with you but bathing you. Pulling your back against him in the rose tented water as he brings the body sponge up your chest and his lips come to your neck with a deep hum. Or you pushing back against him as he lathers your thighs and tummy in his body wash. Hoseok would also love to shampoo and condition your hair. Combining two of his favorite things, bathing with you and playing with your hair.

Sleepy Sex: Imagine rolling over in the middle of the night to see Hoseok on his phone, the light maybe being to bright for you so you groan at it. Hoseok notices and quickly shuts it off with an apology. He brings his arms out so you can lay on him and then he kisses the top of your head. You look up at him and he smiles down at you before lowering himself even more and kissing your lips. But then he can’t stop and you don’t want him to. His kisses get harder as he climbs on top of you and your hands go up to his back…shit Or, you coming to jump on the bed and wake him up. Hoseok stretches and finds your eyes as a smile comes over his lips and he chuckles at the morning air. You turn to leave the room with your job done, but then his hand is on your wrist and he’s pulling you back into the bed. You yelp your surprise and he chuckles again as he places his lips over yours. shit fuck shit

Office Meet Ups: Anytime you made an excuse to come and visit him he’d love it. In the practice room or studio and he’d often come and visit you wherever you were spending your days or long sleepless nights. Hoseoks eyes would light up and the face that missed the stretch of a smile would finally feel it again as he sees you. He might be a bit sweaty but he wouldn’t think twice about running you into a hug and spinning you off of the ground and inhaling against your neck as he put you back down but not daring to let you go. The reality that you had come to visit him would land his lips on yours and of course you’d return the beautiful feeling.


BDSM: I’m in no way saying that every time you want to get sexy with Namjoon he’s gonna tie you up and make you call him Master. I do think he would enjoy it, but you can’t forget that Namjoon is a bit a dork. A very sexy dork and that’s why we love him. Will he tease you with his fucking long fingers until you beg him to let you come? Yes. Would he like power plays? Of course. Would this be every time you guys had sex? No, and that’s okay because the dorky, silly, messy sex would be amazing! But still, every now and then expect him to tie you to bed and make you beg for more.  

Whining: The sound of his name behind your sweet little whine would have Namjoon groaning low. That’s it. That’s literally it. He could honestly, just get off on your little whines for him.  

Pinning: Look, Daddy’s arms are sinful and even the thought of him using them to pin you down could get the both of you off. Imagine his muscles, shiny from sweat flexing as he pins your hands or forearms above your head with a deep groan. The way you would look up at him all vulnerable and needy would make him feel so many things and he would show you.


Oral (Receiving): The reality that Jimin would have to hide his smile almost every time you got on your knees physically hurts me. Jimin would get so excited when it came to you sucking on him. He would enjoy it throughly, no matter where you were. He wouldn’t care as long as you let him come in your mouth. It would also the perfect way to treat him. 

Public Teasing (Giving and Receiving): Oh GOD!  Jimins hand would never be off of your thigh, holding, rubbing, grabbing, pinching. But when he was sure no one could see, his hand would move. Up or down, anything to get you holding in your moans and he’d love it if you touched him too. If you wanted to rub his crotch or pat his ass as he walked by, he’d absolutely go with it. You might even get a cheeky grin from it. But Jimin wouldn’t try to get you off and if you ever got him too close to release he’d stop you. His goal is teasing. Just enough to have you whining before you even get home, nothing more.

Wall Sex: Look. There are gonna be times when you get home and Jimin can’t keep his hands off you long enough and him just not caring to take you to bed. This leaves you pushed against the wall and greedy hands all over you. Fuck me. You would be walking around the house and see Jimin propped up against the wall with a sexy sleazy smirk on his face. “What?” You’ll ask when your curiosity finally gets the best of you. “Remember when I had you against this wall?” He’d say as he ran his fingers over the plaster. “You screamed my name so loud the neighbors were knocking on the wall. Remember, baby?” He’d ask as he comes closer to you and you’d roll your eyes through your embarrassment.


Loud Sex: The sound of you screaming his name would have him struggling to hold back his orgasm but making him want fuck you even harder. Sex can be surreal at times so you moaning Taehyungs name would make him feel like it was even more real. Taehyung would groan loudly for you and your body would react to each of his fucking deep, low, sexy fucking groans.  

Foreplay: Taehyung is big on foreplay. Yes. Foreplay that would involve his lips on yours and his hands on your ass or massaging your thighs open. Taehyung would love for you to straddle him and let him hold you as you rocked onto him and when it was time to get to work and he wanted more control, he would lay you down or stand to take you against a wall.  

Public Sex: Whereas some of the other members might be shy about getting weird in public, Taehyung doesn’t have a problem with it. If he needed you before he went on stage to kill some nerves he wouldn’t mind asking you to follow him. Or at the movies if you got scared and he thought it was cute or if he was worried about being scared in front of you and used it as an excuse to touch you.


Oral (Giving and Receiving but More Receiving): Jungkook would love the feeling of your mouth and even more, your throat. He’d love anytime you would offer to get on your knees for him. The position wouldn’t be the most important thing to Jungkook as long as he has a good bit of control. Jungkook would be curious and wonder what you taste like but when he starts hearing your groans and he’s letting you push up onto his face/tongue as hard you can and as much as you want. That’s because he plans to do the same to you. You’ll probably gag around him offten but he’d the love the vibrations he got from it. 

Multiple Rounds: Jungkook is not the type to stop at one round. He’s the type to fall to other side of the bed and pant through a smile. Maybe you both giggle for a second before he brings you into his arms and as soon as he’s gotten his breath a bit, he’ll kiss you. Then he’ll kiss you again and then start kissing your neck and getting hard against your back. One things for sure. You’ll never have to worry about not being able to sleep with Jungkook.  

Dry Sex. I could see Jungkook really really enjoying dry sex. Just you riding him real hard over his jeans or leather pants as you both groan and whine and it gets harder and harder to breathe, but! Only as a type of foreplay. Jungkook is going to want to be inside of you when he comes. He’s going to want those moans he only gets from being inside of you.


Who: Cole Sprouse
Quote: I love you, idiot. 

Cole and [Y/N] were practically inseparable on and off set. Their friendship hadn’t begun on Riverdale but actually years ago on Suite Life with his brother. [Y/N] wasn’t a character on the hit Disney show for long but long enough to form a solid friendship with the Sprouse twins. It was a little ironic to them because she had been Dylan’s love interest on Suite Life back then and was now Cole’s love interest on Riverdale. There was a standing joke that she was just hopping to one Sprouse to the next.  

Just like Cole and Dylan, after her own Disney show came to an end, she enrolled in college and dropped the idea of being an actor. She had no intentions of returning but after some major convincing from Cole to audition for this new television series, she decided to give it a shot. And after some beautiful friendships were made with her cast mates, she never regretted it. However, she did feel that Riverdale will probably be her last ever project involving the acting world. As much as she enjoyed acting again, she had grown up in the time she was in college. There were more important things she felt that she could be doing with her life than provide amusement for people. But, again, she had plenty of time with her Riverdale family until then. 

[Y/N] and Cole were seated next to each other, preparing to be interviewed for their show. Unbeknownst to them, the camera had already begun rolling, catching their undeniably chemistry. 

“Quit it,” [Y/N] swatted his hand from her leg. Smiling, she laughed. “I said quit it, Cole!” Smacking his hand once more from her fringe pieces that covered her dress. “I swear to, if you don’t!” Taking matters into her own hands, she started to pinch his chest, hoping that she would catch a nipple. 

“Ow, ow!” Cole laughed, blocking her movements to pinch him any further. Grabbing her hands, he held them tight. “Alright, let’s call a truce.” 

Playfully narrowing her eyes, “You’re actually going to stop? I know you Cole,” squinting her eyes, she smirked. “The very minute i let my guard down, you’re going to mess with it again. I don’t have time for your shit.” 

“Ouch,” Cole laughed. Letting go of her hands, he put his own up in submission. “I promise.” 

“I don’t trust you.” [Y/N] laughed. 

“What? You don’t trust me? What. I’m deeply hurt.” Cole pretended to act upset. 

Rolling her eyes, “Oh build a bridge and get over it.” 

“Cute. That line is what? Twenty years old now.” 

“Well, it’s younger than you, so there’s that.” 

“Really?” Cole scoffed, but it was immediately followed by a smile. 

“Yes, really.” 

“You’re a brat.” 

“I take that as a compliment.” [Y/N] snickered. 

“Remind me again why were friends?” Cole chuckled. 

“Because I’m amazing, what other reason do you need?” 

The interviewer walked in just in time to see their little banter, smiling, he chuckled. “I assume this the reason why your cast mates say you shouldn’t be paired in interviews?” 

Cole shrugged, chuckling as well. “Ah, they just hate on us because they aren’t us.” 

[Y/N] shook her head, smiling, “I love you, idiot.” 

Pouting, “You called me an idiot.”

“Because you are one.” She shot back, turning towards the interviewer, she sighed in content. “We’ve known each other for years, it’s probably best that we don’t get paired or sit next to each other on the panel. We’re trouble.” 

“Yes, yes we are.” Cole agreed, smirking. 

You're The Only One

❁ Request: So can you do a Yoongi imagine where we’re in a big fight and you flinch as he does something ?
❁ Group: BTS
❁ Pairing: Yoongi x Reader
❁ Genre: Angst || Fluff
❁ Word Count: 1392
❁ Summary: Yoongi comes home, only to ignore you the entire time. After getting fed up with getting ignored, you try to talk to your boyfriend only to be accused of cheating on him with one of his members.
❁ Authors note: I am so so so so so sorry that this took so long, i really hope you like it. Also I am really sorry if this is bad, I haven’t written anything other than school assignments for over a year and I’ve never written in second person before. Thank you so so so much @evalocity​ for not only encouraging me write this, giving me some ideas and editing it, but for also continually telling me that I am a good writer who is capable of finally finishing this imagine. ily boo xx. feel free to send me how i can improve in my ask box! (this future english major probably, doesn’t even know how to properly space out paragraphs so lol if someone wants to tell me how to do that feel free) also I might rename this later on

Originally posted by tahyns

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Cerise [Suga]

{{ noun // a bright or deep red color }}

Third time’s the charm, right?

Fluff. College AU. 2,162 words.

❁ ❁ ❁ ❁ ❁ ❁ ❁

There are a lot of unspoken rules to learn when you become a student at a new school. Gradually as you move up a grade and become the upperclassman, you begin to disregard the rules one by one. That was you as a high school senior.

But now, you’re back to being The Lowly Freshman.

And yes, that’s in caps because at least thirteen other people lounging around campus has dubbed your entire orientation group that the first time you stepped foot into your new home for the next four years. Well, excluding breaks and summer vacation.

But the following five unofficial rules you have so far learned are:

Number one: If you don’t chain your bicycle to a bike rack, it automatically becomes community property, and someone may borrow it and return it. Eventually. Probably. Maybe. And not always in good condition.

Number two: If you step on the school insignia that’s in the center of campus grounds, you have sixty seconds to sprint to the bronze statue of the school founder and kiss his foot or you won’t be able to graduate in four years.

Number three: Stepping on the school insignia also means everyone within a thirty feet radius will drop everything they’re doing and proceed to glare at you for committing such a disgrace.

Number four: Don’t hold up the line to get into the dining hall. No one has time for you to be indecisive between a banana or an apple. Someone angry and incredibly stressed might even try to helpfully speed up your decision. By throwing both fruits at you. Possibly aiming for places that hurt.

Number five: Don’t accidentally invite your RA into your dorm. He might think you’re inviting him for, let’s just say, not so innocent motives.

Guess which rule you just broke.

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Imagine Emmett trying to teach his newborn mate how to fight

You were surrounded by Emmett. His scent, his voice and definitely his strength as he pinned you down to immobilise you. To be honest, you were fully into the fight till that moment but now you were thinking of some very inappropriate things that made your hands go from trying to choke the shit out of him to wrapping them around his neck to bring him closer. 

“This is not the move I taught you Y/N” His voice was strained from the control he was trying to maintain.

“It’s an original. One of my favourites” His flimsy shirt was no match to your greedy hands as you tore it enough revealing his muscular chest. You peppered a few kisses before he moved away from you as fast as he could. 

You let out a growl collapsing back on the ground. Your instincts were telling you to get your ass moving and to attack him like he was the prey. “Emmett I know what you are trying to do.” 

“Sorry babe I had to distract you. I’m too weak to resist you like the previous times I tried to” You smiled remembering the moments you would both turn up at the house looking like you were caught in an ambush. Nobody needed Edward’s mind reading skill to know what kind of ambush took place. 

Emmett was very adamant on teaching you how to fight, he said he wouldn’t ever let you be defenceless, the Volturi were enough of a threat to warrant immediate training. From the time you learned to control your thirst for blood and ahem.. his body, he would patiently show you tactical moves that suited your build and speed. 

“Why don’t we let Jasper do the teaching. It will be so much easier” You sat up picking few stray leaves out of your hair only to find Emmett looking at you as if you were missing something obvious. 

“You are crazy if you think I’m skipping this experience. Besides I’m not sure I will let Jasper live after that” He removed his ruined shirt and got back in his defensive position. Since he wasn’t changing his mind you gave up and got back to work. You were on him in the next second, your strikes quick and aggressive. Not needing to breathe and infinite energy came in handy during these sessions. But you underestimated your strength because the next sound you heard were of his bones cracking. 

“Oh my God, Emmett!” You were struggling to keep yourself sane with the emotions wrecking havoc through your mind. He was immortal. He wasn’t going to die from this, you had to remind yourself. “This was so stupid. I shouldn’t have agreed to this”

“Y/N calm down I’m fine it’s already healed” He took his hand away from where you had hit him and wrapped his arms around your statue like body. If you were human right now, you would be a crying shivering mess. He rubbed your back soothingly before whispering in your ear, “by the way, in a fight you would have been dead by now” 

Your articulate response to his last statement was shoving a middle finger in his face before stomping away or at least trying to. “You are so hot when you are angry” Emmett had his arm around your waist ignoring your bites. Matching him in physical strength made this so much more interesting than the human days. 

“Is that so? That’s good. It’s the only thing you are getting from me today” There is no holding back in anything and since Emmett doesn’t like any distance between the two of you he gets annoyed when you try and pretend to create one. Pressing each other’s buttons was like your foreplay. 

You were pushed against a tree with a firm set of lips kissing it’s way up from you neck to your cheek and finally your lips. Your act forgotten, you kissed him back with the same passion and craziness that you called love. “I’m so unprepared for this ambushes” 

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so for the bower’s gang hc’s, can we get like if someone ran into their s/o and didn’t apologize or was super rude abt it?? ty ty ❤️

Henry wouldn’t waste ANY time calling that motherfucker out. He’d yell something along the lines of, “Hey, fuckbag, watch where the fuck you’re going before I break your fuckin’ legs,” and even flick his cigarette at them if he was smoking at the time. You’d always try to pull him back or pretend like it never happened, but he felt it was his responsibility to beat anyone who disrespected you. Afterwards, he’d put his arm around your waist, pulling you as close as he could when anyone passed by you.

Patrick would respond similarly to the way Henry would, but instead of yelling, his voice would get quiet and venomous, thoroughly scaring the shit out of whoever dare touch his girl. He’d also get real close to them, staring down at them with wide eyes while he spoke, as if he was putting a curse on them. He’d then return to your side, kissing your head sweetly before asking you if you were okay, keeping his eyes narrowed at the person who bumped into you until they were scared enough to run off.

Belch would shoot them the dirtiest look he could muster, thrusting his upper body forward as if he was going to launch forward and hit them, but it would just be a threat. Even so, that was usually enough to send the bastard on their heels. He’d then put a hand to the back of your head, stroking your hair while making sure you were alright. Before you could say you were fine, he’d have you hop on his back, piggy-backing you for the rest of the walk. He’d even pull a piece of candy out of his pocket for you, as if you’d been a good patient at the doctor’s office.

Victor would sneer at them, raising an eyebrow as he waited for an apology that would never come. Once he got tired of waiting, he’d spit at their feet and mumble to himself about how people had no respect for pretty girls like you anymore and how society was going to shit. He’d then take your hand protectively, rubbing the back of your hand gently with his thumb. He always told himself he’d knock the fucker out next time, but he was always too concerned about staying by your side to act on it.

we’ve all seen that video on YouTube arguing why Riddler is Batman’s least effective nemesis, based on Arkhamverse

and the people in the comments going ‘this is really right, Joker is way better lol‘

and I just sit there and think about how Riddler builds a fuck ton of puzzles right under everyone’s nose - built a ROBOT FACTORY AND HUNDREDS OF ROBOTS that nobody noticed until HE wanted them to - and creates the only scenarios in the games that consistently kills players

but nah, Riddler’s not effective

You Pick Truth

Bucky x Reader 

Warnings: SMUT, Choking, Unprotected Sex (Wrap the Willy before you get silly), mild language, drinking

Request: Can I please request smuttttt with Bucky and its like a truth or dare thing with the avengers and reader picks truth and tony asks if shes into amything weird and she says choking and so later she and bucky get freaky with it? Does that make sense?

It was raining, no pouring, outside the tower, and the team was in need of something to take their minds off the last mission. So, you broke out Tony’s most expensive booze, which he vowed to get you back later about. 

With the alcohol flowing, only Steve and Bucky remained in their right minds. That is, until your found Thor’s hidden stash of Asgardian liquor and made sure they each took advantage.

You all laughed merrily as Tony retold another story about Rhodey, who wasn’t there to defend himself. Then, Nat suggested the best deal drunk you had ever heard, ever. 

“Guys, guys, we shoul’ play truth or dare,” she giggled after the suggestion, prompting everyone else to do the same before agreeing to the idea. You quickly formed a circle, the way teenagers at a tame party would do. The kind of parties you had always been invited to, at least.

The order in the circle was You, Nat, Tony, Wanda, Steve, and Bucky. Vision had refused to participate, opting only to “observe this game of questions.” Nat went first.

“Okay, okay, okay…Steve! Truth or dare?” Her pick jumped at hearing his name before stumbling over the word “dare.”

“I dare you…to do a body shot off of (Y/N),” Nat smiled devilishly before getting the tequila, lime and salt. You groaned. Why did you have to be brought into this? 

Steve easily threw back the shot and bit the lime before taking an agonizingly long time licking the salt from your neck. You felt yourself shiver at this. It could have been the booze, or the super soldier, but you were feeling way too warm in certain places.

Steve picked Tony, who chose truth. You weren’t listening, though. You were too busy trying to decipher why Bucky kept looking back between you and Steve, eyes slightly narrowed. You jumped when you heard your name.

“(Y/N)!” Tony almost shouted, trying to get your attention. But then he saw the way your eyes kept drifting to the two super soldiers. He smirked. “Truth or dare?”

“Truth,” you spat almost immediately, you weren’t taking any chances. Tony was diabolical, there was no denying that.

“Truth, huh? Alright. Are you, you know, into anything weird?” You squinted at him, not understanding. He rolled his eyes, “like in bed, dumbass.” You nodded weighing the option of lying or actually telling the truth. You shrugged.

“Choking.” You said it nonchalantly, trying to make it not see like a big deal. Tony chuckled as you felt Bucky shift next to you, clearing his throat.

“I think I’m tapping out, guys,” he mumbled before leaving the circle and walking to his room, much to the annoyance of the rest of you. He was soon forgotten as you continued the game. 

Soon enough, both Wanda and Nat were starting to snooze, Steve was in a heated debate with Tony about why the blue in his uniform is better than the red in Tony’s. You elected to try to get back to your own bed in the hopes of passing out. On your way there, though, you heard groaning coming from Bucky’s room down the hall. Somewhere inside you, you panicked, worried he was having a nightmare.

You opened the door to his room, not to find a thrashing Bucky in the midst of a nightmare, but a writhing Bucky in the midst of pumping his hand over his length. His very impressive length. Your eyes trained on him, jumping when he cleared his throat.

“See something you like?” His voice was rough, sending heat straight to your core. Seeing the look in your eyes, Bucky got out of bed, not bothering to put any clothes on, much to your luck. With his metal arm, he closed the door behind you before backing you into it, his flesh hand absentmindedly stroking your neck.

“Choking, huh, doll? Seems a little extreme for you.” You felt a groan escape your lips as his hand cupped around your neck, squeezing ever so slightly. HE smiled at the noise you made before pushing you up against the wall, devouring your lips with his. His hand still on your neck, he rolled his hips, making his hard  cock ever so noticeable as it rubbed against your soaked core.

“Already so wet. You’re dripping through your shorts, baby doll.” He chuckled and went back to your lips, almost crushing down on them. Your right leg wrapped around his waist, needing more, so much more. He disconnected from you, making you let out a whine. 

“On the bed. I want you to beg for it.” You didn’t waste any time removing your shorts and thong, t-shirt and bra, before sprawling out on the bed.

“Now tell me what you want,” his voice was almost a growl, and you could feel your wetness dripping onto the bed.

“I want you to fuck me, hard. I want your hand around my neck, your metal hand.” You heard Bucky groan at your request. He approached the bed, stroking himself as he took in the sight of you, open and waiting for him. He guided his length to your entrance before thrusting inside without warning. You yelped in surprise before moaning at feeling oh so full. 

Then he put his hand on you. His flesh hand massaged your breast as his metal one made its way to your exposed neck. The cool metal on your hot skin was all you needed to let out another moan. The hand tightened deliciously as Bucky began to thrust harder, building up the pressure in your core. You were so close.

“No. Not yet.” Bucky grunted, making himself clear. You were not to come without permission. He thrust harder, breaking out in a sweat. His hand gripped your neck tighter, only giving you more pleasure. You tried to hold back. It was as if he knew. Just as you thought you couldn’t keep from coming, you were relieved to hear Bucky’s command.

“Come for me, baby girl. Come now.” And, holy shit, you did. His hand let go of your neck as he gripped your hips, thrusting through your orgasm. Your walls tightened around him, milking him. His own peak followed shortly after. He fell next to you, spent.

“I hope we remember this in the morning.”



Paladins with jealousy


  • He is really protective of you ever since you became part of the team, but not overprotective
  • Would make sure that the person really is flirting with you before proceeding with his dad instincts 
  • Hand around waist and an annoyed face on
  • “If you could please excuse us”


  • Overprotective af 
  • Doesn’t really care if he is being too rude to the person that is flirting with you
  • Amazingly enough, you convince him to not kill the person who tried to hit on you
  • Death glare


  • Jealous king
  • Makes a pouty face every ten seconds
  • Ready to outdo everyone to prove himself
  • “Too bad they are taken.” *insert smirk*


  • Not even realizing that he is jealous
  • Puppy eyes
  • Not really trying to stop anything going on
  • Adorable awkward smiles


  • Jelly Belly
  • Little angry baby who wants to protect her S/O
  • “Um, actually,”
  • Hug her or she will strangle somebody


  • cutiepie jelly bean
  • Generally just starts talking about his sex life with his s/o just so he can make the flirting person uncomfortable
  • Pretty angry when jealous
  • “Don’t even try”


  • serious jealous lord
  • Makes a strong point that he is with you
  • Not letting go of your hand or waist.
  • Lowkey wants to punch the shit out of everyone.


How Harry Styles eats you out

Requested: YES

“Lets switch it up a little bit tonight, babe,” Harry whispered before laying down, his back on the bed.  He motions for you to come closer, so you hesitantly straddle his bare waist.  

“I want you to sit on my face,” he said very bluntly.  Your mouth falls open, surprised that he was wanting this.  

“What? Harry, I don’t know,” you nervously say.  You had never done something like this before and you didn’t want to disapppoint Harry.  So far you guys hadn’t done anything too out there in the sex department, just plain old vanilla, but now that he was wanting to experiment with some things, it made you squirm.

“Trust me (Y/N), you can definitely do it.  I will guide you through the whole thing if you want,”  Harry said sweetly.  He wraps his strong arms around your waist, pulling you closer to his handsome face.  Finally you are hovering over his head, and he looks very eager.  

“If you aren’t comfortable with this once we get started, tell me to stop and I will,”  you just nodded and lowered yourself onto his awaiting mouth.   You could feel his warm breath fan over your dripping core, making you shudder and almost cum on the spot.  He flattens his tongue and licks a long stripe up your cunt, tasting you completely.  

“Holy shit Harry!  Keep going,” you moan out.  Your hands find the sheets above his head, fisting them tightly.  He attaches his lips to your pulsing clit, sucking hard.  His green eyes stare at you from between your parted legs.  There is a gleam there that you haven’t seen making his green eyes shine with such excitement.  He reaches his hand up to touch your breasts and pull lightly on your erect nipples.  

“You taste so good, baby,” he says, humming on your outer lips, making you cum so suddenly that your eyes roll back into your head from all the pleasure.  He eagerly laps at your juices, cleaning you up from your earth shattering orgasm.  He flicks his tongue over your clit making you hiss from being sensitive.  

“Harry, I can’t do anymore,”  you say, climbing off of his body and laying next to him.  Your breathing is still heavy and you can feel Harry staring at you.  

“Look at me,” Harry said quietly, grabbing your wrist in his long, skinny fingers.  You turn over on your side, propping your head up with your hand.  His lips are still covered in your juices making them shine.  He wraps his hand around the back of your neck, attaching his lips to yours.  He pushes his tongue in your mouth, making you taste yourself.  

“That was amazing, thank you for letting me try that,” Harry mumbled against your already swollen lips.  You pull apart and reach for his hand, tangling your fingers together.  He grips your waist tightly, pulling your body onto his hard chest.  "I love you so much (Y/N).“

You leave open mouth kisses on his chest and your finger outlines his tattoos, loving the way they contrast to his tan skin.  "I love you more,” you whisper, knowing Harry won’t allow that.

“Nuh uh, I love you infinite more,” he smirks, knowing you can’t compete with that.

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How about some hcs of TFP cons + Predaking in their holoform wanting to hold hands with their shy s/o. They refuse and the cons are confused. They confessed their hands are super sweaty that their ex - lover broke up with them for that reason alone. How would they react?

Bruh my hands sweat so much when I’m holding hands with someone. I almost feel bad for A.


~He’s been trying to slip his hand into yours for what seems like hours now.
~He’s starting to get annoyed.
~Growling lightly he looks down at you.
~”s/o I am using a form in which I am considered weak and fragile. Give me your hand.”
~When you explain he looks at you a moment, a mix of exacerbation and worry.
~Finally he just snatches your hand in his own and holds your hand tightly.
~He gives exactly 0 shits about your sweaty hands.
~Honestly his probably sweat too, you can be sweaty together. Have fun with that.
~Oh and don’t worry. That shitty ex of yours will not survive his encounter with a eradicon.

~He doesn’t particularly enjoy holding hands in the first place, so the fact that he’s even trying is huge.
~You pulling away is a bit of a strike to his ego.
~Finally he rolls his optics and asks you what is wrong.
~Listening to you speak, he can understand. Having someone tell you something’s wrong with you can stay with you, after all.
~He explains that he doesn’t really care, he does but he’s lying for you, he wants to hold your hand dammit.
~You don’t believe him and he takes your hand and threads your fingers together.
~Even he pulls away it’s only for a moment and he goes right back to having your hand in his hand.
~Eventually he just gets used to it and doesn’t even notice.
~You’re funny if you thought your ex would still be alive after you told him that.

~He’s really bad at figuring out how to hold your hand in the first place.
~What does he do?
~Where do his fingers go?
~Help him.
~He notices you pulling away and he thinks it’s because he’s doing everything wrong.
~Eventually he signs to you, he didn’t bother to give his avatar a voice, asking if he’s doing everything wrong.
~You have to explain to him why you keep pulling away.
~He looks so hurt, not because you keep pulling away, but because someone hurt you.
~Takes both your hands gently in his own and kisses the knuckles of both.
~Lets one drop and takes a moment to figure out how the fuck hands work before finally threading your fingers together.
~His smile is blinding and your fears are dashed as he then continues to walk with you.

~A lot.
~Shut up.
~He’s whining because you won’t give him your damn hand, come on.
~”Babe seriously, just let me hole your hand.”
~Finally you explain to him why you won’t and he smiles a bit, understanding.
~He takes your hand in his own and squeezes gently.
~Yeah it’s gross, but he can pull away for a little while and he’s sure he’ll get used to it.
~He loves you and he wants to hold your hand, so what you’re hands are a little sweaty.
~And just like he thought, eventually he gets used to and doesn’t notice.
~He fucking loves holding your hand though, so any time he’s using his avatar his hand is in yours.
~He’s a fucking sap.
~Also don’t let him know your ex’s name, he’ll fucking throw them off a cliff. Won’t even care if they lives or not.

~Let him hold your fucking hand.
~He’s a giant teddy bear, I mean giant, he’s huge like a lumberjack.
~Every time you move your hand away he pouts.
~Dammit let him be cute with you.
~Finally he just asks why you won’t let him hold your hand, a serious kind of curiosity in his eyes.
~When you explain, he gets mad.
~How dare someone say something like that to you?
~He’ll kill them.
~You’ll have to calm him down because he’s ready to start his own personal war.
~When you finally get him calmed down he holds out his hand.
~When you finally do take his hand he grins.
~His hand is twice as sweaty as yours and he will not let you pull away. You’re stuck now s/o.
~He’s smiling like a dork so it’s hard to want to pull away.

~He’s very respectful, so the first time you pull away, he doesn’t try again.
~After a moment, however, he does ask if there’s something wrong.
~When you look worried and like you don’t want to answer he’s quick to tell you don’t have to answer.
~When you do explain he looks rather mad.
~He takes your hand, gently and carefully, into his own.
~You can move your hand whenever you like, but he prefers it where it is.
~Tells you a little sweat on his hands is not going to bother him.
~And it doesn’t, he doesn’t care.
~He doesn’t even really notice.
~Tells you that, that ex of yours did not deserve to have the privilege of knowing and being with someone so absolutely stunning.
~Your ex is a child.
~Dreadwing then kisses your hand and tells you he wants to try this ‘ice cream’ you once talked about. 

~He’s just really bad at all of this.
~The whole dating concept is lost on him.
~He only knows about holding hands from a movie he watched.
~A movie he watched because he wanted to understand what he was meant to do as your ‘boyfriend’ as you’d called him.
~So he reaches for your hand, as he saw in the movie, and is surprised when you move away.
~He asks, immediately, if he’s doing something wrong.
~”Was the movie inaccurate, s/o?”
~Take your moment to realize he thought a movie would tell him what to do.
~Take another moment to realize he watched a movie he probably didn’t like so he could be a good boyfriend for you.
~And now take his hand because there’s no way he’s going to give a shit about your sweaty hands.
~And he doesn’t. He doesn’t even notice. He’s just kind of staring at your hands.
~He’s smiling, barely, but he’s smiling.
~Now explain to this poor con that movies are not going to tell him how to be a good boyfriend.

~Much like Dreadwing he is very respectful and when you pull away, he leave it alone.
~However he notices that you keep looking at him and look a little down.
~So he asks because he’s concerned he did something wrong by reaching for you hand in the first place.
~When you explain he almost looks offended and your not sure by what until he speaks.
~”How dare he treat you as trash. My queen I apologize you had to bare witness to a child’s outlook on love.”
~Then he gently takes your hand and kisses the knuckles.
~It’s kind of embarrassing, especially if you’re in public.
~He then threads your fingers together and smiles softly at you.
~His hands are kind of sweaty too so really neither of you notice.
~Kind of cancels out.
~He gets a little jerky sometimes cause he can be kind of like a dog.
~”s/o what’s this?” “Cotton candy, Preadaking.”

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Originally posted by deadpoolbugle

Y/S/N : Your Superhero Name

You didn’t specify the reader’s powers, so I basically made her into a female Deadpool, with regenerative powers. 


You slam your knee into the drug lord’s ribs and punch him when he doubles over in pain. The satisfying sound of your fist connecting with his face gives you the motivation to continue on, fighting off the rest of his goons.

“As fun as this is,” you say between punches. “Game of Thrones is on tonight, and if you make me miss it, Ned Stark won’t be the only one without a head.”

The criminals don’t seem to get the reference, or maybe they just don’t care.

You calmly pick up one of them and throw them across the room, knocking down a couple of other men in the process, like a game of human bowling.

“Hole in one!” You exclaim. “Or is that golf?” You shrug, making a mental note to brush up on your sports terminology.

You realize you’re talking to yourself and there’s two neat piles of unconscious men at your feet. You silently congratulate yourself for being an amazing, competent and kickass superhero.

You smile smugly when the cops arrive to arrest the drug lord and his henchman. You spot Maggie and give her a thumbs up. She gives you a dimpled smile, returning the gesture.

“You can tell Supergirl I beat her to this one.” You say, saluting your favorite cop with two fingers before running off into the night.


“Y/S/N says hi.” Maggie grins at Kara as she wraps her arm around her girlfriend.

“Didn’t she stop the infamous drug lord Mr.X last night?” Alex says.

Maggie nods. “She wants Supergirl to know she beat her to it.”

Kara laughs, then smirks as she says: “Oh, it’s on.”

Alex sighs. “You’re way too competitive. Aren’t you both on the same side?”

Kara shrugs. “Nothing wrong with a little friendly superhero competition.”


When Kara gets the call that a pro-alien rally is being attacked by CADMUS, she heads straight over.

Cyborg Superman is on site, inflicting terror on anyone within his reach.

“How can you support those freaks?” He shouts, blasting a laser beam through a parked car, damaging whatever stands in his way. “They should go back where they came from. Or better yet, we should just exterminate them.”

“I don’t think so, pal.” Supergirl swoops down with ease, slamming her fist into the pavement as she lands in front of Cyborg Superman. Spider-like cracks form around her, and she slowly rises, glaring at the CADMUS created creature in front of her.

“Stop this, right now.” She demands, her voice dropping an octave lower like it always does when she speaks as Supergirl.

“You shouldn’t have come.” He spits, his voice dripping with disdain. “Stupid girl.”

“Actually, its Supergirl, not Stupidgirl. But whatever, I mix them up too sometimes. Easy mistake.” You appear by Kara’s side, grinning like a toddler who just saw a chocolate fountain.

You pat your fellow superhero on the back.  "My girl here can knock you across the galaxy. So as menacing as your second grade vocabulary is, I’d shut my rusty, poor excuse for a robot mouth if I were you"

This only seems to anger Cyborg Superman, and he launches himself at you, grabbing your neck with his CADMUS enhanced arm, his gripping tightening on you has he backs you up into the nearest wall.

“Can’t make any wise remarks if I crush your vocal cords, now can you?”

You try to reply with something very intelligent and witty like: Fuck you, you robotic lab rat or Eat my amazingly round and extremely breathtaking ass but you seem to be at a loss for words. As in, you were being chocked to death.

You reach for the handgun in your belt, trying not to focus on the amount of air you were losing. Your grip tightens on your weapon as you yank it out of your holster and aim it at Cyborg Superman’s face. You pull the trigger and laugh as his neck snaps back and he stumbles off you.

“Jokes on you, asshole. My vocal cords would’ve grown back. Probably.”

As much as you want your expertly taken shot to his face to end him, it doesn’t do much damage. Cyborg Superman is back on you in seconds, but this time, you’re ready. You pull out your two swords and charge.

The clang of metal against metal rings in the street, your swords slamming continuously against his arm at a steady pace.

You leave little marks here and there, slashing and jabbing at his stomach and legs. But there’s only so much you can do before you slip up.

You lift your sword up for a final blow, but Cyborg Superman anticipates your move and knocks your sword out of your hand, quickly moving to grab your second one. He flips it around and brings it down onto your wrist, slicing your hand off.

The sword clatters to the ground, your hand falling down with it.

“Holy shit, that hurt like a bitch! Fucking hell.” You slowly lift your arm up, staring the spot where your hand used to be. “Shit. That’s going to take some time to grow back.”

Cyborg Superman was making his way toward you again when Supergirl appears, grabbing him from behind and throwing him into the nearest building.

“It’s about time. Where the hell where you?” You pick up your swords, one at a time, and return them to there place, crossed in an x form across your back.

“Saving civilians. CADMUS unleashed some sort of toxic gas on the city, but I got them out of there in time and the DEO arrived to contain the gas.”

You nod.

“Well you saved all those civilians, which is good and all, but do you have any sick ass one liners? Ha, didn’t think so.” You wiggle your detached hand in her face.

Supergirl laughs at the sight of you, her friendly rival superhero, fully decked out in your red spandex suit and black weapon’s belt, holding one of your own cut off hands, nonchalantly waving it in the air like it wasn’t one of your limbs.

“You’re gross.” Supergirl smirks at you. “And I totally have sick one liners.”

You raise your eyebrows. “Oh really?” You taunt.

“Yes, really.”

You’re about to tell the Kryptonian that there’s no way she has better one liners than you when Cyborg Superman is suddenly at Supergirl’s side, punching her with all the force in his metal arm. She is sent flying across the street, smashing a hole into a small shop’s glass window.

The blond is on her feet in seconds, flying up and quickly crashing down into him, knocking him into the ground. He reacts quickly, rolling to the side as Supergirl goes in for another punch. He grabs her by the neck and slam her into the pavement.

“Go back to your dead planet, Supergirl.” Cyborg Superman says her name like she’s pure filth, spitting it out with such disgust and contempt.

“Hey Dickbot! Need a hand?” You shout from the roof of the small shop, smiling. You jump down, landing gracefully, and throw your actual hand at him, hitting the CADMUS soldier in the face with a loud thump.

Shocked and maybe even a little grossed out, Cyborg Superman releases his grip on Supergirl, just enough for her to break free and give him a roundhouse kick in the jaw. He crumples onto the floor, and she steps over him, delivering the finishing blow, knocking him out cold.

“You really shouldn’t have come.” She says, mimicking his condescending tone from earlier.

You pick up the hand you threw at Cyborg Superman and use it to clap for Supergirl, smacking it against your stump, creating an odd sort of clapping noise.

“That’s some good shit, right there. 10 out of 10 for style, form, and sick one liners. Great job.”

You both smile at each other, another menace stopped, thanks to Supergirl and and Y/S/N, National City’s heroes.

Training Day.

Summary: “Could you maybe write a Tequila imagine where he’s an established agent and the reader is going through the training and has to do the honeypot training with him but she’s actually in love with him so it’s that much harder to deny her feelings but he feels the same and maybe they kiss or something.” (Requested by Anon)
Pairing: Agent Tequila x Reader.
Fandom: Kingsman.
Warnings: Swear words.
Word Count: 1879

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Six Feet Under

(if you didn’t know six feet under by billie eilish is such a good song and that’s what I played on repeat while writing this)

ask : can you write about the reader getting kidnapped/tortured as their way of Percy getting to go to them and fight for them?

hi yes i’m here for all the mo'fuckin angst ever and am i good at writing it?

probably not

am I still gonna write it?

fuck yeah i am

to sum it up, if it’s shitty i’m so fucking sorry i’m really tryna get my shit together on this blog tbfh. anywho back to ur regularly scheduled programming by yours truly, nez !

warning : blood & torture scenes & swearing, fun for the whole family !!! (obviously wtf) (also might be triggering but that’s maybe idk how you guys are as people my dude)

Stringy strands of hair fell in front of eyes that were nearly swollen shut. Chest rising and falling quickly, you heard quick, rapid footsteps come from the hallway, but you didn’t know from where. Scooting back to the corner of the room, your pupils grew wide, trying to see in the pitch black room you were kept in.

A cry came from deep within your chest, turning raspy as it escaped your dry, cracked lips. The door swung open, letting in a bright, harsh light that made you shield your eyes. The door slammed against the wall, and you watched the figure come up to you. “Stop-” You croaked, a harsh cough following shortly.

Sending a thin spray of crimson blood onto the gray, cement floor in front of you, you covered your mouth. “Get up.” The man spat, grasping your arm and tugging you up. Stumbling slightly, he steadied you, before grasping your hands, and tying them up behind you.

“Why are you doing this to me?” You asked, managing to keep down a cough. He dug his short nails into your pale arm, tugging you forward viciously

. “This isn’t for you. We need you here, to get your boyfriend here.” Shoving you through some doors, you fell forward, falling face first. Cursing, you spat out blood at the feet of your attacker.

“How-” Your attacker paused, a wiry smile on his translucent face. Grasping a chunk of your hair in his hands, he tugged your head back viciously, smiling down at your face which twisted in discomfort. “Disgusting.” He finished.

You smiled, teeth stained red with blood. “Only the best for you.” You remarked, and he laughed, pushing his blonde locks out of his face.

“We haven’t beat the sarcasm out of you yet-” His black boot collided with your ribs, and you let out a strangled gasp, falling back. Your side throbbed, ragged breaths making your chest rise and fall shallowly. “Have we?” He asked.

“Fuck you.” You coughed up more blood, shutting your eyes and curling up on the cold, white tiles in the room. Only one thing was on your mind.


“Wishing your boyfriend would come save you? So do I, sweetheart. He’ll be much more useful.” Opening your glassy, (e/c) eyes, you let out a forced laugh

. You turned on your back, staring at the high ceiling, painted a royal blue. “You think he’s coming for me? We’re not together. He doesn’t love me.” You lied, hoping to save some time for Percy.

If they did this to you, and didn’t need you, what would they do to Percy?

“You’re a fucking liar-” A boot collided with your face, and you hissed in pain, turning over. Blood spilled from your nose, and your head swam, as you desperately tried keeping your eyes open. Hunger ached in your stomach, thoughts screamed in your mind, and bruises and injuries burned beneath your scarred, cut skin.

“Fuck-” You whimpered, sitting up, your head hanging. You tugged your hands forward, your wrists raw from the ropes. He grasped the rope, and pulled you up, holding your hands above your head.

“This is what we’re going to do, princess. Until you tell me where the sea bastard is, I’m going to beat the shit out of you. Got it?” He tied your hands up onto a hook, so you stood with your hands over your head. Head throbbing, you let it fall, staring at your blistered, scarred feet.

“You’re smoking a pack of dicks if you think I’m going to tell you where he is.” Your eyes scanned the table of knives, metal bats, and all sorts of weapons you didn’t know existed.

“Put your head up-” Cold metal pressed against your side, and you screamed, as electricity flowed through you. Head up, you glared at the blonde in front of you. “Pay attention. Where is Percy Jackson?” He asked, his fingers trailing across the table of weapons.

“I don’t know..” You muttered, hoping Percy was as far away from this place as possible. He grasped the metal bat, and swung, cracking at least one of your ribs. You choked on your shock, and he grasped your hair again, forcing you to face him. You looked into cold, dead deep brown eyes.

“Speak up.” He growled, pushing your head away. Wanting to curl up in pain, you tugged down on the ropes viciously.

“I don’t know.” You spat, closing your eyes and hissing at the pain. If someone didn’t help, you knew you were going to die there. Blinking away tears, you watched as he went to swing again.

Your body jerked on impact, the hook above you tilting slightly, as the bat collided with your stomach, black and blue spreading quickly underneath your ripped and tattered clothes. Hot, crimson blood escaped your lips, and your head hung.

“Percy-” You croaked, your vision becoming blurry. Laughing, the blonde pulled your head up again, planting a kiss on your cheek.

“You’re weak. Calling out for someone you claimed didn’t love you anymore.” He smiled at you, perfect teeth glimmering in he dimly lit torture room. A sharp pain spread against your side, and you gasped, as you looked down.

A knife handle stuck out of your side, as blood pooled around it. “Too bad there won’t be much of you to take back home-” He tugged the knife out, and you watched the blood spill from your wound.

A strangled gasp came from behind you two, and you jerked your head up, watching Riptide being shoved through the man who brought you to the room.


He walked in, a blood thirsty look in his eyes. He froze, and the blonde man smiled, holding the knife directly over your stomach. “Perseus Jackson, how lovely it is to have you here with us today.” He smiled. Percy tensed, his sea green eyes darkening, his knuckles growing white from gripping his sword tightly.

“Let her go.” Percy growled, and your eyes widened. Blood spilled from your nose and side, and you felt yourself dying slowly.

“Percy no-” You gasped and screamed, as the man drove the knife into your stomach six times, letting the wounds spill, white tiles now stained red.

“Y/N!” Percy shouted, and your eyelids felt heavy, but you knew if they closed, you were gone for good.

“I’m so sorry-” You croaked, blood spilling from your lips once more.

“Now that she’s a goner, I can have you.” The man smiled, and Percy looked from you, to the man. Percy charged, taking the guy off guard, as he was used to torturing to get what he wanted. Riptide was sent through the mans chest, and out through his back, and Percy let the man explode into gold dust, Riptide clattering to the floor as he rushed after you.

“Y/N, Y/N. Stay with me, oh gods-” Percy untied your hands, and you slumped into his arms, your eyes threatening to close and take your life away. You looked into sea green eyes, filled with so much worry and fear. Heart slamming against your slightly shattered ribcage, you took a jagged breath.

Percy picked you up bridal style, reaching down and picking up Riptide on his way out. His hand found its way to your stringy, (h/c) hair, and Percy looked down at you, heart aching. Clutching his Camp Half Blood t-shirt in your fists, you sank into the warmth of your boyfriend, what might be the last time you get to feel him.

“SOLACE!!” Percy shouted as he kicked the doors to outside open. You gasped in the fresh air, watching the moonlight for the first time in three weeks. Your stomach ached, and Percy laid you down on the ground. Familiar blonde hair came into your view.

“Holy shit.” You heard, and you chuckled.

“Am I in great condition, Doc?” You laughed, before coughing up more blood. Percy clutched his hand in your own.

“Y/N, how do you manage to always tell a joke?” Nico asked, eyes flicking away from your beat up body. You shrugged, your eyelids feeling heavy again. Will pressed his hands to your stomach, sunlight pouring through his fingers as he desperately tried to heal you.

But, you felt your life slipping away, slowly, surely. A sharp breath escaped your lips, and you squeezed Percy’s hand.

“I love you, and I’m sorry.” You croaked, looking up into those beautiful, sea green eyes you fell for long ago. Percy’s eyes widened in fear, as he looked from you, to Nico, who had a blank stare on his face.

“No. No, Y/N- Solace-” Percy frantically looked at Will, who was looking painfully at your wound, trying to work quickly.

“I’m trying!” Will cried, but it was no use.

“Thank you guys.” You smiled, teeth stained red with blood, and Percy watched you, in horror, as you closed you eyes.

“Y/N.” Percy spoke, as your hand went limp in his own. Both Percy and Will looked up at Nico, in shock, horror, and worry. Percy’s heart rammed against his ribcage, praying silently to all the gods that Nico didn’t tell him you passed away.

Nico refused to face them.

(oh ma fuckin god she fukin dead)

- nez