go seung gi



I’ve wanted to do a kdrama challenge for a while now, but never really got round to making one. I don’t know how often these appear, if ever, so I thought why not !

You can do the challenge in any order and within any time span, whether its everyday or every week ~

  • A “cool guy loses his cool” Moment
  • Favourite Kdrama cliche
  • A Villain You Can’t Hate
  • Favourite Moment of Comfort
  • Strongest Second Lead Syndrome
  • Favourite Male Second Lead
  • Funniest Kdrama Moment
  • Favourite Female Second Lead
  • Saddest Kdrama Moment
  • Most Unredeemable Villain
  • Favourite Lead Character

You don’t have to make just gifs, metas, screenshots and normal edits are welcome, just use this tag: #lbkdc and have fun !