go seung gi


I love you Ji Yong, So you must live okay?

Let me take a moment and just say this scene broke my heart into a million pieces, for one the acting from this two amazing actors its flawless you see all the pain in their eyes, you see the love they have for each other as their characters.

and of course characters, Eun Dae Gu is sacrificing himself for Uh Soo Sun, he doesn’t want to see her hurt more then she already is, and hearing those words from her breaks his heart you can see that all he wants right now is to hold her tell her everything will be ok but he can’t. (did he plan from the get go not to shoot himself we don’t know) but we do know what he hates what he is dong. 

Like Uh Soo sun says she promised him she wouldn’t die infront of him, but he is doing that one thing he hates the most and to the person he loves himself, the words I love you mean so much to him because she is the last person he has in his life that kept him human and seeing that one thing being pulled him from him and he can’t do anything he rather see her escape then she be another person he losses in his life. 

This two, you can’t hurt one without hurting the other they have really become one and they have really grown from the first episode. 

I will miss this drama from the bottom of my heart i hate to see it end this cast was so flawless!