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The Son Oh Gong who arrives to meet Seon Mi is full of hope and for once openly happy about being with her and that she is alive. It’s as if he were finally ready to start accepting his feelings. When he told her in the cinema that he would give her all the things she liked and then, after listing them and a short pause, he added himself to the list, as well, it was his way of confessing or to be more precise, his way of admiting that he would give this relationship a chance. After SM stuck up for him against Ma Wang, OG genuinely started to believe that he might belong to the things she likes. It made him momentarily forget about his revenge plans he had for Ma Wang which he was preparing from the beginning of the episode. 

However, then everything goes down the drain because Seon Mi tells him she doesn’t want to like him, her reasons are pertinent and understandable, but that’s the worst thing she could have told him and probably also the worst moment to do it; just when he is floating so high on cloud nine only for him to come crashing down from it. There is this moment of initial confusion when Oh Gong is truly dumbfounded because he believes she does like him, but her words, not the bracelet, hurt him, genuinely - his heart, his hopes, his feelings and his pride. And that’s THE MOMENT WHEN ALL HELL BREAKS LOOSE - OH GONG COMPLETELY SNAPS AND DECIDES TO SET HIS REVENGE PLAN IN MOTION - IT’S HER REJECTION THAT MAKES HIM  LASH OUT.

At Ma Wang for putting him in this situation, at SM for making him go through this emotional torment that he starts to suspect might not be the work of GGG at all, and you also have to wonder whether a part of it isn’t the fact that Ma Wang left SM in the film to die.

And once again, we are left to wonder how much does GGG affect Oh Gong when he is able to do something that so clearly endangers Seon Mi’s life?

han seung-yeon gif icons !

click here to find 61 ( 77 x 77 ) gif icons of the gorgeous han seung-yeon know for her role as jung ye-eun in age of youth. these gifs were all made by scratch from your’s truly and will be updated in intervals once i find the time. please don’t claim them as your own & like or reblog if you plan on using them, and a merry early christmas to you !

I can’t wait for the Great Sage Equal to Heaven to discover that he l - o - v - e - s her nonetheless, with or without that bracelet. I mean, of course it will be full of angst and romance, but quite funny too if we think he considers her more or less like fancy food



I’ve wanted to do a kdrama challenge for a while now, but never really got round to making one. I don’t know how often these appear, if ever, so I thought why not !

You can do the challenge in any order and within any time span, whether its everyday or every week ~

  • A “cool guy loses his cool” Moment
  • Favourite Kdrama cliche
  • A Villain You Can’t Hate
  • Favourite Moment of Comfort
  • Strongest Second Lead Syndrome
  • Favourite Male Second Lead
  • Funniest Kdrama Moment
  • Favourite Female Second Lead
  • Saddest Kdrama Moment
  • Most Unredeemable Villain
  • Favourite Lead Character

You don’t have to make just gifs, metas, screenshots and normal edits are welcome, just use this tag: #lbkdc and have fun !

January Drama Actor Brand Reputation Rankings Revealed
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The Korean Business Research Institute has published January’s results for brand reputation rankings among drama actors!

The institute analyzed 168,283,901 sources of data from December 4 to January 5 in the categories of participation, media coverage, communication, and community awareness.

Shin Se Kyung topped this month’s brand reputation rankings with a total score of 8,597,394. Shin Hye Sun…

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